RCI Class Action Lawsuit, Murillo vs. R.C.I.

RCI weeks members should be aware of developments regarding a possible class action lawsuit that is currently undergoing the class certification discovery process. The lawsuit is related to an alleged practice through which RCI takes out a lot of the gold crown, and highly sought after properties to rent out to the general public for profit, or for use as a fringe benefit for RCI employees and special guests. This skimming of available weeks makes it difficult for RCI timeshare resort weeks members to bank weeks for exchange at other resorts, since the availability pool is severely limited by this activity.


It is a well-known fact that RCI weeks members experience a great amount of difficulty when trying to find comparable exchanges within the RCI system. The plaintiffs in this law suit are asking for an injunctive relief through which RCI would be required to provide notice to Weeks Program members about RCI’s rental practices, as well as other relief, including reimbursement of the profits RCI has earned as a result of the alleged wrongful practices.

The class action suit was originally filed in May of 2006 so we can expect it to be quite some time before this case would go to trial. The current status of the case seems to be tied up with uncovering evidence to show that the lawsuit can hold its weight in the courtroom, and this could take quite some time – usually years. If you are a weeks member that wishes to be included if the lawsuit is heard in a court of law you do not need to do anything. All weeks members will receive relevant literature regarding the case by mail prior to the trial date, and at that time you will have the option to opt out of the case – which basically means you will not be held to any of the binding litigation that comes as a result of the trial.

This lawsuit should prove interesting, especially considering that RCI has financial interest in two companies that rent out timeshare weeks to the general public – Snap Travel and Leisure Link. I am not sure if they have controlling interest in SnapTravel and LeisureLink, but I look forward to hearing them try to talk themselves out of the accusations of selling highly sought after time share resort properties to non-members while RCI members are forced to trade their weeks for stays at resorts that can be considered mediocre at best.

UPDATE: RCI may be trying to settle this case out of court.  On July 8, 2008 a settlement conference was held in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, and another was held July 15, 2008 in Federal Court in Newark, NJ.  We are still waiting to see what the next steps are in the case, and if they did agree on terms for settlement.

This just makes me wonder – if RCI really believes they have done nothing wrong, and have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t they be requesting a trial date??

LATEST UPDATE: December 2008, it appears Murillo and RCI have reached a settlement. No word yet on whether or not this has been approved, but if approved, this settlement will allow RCI members to search prior to depositing a week. RCI will also be required to disclose trading power in all relevant situations (which, to me, would seem like any instance in which a trade is being processed). Please see the post – Murillo vs. RCI Settlement Conditions – for the verbose outline of the settlement agreement, and what you, as an RCI member, may be entitled to.

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  1. its impossible to understand ramifications of all that’s happening to rci members I wish they woul give updates on their site

  2. Teresa went to presentation in Williamsburg they trashed rci but its only game in town promised me tons of time if bought pts too good to be real home resort only wants positive feedback don’t know what to believe in meantime maintenaqnce fee keep rising

    1. Also went to a meeting with Wyndham in Williamsburg on May 2013. They told us they purchased RCI but keep quite because of the lawsuit. We were Shell Vacation Owner with RCI points and no one let us know about the suit.

  3. Just wanted to know if there are still any class action lawsuits against timeshare companies because I would like to join one.

  4. Lets face it, the sales reps will tell you anything to make their commission and are told to do just that. By the time you realize the mistake you made, you have already signed the paperwork. They don’t care what they tell you to buy into the system and then they just blame it on your home resort. Their sales reps are doing just that, representing RCI and RCI takes no responsibility for what is happening or the resorts they are pushing. So who do I sue? RCI or my home resort?

    1. How about the new push for points over weeks. That is the biggest scam, taking away week resorts and requiring you to pay a lot of money to convert to points, and we loose flexibility in getting good timeshare resorts. Is there a law suit over that?

      1. I just went to a presentation about coverting points to weeks. Say they’ll pay me $2,000 every year which would pay my timeshare maintenance fees. Converting costs $11,000. If that were true in five years, the charge for converting would be equal to this “charge” to change. Plus they say my regular timeshare points of 3,400 will convert to 100,000 RCI points good for 10 weeks a year! Sounds too good to be true?

    2. Is it time for a lawsuit? We were lied to when we bought our timeshare and now VV and RCI won’t do anything about it. Told scam.

      1. I am not familiar with “VV”; however, I do know that RCI does not sell timeshares. Who sold you your timeshare?

  5. I am curious who is responsible for the upkeep at the resort that we purchased into in 2001. It was supposed to continue to be upgraded with projects that were promised to be completed (not) and all of the items that were supposed to be replaced when they started to wear (not.) Our home resort looks as though it has turned into a basic hotel. I looked online to see how much a unit would be for a night and due to the neglect, it cost about the same as an overnight hotel in Ohio per night, just a larger area. I am literally sick that my so-called investment is a disaster and wonder who we can sue since all of the promises were not followed through on. I will be pulling my contract to see what is in writing. I guess that is why they push you so hard to purchase quickly. All of those promises are simply lies. It is unbelievable that our maintenance fees keep going up because someone is evidently pocketing that money. It is not going into the resort. We might as well dump this thing. I can just “rent” at my home resort if I need a cheap, neglected place to stay instead of paying fees constantly. What a waste of money! We are also owners at Massanutten in Virginia which strives to accomodate and update frequently.

    1. This sounds like the responsibility of the “resort’s” Board of Directors – which was elected by the resort owners.
      I can’t see how it is in anyway related to RCI [and believe me, I’ve had complaints about RCI over the past 10 years].

