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Timeshare Resort in Vietnam I have been alerted after reading on various timeshare forums of a potentially hazardous company known as Timeshare Rescue. Timeshare Rescue is one of several timeshare collection organizations, sometimes referred to as title transfer companies. These title transfer companies often appear out of nowhere, offering owners an exit strategy from their unwanted time share for a fee. These are often the only viable option for individuals who have been scammed out of their money in exchange for unusable and unmanageable timeshares that are worthless on the resale market. Unfortunately, the title transfer company landscape is just filled with corruption in a way similar to the actual timeshare industry, including timeshare resale.

A quick glance at their Better Business Bureau profile doesn’t reveal anything too incriminating, although their profile is not very detailed. Still, this is relatively normal for new companies, and the Timeshare Rescue file was made in September, 2007 according to the BBB. The company itself, as listed on the California State Secretary website, opened shop on June 26th, 2007. This would not be so odd by itself were it not for the fact that curious consumers calling the company and attending presentations have been told that Timeshare Rescue has been in business for 2 years and has transferred the titles of over 1,000 timeshares. This figure is impossible since, as the profile says, the company was formed in 2007.

Additionally, a closer look at the BBB profile shows that Timeshare Rescue is not a member which is typically a red flag for companies, especially those involved with timesharing. Furthermore, the BBB classifies Timeshare Rescue as a timeshare company, specifically classified as “Timeshare Campground/Resort Companies”. It would seem that Timeshare Rescue would be concerned about its image and strive to clarify this, since most title transfer companies abhor the notion of being categorized with the rest of the timeshare market. In short, the BBB profile fails to offer the consumer any grounds for trust whatsoever, which is paramount in an industry teeming with out-and-out scandals.

A recent up date regarding Timeshare Rescue in early 2008 shows that the company became a BBB Accredited Business on 3/28/08, however, they still do not have an official rating. I would advise you to still exercise caution if you are considering signing a contract with Timeshare Rescue.

** UPDATE 8/11/09 **

Timeshare Rescue had their Better Business Bureau accreditation revoked on 5/1/09, and has an F Rating.

The following was taken from the BBB.org Website:

“On May 1, 2009 this company’s (Timeshare Rescue) accreditation in the BBB was revoked by the BBB’s Board of Directors due to failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints on file with the BBB.

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F.

Reasons for this rating include:

  • Length of time business has been operating.
  • 169 complaints filed against business
  • 83 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
  • Overall complaint history with BBB.
  • Advertising issue(s) found by BBB.
  • BBB Accreditation was revoked because business failed to comply with agreed BBB standards.
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
  • Failure to respond to one complaint filed against business.

The BBB has noticed a pattern of complaints concerning: the length of time it takes to transfer ownership of the timeshare, concerns with taking over payments of the timeshare’s maintenance fees, misleading timeshare tax information given to consumers and poor customer service. Consumers also state that the company is not returning phone calls. Consumers state they are receiving automated responses from support@timesharerescue.com email. The automated response is a Q & A fact sheet based on Time Share Rescue consumer FAQ’s.

The address for this company is a mailbox drop location only, the actual whereabouts of this company are unknown to the BBB at this time.”
** UPDATE 11/4/09 **

According to the Timeshare Rescue website, “We are now a FREE service helping timeshare owners get out of their timeshare units.  If you have a timeshare that you want to be rid of, we are here to provide FREE information on how you can get rid of your timeshare yourself.”

They also have created a Feedback Forum, where they encourage you to, “…use this forum as a means to communicate with us with regard to your timeshare transfer questions.  This is a place for all feedback regarding timeshare transfer questions.  We look forward to communicating with you here and providing information to you as a FREE service.”

The new Timeshare Rescue website appears to have gone live on November 1, 2009.  I encourage anyone who has used the new site to share their story below, and help fellow timeshare owners who have been dealing with Timeshare Rescue.

Please feel free to post comments if you have had any experiences with Timeshare Rescue.

** UPDATE 2/11/09 **

The Timeshare Rescue website is no longer available.  When you go to the page it tries to redirect to the Wanted Weeks website, which is also not functional at this time.

