Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations

How to Donate Timeshares for Tax Deduction

Many timeshare owners out of luck on the resale market choose to offer their timeshare as a donation to a non-profit organization, or NPO. While some NPO’s have shied away from this type of fund raising, there are still many organizations out there that welcome timeshare as a way to raise money for their programs. Below is a list of charitable organizations accepting timeshare donations.

Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations -

Donate for a Cause – Accept many international timeshares and allow donors to choose charities to which proceeds are allocated. Participating charities include: The American Kidney Fund, Big Sky Youth Empowerment Movement, The Florida Veterans Assistance Organization, International Hearing Dog, Logan’s Hearts and Smiles, The National Foundation for Cancer Research, The Network Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse, The Thomas Moore School, The Real Gift Foundation, Great Beginnings Montessori School, The Children’s Home, and THRIVE.

Gifts for Sight – Organization handles all paperwork and donation benefits Eye Birth Defects Research Foundation.

The Charity Group – Works with many non-profits, but donor is not able to select charity.

Helping Hands Across America - A northeastern US-based non-profit affiliated with Meals on Wheels, The ALS Association, The Association of Blind Citizens, and Sacred Hearts Missions.

Southern New Hampshire University Timeshare Donation Program – Donation proceeds help SNHU students pay for tuition, buy textbooks, improve/build new facilities, and enhance academic offerings.

** This list is active and current as of 7/2009.

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19 Responses to “Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations”

  1. Peter says: accepts timeshare donations and there is no cost upfront.. The proceeds go to Diabetes Awareness.. One of the few agencies that does not charge a fee.

    Great foundation helping people all around the world

  2. Barbara Hornsby says:

    I have two timeshares with Diamond International that I would like to donate. One is Los Abrigatos in Sedona, AZ, 1 week annually, and Monarch Palm Desert, 1 week every even year. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Thank you,
    Barbara Hornsby

  3. Susan says:

    I have 2 Marriott timeshare properties I would like to donate. One weekat Marriott Grande Vista in Florida (2 bedroom, 2 bath lock-off) and one week at Marriott Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert(2 bedroom, 2 bath lock-off). Maintance fees are $1,000 each.

    I also have one RIP timeshare with Colorado River Adventures with a matainance fee of $400

  4. Jarrod says:

    Everything dealing with the timeshare industry turns out to be a scam. I called my resort and asked if they will take back the timeshare for nothing and they said no. These things are worth nothing. How could I get rid of this timeshare? (Vacation Village at Parkway 2BR even years)

  5. J. Lynch says:

    I attempted to donate a Timeshare to The National Childrens Association. I was charged a transfer fee, with the agreement that the Charity would handle all necessary documentation and provide me with a donation receipt for tax purposes. The entire process was suppose to take 30 days (as indicated on the website It has been 90 days, and the Charity has now become nonresponsive to any telephone inquiries (not answering or returning calls). The only communication that I am getting is via e-mail (upon my inquiries), but the rep is not providing me with any type of status, although promises are made that it is forthcoming. The Charity indicated that weekly updates would be provided when I entered into this contractual arrangement. I tried to be very cautious as to which Charity to select, and this Charity is registered with the BBB and was initially licensed with the Trade Commission when I signed the Contract.

    I contacted the Trade Commission on last week and was informed that The National Childrens Association’s Charity license was cancelled on 3/24/10. I have now filed a complaint with the Dept of Consumer Affairs and the BBB. I am concerned that this Charity will quickly “dissolve”, without fulfilling the terms of this contract and not refunding my money.

    Be leery of Timeshare donations and even though I did my research beforehand, it still appears that I have been scammed.

    • rocky says:

      the national childrens association is a scam. i sent them 2 properties and they took my money and now they dont even return calls.

      • J. Lynch says:

        If you have not already, contact the Florida Police Dept. Investigative Services, as they are handling this case for victims of this scam.

        • Rocky says:

          Thanks for the tip J. Lynch. I will do that. I actually ended up getting rid of the 2 weeks by using Property Donation Group. I was not able to donate and they did charge me but the transfers were completed successfully.

  6. Peggy Elliott says:

    I have a red week in Las Vegas I would like to donate

  7. sherri hall says:

    We just starting planning our school fundraiser to raise money for a gym and library. We would gladly accept a time share in Gran Mayan for our auction to help raise the money.

  8. Gus Mastracci says:

    I have red weeks in Gran Mayan that I would like to donate to charity.

  9. james conway says:

    You can donate your timeshare witha company called Property Donation Group. Proceeds from your donation will benefit the American Association For Lost Children.

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  11. Bettie MCright says:

    I have two timeshares which I am interested in donating.

    Silverleaf Ozark Mountain in Branson, Missouri

    Silverleaf Lake of the Woods in flint, Texas

  12. Defeat Diabetes Foundation is accepting Timeshare donations. Contact us at:

    Timeshare donations can offer a valuable tax write-off for the donor. In addition, your donation will help Defeat Diabetes Foundation fund ongoing advocacy efforts and support programs close to the hearts of diabetics and their families.

    The mission of Defeat Diabetes Foundation is to inform, educate and alert the general public, diabetics, pre-diabetics and elected officials about the disease, its prevention and the consequences of undiagnosed and/or poorly managed diabetes and to provide accurate, up-to-date and practical information on the treatment and self-management of the disease.

    Awareness + Action = Prevention®

    • Jennifer Esparza says:

      Hi there ~ I have a timeshare that I would like to donate to your organization! I read about an individual doing this successfully and I would like to do the same!!

      It is an RCI property – one week and the property purchased at, is: Los Abrigados in Sedona, AZ. The timeshare is paid in full and the maintenance fees are current. The maintenance fee runs about $734/year.

      Please let me know if you are interested!? I would love to give it to you!!

      Thank you,
      Jennifer & Sam Esparza
      Tucson, AZ

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