Westgate Timeshare – Experience of a Former Owner

The following post was submitted by a couple detailing their experience as Westgate timeshare owners, and why they decided to stop paying their Westgate timeshare.

In 2005, we purchased a Timeshare from Westgate Resort in good faith. We were a young married couple with two toddlers. We were told that we would never regret the purchase and that we had a “lifetime of amazing vacations” ahead of us. The only thing that has remained constant and true is the fact that WE HAVE REGRETTED EVERY MINUTE OF OUR PURCHASE.

Between 2007 and 2010, we paid two different companies over $2,000 who each claimed that they guarantee to sell our timeshare. Neither ever did. In 2010, we contacted Westgate and notified them that we would NO LONGER be cheated out of our hard earned money and would NOT continue to pay them. They did not care that we had paid thousands of dollars to them already (100% on time) or that we had spent over $2000 to companies to sell our timeshare. The only thing they cared about was getting their money. They even acknowledged that purchasing a timeshare may not have been the most “honest” purchase but that we were never “forced” to do so.

On December 1, 2011, we will STOP PAYING our timeshare and to NO LONGER allow Westgate to cheat us out of our hard earned money every month. We have impeccable credit of which we have lived an honest and hard working life to establish. Now, it will be ruined for 7 years, at least, due to this foreclosure.

This decision was not easy for us to make, but also one that was based on principle. It is NOT RIGHT for companies such as Westgate to be allowed to misguide trusting people into making such a bad investment. It is even more wrong for consumers like us who have led decent and hard working lives to provide our children with the American dream, to have to suffer ruining their credit due to such a cheating and unethical process such as purchasing a timeshare.

We only owed approximately $6,500 at the time we decided to stop paying. However, we vowed NEVER TO ALLOW WESTGATE TO CHEAT US OUT OF ANOTHER ONE OF OUR HARD EARNED CENTS AGAIN. Our children deserved better than that.

A Westgate Resort FORMER owner

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  1. Robert says:

    Is there any way you can sell a Westgate Timeshare to someone to get out of a deed? Yes we do owe money on it still but we are not behind. Long story short we want to get out of it all without killing our credit.

  2. Hughes says:

    I have been an owner since 2007 and they have really jacked me and my husband big time. We want to get out of this contract, but it was said that it will be reported as a foreclosure on our credit report. What can we do? someone please help.

    • FREEDOM says:


      That statement is a scare tactic to get you to pay up. I have been in your shoes. If you don’t respond, eventually a contract mediator will contact you with “options”. Simply tell them you want out. They will try to negotiate with you and get reasons why. Stand firm and repeat you want out, its not working out. They will offer you a deed in lieu of foreclosure and request a consideration payment. This is to “prevent” negative reporting. Honestly, Westgate has never reported anything on my credit report. Nothing positive or negative, EVER! Keep tabs on your credit report. Do your research on the net.

      • sheryl says:

        I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM GREENSPOON MARDER law notice of default and intent to foreclose, i owe maintenence only from 2008 it said if i do not object i will not be subject to a deficiency judgement even if the proceeds from the sale of my time share are insufficient to offset the amounts secured by the lien. Am i free of this nightmare i live in the uk ? i owe maintenence we paid cash for the timeshare.

      • Veronica says:

        Westgate has tried to contact me but I am no longer working in the office that they are calling and at home I not answer their calls. They send me a mail that said:
        “Dear Owner of Westgate,
        We recently tried to contact you in relation to the state of delay or default in their own timeshare. If you have already sent your payment, please disregard this statement.
        If a satisfactory payment arrangement has not been made or if your account has not been updated within ten (10) days of this reminder, your account may be sent for collection to an external collection agency, which can cause additional collection charges.

        This can be avoided and there are other options available. Please contact our office at the earliest possible”

        What should I do, I get in contact with them or not, please your help!!!

      • Kat says:

        Hi Freedom,
        You seem to have given me more helpful advise than anyone. I paid “A Lady Justice” $2000.00 to resolve my Time Share issue. Unsuccessful.
        They were willing to Deed it back for $1500.00. In anger I said no.8/2013
        I have heard nothing from WG since. I contacted them 12/2014 to resolve this, as it haunts me daily! My time share has been paid in full, but they say I owe over $2,000.00 in unpaid MF. Told them I didn’t want it anymore. Just like you said they put someone else on the call to talk me out of it. They said my account was flagged “sence and desist” , because we were in litigation,forbidding them to contact me. That is why I have not had any collection calls for the unpaid fees.
        Litigation is over as far as I know.
        They ask me to remove the flag. Should I? What happens if I never move it?
        Any advise?