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  1. I think people are confusing timeshare rescue with resorts rescued. I did some research on them and they do not buy your timeshare. They have helped me secure 2 rentals so far and I am very pleased with what they do for me. I have done business with 2 other companies that I will not name and never got a call from the “agent” who was supposedly going to sell my timeshare because he had a buyer sitting with him. Resorts Rescued was honest with me, told me all about the process in the sale of the timeshare, and I hear from MY agent often about the progress of the rental of my unit! I am so pleased with them. Check them out at http://www.resortsrescued.com and you wont be disappointed.

  2. this is continuance from my last comment, After shelling out $2,216 to this company and still receiving calls from the resort, i had to find out if this company exists. I tried recently to contact them with the name and phone of the person spoke to b4 and now the number is totally disconnected. I've search for more information and I've read that the BBB(Better Business Bureau) has given this company an "F" rating and searching for additional info, they have gone bankrupt with my monies. I will have to find a Lawyer to help me to solve this issue and believe me i will sue. I may not every get my monies back, but from now on i will check with the BBB b4 trusting any of these so-called companies. Its so sad that once you sign that dotted line there is no other option, its so many people that are trying sell and honestly giving their timeshares away because they no longer have use for them. Its also unfortunate that these maintenance fees go up and up and up every year. Its got to be a way of getting out of this!!!

  3. Well, i definitely failed to check out this company before rushing to Mclean, VA to sell off my timeshare. I should have been aware of the post card sent in the mail that they would pay for your timeshare. It was so many people there until they told you had to pay to have the deeds transferred. I wanted so badly to get rid of this and I am far from home i waited until many of the people cleared out just to hear what they were talking about. Well, its true that its impossible to get out of it once you sign that dotted line. This happened in 2008 and i had paid my maintenance fees up until 2010. Well,i would send out the correspondence from the resort when they went up on the fees to this so-call company in Denver, Co and never heard a response until i received a call from the resort. I did however hear from resort transfer services after calling many times for a call-back to find out why the resort continues to call and harass about an additional maintenance payments. when they finally contacted me i was given a transferred date and dock number to prove that it was transferred. Now its 2010 and I've been sent over to a collection agency. WOW!!!!

  4. I also was dumb. Thru Timeshare Rescue we paid $2926.00. We did this Jan. 12,2008. It wasn't until this year we found out we STILL owned it, YUCK. We like others were convinced by The Suites at Fall Creek into buying more so it would be easier for us to exchange, we bought into the point system. Another stupid thing. Timeshare Rescue actually got rid of the one deed but left us with the other. Being only an everyother year deed, we just found out by Diamond Resorts sending us a bill, past due. We can not afford any more fees. Like everyone else we just want it to go away. After reading many others problems, We decide to go the route of giving it back to the resort. I wish I would have know this before we ever heard of Timeshare Rescue. It really worked. I had to be sure my maintenacne fees were up to date and the resort sent me a warranty deed. I went to the bank, had it notorized and mailed in a $85.00 check and our lives just became easier. So try giving it back. It really worked!!!!!!

  5. I paid Timeshare Rescue $2995.00 in April 2008 and they never did anything to assist me in getting rid of my timeshare. Capital One, my Visa Company refused to assist me so be aware, None of them are legit. I am a retired 33 year police officer and did not appreciate being ripped off by this scam.

  6. Today, Jauary 21, 2010 I received in the mail a card from a

    company offering to help with timeshare transfer.

    Does anyone know anything about Right Choice Transfer out

    Torrance, California? Are they a "scam" company?