  6. Is there a class action lawsuit on how weeks resorts are being reduced for use by points only resorts? RCI has a dwindling number of resort choices; as corporate buyouts, going to points, limits weeks owners. When we, as weeks owners, are asked to convert (or loose availability) we are asked to shell out thousands of dollars to keep availability of the resorts we once had access to, or suffer the consequences. This all seems illegal and underhanded. What can be done legally to stop this unfair trade practice.
    This is also affecting maintenance fees as they rise due to owners backing out of timeshares due to the “points” onslaught. There needs to be Federal Trade Commission intervention on behalf of timeshare owners that have sunk thousands of dollars into weeks RCI.

    1. When did RCI tell you you have to convert to points? NEVER….it is the resort that you purchased at that is telling you that….why??? so you will shell out THOUSANDS of dollars to convert, thus making the salesperson a nice FAT commission.

      Has anyone bothered calling RCI to find out if this is true? NO!!! Why not???

      Yes, RCI does have dwindling numbers of resort choices, because their inventory is MEMBER DRIVEN!!! It is not a motel set up where you just check in. All of the inventory comes from members. If members go to their resort for the week that they have purchased, or they sell their timeshare, or they let a family member use it, or you resnt out your timeshare, RCI doesn’t get that inventory. They cannot give you what they don’t have.

      How have you “snk thousands of dollars into weeks RCI”?

      1. Question: Where do their rentals, Last Call vacations, and Extra Vacations come from? Why arn’t those put into the inventory for week and points members? Why can you get one of the three options for a resort and not get an exchange?

        1. When the RESORT has units that are not OWNED by anyone, they put a rental price on them and allow RCI to add it to inventory. That is how they(the resorts) make money: they get you to purchase an “extra vacation”, you go there, you listen to the sales pitch and hopefully but into that specific timeshare.

        2. Rich Excellent Point. RCI know its getting close to the end and odds are they know it will not get rented out so they get whatever they can. Plus being so close to the date the airfare would be higher. So you never save nothing and RCI loses nothing.

      2. Hey cc you work for either a resort that sells timeshare or RCI.
        Your comment about if members don’t exchange there is no Inventory is true this helps them make a tough case in suing them.
        What your answers about all popular resorts that they rented out. What if one of them rented out unit was actually one owner who deposited the week as an exchanged. But RCI rather get $1500.00 then a $199.00 exchange fee? What do you say to that?

        1. If a week was deposited with RCI, then they (RCI) cannot rent it out. You guys seem to be confusing a time share with a hotel….in a hotel, there are 55 rooms…..the hotel can rent them out for any length of time; from 1 day to 1000. They can turn over thier inventory at will.

          A time share has 55 rooms. Let’s say this is located in Daytona, just for the sake of arguement. 40 of them are owned. That leaves 15 for the management company to offer for rent. Of the 40 that are owned, 25 people use theirs every year. That leaves 15 rooms. 7 get deposited in Interval Internation every year. That leaves 8 rooms. Of those 8 rooms, 2 of them are for spring break. There are 120 people doing a search for a resort for spring break in Daytona. Guess what….this resort has 2 rooms. Guess who is NOT going to Daytona???

  7. i have owned 2 weeks since 1987 at the flagship in atlantic city. too many times i paid my maintenance fees and never got the room i bought. it says on my contract room 3204 which happens to be on the top floor. been told one year there was constructuion going on in the room so they would put me in a different room on the 17th floor. but when i call 3204 the next morning a person answered and i asked them if the ceiling looked dry , they replied “yes ,and we`ve been here for two days“. so if there is a class -action lawsuit,,,,,,I WANT IN,,[Phone Number Redacted] Paul

    1. Paul, I am sorry that you have not been able to get your contracted room at Flagship,but what has that to do with RCI? RCI is an exchange company and does not own Flagship or any other resort. If you were unable to use the location where you own on the dates assigned to you, you probably could “bank” your week with RCI (or whichever exchange company Flagship uses) and “save” it to be exchanged for a different date or location.
      However, RCI does not seem to have any connection with the problem you describe. That is strictly between you and Flagship. MD

  8. Everything I have read has been aboutwhat the RESORT told you…..or what the resort did to you. RCI does not control the inventory. Where is the proof?????

  9. I do not now nor have I at any time in the past worked for RCI or any of it affiliates…I have been an owner for over 20 years, and I spend and have spent hours on the phone talking to the guides to figure out how RCI works and what I can do to have a great vacation.

  10. Lies, lies and more lies……….everyone trying to top the other with how “bad” it is and 92% of the complaints are about your home resort…….RCI does not control your home resort.

  11. This started quite a few years ago. We could never get what we wanted. We generally request Europe-in June and July. Either we were offered ski resorts in the mountain-in the summer time- or places where they charge for a massage treatment (who in the hell wants massages?). We were even offered to rent an appartment by the RCI rep (???). We pay for the maintenance of our apartment and the exchange!!! iF you click in June and July you will find The Canary Islands, one or two places in Italy in the mountains far away from everything and Finland!! Well last summer we went to ISOLA in France. They toldme that it was 90 miles from Nice, which seemed attractive to go during the day and come back to ISOLA. You can’t imagine the place we were assigned!! It was the end of the world. We never finish going on dangerous curves in the mountain that seemed higher and higher. We saw streams, huge rocks, mountains, mountains and more mountains. THis place is a ski resort. In the summer time there is only one restaurant open- a very expensive one. There are no shops, nothing. It is impossible to go to another town since there are mountains and mountains and no such city. As a result, we had to leave in two days since we were even afraid of needing medical help. There was nobody at the front desk. Even when my sister-in-law went to knock at the receptionist/.owner door on the eighth floor, nobody answer. She had to leave a note.
    This is just an example of how they may send you anywhere with no amenities, nothing to do with our resort in Bariloche, Argentina.
    Once I called the RCI to request exchange, and the answer was:”There is nothing in the summer”. Well, if you want to go to Great Britain, they only offer boat houses which-according to the comments- are very dangerous and far away from the main place of the marina. There have been robberies even. How do these people in RCI dare give such crap to the members? We have been members for almost 30 years. At the very beginning, people were nice; they knew the places and gave advice on them. They did the impossible to get you what you wanted. They called you several times with different options. Seven or eight or maybe ten years ago, everything changed to the worse. People are rude, very rude. It is like we are asking a favor, and the resorts are not the quality of our resort. I want the RCI people to read this before it is too late and behave accordingly. RELEASE THE RESORTS THAT YOU HAVE RESERVED FOR YOUR FRIENDS!!! RELEASE RESORTS SO THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING LIKE US CAN ENJOY THE VACATION. I WANT TO JOIN WHOEVER IT MIGHT BE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE FRAUDULENT MANAGEMENT OF RCI. CHANGE THE PRESIDENTE, CHANGE RULES AND COME BACK TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE!!

