Westgate Timeshare – Experience of a Former Owner

The following post was submitted by a couple detailing their experience as Westgate timeshare owners, and why they decided to stop paying their Westgate timeshare.

In 2005, we purchased a Timeshare from Westgate Resort in good faith. We were a young married couple with two toddlers. We were told that we would never regret the purchase and that we had a “lifetime of amazing vacations” ahead of us. The only thing that has remained constant and true is the fact that WE HAVE REGRETTED EVERY MINUTE OF OUR PURCHASE.

Between 2007 and 2010, we paid two different companies over $2,000 who each claimed that they guarantee to sell our timeshare. Neither ever did. In 2010, we contacted Westgate and notified them that we would NO LONGER be cheated out of our hard earned money and would NOT continue to pay them. They did not care that we had paid thousands of dollars to them already (100% on time) or that we had spent over $2000 to companies to sell our timeshare. The only thing they cared about was getting their money. They even acknowledged that purchasing a timeshare may not have been the most “honest” purchase but that we were never “forced” to do so.


On December 1, 2011, we will STOP PAYING our timeshare and to NO LONGER allow Westgate to cheat us out of our hard earned money every month. We have impeccable credit of which we have lived an honest and hard working life to establish. Now, it will be ruined for 7 years, at least, due to this foreclosure.

This decision was not easy for us to make, but also one that was based on principle. It is NOT RIGHT for companies such as Westgate to be allowed to misguide trusting people into making such a bad investment. It is even more wrong for consumers like us who have led decent and hard working lives to provide our children with the American dream, to have to suffer ruining their credit due to such a cheating and unethical process such as purchasing a timeshare.

We only owed approximately $6,500 at the time we decided to stop paying. However, we vowed NEVER TO ALLOW WESTGATE TO CHEAT US OUT OF ANOTHER ONE OF OUR HARD EARNED CENTS AGAIN. Our children deserved better than that.

A Westgate Resort FORMER owner

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi guys my name is Anna, I’m from Brazil. I’m so frightened to read all of this comments about the WestGate timeshare, I had NO idea about this nightmare. Exactly the same thing happened to me and my family. We were on vacation in Orlando and signed a contract after an 8hours process on 28th April 2015.. Whe we arrived in Brazil we started paying the mortgage and were happy with the purchase, thinking that it was a great deal.. But then a really bad economic crisis started going on in the whole country, specially in my city and there is no way we can afford it anymore. So we started calling westgate about one month ago trying to cancel the contract and explaining we couldn’t afford it anymore, but we were told that there is no way to cancell it after the 10 days period.. the only chance would be transfering the “property” to another interested person, but they don’t help us finding this purchaser.. and now we really don’t know what to do!! I’ve already called my bank (brazilian bank)and cancelled any debit in my credit card related to Westgate and it has worked so far.. but I’m also worried about my credit in the US ’cause I’m planning to do research and moving to the US for about a 6-year period within a couple of years and it’s not a good idea to have a bad credit!!
    a brazilian westgate staff told me that once you have an unpaied debit your “bad credit” will ALWAYS be counted in the records and it wouldn’t be possible to do any type of loan anymore.. is that truth?

    • R says:

      I think it is unlikely that Westgate can do anything to you, particularly if you are not a U.S. citizen and you do not have a U.S. Social Security number. They cannot trace you financially. I would suggest dealing only by e-mail and let them know they will not get another penny from you. Demand a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure.” They may send that to you, but if they don’t just tell them to pound sand.

      If you have any kind of credit reporting service in Brazil, check it and see if Westgate even appears. It may very well not.

      You might also want to post your question at Timeshare User Group, tugbbs.com. These people are timeshare owners, but they hate Westgate. They might be able to give you some additional advice.

      Best of luck!