  7. I signed a contract with TSR in April,2008. After all the form letters and promises,at the end of May, 2009, I paid my due maintenance fees for 2009 as I gave up on TSR from ever completing the "transfer". About 3 weeks later I found out through the County Registrar's office where the property is located that the Deed had been transferred to another individual about a week after I payed the maint. fees. I tried to get TSR to reimburse me for the annual maint. fees that they had contracted to pay. I found out in July that they had filed for bankruptcy as noted above. That put a stop to my ability to deal with them as an individual. Also, the new "owner" has not completed the paperwork to get membership transferred to himself. I wrote with no response and left several voice messages, again with no response. I don't know if the new "owner" is a real person or not. I would think if someone actually purchased a timeshare, they would follow through and try to use it. The timeshare company says they need a copy of the warranty deed and $100 from the new owner to update their paperwork. I guess if I am not on the deed anymore, I won't have to pay anymore. I never got a letter from TSR saying the transfer had been completed as promised through their form e-mails. If I could only get my hands on the "nice young couple" from TSR ……

  8. Today, 1-04-2010 I called the telephone number stated by TSR 1-800-931-9882.

    The telephone operator stated," you have reached a number that has been

    disconnected or is no longer in service". TSR please give me a telephone number

    that I may talk to "Dave" concerning my timeshare final transfer that was to have

    happened in December of 2009.

  9. I have been trying to timeshare rescue to complete title work on three(3) different units

    since 02/04/2008 still having trouble with one unit and I guess I will end up paying back

    fees (maintenance fees, late fees, ETC.}. 2 out 3 completed makes me a little bit better-

    than most people. If someone starts a class action,please contact me. From this point on

    it's BUYER BEWARE.

  10. We've been through all of the above. They got our money Oct., 2008. Nothing since, except for excuses and promises. We could join a class action or law suit, but I doubt they have the money. Also, we still wouldn't have our deeds back–which is the proof we would need in order to sell, give, or quit claim in the future. We were suspicious that it might be a scam, so I called BBB in Denver to check it out before getting involved. They gave it a B rating, at that time, which they said was good. As a result, we went ahead and sent our check. Shouldn't the BBB have some responsibity, also?

  11. Doug Klein – sorry – either you are an ex-employee of timesharerescue.com or you are even more of a sap than we are. PLEASE EVERYONE file a report with the Denver Better Business Bureau http://denver.bbb.org/ and the Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/ !!! This is involving more than the few of us who are willing to tuck our tail between our legs and post that we have been suckered/swindeled/conned/fraud into believing Timeshare Rescue would help us. We paid $3,500.00 and still have the paperwork from the day (10/04/2008)including the visa charge. Not so funny, the paperwork came for us to send the deeds and a photocopy of our drivers license to a fax number. (Now we worry if this will end in Identity Theft!!!) We were such fools to believe they would “take care of all the paperwork” BUT they “forgot/scammed/robbed (pick a word) to transfer the deed to them. Humm ….has anyone noticed that when you post a complaint on the TimeShare Rescue website – that it is deleted within 48 hours??? Leads me to believe there is SOMEONE still out there scamming people like us. Let us join forces to dump TRUTH onto the Timeshare Rescue site http://timesharerescue.com/ to at least shut that off so no one else looses their money to this company.


    I do wonder how those nice young people can sleep at night who signed their name (false?) to our contract. Even if they went out and had a great night on the town or went on a fabulous vacation, I hope they are haunted with the faces of those who can no longer pay their mortage, meds, help support their grandchildren, or for food. Most of us who bought time shares are middle class, hard working, people who don’t have a lawyer or an investiment banker to push this fraud into a “finacial loss.” The people who worked for this company – I am sure – were also a bunch of suckers who were paid well for the short while they lied to all of us.

  12. Timeshare Rescue is not only out of business, but they filed bankruptcy!!!!

    In May 2008, I signed two timeshares over to TSR (one in Florida and one in Las Vegas). I got so frustrated with them that I emailed them almost EVERY DAY!!!!. Betty or Antonella responded within a couple of days. I finally gave up and paid the late dues on one of them. Now I am filing a claim in bankruptcy court to be reimbersed. I sent copies of our contract with TSR to each resort. The Florida timeshare was finally settled…..I think!! At least I haven't heard any more from them. I still get paperwork from the Las Vegas timeshare resort, but I keep sending them a copy of the contract and tell them it is not my problem any more and to deal with TSR.

  13. Russ,

    I was really frustrated, but I believe that the company fell on hard times and didn’t finish mine because they couldn’t. It doesn’t seem to me like it was an intentional thing. Based on that assumption, if they had any money at all they would have finished this long ago. So in my opinion any action would be a waste of my money and time.

