The Mayan Group and RCI

Here’s a short message from a contributor to our website, which was sent to us via the Submit Your Timeshare Experience form.

“RCI is another crook in a long list of crooks in the Timeshare industry. They colluded with the Mayan Group, who lied about being able to sell one of our timeshares. We were told that if we would agree to purchase a Mayan timeshare (that was not worth near what they said it was) we would be rid of our timeshare. What was not explained to us was that we had to use RCI credit to make the purchase.

Then RCI credit duped us by increasing the interest rate prematurely from what they said in previous conversations. The RCI point system looks like it will be disappointing to us to the point that we are planning not to renew. What really is disappointing is that all this stealing is done from behind legal jargon.”


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Grandview Las Vegas – Cancelling the Contract

The following short message was sent to us via the Submit Your Timeshare Story form on our site.

A reminder that a “FREE” magic show in Las Vegas isn’t always worth the trouble…

“Same pitch (at The Grandview at Las Vegas) but we caved on 2nd intervention offer, but a sleepless night brought me to this site. I submitted my cancellation of this business deal the very next day and hopefully there will be no problems with it. Nevada has a 5-day cooling off period. Will let you know if there was a problem. Everyone is right, if it is such a good deal why can’t we have a chance to think about it. I enjoyed our sales person but not the pressure overall. We have learned a lesson, that a good ticket deal is not worth the hassle!”
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