  2. Cynthia S says:

    Please let me know when a class action lawsuit is filed against Westgate resort, travel club etc.,I want money back and to put a stop to this deception and greed

    • Karin says:

      I’m a westgate owner as of 05/2014…I’m going to seek a lawyer….I’m refusing to pay them…. Every time I call them I can never make a reservation I mean NEVER…I was looking for a class action lawsuit.. Then I was promised things that NEVER happen…Then I was lied to…My loan was suppose to be for 5 years and her it’s 10 years…I’m not sure what to do…I haven’t slept in 2 days on what is the right decision. If anyone wants to start anything please contact me Kdkia2001@yahoo.com. I’m in I just wants this crap to STOP..Now that I’m reading all of this we have to d something..OMG!!!!

  3. Rod says:

    I signed new contract on 28th of July 2015 after more than 10 hours between the presentation, showing the resort(Florida) and talking about prices, conditions of payment, horrible food and etc. First sight, is the best thing in the world, just when we came back to London, UK, i decided to search about Westgate and i found horribles comments. The 10 days is gone and now i am locked in this jail. I contact the Westgate regarding how i could cancel it and the person said: There is no way to cancel. I can be wrong but does not say nothing about to cancel after the 10 days, is this fair by law? I am thinking to ask my bank to cancel any payment to Westgate. Anyone has done it, even living outside of US? I do not care about my credit.

  4. Laurie says:

    We are all paid up but can not use the timeshare as all trades are far from our kids who are now grown. I was thinking about donating my weeks to homeless people. The looks on their faces would be PRICELESS. They can not discriminate. It would give the homeless a nice place to stay for a week. :)

  5. Sherriel says:

    I too bought a Westgate Timeshare in 2008. I have been trying to get out of that timeshare since I got in to it. I even tried to sell it, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted it.I stopped making payments March 2014. They finally sent me a deed in lieu of foreclosure this year. I signed it, but not sure if that releases me of any future payments. They offered to upgrade me and put me in a better contract with lower payments/maintenance. I personally do not want anything else to do with them. Nice resort but not worth the price. They still call me from time to time. As far as i’m concerned that is their timeshare now. I will never buy another… What a nightmare…..

    • Samantha says:

      So…you stopped making payments in 2014 and they still sent you a deed in lieu of foreclosure ? Mine is paid for but I didn’t pay my maintenance fees that are due this year and requested the deed and they had a foreclosure company send me a letter!

      • Christina Davis says:

        I did that last week and They called me back and refused to give me the deal of the deed and instead of foreclosure but maybe you have to put up with their nonsense for a year before they send one .

  6. Caroline says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone returned the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure along with the payment asked. I got the letter a couple of days ago along with a fee of $1,000. I called today and they told me if I don’t return that, then they will proceed with FORECLOSURE. I read some comments from people who returned the DILF and said that Westgate still went back to charged them money and were reported to the credit bureau. Does anyone has any advice? I stopped paying a year ago, I still owe $7,800 but I will not PAY one more cent! I already payed more than $5,000 and like many owners, I was cheated, I was taken advantage of while in Vegas by being offered the Towers, days and many other things. I ended up buying in Florida with the promise of being able to use the Plate Hollywood Towers which of course that never happened, I was never able to book ANY VACATION within the 4 years I was paying my ‘MORTGAGE’ and ‘Yearly fees,’ I’m at a point where I am feed up and will not give them my hard earned money to this SCAM!!!! Please any ADVICE?????

  7. Greg47 says:

    We had a timeshare with Westgate and it was a nightmare from the get go. We tried using a exit team to get us out and that was a pain in the neck. so we started checking out timeshare attorneys and found Aaronson Law Group! I contacted them and liked what I was hearing so they took over my case. In about two and a half months they had gotten my timeshare taken care of which included documentation, recension, and credit restoration. It was painless and non expensive procedure. If your in a similar situation as I was I recommend checkout Aaronson Law Group and see what they have to say about your specific timeshare issues. Hopefully this helps someone in need!

