What to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation

Going in we are not really sure what to expect at a timeshare presentation. With a little knowledge and a lot of truth-telling, we EASILY survived a timeshare presentation! Granted, we spent a sleepless night beforehand worrying about the upcoming event and imagining our 10 year old becoming unglued. We strategized, planned and IT WORKED.

TIP #1

Do not lie.

Don’t lie about your income, don’t lie about your profession, traveling habits or anything else. You don’t need to. There is no obligation to buy. As such, you can be honest. It relieves stress not to lie. You also don’t need to lie about your level of interest. Presentations are done by nice people : they will pair you up with someone you could relate to – if you are 50-something loner, they’ll send a young thing to get your juices flowing; do not fall for that 😀
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