Timeshare Rescission – Can I Return My Timeshare?

Despite the fact that timeshare has been gaining a more respectable reputation as a result of major resorts such as Marriott and Hilton now offering timeshare packages, there are still some resort companies that use deceptive tactics to secure a sale. There are still incidents of resort companies using hard-sell intimidation or illegal sales tactics in selling timeshares. It is because of the existence of these dishonest resort companies that rescission regulations exist. Victims of illegal timeshare sales practices need to be aware of their rescission rights in order to get out of their contract without penalty.
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Using Timeshare Bonus Time

Bonus timeshare is a benefit offered by most timeshare resort companies. Bonus timeshare can be a valuable asset to owners because using it has no effect on your deeded or right-to-use week. With bonus time, owners have the ability to rent time on a daily basis at their home resort at an extremely low rate. These discounted rates usually end up being about 50% cheaper than what the general public pays for the same resort and unit. Resorts are able to offer discounted bonus time because it allows them to fill otherwise vacant units with revenue that will... Read the rest of this entry »

7 Tips to Avoid Timeshare Scams

Most timeshare units are sold at a presentation, and even more often, there is a prize or incentive offered just for attending the timeshare presentation. The most common incentives include: discount hotel rooms, weekend getaway packages, show/event tickets, and prizes such as automobiles and boats. Being aware of these incentives, the high pressure sales tactics used by timeshare salespeople, and other tricks of the trade are important when considering purchasing timeshare. If you are interested in timeshare, the following 7 tips will help you to avoid being scammed into purchasing timeshare:
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