  8. Timothy says:

    I am also a westgate timeshare owner. Bought it while vacationing in Florida. We live outside of US halfway round the globe. Already paid the full sum of like $10.5k + first maintenance fee. Got calls in the middle of the night from some companies who knew every detail of my ownership to help me rent it out with a fee. Good thing didn’t fall for it. This happened twice over 2 years. When I checked with Westgate, they said they don’t engage anyone else to help us rent out our unit. So it makes me wonder how those guys who called knew everything about my ownership. I want to get rid of this ownership but based on all that I’ve read, there is just no way to rid of it. If there is a class action suit, I’d be glad to join, that is if the suit can get us money back after paying the class action lawyer. In the meantime, should I change my particulars on file like the address and contact numbers to avoid harassments?

    • R says:

      If the timeshare is paid for you might be able to write Westgate and get them to take it back. If you do so, you have to be persistent as they may not grant you your request the first time.

      Since you are outside the United States, you can probably walk away from this albatross and not suffer a credit hit. However, they may still bother you for a bit, and you will certainly not get your money back but you won’t even if you can give back your timeshare anyway). Best of luck!

    • Sharon Zornes says:

      Timothy, do you by chance have the name of that fly by night company. My husband was called last November by a so called company that tried to get us to sign 7K for them to sell our 52 weeks of timeshare units that we have and said they were part of Interval. We got a down in a price and never heard from them again. We have been so busy with life here that we really need to get more information. I too ask your question, how did they get our information where they knew everything about our contract?

  9. Suzie says:

    does it say in the contract that a owner has to go to the presentation. They said they were going to give us breakfast take us on a tour to see all they have done at Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort.
    Then with blaring music while we tried to eat and listen to them yell over the music tried to get us to upgrade from a one bedroom to six. It cost more than our house. The manager came back three times
    we kept saying no. Finally I said I am done. He didn’t even blink and asked if I had learned anything. I was so angry he was about the age of my son and if it would have been my son I would have told him off. It is a scam, a rip off, lies after lies. Yes the resort is nice. I am payed up on everything but I want out. Maintenence fees keep going up. Is there any way out.

  10. tom wiggins says:

    It took about 4 years for westgate and the collection agencies to stop bothering me. they were very persistent for the first couple years with calls and letters. It’s been about a year since any contact and I don’t hear from them anymore. They threatened to ruin my credit but nothing was ever done to my credit and I still have a very high credit rating. I’m so glad I just walked away and I recommend that others have the courage to do the same. Timeshares are bad and should be illegal. the maintenance fees seem to be where they get there money. I think that now since so many seem to be walking away that the timeshare people can’t afford to do anything about all the people that have walked away.

    • Christina Davis says:

      Tom there are Reason why some people have to get out of them being a few Divorces , Sickness , Hardship there should be reason to be able to get out of it without it hurting you . I paid the whole thing off in 2004 only stayed one night in my Westgate also had a hard time getting a place with them and you had to pay the $150 which went up to $500 to switch I tried to go to the mountain’s and they where super rude and then try to put that one on me . so I tried to sale it I had a buyer so they called to get all the details so they tell them on their week and any other place they go they have to pay $400 so I am a Owner why would I have to pay $500 the maintance fees have double you can take a great vacation of your choice without Westgate . sorry to vent but I am in the same boat as you Christina

    • Julie says:


      Did you just stop making payments?

  11. James nwangi says:

    I also bought a timeshare after being held for 6 hours by these scamners. I am on 20th day and Late to cancel.
    I am not going to send them a dime
    what are the consequences. This is a document that was signed in duress and rushed in to us. They lied to me I am dealingwroth “state of Florida personel” did not advice me on cancelation procedures.
    What are the consequences.
    Can state do anything?