    The good news is that I followed the steps on the Time Share Rescuse website and Hollywood Beach is working with me directly. We are just quit claim deeding it back to them. Should be finished in 3 weeks or so the county said. I will let you know when completed. I recommend doing the 3 steps in my above post. Seems to work for me.

    Here they are again:

    1) Call the resort and ask them to take it back.
    2) If they say no ask a lawyer to write a letter with a deadline.
    3) If that doesn’t work, do a “quit claim deed” back to the resort. I guess if I’m not on the deed I can’t be responsible for payment legally.

    Doug K.

  14. Doug,

    I just found out last Friday that the company was out of business.

    Let me know if you are pursuing any action against them.


  15. News: The company is out of business. I posted a question on the forum at http://timesharerescue.com and Antonella called me back. She explained that the company is out of business but their website will be providing free information on how to complete the transfer. They are not offering phone or email support because they don’t have the staff and there said that my Hollywood Beach timeshare was one of only a handful of transfers that have not been completed to date. She said that I could wait for it to be completed by them or I could take matters into my own hands and help the process along.

    She also recommended we do 3 things that work 100% of the time:

    1) Call the resort and ask them to take it back.
    2) If they say no ask a lawyer to write a letter with a deadline.
    3) If that doesn’t work, do a “quit claim deed” back to the resort. I guess if I’m not on the deed I can’t be responsible for payment legally.

    She also said that the company has transferred “thousands” of timeshares successfully before going out of business and won judgments in Federal Court after being attacked by competitors but that the company is now insolvent.

    Either way, I’m going to try to do it myself with this new information. I don’t know how a class action against a company that is insolvent and out of business would do anything. The economy is bad and this company might just be another casualty. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress. It’s very frustrating but at least I have some things I can try.

  16. If anyone has any positive info please. We have had two of our timeshares with TSR since end of 2008 and have not heard anything from them. I sent an email to support@timesharerescue.com but have heard nothing. I called the phone number and it keeps saying to “put in your parties extension”- which i put in x531 – but it just keeps repeating itself. If there are any class acction suits pending – count me in – unless i can get a response from TSR soon stating that it is settled. We too will be reporting them (of course it probably won’t make much of a difference at this point).

  17. Hi everyone that has been SCAMMED . In Nevada which has a few timeshares and if you own one in NV which I do The Villas at Polo Towers, that you can request a quick claim deed from them or get a form off line fill in the blacks get it notarize back to the original sellers, Just make sure you send it to the company real estate division registered and signature required receipt. I have an intent to lien on mind for maintenance fees and that goes against the towers and I can not use the facilities until paid not against my credit Mine is for sale but I’m not going through any SHYSTER which seems to come from Florida and Colorado, in NV the buyer is required to do a title search and establish an escrow account not the seller. Another thing write the name down the name is made up like Mr Bob Colon————what do you think? I had him spell it (2) times just to be sure and a phone number (2) They even had a financial manager call me to tell me they are legit I asked for their business license # which should be more than 9 digits and they asked why and I told them I was calling the State Licensing Dept. They hung up and the number they gave me was no longer good.

  18. It seems TSR, and it’s supposedly escrow company, Time Share Transfers have cut off all communication. No phone contacts, no e-mail replies. I sent them money to purchase a timeshare 3 months ago, a few return e-mails said they were almost ready to close, and I should get paperwork within the week…over a month ago. Does anyone have some contact numbers that work, or any avenue on how to sue…class action? If the TSR guys are reading, I’m not a competitor bad mouthing. My escrow number is TST-093913, and e-mail is jstahl@ortc.com. It’s funny how they took my money after declaring BK…and I sent money to help someone get out of their timeshare!

  19. I, too, paid them to take my 2 timeshares ($4500) in Sept 2008. To date, I still have them and am about to get sent into collections for the maintenance fees. Every response I’ve received from Antonella McNeil has told me that I’m in Phase II – which basically means nothing. I get that I have been scammed out of the money but now what?? That was my final desperate attempt to unload the unwanted timeshare – I’ve paid to sell them, tried to give them away and made this attempt to pay someone to take them. I’m never paying another dime on these timeshares. Anyone have any idea what to do from here?? If they are Chapter 7, you can’t sue them and suing them would only cost more money that we would never get back.