  12. We have RCI points and weeks. We usually convert our week to points because of all the bull_ _ _ _ , but even that is a major hassle. We just returned from a points vacation at an RCI “Gold Crown” resort. The resort itself was very nice, but our condo was sadly in need of remodeling. The shower frame came apart and the glass door collapsed on me! Lucky no injuries. (How does housekeeping miss that? Unless, they really don’t clean!) So beware of the so called “Gold Crown” moniker; it’s meaningless. During our vacation we did attend another sales presentation (okay, we were curious) from Diamond Resorts (they now own our properties in Sedona). Anyway, same promises and high prices, but we did purchase an 18-month trial period so we’ll see how that goes and if we like it, we may purchase and get totally out of RCI. So does anyone have any experiences with Diamond?

  13. Anyone interested in trading your unit for ours in Sedona Pines, AZ in Nov. and/or Laurel Point, TN, in June, please contact me. Maybe we can put a deal together that would benefit bothof us! Also, we don’t plan to use our TN unit this year, so maybe we could make a trade or if you know anyone interested in renting out, that would be great!

  14. We bought “points” at Sedona Pines in Sedona Pines, AZ in 2005 & were just informed that #1, you have to call RCI to confirm that you want your “assigned homeweek” – which we were never told we had & #2 that they are not doing any rentals due to the economy. Becuase our “assigned homeweek” is in Nov. & our RCI renewal is in Sept., I was told that I have to pay the renewal fees BEFORE they will tell me if our week is still open so that we can try to rent it on our own. Since we never knew what our week was there & had understood from our salesman that if you aren’t using your unit, Sedona Pines will rent it for you. What a lie! In the 5 years we have owned this unit, we have never been contacted by them about renting the unit or anything other opinions we had. So, in essence, we threw 5 years of maintenace fees in the garbage! We also own a June week at Laurel Point in Gatlinburg, TN. We would like to Nice unit, fair maintenance, but being from FL, we were looking forward to a little cooler weather there! We want to be part of the class action lawsuit as we continually have the same problems as others, i.e., units showing available on the web site, but not when you call to reserve it – even if you try to book a unit 2 years in advance. Another huge pet peeve of mine is the last call & extra vacations, again, how can these be available for a cash price on line, but not available through the call center. Why are we payng an exchange fee that was explained to me as covers cleaning, maintenance, etc? Isn’t that what we pay an annual fee at our home resort for??? RCI is EVIL & is a TRUE SCAM!!!

  15. If anyone has purchased from Bluegreen Corporation in the state of Florida, or if you are a Florida resident who may have purchased out of state, I would like to hear from you about your business transaction with Bluegreen Corporation. Did the sales people explain clearly and accurately how your program works? Were you buying a timeshare or something else? Did you learn anything about points and/or exchanges? Were the maintenance fees quoted to you prove to be accurate? Were you promised this was a great investment for your future? Was it all too good to be true? I would like to hear from you. If you have any complaints, please contact the
    Florida Attorney General’s office ASAP. I would also like you to e-mail me ASAP. Maybe together we can help each other! Thank you!


    1. We have, indeed, purchased with Bluegreen–several times–and currently own at The Fountains in Orlando.
      We love their own points system for internal exchanges among Bluegreen resorts without exchange fees. That has nothing to do with RCI directly although some Bluegreen resorts use RCI for external exchanges, some use Interval International, and some are affiliated with both. I don’t think we have ever been flat out lied to by a
      Bluegreen salesperson, though some are certainly more knowledgable than others. If you are going to buy, it pays not to rush through a presentation because you want to get back on vacation. ASK QUESTIONS. Pick their brains! Learn the “language” timesharing so that you comprehend what is being said to you. They don’t dwell on the fact that maintenance fees will tend to go up over time, but it should not come as a total shock. Most expenses do. MD

  16. We have been with RCI for 28 years now. At the beginning it was wonderful. People took the time to explain and return calls. They tailor our needs to resorts,etc. All of a sudden, we were treated really bad, with short and nasty responses. We got the exchanges because we deposited ahead of time, but they were open since we never got exactly what we wanted. The last straw was when in this last exchange. We booked the place and there was no mention at all that we had to pay 113 dollars per person per day!!!!!!! The reservation was made by us in December and last week we received a call asking us whether we were aware that we had to pay 113 dollars per day per person!!! I immediately called and canceled this place and told them there was no way we could know something that it is NOT explained when you book. Then they offered us a place for 900 dollars a week!!!!
    We kept on saying NO NO NO because we are paying for the unit and the exchange. We finally got a place in a skii resort (during summer time!).
    This is the trend: they offer either ALL INCLUSIVE hotels where you need to pay, or this units that offer massages and saunas for this outrageous amounts of 113 a day per person or packages that have nothing to do with the exchange.