    • Johnson says:

      I have the issue. We bought it on June 19 and they did not tell me how many days I Can cancel it. We come home and Reilly that it we had 10day. We sent the certify letters to cancel on July 9 along with the package they give me. They charge my cadit card for first month. I should cancel my credit card before they do that. They lie to me. I am not going to sent any penny. I don’t care if I have bad credit. If you give your bank or credit card make sure to cancel it all.

  12. K says:


    I have been a wetgate owner since feb 2014, I am up to date with all payments etc .. I want rid of this timeshare. They completely lied about selling it back to them at any point…
    I live in the uk so if I stop paying can they come after me.

  13. Yvette says:

    I too have been ripped off by Westgate. I would gladly participate in a class action lawsuit.

  14. Brian Wright says:

    We have no mortgage but want rid. Anyone know if this can be done using the Warrany Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure? Thanks in anticipation

  15. John McCann says:

    We have had timeshare with Westgate since 2005, we have upgraded twice and on the second occasion tried to cancel within 14 days which is the normal time we were lead to believe. When we got back to the UK I rang the agent who said we were out of time.

    We paid for the TS off within six months.

    I have written asking them how we can cancel our ownership and they have not replied.

    We live outside the U.S.

    All maintenance fees have been paid upto date.

    We have tried to sell and got ripped off, thankfully because I used my cc they repaid the money.

    Can you help us get out of this contract.

  16. Kim says:

    Has anyone got a attorney about a lawsuit against westgate? If not I’m contacting a Attorney in Nashville Tennessee if anyone wants to be part of it please let me know! Westgate has to be stopped!

    • Anonimo says:

      You have 10 days to cancel from the date of purchase. Get it in the mail ASAP.

      The address is:

      Westgate LTD
      2801 Old Winter Garden Rd
      Ocoee Florida 34761

      The letter doesn’t need to be fancy, or legalistic, just,

      I/We wish to cancel contract # _______________ Dated, August, __ 2014.
      We wish all down payments returned to us and any ongoing expenses stopped.
      All promotional materials will be returned under separate cover.

      Signed (husband)_____________, (Wife) ____________ Date August __, 2014

      The instructions are in the fancy binder they gave you, in a hidden pocket, but just write a letter to them. Send it USPS Certified, with Returned receipt.

      As long as you are within the legally allowed time period, you’ll be released.

      Send your rescission letter by certified mail today, so that you have documentary proof of postmark date. Do not fax, do not call, no emails, do not use FedEx or UPS.
      No smoke signals, no carrier pigeons, no hand delivery, no bicycle couriers. None of those avenues are acceptable or legally adequate. Use only certified mail and save your date-stamped USPS receipt for future reference. Keep a photocopy of your rescission letter (which should be signed by all parties who signed the original contract) and also make and keep photocopies of any and all other contract materials too — just in case Wastegate later tries to play games or make false claims about your compliance with rescission instructions and / or applicable deadline.

      Good Luck

    • Marc says:

      Like your idea, I am from Canada and I have also been ripped off by these sharks. Thousands of dollars. Now, the account mediators are contacting me by email. I just blocked them. They send a letter once and a while. Just shred them. They do not call anymore, beautiful. I am still interested in your idea for a Class Action Lawsuit. I know that their reputation is a tainted as ever and their Ivory tower is collapsing quite fast.



    • Becky says:

      I would love to hear more about a potential lawsuit..I have been trying to get rid of my timeshare forever!..

    • James nwangi says:

      I am ready to join anyone on this suits.
      I have been scammed America.
      We need help to stop this kind of scams?
      Anyone with a lawyer who is ready to share this “cancer of capital theft?”

    • Diana says:

      Hi Kim,
      Did you follow up on the lawsuit, I will love to join to break free of this nonsense. 10 year paying and the very few times I wanted to used it, too bad was not available. I don’t owe a penny but the maintenance fee keep coming no matter what.
      Is soo unfair. Please don’t scape without me!

    • Johnson says:

      Count me in.