      • WG-TS says:

        Hi Freedom,
        I stopped making payments from the mortgage as well as fees, they already started making calls (I live outside US). Should I just wait until they send the DILF (and avoid their calls? I still owe the mortgage.

        • FREEDOM says:

          WG-TS, Don’t make any payments. Even if you still owe on the mortgage. Being that you live outside of the US, they may not offer you WDILF (warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure). However, consider yourself free. This does not effect your future visits to the US. Good Luck!

      • Ana says:


        After being firm with Westgate, did you get rid of your timeshare? What procedures did you take?


        • FREEDOM says:

          Ana, Yes I did get rid of my timeshare. I stopped making payments, ignored phone calls and emails, saved letters and emails while waiting for the WDILF. The contract mediator finally sent me the WDILF via email and mail. It took about 10 months from start to finish (first missed payment to receiving WDILF). I signed the papers with the notary and sent a small fee back. That was the end!
          Good Luck

          • Ereena says:

            I just got off the line with westgate, they are supposed to be emailing me the DILF after I’ve not paid them for about 10 months. WHat was the fee that you had to pay? They are saying it could cost $1000-$1500 because I have to pay for the fees to file the paperwork.


          • Kody says:

            Mr.Freedom please update , i m in the same boat, i stop making payments, dont answer wondering what will happen next?

      • Amanda says:

        Will they contact you by mail? I got my letter stating it has been assigned to pre-charge off unit a little over a month ago and I have tried to email them but have never gotten a response. I do not have a working phone right now so email and snail mail are my only option. I keep requesting a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

  3. Broke Widower says:

    I too am trying to get out of my Westgate Villas ownership. Please advise me, Please.

    My wife passed away 5 weeks ago and I’m trying to get my finances in order after years of medical bills. My father gave me the timeshare back in 2003 before he died. I have only used it a couple times since then and kept up the mainteance fees for years. Once my wife got sick, I could not afford to continue the maintance fees. Long story short, Westgate sent my past 5 years of maintenance fees to Collection! Theres more than $6000 collection on my credit record that I cannot afford to pay now! That’s not all, even if I did pay it, would that get me out of the yearly $764 maintance fee on a single week???? I’m sure it won’t and I’m still stuck with this place.
    Can anyone give me advice? Do I figure out some way to pay Pennacle Recovery? Then what?

    • Timeshare, Never Again! says:

      Broke Widower,

      I’m sorry about your lost. Pennacle Recovery is an inhouse Westgate collections department. So, its Westgate Resorts using a different name to force you to pay. If you want out, ignore them. They will bother you with letters, emails, and phone calls to get their money. Eventually a corporate owner mediator will contact you. At that time tell them want to give it back (warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure). Do not fill out any workout packets or send them any financial information. They will use it to play games. Westgate (legal contract mediator) might request a consideration fee. Request documents WDILF (warranty deed in lieu)and send consideration with that form. Good Luck, I hope this helps.

    • Evelyn6 says:

      In leiu of foreclosure might be the solution for you. Westgate can not legally pursue you if you give them back your deed. It is better to lose the deed, than continue to give Westgate heard earned money, good luck.

  4. Rosen says:

    I paid $5,000 for the Westgate Vacation club and used it twice. I loved it! I loved it so much that I eagerly traded it in for a timeshare at the Lakes. That was three days ago and now I’m wondering what I was thinking. I signed the contracts and then I came up with all kinds of questions. I never tried to negotiate the price and I was confused about what to expect from Interval and the Westgate membership website. I decided I wanted to get out of it and I know that it is a federal law that you have 3 days to back out of any contract. In Florida it is 10 days. Anyway, I was told that it can’t be done because they did a quick claim and that I was told I couldn’t rescind and they recorded it. I can’t remember if they did or didn’t. I was getting tired of all the paperwork. Whether they did or didn’t, it looks to me from reading the websites that I still have the right to rescind whether they tell me I can or not if its within 10 days. But they won’t give me the address. Someone posted this address:

    Westgate Resorts LTD.
    2801 Professional Parkway
    Ocoee, Florida 34761

    If anyone has a different address, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Jimmy says:

      You have 10 days to cancel from the date of purchase. Get it in the mail ASAP.