    1. Was the All Inclusive resort which you canceled in Mexico? Many many resorts down there are All Inclusive,
      which means all meals are included and usually some entertainment. We usually avoid these, since we are non-drinkers and can’t figure out how we could possibly eat that much! The exchange company should definitely be clear about AI status when you book.

  17. I’ve been a member of RCI for 30 years. My “home resort” is the Kona Billfisher in Hawaii, a “weeks” not points, resort. Over the years, I’ve had many “good” exchanges through RCI. Exchange availability began decreasing dramatically around the time Wyndham acquired RCI. While exchange inventory decreased, rental inventory increased – even at the Kona Billfisher. When I asked RCI how they could get rentals from the Billfisher, I was informed that “management” had given the weeks to RCI. This, of course, I knew was completely false. I thought there was hope with the Murillo vs RCI Weeks lawsuit. Honestly, I don’t see any change – RCI (and Wyndam’s affiliate, Endless Vacation Rental) is still offering the highly desirable places for rental not exchange. A points lawsuit would probably yield the same (nil) result.

  18. I don’t and we probably would need one who can practise both in United States and Canada. Perhaps someone on this website is a lawyer or could recommend.

  19. Have the same problem with RCI points. Encourage to switch and now they are pushing RCI VIP POINTS!!!

    There definitely needs to be anther lawsuit for points victims.

    At this time I believe all timeshares are a scam

  20. would like to let people know that, we where told that inorder to be an rci member we had to purches the minim amout of 25000 points on top of what we already have to be a points member with rci. we then found out thru inn season at pollard brook this was not true, this is def. theift by deseption. so may be this should also go to court. and since when cant your own kids use your bonus time for a long week end. this is def wrong. they are in the household and should have the right to use what you own at the bonu time price , thi is not a good thing , diamond timeshare looks good .

  21. In addition to my above comments about RCI, I would like to mention the fact that when you go to book an air flight through RCI’s affiliate, their inventory of flights is terrible. You can’t get a non-stop flight–what they have available always includes one or two stops, and often includes changing planes. My husband has health issues, and we can’t go running through an airport to change planes. When I have looked in to cruises, I found that our exchange did not defray much of the cost–I could get better prices without RCI.

  22. I have been a member of RCI for about 17 years and most of the time I have tried to use it every thing is booked. I have called many resorts and they had vacancies until I mentioned RCI. When I became a member I was given one week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida the bathtub had a big running rusted area in it and the wall was water soaked in back of the toilet. I was told it was the only room available for RCI. I felt abused. I did use RCI to go to Barbados in 1998; however it was not the location I prefered and the resort was not full and had window bars on the windows The other resorts had vacancies but not for RCI. My husband and I went to Cancun because that was the only place available. We chose 3 locations but received a call shortly before our trip letting us know our choice locations were not available; however they had one resort hotel room available. It looked ok in the picture, but the room which was on the 4th floor by the elevator was horrible and flooded every time it rained. The personel were rude and unprofessional. This was a week after 9/11 and very few travelers were in Cancun, but it was the only room for RCI. In 2007 I booked with RCI online and paid the fees for a trip to las Vegas at a new resort. I was not told that I HAD to go to a 90 minute presentation which lasted 3 hours after we said no thanks. I was told this resort would not be available again for exchange because they were trying to get new members. I don’t think RCI has any exchange inventory. I have deposited my week for years and I have gotten ony had 3 vacations and one freebie, but the fees keep going up and I have to pay RCI exchange and VRI to manage the property and property taxes. Perhaps we should exchange among ourselves. My timeshare is at Lake Tahoe Beach and Ski.

    1. Andrea, I LOVE your idea about exchanging among ourselves! If we could get enough RCI members together & create a database showing ACTUAL VCANCIES, we could cancel our RCI memberships. Really, can ANYONE tell me what we acutally get for that membership fee when we are also paying an exchange fee and an annual maintenance fee? Sometimes people can get more done without company (“Leadership”) interference!

      1. Well, that is kind of how RCI was started and what RedWeek is trying to do and what Bluegreen owners are trying to do etc. The bigger it gets, the harder it is.

  23. We did a “back on inventory deed” with Silverleaf after over a year of email arguments, but they promised $10 in return and then said “that was just a legal requirement,” indicating they had no intention of delivering. That says we have every right to complain or do more against Silverleaf.
    As for Bluegreen, they have tried to take us to collections a few times, although they have no right to do that since we paid the entire “mortgage.” We are currently “holding”–we have no plans to pay anything further, since we cannot use that timeshare in any case.
    Please include us in this lawsuit and let us know what you need in order to do that.

    1. The lawsuit entitled me to a one night free stay for one paid night. When I called RCI, I was told that there is only one resort in NC available during Easter week & it’s in the mountain (too cold to go). On top of the one night rate for one bedroom of $76, I have to pay for housecleaning cost of $51. So it is really not a good deal so I cancelled my RCI membership. I learned that when you buy a timeshare, you need to plan on going to that resort & not to rely on the exchange program. It is not as easy as what they portray it to be. We traded in my timeshare in Orlando, FL to one in NC where we can go every year. No more exchange program for me.

    2. What does any of this have to do with the RCI lawsuit? RCI does not own either Silverleaf or Bluegreen.

  24. I believe another lawsuit should be started for point members. We converted to points and now RCI has a preferred points system for an additional cost.

    If I could I would go back to my weeks membership and literally get out of my timeshare completely.

    Does anyone know of a class action suit for points members?

