List of Pet Friendly RCI Resorts – International and US

Hotels That Accept Animals


The following is a list of RCI-affiliated resorts that permit pets. This resort information can be changed at any time and you should always call the resort before you make reservations to check availability for pets. There may be additional deposits required when traveling with your dog, cat, or bird, and certain resorts have pet weight restrictions in place. There are also additional considerations when traveling internationally with pets such as breed restrictions and airline guidelines. You should... Read the rest of this entry »

Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations

How to Donate Timeshares for Tax Deduction

Many timeshare owners out of luck on the resale market choose to offer their timeshare as a donation to a non-profit organization, or NPO. While some NPO's have shied away from this type of fund raising, there are still many organizations out there that welcome timeshare as a way to raise money for their programs. Below is a list of charitable organizations accepting timeshare donations.

Charities Accepting Timeshare Donations -

Donate for... Read the rest of this entry »

Donating Timeshare for a Tax Write-Off

Charities Accepting Timeshares as Donations

The timeshare resale market can be tough, and many timeshare owners spend months or even years trying to sell unwanted timeshare. Many of these timeshare resale companies will charge fees for listing available timeshares, which can end up being a costly process - especially when you consider that a final sale is never guaranteed. For timeshare owners looking for a quick way to get out of maintenance and membership fees, timeshare donation is an excellent option. The only... Read the rest of this entry »