Xanadu Timeshare Grand Bahamas Experience

The following Xanadu Timeshare Experience was shared by a reader of this website:

RCI and Xanadu Hotel in Grand Bahamas August 2011

We are RCI members and just took our one week vacation for the first time. We went to Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island. RCI is sending people to a miserable place and will not take Xanadu Hotel and Resort off their list.

The Xanadu hotel in Grand Bahamas is not a resort today. It is not a hotel today. It may pass for a youth hostel but only for those with enough money to rent a car, as there is no transportation in walking distance – so it is not a good youth hostel either. The Xanadu is a dilapidated “resort” that has been closed for two years from having been hit by a hurricane, and is thought to be abandoned by most people on the island other than RCI.

There is no food or beverages in walking distance, none. There is no ice available, no shuttle to get food, no phone, no air conditioning, no staff worth a dime, no internet, nobody willing to provide essential needs to support life. This 12 story building is being sold, so the lights are off in the hallways and the bathroom bulbs have been removed. There is a strong musty smell on every floor in every hallway and in every room, and everywhere it is hot, stuffy, and mold is here, if your asthmatic your in danger.
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Property Donation Group Reviews

Donating Timeshare

Give Away Your Timeshare

A contributor to our website, Nikki, left the following comment regarding an email she received from Property Donation Group.

In light of this comment I thought I would open up discussion for everyone to share their experiences or write a review about donating their timeshare to Property Donation Group.

Here is a copy of the email Nikki received when inquiring about donating her Carriage Hills timeshare:

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Point to Point Destinations Timeshare

One timeshare owner shares their experience with Point to Point Destinations Timeshare:

P2P Destinations TimeshareI bought timeshare from these people (Point to Point Destinations) on July 24, 2006. They have the most rude, irresponsible customer service. It’s worthless to buy timeshare especially from P2P. They charge ridiculous amount as maintenance fees. This year they never sent an invoice for the fees, but has blocked my point allocation even though I have paid for the timeshare for 6 years and have 1 year left of payout.

I have paid RCI maintenance as well, and I cannot access my account. When I called RCI, they told me to call P2P with a phone # of 604 646 0099, but was told its not in service. I tried to get their contact number online which is 604 646 0090, and it’s not in service either. I have no way of contacting them to pay my maintenance fee for this year and cannot access my account either.
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