Grandview at Las Vegas Timeshare Experience – User Submitted

The following post was submitted by a reader detailing his experience with Grandview Las Vegas timeshare.

I also had VERY BAD EXPERIENCES with Grandview at Las Vegas…

First, may I suggest we ALL flood their offices with complaints with the hope that they begin to look more closely at these RIP-OFFS…

My Story:

My wife and I were in Las Vegas in 2009 when we were invited to sit in at a 90-minute vacation presentation. We were offered tickets to see a ‘Las Vegas’ styled show in return for our presence at this presentation. Since we were short of money and could not ordinarily afford a ‘Las Vegas Style Show,’ we accepted.

The salesperson, J. J., told us that a timeshare was just like any other piece of real estate; we would get a deed and could sell, rent or give away. She said our ‘special price’ was only about $13,000 – instead of $30,000, and was a good investment because our timeshare investment could value as much as twice the present value in a few short years. We understood the concept of real estate so we believed her.
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RCI Timeshare Experiences – Bryan’s Story

The following post was submitted by user Bryan:

I’ve had a RCI timeshare for 10 years. In those 10 years I’ve never been satisfied with the product. I currently pay $700 per year in maintenance fees, $179 in booking fees, $50 per year in membership fees and taxes on my 1 bedroom condo. What do I get for all that? I have the priviledge of being able to use for 1 week a year.

The maintenance fees have gone from $350 per year to $700 per year over the decade I’ve owned the timeshare. Recently I tried to book a trip on a Thursday and was kicked out of their computer system because they were doing maintenance. I tried again on the following Monday, only to find that the rules and rates had changed. The week I wanted to book was now only available if I combined 2 weeks and paid a $99 fee to combine them so I could get the 1 week I tried to book earlier.
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