Westgate Cancelled my Presentation

I got kicked out before it started during the free food. I was drinking a White Claw, which does have alcohol. I was not drunk and only had the 1 and over half of it was still left. They said if they sold me any real estate while I was inebriated they would lose their license. Wow, they usually are more than happy to give u all the free drinks you want.

I want to know if they can charge me for my free room now?? Has this happened to anyone else??



How To End A Timeshare Presentation

This article is designed to help arm you with the proper tools to successfully claim your ‘free gift’ and walk away if you do not wish to purchase a timeshare.

Maybe you received an invitation via postcard, phone call, or social media to attend a presentation or ‘hear more about an opportunity’ with the promise of a free gift. In many cases, these free gifts are used to get people to attend timeshare... Read the rest of this entry »

5 Signs Your Timeshare Rep is Lying to You – TFTI

Tales from the Inside

In  my first blog, I spoke briefly about the fact that all Timeshare Reps were not bad people. I stand by that. However, I also have to acknowledge the fact that there is a large portion of representatives that are quite sleazy. The ones who will say anything to take your dollar.

These are the terrible peop… I mean Timeshare Reps we will be talking about in this blog.The following 5 tactics are red flags that you're sitting with a... Read the rest of this entry »