  20. I have gone through the same with RTS and no results and now I have an intent to lien on the timeshare it is paid for just like RTS said send us the bill and we’ll pay it guess what that was like a fart in the wind storm, Now I have other companies calling asking to buy it out of Florida and asking for $ 1500.00 for Title Insurance and once it is sold I’ll get it back in 45 days.
    I talked to a lawyer and to the title companies and it is the buyer responsibility for the cost not me. the intent to lien is for the HOA of Villa at the Polo Towers. So everyone if you get a call like that and they have two bidders don’t give them any money IT’S A SCAM

  21. I sent paperwork and charged my credit card $2994 for transfer of two units on 9/25/08. Like others I had to pay maintenance bills for both at year end. Almost forgot about it but called the magic number today(Thursday October 15,’09)in the hope that something had happened.
    The message said they were closed for Columbus day. I’m not a lawyer but if anybody wants to start a class action or whatever, you can count me in.

  22. I have received two collection agency bills with fees continuing to climb on my Williamsburg Plantation timeshare that RTS had recorded as transfered. This is so frustrating it is making me sick. Has anyone decided to file a class action law suit? This Chavez guy is a real winner. I am so angry! I can be contacted @ jlabbott58@gmail.com

  23. I called timeshare rescue mid september 2009, antonella told me that tsr is declaring bankruptcy. inorder to get my timeshare paperwork back i need to sign a form she sent to relinguish the $1950 I gave them in sept of 2008 and they will send my deed back. they are scam artists. they told me in june of 2009 that my timeshare would be transferred by the end of the year. now they say they’re bankrupt. class action, lets talk.

  24. I, too, met Zach, his son, and daughter-in-law Kristine K. on August 10, 2008. Worst mistake of my life. Timeshare Rescue/Resort Transfer Services have scammed me out of $2485.00 that I paid on my credit card. It has been 13 months and still nothing has been done. I have called repeatedly and have gotten the run-around excuses. I have spoken with Dave, Antonella, ad nauseum…no one has an answer other than they are still trying to catch up from backlog. They are still accepting new contracts, though!!! Ugh…makes me sick to my stomach. I am all for a class action suit.

    I talked with Dave Antonella also about The Villa At Polo Towers transfer and he said they were back logged and told me by the end of the year mean while The First American Title Company Inc has a foreclosure notice on me and several other people of delinquent assessment of payments basically a lien.
    If there enough people I’m for it, I’m not an attorney I’m sure someone wants to tackle it on consignment basics. please contact me at whid1@embarqmail.com

  25. I, too, met Zach, his son, and daughter-in-law Kristine K. on August 10, 2008. Worst mistake of my life. Timeshare Rescue/Resort Transfer Services have scammed me out of $2485.00 that I paid on my credit card. It has been 13 months and still nothing has been done. I have called repeatedly and have gotten the run-around excuses. I have spoken with Dave, Antonella, ad nauseum…no one has an answer other than they are still trying to catch up from backlog. They are still accepting new contracts, though!!! Ugh…makes me sick to my stomach. I am all for a class action suit.

  26. I spoke with a woman from RTS and she said that the deed transfer of our Williamsburg Plantation timeshare was recorded with the James County court in Feb of 2009 and we are still getting collection notices from the timeshare for overdue fees. I asked what we should do to make sure this was truly finalized and valid and she told me to fax the deed recording papers to the timeshare offices. She stated that the problem is due to the timeshare not updating their records of the deeds of ownership. I don’t know how valid this is but I will do what she recommended and find out. This has been a totally frustrating experience. The woman I spoke with is Antonella McNeil @ 800-931-9882.

  27. Sept l, 2008
    We have been dealing with Tsr since February and certainly have been given the runaround. We have contacted Jefferson County sheriff and he could get through with the same numbers we tried to use. The numbers are either disconnected or an answering machine. We feel they have caller I.D. and do not want to answer our calls. We have been given so many names to contact in the last few months and no one will return our calls. I checked with BBB before signing with them and they gave TSR a good rating. We were not to pay any maintenance fees after June 2009, but we still get bills for them and I have sent them by e-mail and have received nothing from the comapny. I guess we were scammed.