  17. Andrea Robertson says:

    I paid $6,500 for Westgate’s Vacation Club. I can never book any of my 4 promised weeks because they are allegedly already booked up. It looks as if there are MANY people that have been scammed by Westgate. There has to be some power in numbers…… I wish there was a way to join together and file a lawsuit against them. I just want my money back, and to expose this company, so that others are not cheated out of their hard earned money as I was. I actually just spent a few hours of my last vacation standing in the lobby of a Westgate resort and warning the people I saw walking through with a salesperson. Hopefully, this saved these people from making the same mistake I did. AND the look on the salesmen’s faces was priceless! If enough people join together and speak out, maybe something can be done.

  18. jennifer says:

    We just recently purchased one, and i call the customer service line and they were trying to talk me out of cancelling it. they said i needed to get in touch with my closing officer. so i spoke to him and said i wanted to cancel it. he said fine ok i will get a letter of confirmation in the mail. I still felt uneasy so the next morning i wanted to send a letter just in case. i called the customer service line again and asked for the mailing address. they would not give it to me and told me to contact my closing officer. Five minutes later i recieved a phone call from a very upset man saying i was putting his job on the line calling customer service. he said he was going to help me but he said since im reading all these reviews on line i should be able to get the address from on-line as well he also stated normally cancelling i would get penalized he said he was going to help me with that but since i was bothering customer service he would no longer be able to help me with whatever fees i would be charged. i am so upset i dont know what to do. he then hung up and said he had another call. please help me. Tuesday was the day we signed the contract. how can i ensure i will cancel in time?

  19. Angie Mark says:

    I am so happy to read this…buying westgate made me physically sick after realising how much money we have to continue paying in fees. Your comments has given me hope and options in terms of what I can do..thanks!!

  20. John says:

    Hi, we are Westgateowners since 2008. We stopped paying in November 2013. We cancelled our Credit Cards. Since then, they have harassed us non stop by email and by phone. We have never answered to their messages. Today, I have received to phone calls and they did leave message that they have sent us a Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. What should we do when we receive it? Pay the processing fees? We are from Canada. Any advice would be appreciated!Thanks

    • luis says:

      Last december, I bought a TS in Westgate. It was a very big mistake. Now I need to get off this. I´m thinking to stop paying. I don´t live in the U.S. Can I do that? Which is the risk?. Which is the correct way to get out of this?. Please give me some advice.

    • Pam says:

      I’m curious what you did with the Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure… they refuse to send us that. They did send us a form to fill out our financials and we have not, nor will we be filling it out (they actually want medical records and pay stubs etc lol). We are also from Canada. We have not paid the maintenance that was due in December and we are fully paid for our mortgage. We’d just like to give it back and they refuse.

    • Pam says:

      I’m curious what happened here John… Did you receive the Arranty Deed in Lieu? Was your credit affected in any way? We are also in Canada and have stopped paying. They have threatened collection and only sent us a financial form which we will not be completing…

    • Donna says:

      I’ve read on several other forums where people have filled out the Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure & returned it without paying any fees. They never heard from Westgate again. I would not send them another dime. Fill out the form, return it & ignore any calls or emails. I’ve had mine since 1998 & stopped paying them last year. Sounds like I’m not the only one.

    • Johnson says:

      Do not sent any money or doing anything.

      • Scott says:

        I received the DIL form and have gotten it notarized. The fee on it says $0.00 and actually states that they will take the property back from me in consideration of $10 paid to me. I have not sent it back yet as I am going through some financing for a business right now but will be sending it back as soon as that is finalized.

        I have not made a payment since December 2013 and nothing negative has shown up on my credit report. I sent them a long letter explaining why I was no longer paying and sent the same letter to their attorney. I have not received a call in over 6 months. In my letter I touched on many of their illegal sales tactics like stating that they had inside information with Disney that they were building 2 new parks in the next couple years. That was 5 years ago.

