El Cid in Cozumel Timeshare Maintenance

We bought this TS in 2003 and have been paying on it regularly except maintenance fees.

In 2009, we received sporadic bills for maintenance fees. I called to get a payoff and was told they were written off. Never could get hold of the timeshare comapny. Did not receive any letter or calls. Never received any bills for 2010.

Called last week because have not received a bill for the payment on the timeshare. Told in foreclosure. Boy did I blow it.

First it took 2 weeks to even talk to a live person, then when someone answered I was transferred 5x and the person was stupid. They called back and gave us another number to call, I did and that person had no idea what we were talking about and that person gave me another number, no good, and another number, no good and finally nack to the idiot I started with, while I as at work.

They never called us back. My husband will call tomorrow because I was furious and don’t have time to keep calling while I am working. This was the biggest mistake we ever made…

Vacation Village in the Berkshires Exchange Experience

vacation-village-berkshiresWhen we bought they talked us into buying in March, which was red and cheaper then the month we wanted (which was August – also red). We paid close to 20,000 dollars. The salesman promised us that every year we will be able to exchange for August the month we actually wanted.

It was ok for a couple of years. Now they downgraded the weeks timeshare and no longer can give us a week in August, which the salesman knew was the only month we could go.

Now they are threatening to ruin our credit rating if we try to walk away and not pay the maintenance anymore. They are also willing to rent us a week in the month that we are asking to exchange for, and they want us to pay for the week and the maintenance.
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Grandview Las Vegas Tour

The following experience was shared via a reader of our website, and is an account of both their stay at the Luxor hotel and their timeshare presentation at the Grandview Las Vegas

Our experience was a total joke. This must be the most unprofessional bunch of Dorsal Fins we have ever met.

Here is my letter/email to the Luxor informing them that Grand View is totally running them down when they are using this location to promote their product.

Still waiting to hear if the Luxor took any action. We did make a joke of it and laughed in their face all the way through the presentation.

If you have the pleasure of meeting the Plastic Fantastic Antoinette from RCI remind her what a b**** she is as I did. That was totally worth the 4 hours of the most disorganised tour ever – this was September 2011.

Enjoy the email below:
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