      The address is:

      Westgate LTD
      2801 Old Winter Garden Rd
      Ocoee Florida 34761

      The letter doesn’t need to be fancy, or legalistic, just,

      I/We wish to cancel contract # _______________ Dated, August, __ 2014.
      We wish all down payments returned to us and any ongoing expenses stopped.
      All promotional materials will be returned under separate cover.

      Signed (husband)_____________, (Wife) ____________ Date August __, 2014

      The instructions are in the fancy binder they gave you, in a hidden pocket, but just write a letter to them. Send it USPS Certified, with Returned receipt.

      As long as you are within the legally allowed time period, you’ll be released.

      Send your rescission letter by certified mail today, so that you have documentary proof of postmark date. Do not fax, do not call, no emails, do not use FedEx or UPS.
      No smoke signals, no carrier pigeons, no hand delivery, no bicycle couriers. None of those avenues are acceptable or legally adequate. Use only certified mail and save your date-stamped USPS receipt for future reference. Keep a photocopy of your rescission letter (which should be signed by all parties who signed the original contract) and also make and keep photocopies of any and all other contract materials too — just in case Wastegate later tries to play games or make false claims about your compliance with rescission instructions and / or applicable deadline.

      Good Luck

      • Louli says:

        Thank you for the information, I am in South America and I couldn´t cancel the contract whitin the ten days, they gave me false information until the time run out, I realize I was victim of a fraud, so I stoped paying and they started to call me every day asking me to pay, Im not going to give them any cent, so I want to send a letter to receive form them only written comunications, until they send me the dead of forclousure. I speak spanish so I don´t know the written english very well, could you help me with the letter please?.

        Thank you.

        • Veronica says:

          hello I’m from South America, I bought a timeshare in Orlando Westgate in 2012, I have been paying for two years but I can not anymore, I cancel my credit card so they can not continue to charge me, I have called them many times to cancel or give it back.
          Im afraid that in one phone call they told me that they would report my debt to migration, Im afraid they can denying my visa to usa or stop me in the airport migration upon entry the country. They can do that ??

          • FREEDOM says:


            No. Westgate Resorts will say anything to get money from you. Regardless if you pay or not they can not contact immigration to prevent you from entering the country. Being that you do not live in the United States makes it difficult for Westgate to collect. Knowing that, they are trying to scare you.

      • Jill Marie says:

        It is 9 days. I am going to send in this letter via overnight mail today to make the 10 days. Would that work? If not, I have enough money to do the $3720 payment in a few weeks so I will have 0 interest instead of 17.9%!

        • R says:

          I think it goes by the date you sent it, not the date they received it. As long as you have proof that you sent your rescission in the way they told you to, you should be in the clear. Also, if they have your credit card number, be sure to file a dispute. DO NOT TAKE ANY PHONE CALLS FROM THEM!

      • Tamara says:

        They did not give me the contract, they said I would receive it in 30 days which is when the period to cancel is over. All they gave me was the deed! Where can I get the contract number? I went through the binder and it isn’t there. I have six days left to cancel

      • Larry says:

        Hi Jimmy

        Thanks for sending the address to send cancellation.

        My wife and I sat through a 5 hour presentation last week (1st of February 2015) and we were finally coerced buy a timeshare with WestGate resorts. We only parted with $300 dollars for the down payment ( of which $100 was promised to us if we attended the presentation). They have put us on a 3 months payment plan to complete the down payment and 10 years on 17.99% interest to complete the entire payment of $9200.

        We live in the UK and only returned back on Wednesday 4th of February. I started thinking through what we had signed up for and decided to go through reviews. The reviews and experiences of people we have read,are not encouraging and I am thinking of cancelling the deal.

        What are the implications of a cancellation? Will this affect our credit rating in the UK? I am worried we might have difficulties visiting the United States in future if we do.
        They never disclosed that there was a 10 days cooling off period.
        Since the cooling off period is 10 days that leaves us about 3 days. Is it 10 working days of the week? Will they refund the $200 (or $300 if the include the $100 they promised if we attended the 90 minute presentation) or should we forfeit that?

        Larry B

    • Rosen says:

      Thanks, Jimmy. That was one of the addresses I sent my rescission letter to. They told me that they could rescind my contract but that they could not give me back the vacation club that I had paid in full. While looking for a definite address, I also called a Florida attorney off the net who specializes in getting out of timeshares. He suggested I call Westgate’s attorney and gave me her name and email address. I emailed her, asking for the rescission address too.

