Difficulty Exchanging Timeshare

Well, I’ve had RCI for 7 years. Don’t ask why. I couldn’t give you an answer. I have only been able to trade twice. Both times the trades were more business related than pleasure and financially, it made sense.

I have NEVER been able to trade to a property when I want or where I want. I’ve tried everything. Everything that I’ve been told ( by sales people ) are outright lies.

Unless you want to pay big bucks for prime locations and prime weeks, don’t believe any of the sales pitches from those trying to sell you a time share. ( and if you really want to pay up, you’d be better served just buying a condo somewhere ) This INCLUDES the Disney Vacation Club. Logic would have it that EVERYBODY wants to go to Disney and trading is, and I quote “never a problem”. Until it is.
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Grandview Timeshare Presentation Survival Guide

A visitor shares their experience attending the Grandview at Las Vegas timeshare presentation, and has the following tips and tricks to offer those attending for the free gifts:

Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare PresentationStory is the same as everyone else. Huge scripted scam. Worthless property, over priced vacation packages and the list of lies is extremely amazing. You are told to look over at the new construction going on. And told how Grandview is the hottest timeshare place available. How the prices keep increases each year and if you dont buy now you wont reap the benefits of the hot market. After research the prices go form $50,000 all the way down to $5000 if you keep saying NO. You also will receive a free cruise for 2 but this is also another scam. The cruise is worthless also.

They confuse you and try and get you brainwashed during the whole presentation. I would not be surprised if there are some subliminal tactics or hypnosis being used. I think the power of suggestion and the constant lies help trick the weak minded into making a bad decision. Thank God above my wife and I are extremely intelligent and could see it was a scam within a few minutes of the presentation.

It was easy for us to say NO. And I offered the sales man a chance to wrap things up because he was past his 3 hour limit and I had nothing more to say and did not want to hear his bullshit anymore. He than told me I would be stuck at the Grandview for another 2 hours but if I wanted to leave sign up for the lowest package and he could get me a limo back to the hotel within 20 minutes.
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A Timeshare Presentation “Deals” Experience

We just did a presentation as part of a deal to get a discounted hotel stay. My first recommendation would be to bring a sweater or jacket as we found the air conditioning was pretty powerful. If you are in the U.S., check relevant state laws concerning timeshare sales as well as prohibited sales practices. Check prices on Timeshare User Group, Sell My Timeshare Now, and even Hotwire for rental prices on equivalent accommodations. Have printouts of all the above materials with you.

There is a post on this website about “How to Survive a Timeshare Presentation” – it has good advice as well. Be fairly boring. Remember that these guys are going to talk FAST when they talk numbers. They will make big projections as to what your future vacation spending will be. If you have school age children, remember that for better or worse, they grow up and then you are not limited by school year schedules (which reduces your vacation costs).

We used Priceline for our recent vacation (other than the deal we got that required the timeshare presentation) and saw that we averaged slightly more than $50 a night (including taxes and fees) for our accommodations. Give them numbers like that when they ask what you spend, and you will totally pop their sales pitch. Otherwise, do NOT give them too much personal information; they will use it against you.
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