      1. Similar to Jack I would like to see a class action for points members. If anyone is starting this up I would be interested in adding my name to the list however I wonder if there is problems in that I am a canadian resident. The issues are the same as outline above

      2. Like James and Jackie B, we too have Blue Bay in Cancun, and bought it mainly for the 240,000 points that we could use yearly for travel expenses. Even though we are points members with a gold crown resort, we also could not get the desirable properties we asked to trade for, but in their next breath, RCI would tell us that the same exact property was available to rent. I kept thinking that if they are limited in properties available for exchange, then why can’t we use more of our points for travel expenses? And why should I have to pay extra money to extend the life of my points, when RCI wouldn’t let me use them for a desired exchange? I wish there was a class action lawsuit for us points members. I can’t even begin to tell you of my frustration with RCI over their cheaty practices and the fact that they can change their rules any time they see fit. The timeshare sales people really extol the virtues of our trading ability with RCI as part of their sales pitch. They don’t mention that our exchanges are not a priority with this so-called exchange agency–that in truth, it is a rental agency!

      3. My husband & I would like to get in on a class action suit for points members. Paid over $3000 and haven’t been able to use anything yet. Bonus weeks given to us as an incentive to buy into the points are a joke – have given up trying. Please let me know if anything comes up. Thanks

  25. I’m just reading this and find it quite interesting that my family experienced the same issue and had to forfeit our vacation because there was nothing available during the timeframe that my kids were out of school. and even more interesting, it took 2 weeks to finally deposit my week because the timeshare resort (bluegreen) and RCI wantedt to play the blame game of why it was taking so long. It’s amazing how they can snatch your money right away online, but when you’re trying to deposit your week, they act clueless to what’s going on. i’m still trying to figure out WHY do I have to go thru RCI or any exchange company, when going thru my very own resort. Everybody wants a hand in your pocket.

    1. Kim, we, too, have had a very negative experience with Bluegreen. Are you living in or have you bought in Florida by chance? If so, and even if not, I would still like to hear from you about what happened in your case. I am working to submit my file to the Florida Attorney General with the hope that this office will carefully review what is taking place in this industry. Please e-mail me with any information you can share. Maybe it will help our situations get better across the board if we act together. Will you send me some details? THANKS!

    2. I’m equally puzzled as to why you should be going through RCI if you are a Bluegreen owner planning to go to either your own contractual resort or another resort in the Bluegeen family. We are longtime BG owners and have never had to do this. BG pays our dues to RCI in case we want to make an external exchange but we are certainly under no obligation to do that. I can go directly to the BG website and make reservations at a BG resort if availability exists. (Obviously, there are times and places that may be booked up if I fail to do this early enough or need large units.) I have been hearing that we can now make RCI reservation also through the BG site rather than going to theirs, but that should have no effect at all within Bluegreen. It is just another option should you want to travel where BG has not locations.

  26. I just read all of the above complaints. I reside in Canada and am a points holder. All the issues and complaints outlined are identical to the experiences I have endured. Similar to another I was of the impression that the weeks owners had a distinct advantage in obtaining decent resorts only to become aware that is not so. I wish I knew of the class action as I would have willingly joined although the class action appears to be restricted to weeks owners.

    1. From the viewpoint of the people in the RCI Weeks exchange system, RCI Points had the advantage of being able to dip into the Weeks inventory but Weeks people could not touch Points system inventory except for the fact that some odd Points system week would be deposited in place of the Weeks system time taken. Many of us are now able to participate in the RCI Nightly Stay program, which probably gives us some of the same options as our friends in RCI Points but perhaps not at all of the same resorts. Since we own with Wyndham and Bluegreen resort systems which have loads of resorts and no fee for internal exchanges, we seldom to use an external exchange company such a RCI and II. When we have needed something specific outside of our
      own groups, we have actually had rather good luck. Maybe we just are not too picky! Almost any place that
      justified the building of a resort probably has enough of interest to offer for at least one week.

  27. Wow, I’m just finding out these things…They are all the same…Vacation Resorts International is another scammer…They double dip, bill after you pay the resort and their invoices are not accurate, then they steal your weeks….Grand Pacific, I’m checking out too…I think all these companies are the same…Will keep abreast of all now…

  28. RCI members since 1987! We have become increasingly dissatisfied with RCI. We noted a marked difference in availability since points was introduced. We would appreciate being kept posted. We never received a postcard. Thank you.

  29. A word to the wise…..do not engage into any transaction with either Raintree Vacation Club…Raintree Restorts International….or anything that they have anything to do with. Check them out on the Houston BBB … they have an "F" rating because of all the unresolved complaints…..they are not to be trusted.

  30. In only 18 months we have experienced almost all of the above complaints except about the resort used. We have never been able to “work the system” through online and direct calls to our home resorts (Sedona Pines in Sedona, AZ & Highland Hills @ Verde Ridge in Cornville, AZ) and RCI. If we want to sell it back per their contract they only offer 10%. They now avoid our calls and emails while BBB and Attorneys General in the US seem to avoid it like the plague. Must be a political thing. How could there be so many of us and no reasonable legal resolution? If this or other class action suits are pending, how do we counted in?

  31. I can’t believe there are so many people in the same shoes as me! I always thought I just wasn’t lucky
    To get the exchanges I wanted. I bought the two weeks timeshare in 1997, and in all those years we
    Have lost weeks or been exchanged with quite dreadful places. One time we stayed just two days because
    Of no air conditioning ( Texas in summer) and over run with cockroaches! We got no apology or
    Refund. Is there any way we can join a suit, or if anyone knows how we can get out of this mess.

