10 Steps to Successfully Rescind Timeshare

Steps to successful timeshare rescission


If you were unfortunate enough to buy timeshare as a result of high pressure sales techniques or misrepresentation of information you do have options. Even though you have signed a legally binding contract there are protections in place for timeshare buyers that change their minds during the “cooling off” period that follows a sale. An unhappy or misdirected timeshare buyer should be able to file for a rescission of timeshare property purchased given that the following 10 steps are followed:

  1. Take time to record the details of the timeshare presentation you attended. Important features to note are: location, time of day, date, names of those present, misrepresentation of facts, and ways/instances you were pressured.
  2. Use the information you recall and have recorded to write a detailed and concise letter specifically asking for the rescission of your timeshare contract. Be sure to make a copy for yourself, your lawyer, your credit card company/bank (depending on method of payment), and the Federal Trade Commission.
  3. State in the letter that you will be contacting the timeshare resort company in two days to confirm receipt and to provide credit card info for a full refund.
  4. Mail copies of your letter to the customer service manager, sales manager, and owner of the resort/organization in question. If you do not have this information readily available you may be able to search their website for it (if they have one ) or you can call the customer service hot line provided with your purchasing information.
  5. Send your rescission request via registered mail with confirmation receipt, by email, and by fax. This assures it will be received by the desired parties.
  6. Call the customer service manager in charge two days after sending out your letter. Do not speak to anyone other than the customer service manager unless they are of a higher position in the resort/organization. Continue to call back until you are able to speak with someone with authority and at this point request a full refund, including your initial deposit.
  7. Remember to keep calm throughout this process. Be persistent, but remain polite – getting worked up or arguing will most likely delay the process.
  8. Try to stay focused on the rescission and avoid a lengthly discussion of how you feel you were wronged. Getting into such a negative discourse will tear your focus from the rescission and refund process and ultimately delay the progress.
  9. A company or resort will want your contract back once a refund and rescission is made final. Make sure to keep a copy of the contract for your records and when the contract is sent back, attach a letter stating that it is being returned on the condition of rescission.
  10. Upon resolution of your rescission, contact the authorities and anyone involved with your visit to the resort presentation.

Unsure if you are still in the timeshare rescission window? Read Timeshare Rescission Laws for Each US State to find out.

98 Responses to “10 Steps to Successfully Rescind Timeshare”

  1. Michael Ochoa says:

    While every case is different. You need to be firm with companies like this. Never once did I let them scare me into paying. They threatened collection agencies and foreclosure. Be aware that I was prepared to file bankruptcy after they would have paid the extra charges to try to collect on this account. They would have not succeeded in getting any money from me. Westgate Resorts knew this by a letter I faxed them.

    This my story…I didnt even finish paying all my down payment before realizing this company is a scam. I didnt have to pay 3500.00 for Finnlawgroup to have Westgate removed me from my obligations. Westgate Resorts removed me on their own, without foreclosure or any harm to my credit. But for this to happen, I believe your full down payment can’t be made. Which in my case it was not.

    Westgate Resorts Vacation Villas. This company promised me a deal that would have matched the Travel Club I had originally agreed to the year prior. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any info on that deal and took the sales representative (Laurent) and his manager (Tracy) word for it. Once I past the right to rescind, I had heard about Westgate scams. I decided to view the contract and compare it to the travel club. I had realized the same thing happened to me. They charged me 5000.00 more for the timeshare and told me lies to get me out of the Travel Club and into the timeshare. I went to the BBB, worked with a Nancy Emara who was no help at all. She doesn’t work with the customer and is more concerned about people signing a contract than trying to find ways that works for both parties. She could have kept a customer if she would have listened to what I was saying… After never completing my down payment and being 5 months past due. I finally received a notice. I was told verbally that since I didn’t complete my down payment my deed was never recorded. So a foreclosure wouldn’t be done. The letter stated I no longer have any contractual obligations and that Westgate would keep any money paid as liquidated damages. Which is fine by me because I didn’t really pay them anything at all. So is it possible for Westgate to let you out of the contract? Yes it is. I have a letter to prove it. I just belive it’s easier to get out of the contract if your down payment isn’t made.

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