  28. I'm in the same boat as many of you. In Dec. 2008, I purchased a timeshare through Wanted Weeks who used RTS. The deed was transfered with the county but not with the resort and the dues were never paid. The resort has no information about the transfer. Can't get money back from credit card company because I paid through pay pal and the dispute time is expired for pay pal. So I guess I'm out $2900. Any suggestions??


  29. I purchased a timeshare in Dec 2008 and did receive my deed 6 months later I had given up on it and it just showed up in the mail. They did not transfer the timeshare with the resort though but I feel lucky I got anything done by them.


  30. It's better to investigate the company first before signing any contract or before putting any money. If you find any doubtful facts about a certain company, better not deal with it. In this way, you will be sure of your financial investments.

  31. I am in the same boat as the person who gave Timeshare Rescue money months ago. I gave them my money in May, 2008. They made promises all along the way WHEN I was able to reach them but still have not done a transfer. I went through my credit card company, but since it was after their 60 day limit, Timeshare Rescue won the mediation, even though they appear to be scam artists. Now they are in Chapter 7 bankruptcy with three creditors. DO NOT trust Timeshare Rescue! I would like to hear from people who were in the meeting with me in Anchorage, Alaska on May 5, 2008 to find out if their experience has been the same as mine.

  32. The phone number is working at 800-931-9882. I just called it. I suggest calling the phone number before believing just anything posted on these blogs.

  33. The latest on Timeshare Rescue

    This is from the Denver, CO BBB website. This is why nothing is getting done with your timeshare transfers.

    On July 23, 2009, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 09-24739-SBB. Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Colorado District Court CM/ECF, 721 19th St., Denver, CO, 80202 for resubmission to that court. The case number should be entered on the form.

    My credit card company refunded my charges so I am out no money. I made a Disputed Charge Claim based on fraud and deception and was successful. Thirteen months and no action by TSR. As unsecured creditors, any of you who paid for a transfer and are still waiting may be out of luck.

  34. RE: Timeshare Rescue. This outfit is completely untrustworthy. We signed up with them in Oct 08, contracting with them to transfer our timeshare out of our name by Feb (or March, they said, at the latest). As of now (Aug 09), not only have they not done what they said they would do, they have more excuses than you can shake a stick at for their failure to perform. They have lost their accreditation with the BBB in Denver, and have many outstanding complaints against them. It’s not clear what they’re up to, but it smells bad.

  35. Holy moly!!! This is crazy. I just came across this randomly. I have never dealt with any of these companies. Has anyone ever seen such an over the top reaction from a company when commenting on a blog? Accusing everyone who comments of being a competitor? This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen…

  36. we paid timesharerescue to take our timeshare off our hands back in march08. sofar they have not transferred our deed into there company and we are still being billed for maintenance fees. I believe we have been scammed. donot use timeshare rescue as our good credit standing is now being theatened.if you have also been scammed and would like to jion us in a lawsuit against them, please contact us at kathair63@aol.com

  37. All those that have had thier credit card co. get money back please let me know who the card co is. I was told I only had 3 days to complain. I had files 2″ thick of all the emails and the no good BBB. AT&T Universal card will never get any of my business again. Please let me know.

    thanks a million


  38. My credit company voided my charges about a year after I made them with TSR. However, I had a stack of documentation (Ignored & Unanswered Complaints to the BBB etc.) to back up my position. I submitted all of that documentation to my credit card company. I advise all of you, who like me and my wife were scammed by TSR, MAKE A DISPUTED CHARGE CLAIM with your credit card company. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Please read my other two (2) postings of April 28, 2009 and April 29, 2009.

    Good Luck!