  32. Hi Bob,

    I too have fallen victim to the Sedona Pines scam. Please provide any info you think may help as you have already begun your battle, it sounds. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  33. There should be an RCI Points class action suit. When I bought my timeshare in 2001, I was told that I could to make my reservation for my week up to one year in advance and by the end of January of my use year. I usually booked my next year’s vacation upon my return home, which was usually in August. One year I tried to book my next year’s vacation upon my return home and I was told that I had lost my week for the next year because I hadn’t booked early enough. I informed them that I always booked my vacation in August and I was told that that was impossible because the RCI policy was that I had to book my week between July 1-30 of the previous year. (I had my confirmation letters from previous years to show that I had made reservations in August and even January).
    When I tried to make my 2011 reservation in January of 2010 I was told that I could not book my reservation that far in advance (I have yet to be given an explanation as to why). I was told that the only time that I could make a reservation for Aug. 2011 was between July 1- July 30 2010. When I called back on July 14,2010 to make my reservation for Aug. 2011, I was told that I could not book my reservation because I had not paid my membership fee for 2011 (the 2011 fee was not due until October 2010). So in order to book my reservation for 2011, I had to pay a membership fee in July even though I had paid for Oct. 2009 through Oct 2010.
    I don’t understand why I can’t book a reservation at my home resort outside of a 30 day window.
    It seems that RCI is counting on people forgetting to book within those 30 days and then they take a week that has been paid for and put it in a bank and charge other members exhorbitant fees to use it as an “exchange” or quick get away.

  34. We bought points shares in Sedona, AZ at Sedona Pines Resort in the summer of 2009. We just learned there was an active class action suit or more in place against RCI at the time of our purchase but it was not disclosed as it should have been in any AZ real estate transaction. The case was apparently settled to benefit the plaintiffs and benefits now being dispursed. This was our first shared property after years of presentations and in this one year of ownership we have experienced all of the problems expressed by others. It would seem that the properties and RCI remain in partnership in scamming the public. We have established a case with the AZ Attorney General’s office as a part of our own chosen process. As a points owner we were not to be assigned a specific personal week but RCI assigned us one and now we have no opportunity to use our points even at our own home resort for more than a year in advance. Othere than advising others to not purchase shared property be sure to take a lawyer with you if you do.

    1. We have the same complaint as you! Can we please be kept up to date with what you are dong/finding?

      Thank you very much!

  35. What a for crap settlement! I just get to one time not pay deposit fee. Until after RCI finds unit. unless I put on search then they get exchange fee. To me it's very little change only for 1 time. When are they going to hit them where they might make changes. In the pocket book. I bought Peppertree Wi. Dells over 20 years ago. The reason for purchasing was the idea I could exchange through RCI anywhere in the world anytime I wanted. I only stayed at home resort one time. Otherwise I exchanged until 10 years ago I had no problems. However I did do search one year in advance. Now it's like previous comments. I have one bedroom they want me to take studio or hotel unit. Where I want to go is never available. So Peppertree (Or you name it timeshare sales) sales is just as crooked as RCI

  36. I am so frustrated with RCI, I can never get what I want.
    The RCI Weeks “book” continues to get smaller and smaller… this is not what I paid for.
    I just came back from Sedona, AZ (which was a RCI timeshare exchange)…. upon checking in the resort they push “really hard” to get you to look at another timeshare package called Diamond Resorts International which is a points system. If you buy into their timeshare package you can either trade in your RCI week for points in their system plus pay a small price ($10K) or you can buy a smaller amount of points and bank your RCI week in their system and get points. If you bank your RCI week in their system this totally takes the RCI Week out of the RCI system…..meaning we have LESS to choose from!!! What a screw-up system!!!! I’m with you…. sign me up for the lawsuit.

  37. I also own week timeshare and I love Aruba and I can never find anything there, but the other day I got a call to change over to points for about 5 grand and I asked what's the advantage over weeks and I was told " YOU WILL HAVE MORE RESORTS TO CHOSE FROM", to me that's bull……. I belong to the same comp. as the point owners so I should have the same amount of resorts to chose from. I also did some research on my own and called resorts that RCI said there was no available units and the resort told me they had plenty of units available, hmmm interesting……. O wait not to mention if your a points owner you don't have to pay 180 bucks for transfers, why is that? Why is it that us week owners have to pay the 180? Why is it that point owners have more resorts to chose from? Why is it that I can call a resort and they tell me that they have units available and RCI states on their website that there are no units available?


    thank you

    1. For what it’s worth, the number of opening that the resort itself may have has nothing to do with what RCI has to offer. RCI has what the timeshare owners reserved and then deposited or “banked” for exchange with RCI. In some cases, a resort may have unsold inventory which it offers to RCI (or another exchange company) in the hope that this will bring more potential buyers to their property. It is my understanding that those resort units are offered for rent, though some might be available as exchanges. Many timeshare owners regularly hold off making a deposit until they see something on line that they want. That means that the week YOU may be looking for has not yet been deposited. It is very understandable that those who have only a week of ownership do not want to let it “sit” with RCI, but those who know they will probably have excess time to deposit could benefit us all if they went ahead and put it up for grabs.

  38. Sure, I've been RCI points owner since 2004. I also own at Bali Hai (Started as Pahio). It is a very strong, classy timeshare, but my limited, few & far-between exchanges have been similar poverty-laden & nearly criminal to have to pay exorbitant fees for when downgrading from otherwise luxurious Hawaii. I always thought it must be much better for weeks owner's or owner's at the front of the list. It is amazing to hear that you all suffer the same consequences & ever-increasing costs. Let's get the power of the people & work for our common good. Otherwise our heirs will inherit only our bills & not our luxurious timeshares we would hope could see appreciation in value. Count me in on class-action observations/support.

  39. The website shows this, “Update – January 25, 2010, appeals have been filed by RCI. The settlement will not become effective and the benefits requested on the claim form will not be distributed until those appeals have been resolved. This may take several months.”

