Donating Timeshare to a Non-Profit


A reader who is affiliated with a non-profit organization shares their experience with accepting timeshare as a donation.

This is an important read for any timeshare owner, and provides a great deal of insight into issues surrounding increasing maintenance fees and stopping payment.

"I am affiliated with a non-profit organization. We received a timeshare donation week from an individual, not truly knowing what we were getting into.

Our first year the maintenance fees were increased by 20% without our consent. We reluctantly paid the bill, and one of our board members enjoyed the vacation week.

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Weston Florida Timeshare Help

[ad#readmore]The following is a reader submission detailing the discrepancies between what they were told vs. what they actually received at a timeshare presentation in Weston, Florida (the actual resort name was not disclosed):

We (4 of us) bought time share in Weston, Florida in October 2010. At the time of purchase we were told if we stay at an all-inclusive resort our meals would be covered. Much to our surprise we have recently found out while trying to book a trip that we have to pay for our food, which makes it a very expensive trip... Seeing as we only... Read the rest of this entry »

Wyndham Endless Vacations, An Extra Vacations Experience

Have you considered renting out an unused timeshare week through Wyndham's Endless Vacations program?

A visitor to the site shared her experience with the Wyndham Endless Vacation (also known as Extra Vacations) week rental system:

"Endless Vacations (which related to Wyndham) rents out units which are reserved by Wyndham owners who want to make some money for maintenance fees etc. Frankly, I have not found that it does the job very well, but the units which they have to offer are legitimately secured.

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