        In 2012, I was given the same exact line as someone tried to upgrade me. The resort was wonderful – I am leaving due to principal. They lied to me about when/how I could pay my timeshare off and when I tried to pay in full I was laughed at by a sales person. Later, after I stopped making payments I was told I should have called in to make the payment instead of speaking to someone on the property. That should not matter – I can only go by what their representatives told me. I spoke to 2 different people and was told the only way to pay it off in full was if I purchased a full ownership instead of an every other year ownership and that I wasn’t even a real owner yet so they couldn’t do anything. I’m rambling now and getting worked up… I haven’t thought about this in awhile – time to stop, but wanted to comment. I have been told by others that when Westgate reports, they only report to one credit agency so it only changes one score and most banks will use your mid score anyway – I do not know that for sure, but thats what I have read in my research.

        • Christina Davis says:

          I been having a hard time with them to I send them a note stating that I was Divorced no longer going to pay the Maintance Fees my ex will not even talk with them so they are calling and harasses me. she called this morning states she got my letter there is nothing can to help me she says sale it I told I did but they aren’t giving apple to apple they told the girl from Westgate told me that if they wanted to buy it they would have to pay $400 for where they wanted to go also for there time at the own Time share on their own week it would still be 400. Seems a bit unfair to me what was bought should be the same as the next someone buys off you . I am totally frustrated

  21. Kayla says:

    I need help badly! My family and I were on vacation when we signed up for Westgate! We got overly excited and regretted it right when we got home, that was last Saturday 09/27 and I called that Thursday which was only 6 days. We haven’t even made a down payment and our first monthly payment comes out October 27. I called to cancel and they said they were sorry you have cancel within three days? Is that true or can I still send the letter in within the 10 day period? Also if we close our bank account and decide not to pay, will it go against our credit? Someone please help, I don’t want this debt on our record in anyway!!!!!
    Thank you!!

    • Christina Davis says:

      I am going through the same thing its a waste of money you can’t get to go anywhere without it costing you more money … BIG WASTE so sorry you bought into it . Just remember there is a lot of us going through it together

  22. Yong says:

    We paid off our Westgate Vacation Villas Timeshare loan. How can we get rid of it?

  23. Wesley says:

    I just bought one. And it is great. I’m not in anyway affiliated with Westgate.
    I didn’t want my wife to sign it and then it dawned On me that we can make
    $100,000s of dollars off these vacation packages.

    If you want out. Here is the fastest easiest way.

    1. Be current with your payments and tell Westgate you are gonna sell you $69,000
    1br for $2000. They don’t want people getting this that are poor and don’t represent
    The company well. Brings down the value of the Timeshares.

    2. Make a website as a travel agent and sell the vacations you can get at $49 for $499
    or any rate where you make money from them. They will cancel your account so fast

    Then you won’t get a foreclosure letter or anything. They just take it back from you and
    your out!!!

    Try that people.

  24. Gregg says:

    My girlfriend and I stayed at WestGate resorts in Florida a couple of weeks ago and were talked into purchasing a timeshare for $9,000 $0 down. We decided that night that this purchase was a bad idea. Woke up the following morning and told the salesman that we wanted to cancel. He told us that he will take care of it. We received our westgate credit cards today but no contract. I read something about having a certain amount of time to cancel once we signed the contract but when i call the salesman he tells me that he can not tell us what to do until we receive the contract in the mail.

    What should we do from here to cancel our timeshare?

    • Tina says:

      Please all those who have been ripped off by Westgate, someone check to find out how we can file a Class action suit against them for their unfair & deceptive practices. I am looking into it as well.

    • Johnson says:

      We should stop payment. If they take us to court and we all go in group

      • Christina Davis says:

        True I am in Totally

        • Laren77 says:

          You guys need to contact a timeshare cancellation lawyer! There are all kinds of class action lawsuit going on right now! Do some research and talk to some and see what they say. I dont know all the ways to get out of timeshares but I do know there are some good attorneys out there who can help!

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