RCI Resort Locations

RCI has affiliated resorts in almost every location in the world, and there are close to 4,000 different resorts to chose from if you are a RCI member. Whether you prefer to stay close to your home or travel across the world, RCI has options available for every traveler. Whether you are a weeks owner or points member, it is important to make sure that you select a resort with a high, gold crown rating as your "home" resort to allow to optimal trading possibilities. With some planning and a bit of flexibility, your RCI membership will allow... Read the rest of this entry »

Timeshare Defined – A Glossary of Timesharing Terms

Getting involved with timeshare can be confusing at times. This is a good reference for anyone involved in timesharing as it defines many of the common terms used to describe different aspects of time share. The glossary is alphabetical, and please let us know if there is anything you feel we have missed or would like to see defined.


Panoramic View of Brazil

  • Accelerated Use - A program that permits someone to use their purchased time in increasingly larger increments instead of fixed weeks.... Read the rest of this entry »

Pet Friendly RCI Resorts Within the US

Pet Friendly Hotels in US


Information Updated in February 2011:

The following is a list of RCI-affiliated resorts within the United States that permit pets i.e. dogs, cats, and birds. This list is subject to change and you should always call the resort prior to making reservations to confirm their pet policy. Some resorts do require a pet deposit, have restrictions regarding the pet's weight and/or breed, and others will not permit you to leave the animal unattended -... Read the rest of this entry »