      When they received my rescission letter, I got a call from Jessica, who said she was from their legal dept. She explained to me that my vacation club was quick claimed over to them and that is why I couldn’t get it back. She said it was like a foreclosure. Right after I got off the phone with her, I got a call from the attorney’s office for Westgate. They told me they got my rescission letter and that I would get out of my contract and get my vacation club back. I was told I could expect a letter from them in a week and that I should call their office if I don’t receive it.

      • Jimmy says:

        Westgate Vacation club is like a membership with No annual HOA( Home Owners Association Fee). Westgate timeshare is a ownership which you have to pay HOA annually for a rest of your life. Westgate wants Vacation club members to transfer/upgrade to ownership. So every time you are vacationing by using vacation club membership, sales people always try to reach you to covence you to transfer/upgrade to timeshare ownership.

        What Jessica said that you can’t get Vacation club membership back since you signed quick claim deed was the SALES TECH PITCH for you Not to cancel the ownership. Yes, they must have had you signed quick claim deed to transfer from vacation club membership to timeshare ownership. But that does NOT mean that you can’t cancel and get vacation club membership back. As long as you sent the letter to wish to cancel the ownership within 10DAYS, Westgate has NO choice but have to cancel your ownership and give you back the vacation club membership legally regardless of the fact you siged quick claim deed. The reason Jessica said what she said to you, it’s because if you cancel, she would loose the commission she made out of you. She is Not from legal department. She is a sales person. If she is really from legal department, she would Not have given you a false information about you can’t get vacation club membership back. So don’t fall for that kind of phone calls.

        As long as you sent the letter to cancel like I gave you sample, to the address that I gave you, in 10DAYS, you are good to go. Just wait to receive confirmed letter stating it’s been cancelled from Westgate. And call them if you don’t get it after a week or so. Don’t talk to anybody on the phone who still try to tell you that you can’t cancel or you can’t get vacation club membership back or anything like that.


        • Rosen says:

          I got my rescission letter today and I got my vacation club back. Yeah, Jessica’s sales pitch was a crock. Calling WESTGATE’S attorney personally made things go very smoothly. There was one person from their office that kept in contact with me and ensured that everything got taken care of.

          I gotta admit I was starting to sweat after talking with Jessica. It was a great relief when I got the phone call from their actual attorney’s office right after getting off the phone with her.

          I love my vacation club, but the underhanded ways in which Westgate operates is disturbing. I would love to have an Interval membership too, but it seems the only way to get a membership is to own a timeshare. As tempting as it is to pick up one of the many timeshares from people who are literally giving them away, I won’t even take one of those because when the day comes that I can no longer use it, I’ll still be stuck paying HOA fees. That’s when it becomes a nightmare for so many people.

          • Kurt says:

            do you have the lawyers name and number

          • Andrea Robertson says:

            I would love to speak with their lawyer personally. I paid $6,500 for the vacation club, but I just get the “run around” anytime I try to book my weeks. Any suggestions on someone I could talk to that could actually help me use what I paid for?? Thanks!

        • Toniette says:

          Hi Jimmy can I get out of the timeshare contract if we didn’t sign the Warranty Deed? We forgot to sign it now they harassing us about sign it what do you think we need to do?

          • FREEDOM says:

            If this is the original Warranty Deed to put the property in your name, I would say “don’t sign it” Check with your lawyer, its almost like they don’t have a legal deal.

      • Toniette says:

        Hey do you still have that number to that Attorney. We purchase a timeshare Nov. 2014 and every since then we have been getting the run around. They told us so many Lies in order to sell us that BS. Now they are saying we didn’t sign our Warranty Deed, so if we didn’t sign the Warranty Deed do that mean we don’t ev own the timeshare. So will it be a good idea and write to rescission my contract and get out while I can since the Deeds not signed?? Someone please help.

  5. Thomas Rackley says:

    I am looking to get in contact with the person that was posting about his experience with the Las Vegas WG Timeshare. He was looking for others to join a class action lawsuit against WG for deceptive practices. I would like to reach out to this person so that I could join this legal action. We bought into the Great Smokey Mountains WG Resort. A lot of promises and what not were made and none of it was true. It was all in an effort to get us to sign on the dotted line.

    I am sure that there are those that love their timeshares and I am good with that but I don’t like plain out deception and bait and switch tactics being a part of it. If the person that was looking to pursue the class action status of a lawsuit could post on here.


