ResortCom Timeshare Foreclosure

Does anyone have experience stopping payment on ResortCom Timeshare, specifically the Veilla Del Palmar Resort?

A reader of our site posed the following question about foreclosing on ResortCom timeshare:
ResortCom Foreclosure
My husband and I purchased a time share several years ago and are still paying on the outrageous balance plus maintenance fees.

We have recently found ourselves in a finacial hardship and can no longer make the monthly payments and/or maintenance fees.

I have contacted the TS company several times asking for ways I can relenquish the TS, each time they tell me I cannot.

I’m concerned about wage garnishments if I cannot pay them. They are quite unwilling to work with me on this. My stress level concerning this is increasing daily. Any ideas??

Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

A reader poses an interesting question he wanted to share with our readers:

Why is the government doing nothing about timeshare scams?

Time shares are not real estate or investments, they are nothing but empty space.

In addition to my first question, how many time share owners does it take to keep up the maintenance of a two bedroom apartment?

This is outrageous.

If I ever go back to Florida and are approached by a time share salesman I will sit next to the salesman and take my sweet time reading all the pages of the contract. …and if they have a problem with that, I will tell them…”just want to know what I am getting into before I sign the dotted line”.

Lando Resorts Corporation (Berkley Group)

Below is an account from a Canadian reader whose parents were solicited by Lando Resorts Corporation:

Lando Resorts CorporationMy parents, who live in Canada, were scammed by Lando Resorts Corporation, who is under the Berkley Group umbrella. In February 2011, they were sold a vacation package over the phone which did not mention that they were required to sit through 8 hrs of deceptive sales methods, which were really high pressure and other forms of fraud. My parents kept refusing to purchase, but were then told that they can buy the unit cheaper “right now” because of “built-in equity”, something which they apparently tell lots of people and is false. They were also told that they would have to attend another sales presentation if they did not purchase, otherwise, they would not get their vouchers for the rest of their vacation spots.

To make a long story short, there are several inconsistencies in the contractual agreement for the timeshare, which make it non binding, according to the lawyer that they hired. Currently we are in the process of getting them to reply to a letter that the lawyer has sent them, but as you can guess, there have been not attempts made on their part to contact either the lawyer or my parents regarding the letter. However, harassing phone calls have been made to my parents that they owe money and that they will be forwarded to a collections agency, which according to other testimonials I found on the web, are also under the Berkley Group.
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