Donating Timeshare for a Tax Write-Off

Charities Accepting Timeshares as Donations

The timeshare resale market can be tough, and many timeshare owners spend months or even years trying to sell unwanted timeshare. Many of these timeshare resale companies will charge fees for listing available timeshares, which can end up being a costly process – especially when you consider that a final sale is never guaranteed. For timeshare owners looking for a quick way to get out of maintenance and membership fees, timeshare donation is an excellent option. The only drawback to this approach is that most often you will need to own the timeshare outright, i.e. no longer be making any payments on the principal amount of the timeshare.

Why donate your timeshare?

  1. It costs nothing.
  2. The process involves a few pages of simple and easy paperwork.
  3. You will receive a tax write-off based on the value of your donation.
  4. Save money in broker’s fees you would have spent on a sale.
  5. No more maintenance fees, taxes, or special assessments.

Your tax write-off is based on fair market value of the timeshare, not the value it is resold at, allowing you to get the highest deduction possible. Some simple calculations will help you to determine whether or not it is more efficient for you to sell your timeshare outright for a low price, or take a tax deduction based on the market value of your timeshare; any timeshare valued over $5000 requires a written appraisal. For example, someone in the 33% tax bracket with a timeshare valued at $6000 will receive a tax write-off of $1980, whereas that same timeshare can expect to be purchased on the resale market for between $200-$2000.

Unfortunately charities will not always accept every timeshare donation, so your best shot at becoming a successful donor is if you own your timeshare outright, have a highly sought after week, and the resort is in a popular travel location.

Read Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations for a list of non-profit organizations that accept time share.

to “Donating Timeshare for a Tax Write-Off”

  1. Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation has received donated timeshare s in the past through Donate for a Cause. We have a home in the Dallas Fort Worth Area for patients to stay for free while going through surgery or treatments. We are also working with Hospice centers for those who cannot afford a place to stay during their last few weeks. We would like to purchase this home and need closing costs. If would like to donate, please contact us at

  2. Robert says:

    If anyone close to or in myrtle beach area that would donte to a veterans or , please email me. I would like to send a veterans family one or two per year for free vacation. Thanks

  3. PouryShahin says:

    I would like to donate my timeshare to a charity. We paid $15300
    On 2002. Is fully paid.let me know.

  4. Phillip Everett says:

    I too would like to donate my time share to a non-profit organization. If one is interested please contact me.

  5. alan says:

    I have a gold Marriott St Kitts Beach Club, valued at $19000 that I would like to donate. Fully paid up with points redemption if week isn’t used. Anyone want it?

  6. Connie says:

    I would like to donate my fully paid timeshare in Virginia Beach for Week 50.

  7. Keith says:

    I have a 2 bedroom unit with a floating week during the summer season in Vail. Beautiful location to enjoy hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities. My daughters are grown and all of their activities seem to be in New York so I’d like to donate it if possible.

  8. Jan says:

    I would like to donate my deeded, fully paid, 1 bedroom, 1 bath timeshare located in Kissimmee, FL. It is in a quiet area just south of Animal Kingdom (under 10 minutes away) and 20 minutes to Magic Kingdom – so the location is prime. If there is any interest in my offer, I would be pleased to hear from you.

    • We area non-profit 501 (c) organization called Sunshine Physical Therapy. We are a pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy clinic for special needs children from birth to age 18. Many parents with children of special needs struggle to obtain the services needed for their children to achieve their full potential and at Sunshine Physical Therapy we are fortunate and proud to offer assistance to those in need. At Sunshine Physical Therapy no child is turned away because of inability to pay.

      • David Hazzard says:

        Hello Sherri,

        I have a fully paid timeshare in Orlando that I would like to donate. Are you interested?


  9. Ralph Crain says:

    I have a timeshare I want to donate to a charity. Please contact me if you have any details.

  10. Mike says:

    I would like to donate my paid for timeshare. It is fully paid for. Please any suggestions.

  11. marie says:

    Are there any charaties that still accept timeshare doantions??? If so please let us know….thanks

  12. tennille says:

    Can I donate my timeshare if I still owe on it?

  13. sue says:

    can you donate a timeshare that you still owe on

  14. sue says:

    If the deed is not transferred over to the organization. Does the charity have a right to it. I mistakenly saw a website and I hit donate timeshare expecting to see the name of the contact person, but it said thank You very much for Donating

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  16. Sue says:

    I talked to a H&R Block representative and they told me specifically that you can only deduct what it was resold at and not the price it was worth.

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