    • Donna says:

      i would like to be in on this as well. as the same thing has happened to me at the westgate smokey mountain resorts.

    • Mary Lou says:

      I would like to be in on this as well. Buying Westgate has proved to be a real nightmare!

    • Silvana says:

      We live in Australia and in 2009 my family and I travelled to the U.S. Caught up in the excitement of Vegas we were bamboozled into a timeshare with Westgate Planet Hollywood I think it has been renamed to Elara Hilton.
      We too want to get out of the deed and don’t know where to start. We have paid thousands and enough is enough. Can anyone help with advice?

    • Allan Crans says:

      Add me to this list. They cashed my cheques but indicate they don’t accept Canadian Funds due to exchange rate and said they didn’t receive the money and that it was returned. Funny, my bank had no problems processing the cheque.

    • m Iams says:

      Please let me know if you get info on the class action lawsuit. I would love to be a part of it.

  6. Michael says:

    I just want to know what do I have too get a refund back. I don’t think I should have to go to the website and book at flight, or a hotel. I should be able to go to any website and put in my member number. But they do not accept it. What should I do?

    • FREEDOM says:


      If you have signed with WG and are within 10 of purchase you can get a refund. In order to get a refund, you must rescind your contract in writing, and send it certified, over night to WG. It will take a while to.recieve it, but you are entitled to it technically.

      If you have signed with WG, and have been an owner for 11 days or more you will not get a refund. If you no longer wish to be a member you can do a warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure for a fee. If WG has access to any of your accounts, change your number (account/card number).

      If you are not an owner and are waiting to hear sales pitch; I would let it go. Don’t book the room, change your account number that WG has access to.

      • Marilyn says:

        Hi I purchase a time share to westgate and no paid for 10 months , and send me a letter , from paid or is in pre- charge. What is that!! , please help explain is may credit in problem !

        • FREEDOM says:


          Your credit is not in any trouble. Westgate likes to send threating letters to scare you into calling, paying, or negotiating. You are a few months away from being free. Soon a contract mediator will be contacting you to explore “options”. Simply tell them you want to give it back. No explanation needed. They will try to force you to talk more. Tell them nothing other than you want to give it back. They will likely ask for a consideration for taking the deed back. It ranges from $200- $1500. I believe it depends on how long you have paid into your timeshare. Some people choose not to pay at all. Westgate eventually processes the Warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure. It takes longer to process and its a gamble. Some people send what they can and say that’s all they can afford (consideration payment). Given all that, you are on your way to freedom.

          • Lori says:

            Freedom, I have the warranty finally. What do I do now?

          • FREEDOM says:

            Lori, if its they warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure, sign it in front of a notary and return it asap. This is your way out! If it’s a copy of the warranty stating you are the owner,hold on to it for your records.

  7. EmmaJ says:

    Hi I am from the Uk, me and my mum unfortunately bought a TS from westgate villas in 2008 after returning home
    And a few months went buy we couldn’t afford to make payment . We decided to ignore all correspondence from westgate. We are still getting letters now . What I want to know is. – we want to comeback to Florida for a holiday stay in a hotel but scared to book incase we are refused entry to the country. Please can anyone help?

    • FREEDOM says:


      You will not be refused entry into the country. Plan your vacation and have fun in Orlando! Make sure you read your correspondence from Westgate; it may be an option to get out of the contract. Like a Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Be sure to sign those documents and return them ASAP. Those documents will likely come in a larger envelope.


      • Thomas says:

        I have a question about the Deed in Lieu of………..did they send a 1099C later on for the difference or once you send the paperwork in was it done? Also did this appear on your credit report? Finally how long ago did you do your Deed in Lieu of? Thanks for the info!

        • FREEDOM says:


          I received the deed in lieu earlier this year, so the 1099C will likely come in 2015 during tax season. WG never reported anything good, bad, or indifferent on my credit report. The letter that came with deed in lieu states that this will not be reported if I paid the consideration. I followed the advice of a friend who also had a timeshare with WG and the advice of 100’s of others on epinions. They closed that forum down (ebay did) but it was insightful. epinions.com/trvl-review-6D57-5E9DE16-38F74B4B-prod1/show_~allcom This forum dates back to 2000. WG has been cheating people for years.

          Hope that helps!