  39. I went to a meeting in cols. ohio on may 31st. 2008 about getting rid of my timeshare .
    Iwas told thattimeshare rescue was an upstanding company in good standing with the local BBB .
    This was not true .
    They took my money and said they would somplete the transfer within 120 days Ihave heard from them once since that day onjuly 9th 2008 . By the way that has now been THIRTEEN MONTHS AGO .
    These people are either scam artist , theives , or very poor at mathematics .
    They will not accept my e-mails , their phones do not work and they do not respond to their fax messages .
    If anyone knows how to contact them please send me an e-mail .
    These people need to be stopped .

    p.s. If oyu use a credit card for any transaction check with your card company to see how many days you have to stop payment This is how they are getting away with this scam ny telling you it will take 90 to 120 days . most cards have only 60 days to stop payment .
    If people register enough complaints with their card companies they will not do business with them .

    thanks and good luck

  40. Everything bad that has been said about timeshare rescue is true!!! We are just average people that gave them $3400.00 to take over our time share May of 2008 now June of 2009 nothing has been done. We have done everything everybody else has done, no luck. They can say all they want about us being competitors they lie! We also delt with Zack and you’re right I don’t know he sleeps at night. Zack I hope you read this. In so many other comments for timeshare rescue to defend themselves they say they contact us because there is no name. Well is mine Ellie Feinauer my husband John and I are in your files. Please call us for we can not reach anybody there.

  41. My husband and I went to a sales presentation presented by Timeshare Rescue back in June of 2008. After talking it over we decided to use them to get out of our timeshare after paying $600 to put it on line and never hearing a word from anyone after the money was paid. We were promised a closing of 90 to 120 days. As of June of 2009 nothing has closed and it is impossible get an update. Yet the maintenance fees keep rolling in. They have now gone into collections, and my credit is going to the dogs. Oh, by the way, there representative will tell you to stop paying your maintenance fees once you’ve signed your contract with TSR.
    It seems that no matter how may emails or telephone messages you leave they will not contact you back. On the rare instance we have been contacted (once in the 11 months) the individual seems annoyed having to deal with you and has no information to update you with.

    I am contacting the States Attorney General and see what they can do. I already contacted the TV stations in my city and they have not responded, I guess they already know what they would be up against. A lawyer just costs more money and whith my husband on Social Security and me still working just to have medical insurance because he has Pulmonary Fibrosis, we need all the money we can get just to pay the bills.

    Has anyone had a good experience with Timeshare Rescue? Have they tranferred a title for anyone? Has anyone completed the transaction thus far?

  42. We also have been disatisfied with RTS and Wanted Weeks. We bought a timeshare in December 2009 and to date the companies have not fulfilled our contract with them. I am also interested in pursuing legal action against them.

  43. RTS/TSR – one and the same it appears. TSR supposedly took over RTS. Will the real honest owner stand up and tell me who is taking care of all the outstanding issues and who has all the money people paid to you to take care of things…. er steal…. I mean that’s what it feels like until you do something legit.

  44. to tsr.

    i’m not a competor. I have changed my name to protect me from some of your other CRAP.
    I paid 2900$ to Zack in August 17, 2008. Still they have lied and now I am getting letters telling me the Maintenace fees I owe could possibly ruin my credt.
    No one seems to help the owner of the timeshare. Makes me think they are in bed together. I believe there will be a special place in Hell for mr. chavez and all his cronies. Just plain liars. I hope we can put together a class action lawsuit and send them to the same place the Enron people are not enjoying captivity. I have a friend that is a lawyer and I am going to see how much itwould cost to get my $2900.
    Probably won’t be able to get compensation for all the mental anquish my wife has been through
    mr tsr —– what goes around comes around

  45. My problem is with RTS – resort transfer services, who is also discussed in this forum. Sorry for the confusion. I hope you are an honest company as RTS sure isn't.

  46. Hi Christi, I don’t have your last name so I can’t assist you here on this forum or verify that you are an existing client. Please call us during normal business hours at 1-800-931-9882 for assistance. Every phone call is answered by our call center.

    To clarify again: The phone numbers for TSR have never changed. All of the information is the same. (call Monday through Friday during normal business hours)-


    The bottom line is that this post title and content are unfair and slanderous. It is irresponsible to allow a post like this to continue. Just go to our website – that has all the information you need and always has to contact us. http://www.timesharerescue.com or send an email to support@timesharerescue.com

    Calling the phone is the fastest way to be helped. Again – 1-800-931-9882

    Have a nice day.

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