Peterson’s Waterfront Resort Review

Peterson’s Waterfront Resort is a four-season property located on Lake Chelan in central Washington state, USA. The units are 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums equipped with a full kitchen, dishwasher, TV, and washer & dryer as well as a variety of other amenities including access to the lake, swimming pool and hot tubs, recreational equipment, etc. The resort is within walking distance to downtown Chelan and an hour-long drive to Wenatchee.

Water sports and other outdoor activities are the most popular pastime in the summer months on Lake Chelan. Guests are able to swim, fish, wind surf, water ski, and boat on the lake. The resort is also located within one mile of an 18-hole golf course. In the winter, guests are able to ski or snowboard at either of two nearby ski resorts, explore snowmobile trails, visit the Mill Bay Casino, or participate in Winterfest.

Fixed timeshare weeks are available for any season of the year starting at $500. Units can be traded through RCI and Interval International.

Peterson's Waterfront

Despite positive reviews available online, we received the following comments from one of our users regarding their experience at Peterson’s Waterfront:

“The room had an awful, musty smell–it was horrible . When we got home, all of our clothes had to be washed a few times to get the smell out. They say they have 3 restaurants; one is a buffet, the other 2 you have to make reservations in the morning at the buffet, but every time we tried they said the were booked. We had another couple say the same thing but when you walked in there were maybe 8 people total. They just say they have 3 but it’s like they don’t want you to use the other 2.

I won’t go back because of the smell–it made me sick! This was not at all in comparison to the one I own and I am very disappointed.”

Has anyone else stayed at this resort? What was your experience like?

Wyndham- Obligation of Heirs

We received the following question from one of our users:

“I have been a happy Wyndham owner for many years. Recently, I bought more points because the salesman told us that upon our death, our children would not have to pay any of the maintenance fees until they wanted to use the resorts. Upon checking with Wyndham, I found this was a lie. Can I cancel this contract and get my money back?”

As with any timeshare contract, there is a rescission period (usually around 5-7 days, but varies by state) which allows you to cancel your contract. If you missed the rescission period, here are the basics of what you need to know about timeshare obligations of your heirs:

-Be aware that if you will your timeshare deed to your children, they have the choice of accepting or not accepting it. If they choose not to accept it, they can file a Disclaimer of Interest so that they will not be responsible for the property or any of its fees. The disclaimer must be in writing, so it may be best to consult an estate attorney to help with documentation.

-The Disclaimer of Interest must be filed within a certain time period, which also obligation of heirsvaries by state.

-In order for a Disclaimer of Interest to be valid, your children are not allowed to first accept the deed or use the timeshare, and then later change their mind. They must refuse the inheritance right away.

-If a Disclaimer of Interest is filed and accepted by the courts, the timeshare will then remain in the estate of the deceased person until something else is done with it. It will be the responsibility of the executor of the estate to make those arrangements.

-It is a good idea to plan ahead. If you don’t want to dump the burdens of a timeshare on your children who might not want it, make the effort to sell, donate, or transfer the timeshare before your death.

For more information on what happens to a timeshare upon the death of an owner, read this article.


Westgate Town Center

The following is a user-submitted story about their experience with Westgate Town Center in Florida:

“Let the buyer beware! As timeshares go this is far from the worse. I have stayed here a couple of times. The first year the accommodations were very nice and the view was awesome. We traded in, as we own via Marriott. Of course we received the hard sell presentation. We opted not to buy but were really considering and chose to wait until the next year when we returned to Orlando. We were then offered a “special offer” of a two bedroom unit for about $600 if we would consider sitting down with a sales rep the next year. The “special offer” was supposed to be good at any Westgate resorte in the United States. We accepted that offer and paid Westgate via a payment plan. Low and behold, when we attempted to book using the offer, we were informed our “special rate” was for an EFFICIENCY, so that we could revisit a presentation for the purpose of purchasing a two bedroom unit. Our fault. Didn’t read the fine print. Accepted the terms as stated trusting Westgate. IF YOU ARE EVER OFFERED SUCH A SPECIAL BY WESTGATE, READ THE FINE PRINT.

westgate town center

The second year I stayed there, I attached a shortstay extending my stay an additional couple of days. My original unit was a 3 bedroom and except for the view (there was none because of large tall palms in front of our unit), the place was okay. Not as nice as the first year, but still nice. Since the shortstay unit was a one bedroom, we had to change to another unit. Nowhere near as nice. Cheap fixtures, broken latch on patio door, washer so cheap it tore up our clothes. Will I stay there again??? Maybe. If I can get accommodations as nice as the first time. But I will never buy there.”

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