IBD Marketing to Sell Timeshare

A friend of my recently came across a company called IBD Marketing and was in contact with them regarding selling an RCI affiliated timeshare unit in Orlando, Florida. After offering them a sum about 3k higher than what they had assumed they would be able to sell their timeshare for, they called me for assistance. I was unfamiliar with their organization and decided to do some investigating before giving my friend the go ahead to try to list and sell with them. My first search was a simple Google query for "IBD Marketing", and I have to say I was... Read the rest of this entry »

Timeshare Puke Price

Timeshare Koh Kut Thailand Timeshare has come a long way since the slick, fast talking time-share salesman. While he may no longer wear a plaid leisure suit, he remains focused on the sale, and will do everything in his power to convert your interest into a hearty commission. Some salespeople talk, talk and talk, and never listen to the client - this way they can give their pitch without getting too close.  While others prefer to stick to the guilt highway, posing questions including, "Don't you think your... Read the rest of this entry »

RCI Points Cancellations

The breakdown of penalties for canceling RCI Points timeshare vacations is based on how close to the departure date the reservation is canceled.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Grace Period (1 day after making transaction) 100% restoration of points and no loss of transaction fee for reservations made 21 days or greater in advance.
  • 120 days or greater - 100% restoration of points and full loss of transaction fee.

  • 119 days to 61 days - 75% restoration of points and full loss of transaction fee.