          • Toni says:

            Dear Freedom,

            The deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, did it come from WG or did you submit the paperwork. I am not sure how the process works. I have paid off my timeshare and have not been late on my fees. I just want to be rid of it. WG in their sales pitch had grand plans for the location in Virginia nothing has changed, they have not made a single improvement. I am not willing to pay anymore.

          • Ana says:

            Did you pay the “consideration”?

          • FREEDOM says:

            Hello Ana, I did pay the consideration. It was about $300. Small price to pay to get rid of them legally.

          • FREEDOM says:


            The deed in Lieu of Foreclosure came from a WG in a 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 envelope marked time sensitive papers.

    • R says:

      They can’t keep you from coming into the United States. All they can do is keep you from staying at a Westgate “resort.”

    • Jeannette says:

      I owned westgate. I bought this on June 27,2014 at westgate resorts Orlando . A few days after called the closing officer and the sales rep to cancel. They gave me the run around. And did not wanted to provide me with the address to send the rescission letter. I found the address on a forum. On July 07,2014 the closing officer call me to tell me that I only had 5 days to cancel. On July 8 I send the letter as a express mail via usps. The rescinding department left me a voice mail saying that I was too late I only had 10 days. I called back the department and a rep. Told me that the information that I needed was on the contract. Which we went over it and I only have the warranty in dee signed only by me. I does not stay how many days I have to cancel or the address to send the rescission letter. I called headquarters and Ms. Gayle Anderson told me that she would call me on Friday, July 18 2014. On July 18 I receive a call from Gaile Anderson saying that they would cancel and I would get a refund of all my deposit.

  8. Stacy says:

    We love our WG timeshare. The problem with a timeshare is that if you don’t use all that the timeshare has to offer then yes you lose. We were also looking to purchase a timeshare, so that may be why we love it so much, because most hotels that we call to make reservations at will not allow 6 people to stay in a room and this means we must either purchase 2 rooms or a sweet that we really can’t afford. What most of you are experiencing is buyer remorse from an impulse purchase and it sucks, been there done that. Best of luck to all of you and your future adventures. I hope everything works out for you all. God bless!!

    • Thomas says:


      I am happy that you and your partner have had the good fortune of having a positive experience with your timeshare. If you read the comments closely thought you will see that a majority of the comments are like my situation. There were promises and comments made about the timeshare that only after you buy in you find out are not true. I have attempted to use my timeshare 8 different times. Finally the rep on the other end of the phone told me flat out that no matter when I wanted to use my timeshare I’d have to book at least 11 months in advance. I don’t know if you are a retiree with a lot of time on your hands but my wife and I work careers that make planning a trip that far in advance near impossible. The sad part is that when we bought into the timeshare we were told “call up anytime” as long as it was not a busy time of the year (and they showed us the bad dates) that we would be able to get right in. This is only one example of the type of tactics that were used on us.

      Again I am very happy that it has all worked out for you but please do not act as if you can dismiss all these other peoples’ concerns and problems as being their own creation. That is not fair to them.

    • Carla says:

      I do not have buyers remorse. I have been with Westgate lakes for 15 years and after being suckered into upgrading twice and watched maintenance fees go up I am learning that they do nothing to warrant these outrageous fees and I am paying 4000.00 to go on a one week vacation. This is ridiculous in every account and now couldn’t see because no one wants to do business with this company.

  9. Thomas says:

    Looking to get in contact with the person that was looking to file a class action suit against Westgate. Think they had a time share in Vegas. Would like to know more about the suit and join.

    • Chris says:

      I’m looking to get on with lawsuit ! This guy David Seigall ( Westegate owner ) is a real Devil ! Anyone seen the documentary about Westgate in Las Vegas being foreclosed on ! He’s acting like he’s a victim , after swindling , lying and cheating thousands of people out of hard earned money! I hope Westgate loses everything and he ends up poor!!!

  10. Paola says:

    I have had my timeshare for 2 years but I am sick of the HOA Fees. I can no longer afford them. I would not like my credit affected by this but most likely it will be. Any suggestion on how to prevent the credit to get affected?

  11. Chasity says:

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that amount of people that have been through the same thing that my husband and I are going through with them.

    I can’t give you any information about our actual “spot” other than it is in Orlando, because we were sold the idea that we “bought” a place and then we could just travel to Dominica Republic for a switch. After 2 years of paying, and trying to honestly use our Orlando location, we have been given the run-around in every way! Needless to say, we have yet to enjoy what our money has paid for.