    Some pertinent info:
    Visit: http://www.weeksprogramsettlement.com
    Call: 1-866-783-5876
    Write: Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 1966, Faribault, MN 55021-6162
    Questions may also be directed to Class Counsel by email at rcisettlement@njlawyer.com

  40. Oh boy . . . .. If all you folks are experiencing all this trouble and YOU ARE OWNERS, than I'm DEFINITELY screwed!! I bought into the Wyndham Discovery Package ("discovering" that

    1) the properties that are available to me, are not in locales I'd like to go, and 2)when I have called "it's all booked up" except for good, ole Las Vegas (which is DESPERATE for tourism . . . I could book a nice room there right now for $25/night!!) I also was mailed a postcard about RCI & this lawsuit (which is such a nice, fuzzy feeling when you haven't even stayed 1 nite in the increasingly expensive "vacation club" you have a contract with!) Do any of you have any words of wisdom of how to navigate the system, or slip out of my contract for a sadder-but-wiser-and-poorer Discovery Pkg purchaser??

    1. We have been Wyndham owners for many years. We may exchange outside the Wyndham system through RCI,
      but I’m not clear what RCI has to do with Sue’s problem. Are there no Wyndham properties you’d like to go to?
      (There are 60+ and no exchange fees when exchanging “internally”) Perhaps there are aspects of the Discovery Package with which I’m unfamiliar. How far in advance of a visit are you able to reserve? Does that package only give you access to last minute availability?? Regulars owners can reserve at least 11 months ahead or 13 months at their home resorts, so you may only have easy access to off season or less popular places. That may be the trade-off for a relatively inexpensive Discovery package. Next time we go to an “Owner Update” I’ll ask!
      Here’s hoping you were able to book some pleasant vacations since you 2010 post, Sue.

  41. I did receive the post card and do agree with the Class Action Suit. This is just ridiculous. I have been on so many vacations that I scheduled on my own because of the continuous lack of availability. I try and schedule my vacations for latter summer in January after I have made this continuously increasing maintenance fee for 17 years and the place still hasn't met gold crown status. I don't ever recall getting any place that was my first selection. In fact I have gone places that I had no interest. Well, then again, I was successful once and that was in 2009. I can't schedule 2-3 years in advance. It was not until I purchased that then I hear about land vs water exchange and the difficulty so I'm told. I am for this law suit and wish to be included. If I can't sell it and come out reasonably okay then at least I could benefit from better opportunities for exchanging and stop spending my money on other vacations because RCI can never locate a preferred selection.

  42. How do I obtain a postcard? I've been a member of RCI since 2004 and it's been extremely difficult securing a resort of my preferred destination. Bonus weeks are a joke as the availability is nonexsistent. I've never had an opportunity to use any of the bonus weeks received as the expirations dates, all the restrictions and other difficulties obtaining a unit of choices is nonexsistent.

  43. I have a timeshare with Sedona Summit, aka, Diamond Resorts..have never been able to use it, as it seems to be unavailable..timeshares are a ripoff. how do I get rid of it? Seems once you have one, you are stuck with it for life..wasting money to pay for it. They are a pain to deal with, I dont want any more of my money to go to them, but there seems to be no recourse to getting out of a timeshare. Most places want money up front and of course they all say they are different than the last…another rip off. I think they should be forced to buy back from those of us who have been scammed..where is our bailout?????

  44. Could I also add my name to this 'class action' or does this matter only apply to residents of the USA.

    I am both a weeks and points member based in the UK.

    I can say for certain that I have not recieved the postcard either.

  45. How can I add my name to the list of people involved in the class action law suit. I don’t remember being sent a post card. My issues mirror those listed above for weeks members.

  46. Beware of another RCI ripoff attempt, to wit: charging yearly maintenance fees on expired timeshares.

    In 2008 RCI sent me a notice requiring payment for 2009 maintenance fees (noting a late fee penalty/interest accrual if paid late).

    I thought my timeshare had expired but they said it was still valid. I paid via charge card and in the spring of 2009 they levied a special assessment which I questioned and prompted me to locate and review my circa 1980 (28-year contract) which specified that my timeshare expired in 2008!

    I repeatedly requested a refund of the 2009 fees and was repeatedly denied …. they ADAMANTLY refused to reverse the charge and said the best they could do would be to give me a “free” one week stay at any RCI resort of my choosing! “Free”? ABSURD!

    I tracked down a VP at RCI Corporate who said it would be brought up at the next Directors’ meeting (sure!) and to await their decision. I immediately contacted my credit card company to initiate a dispute resolution.

    Two weeks later I received an RCI form letter denying the refund ….. at that point I was glad I had initiated a dispute resolution via my credit card company because, as I had suspected, RCI Corporate had no intention of acting morally, ethically or legally in said matter.

    The lengthy dispute resolution process was eventually resolved in my favor by my credit card issuer.

    Can you imagine the UNMITIGATED GALL of these RCI bastards, acknowledging that “yes” my timeshare had indeed expired, that “yes” the billing was in error, that “yes” I should not have been required to pay, but that “no” they would not issue a refund and the best they could do was a “free” one week stay yadda yadda yadda?!?!?

    My $15.00 settlement check vis-a-vis the lawsuit should keep me in tissue paper for quite awhile and I’ll have a BIG SMILE on my face thinking about RCI whenever I wipe my ass and flush them down the toilet!

    1. I realize this was a rather old post, but some of the issues it raises puzzle me greatly. Why would anyone ever be asked to pay maintenance fees to RCI? RCI is an exchange company which facilitates the exchanges between timeshare owners who deposit timeshare units they own or have a right to use and ask for different timeshare vacations in the place of their own deposit. These owners, of course, must pay maintenance fees
      on their own properties to their own timeshare resort or resort group before depositing them with RCI. RCI
      members pay dues to RCI just as subscribers pay a subscription price to a magazine. In addition, they pay RCI an exchange fee when they use RCI services.

