Tree Top Villas Timeshare Experience

Below is a reader-submitted story regarding Tree Top Villas timeshare.

Tree Top Villas is the place we purchased timeshare from, and everything that was told to us is a lie from starting to ending.

Here’s what we went through:

(1) We told the salesman that we would like to think about it because we live on a budget. With this, he told us about paying it of in terms – he and his supervisor worked it out so we only have to pay $130 a month. This turned out to be a lie because the very next payment we were told $169 was due. When I called it in the girl informed me that the paper work was signed at $169 and that what ever the salesman said doesn’t count. I then informed her that the piece of paper the guy write up all the numbers on we have, she then told us that doesn’t count also.

Tree Top Villas(2) We were told great deals on cruises. That is a total lie – we tried many time to book a cruises with them, and it is always more than other web sites and they still want to take the points away from you. They also charge you for a service fee; we ended up booking it somewhere else for $500 less then RCI cruises asking price.

(3) At Tree Top Villas, being that you pay maintenance fees, you would think that you would be treated better. This is not the case. You pay $85 plus points for 2 days and maintenance of $40, but if you book directly with them its $99.00 for 3 nights!


Silent Valley Club Inc.

Silent Valley Club Inc.We joined Silent Valley Club near Banning, California 4 years ago. Since then the RV resort, (which claims to NOT be a timeshare, but basically is – same scam) has gone down hill and is poorly managed. The amenities have been cut due to the hard economic times and gas prices, and they have over 50% member defaults. Because they are in such financial straits they keep raising the dues and now are assessing every remaining member $400, due with only 4 weeks notice. I am defaulting. I have had enough.

Where are the lawmakers regarding timeshares….??? Is the timeshare lobby so strong with our politicians that the citizens are ignored? I am writing to my state and federal congressmen regarding these scams. Maybe we all should. Strength in numbers.

Finding a Timeshare Resale Company

Timeshare Resale CompaniesRecently we received the following message from a distraught timeshare owner trying to get rid of an unwanted timeshare they can no longer pay for:

“I have not been able to find an honest timeshare resale company; have tried for several years. I am considering allowing it to go into default and foreclosure. I do not want it, and cannot afford to keep paying the mortgage.

The resort is unwilling to at least renegotiate the monthly payments, or do anything to help me. I am desperate and will have to consider default and foreclosure. Will foreclosure end this? I want it gone – out of my name. I do not understand why there is so much fraud and deception in this industry, and nothing is done about it.

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