Sell My Timeshare

Selling a timeshare is tough. Timeshare resellers should be aware that the supply of resales greatly outweighs the demand, making it hard for resellers to recover much of the original sales price. There are, however, ways to optimize what you are offering for sale and the way it is presented to the potential buyer.

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First, pricing is what drives timeshare resales, you need to have realistic pricing in place to entice the buyer. If time is of the... Read the rest of this entry »

10 Timeshare Sales Tactics to Watch Out For

Here is a list of ten tactics you should be aware of before agreeing to or attending any timeshare presentation:

  1. Holding contests (I know you all have seen the boxes at the grocery stores and restaurants asking you to fill out a short form for a chance to WIN BIG!) without informing consumers that they must listen to a lengthy (and well-orchestrated) sales pitch before claiming their prizes.Misrepresentation of a resort's physical condition, market value, and resale potential. Timeshare salespeople will commonly mislead you into believing that timeshares represent an investment and/or a way to make... Read the rest of this entry »

What Does it mean to Own a Timeshare?

Being a timeshare owner can mean slightly different things depending on whether you are a deeded owner or a right to use owner, but there are some general timeshare ownership stipulations that are important for both types of owners to understand. Both deed and title owners and right to use owners are legally and contractually tied to their property. This is of note because there are real repercussions aside from simply losing your timeshare for those that do not pay monthly fees, maintenance fees, etc.Owners should also know that once a timeshare contract is made it is... Read the rest of this entry »