      You speak of your timeshare expiring. A timeshare does not expire if you own it. (Some folks wish it would.) An RCI membership can expire if you do not pay dues, of course. A DEPOSIT (at the time you wrote in 2009) expired after two years. Are you saying that you made a deposit and did not make an exchange during that time? Usually RCI offers you an opportunity to extend the two year window for a fee.
      If you let your RCI Membership expire while RCI held your deposit,however, this might have let your deposit expire unused.

      Like any other business or activity, timesharing has a vocabulary with specific meanings. I hope I have interpreted your intent correctly. It is easy to have misunderstandings when the participants are using the same words to mean very different things.

  47. RCI “Weeks” Class Action – What Are You Doing About It!

    By now, if you were a RCI “weeks” owner between January 1, 2000 and August 31, 2009 you have received a post card from the RCI WEEKS Class Action Administrator telling you a Settlement has been reached. Although a Settlement has been reached the Judge has not as yet recognized the class and has not as yet approved the Settlement.

    YOU have a second opportunity to object to the settlement even if you have already submitted a claim. YES! you can submit a claim and make an OBJECTION to the proposed Settlement.

    If you “opt-out” you cannot object to the settlement and you cannot make a claim. Whether or not you make a claim please make an OBJECTION in writing to the Court. The Settlement IMHO is NOT in the best interest of timesharing as a way of life and it definitely is NOT in the best interest of anyone who uses RCI.

    As a class member you may be looking for help with the Post Card you recently received from the RCI “Weeks” Class Action Administrator.

    If you are considering an objection to the settlement recommend that you first take a look at the informational instructions provided at:


    You can simply say something like the following:

    “I object to the settlement in In re Resort Condominiums International, LLC Civil Action No. 06-cv-1222 (PGS.)”


    But, once you have been to the above mentioned site you may decide that you want to say more than the one sentence above.

    The following ideas are obviously not unique because we have been talking about these issues for some time at Timeshare Users Group (TUG).

    You can use one or two or all of the provided suggested objections within the body of your objection letter.

    You may choose to use some of the wording and write your own version.

    What you say and how you say it is up to you.

    The suggestions:

    1) I object to the rental of any week deposited by a RCI member into the RCI Weeks Exchange Program. If, however, a Settlement is reached that allows for rental of weeks deposited by RCI Weeks members into the Exchange Program, I object to the proposed Section II C (Priority for Weeks Exchanges) exclusivity provision which provides a flat “31 days from the date of deposit” for weeks deposited more than 12 months in advance.

    If an exclusivity provision is made part of the settlement, the time frame for exclusivity should run from the date the week is made available for exchange to other RCI members and should be a rolling exclusivity period that provides exclusivity as follows:

    • 120 days for deposits 11 or more months in advance of the check-in date,
    • 90 days for deposits between 6 to 10 months in advance of the check-in date,
    • 31 days for deposits between 3-6 months in advance of the check-in date.

    2) I object to the fact that the settlement does not clarify that “Vacation Time” will be made simultaneously available for Exchange when it is used for rental or “for any other purpose.” The settlement, if it allows rentals, should state that RCI will make ALL “Vacation Time” available for both Exchange and Rental or another purpose, including rental, whether through RCI or through any other exchange program, partner, affiliate or other entity.

    3) I object to the proposed “Balancing of RCI Deposits and Rented Inventory,” which allows RCI to “swap out” weeks deposited for exchange by substituting inventory acquired directly from the resorts, or from another source. If such a provision is included in a settlement the provision should clearly state that “Vacation Time” that is deposited by members and is rented or otherwise disposed of by RCI in any manner other than direct exchange by another member”; shall be replaced with inventory that is comparable as to size, season, location, demand, and RCI rating.

    4) I object because the settlement does not address the control of misinformation. There should be an RCI employee or department for complaints about misinformation and that employee or department should be empowered to train and monitor RCI employees to ensure that they are not providing misinformation to members, more than is reasonable and occasional human error. RCI should agree to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that misinformation is corrected.

    5) I object because the proposed settlement does not prevent RCI from renting member’s deposited weeks for less than the annual maintenance fee that the member is required to pay to the member’s resort. Units deposited by RCI Weeks members into the Weeks Spacebank for exchange should not be offered for rent through RCI or other exchange program, partner, affiliate or other entity for less than the annual maintenance fees, unless said Week is still available within 90 days of the start date. At the 90 day mark RCI (or its affiliate or partner) could then be free to offer said week for whatever it believes the market will bear. If a restriction is put in place, I would have no problem with the restriction excluding Weeks offered as “bonus” vacation time, as these are not “rental” weeks.

    6) I object to the short period that the settlement program changes are to stay in place. Program changes should be made permanent or they should be required to remain in place for ten years from the date a settlement is approved by the court. By the time a settlement is reached the alleged improper actions by RCI will have been in place for almost ten years. Any settlement program should remain in force for at least ten years.

    7) I object to the proposed short period for disclosure of Weeks Program Activity. As the disclosure period is the mechanism under which members can be assured that RCI is complying with the requirements of the proposed Agreement it should be in place for at least ten years. “Vacation Time” deposited less than ninety (90) days in advance should not be excluded from this disclosure, but should be reported separately. Alternately, the 90 days could be changed to 30 days, if this change is consistent throughout the agreement.
    Dave (TUG USERNAME: Goofyhobbie)

    All my posts are based on my personal experience or should be considered my personal opinion about the subject being discussed.

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