    We bought in 2012 while on vacation. When we came home, I found out I was pregnant and so we tried to cancel. They said we only had a 5-day grace period, so now we were stuck! We were told that in the event of financial hardship, they would work with us to maintain good credit standing. We tried to get them to move the payment due date to the end of the month versus the middle, but they said there was nothing they could do!

    After having the baby, financial and job situations changed and we could no longer make the payments. I just received a letter from them stating the account has been moved to a “Pre-Charge Off Unit”, and I have no idea what this is???? It says my account is being reviewed for deed recovery and foreclosure. We are back on our feet, but refuse to pay for something that we cannot use, so we have not been making payments. I haven’t been concerned about it until now because we are wanting to purchase a house and have been working hard on our credit-I can’t fathom a foreclosure, especially on something such as a scam!

    I’m not sure what to do, we have tried to sell it, but we can’t because we still owe on it. Also, a piece of information I forgot to mention…the Westgate Account is not even listed on our credit report….if they foreclose, will it show up because it is not even on there now????

    • FREEDOM says:


      This is a scare tactic. I went through this over a year ago. WG “NEVER” reports to credit agencies. If you never pay, respond to letters, emails or phone calls, they will continue to send scary letters. If you want out, ignore them, don’t pay, don’t worry and in about year maybe 10 or 11 months they will offer you a warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure (wdilf). They will ask for a fee, mines was $200 others have been asked to pay upto $2500. At that time call to negotiate the fee. They sent a letter in the mail offering me a wdilf. I never payed any lawyers, agencies or anything. Your credit will not suffer any loss.

      • FREEDOM says:

        I did pay the $200 fee though. A small price to be done with WG.

        • KATY says:

          Did you receive all correspondence through westgate or did they go through a collection agency.

          • FREEDOM says:

            Hi Katy,

            Some correspondence came from Westgate and some from a collection agency called ICA (I think). I did find out that Westgate has 2 inside collection agencies pinnicle and ICA. I ignored them all, until I got the WDILF.

      • Chasity says:

        So we finally got our WDIL, and of course they are asking for $2500! We need this to be off our hands, but $2500 is totally out of our reach right now and anytime in the near future! Do you know for sure if they are negotiable on this matter?

        • jane says:

          Hi Chasity

          How long did it take/how many months did you ignore them before finally receiving the WDIL?

          We have been ignoring them for about a year now and are in a similar situation. We were scammed and we couldn’t afford it and my wife decided to just ignore them because she read all these experiences on forums. Now we want to buy a house within the next 2 years and I’m worried.

          What happened after you got your WDIL?

  12. FREEDOM says:

    I bought a timeshare with Westgate in 2009. I REGRETTED my purchase. After much research online I decided to stop paying. Ignored letters, emails, blocked calls. Ten months later WG offered to take the deed back in lieu of foreclosure. I never spoke to anyone from their company. WG sent the letter via mail. I signed the paper, sent back $200. Made copies of everything. Sent it certified. Its a done deal! No lawyers, no legal fees. Took 10 months of non-payments and absolutely no contact.

    • Michelle says:

      Did they report anything to your credit? I am curious, as we are in the exact same situation and I told my boyfriend we should stop paying, but he doesn’t want to damage his credit.

      • FREEDOM says:


        There is nothing on my credit report from Westgate Resorts. I would continue not paying. Have your boyfriend check his credit report. It’s a small price to pay for piece of mind.

        • Gregg says:

          Having similar problems with Westgate. We’re at Westgate Town Center and want out! Curious to know where your property was located.


    • Veronica says:

      hello I’m from South America, I bought a timeshare in Orlando Westgate in 2012, I have been paying for two years but I can not anymore, I cancel my credit card so they can not continue to charge me, I have called them many times to cancel or give it back.
      Im afraid that in one phone call they told me that they would report my debt to migration, I Im afraid they can denying my visa to usa or stop me in the airport migration upon entry the country. They can do that ??

      • R says:

        These slimeballs are lying. They cannot keep you from entering the US. Tell them to pound sand. Do not even bother calling them again.

    • Faith says:

      we need to get out of our time share cause of no work do we call them to try to get them to buy our unit back are just let it ride. Also what is a wdilf.


  13. AshleyJ says:

    How do I go about getting out of a westgate contract if I’m a coowner? I’m on there with my mom and I’m worried about getting stuck with the bill if she stops paying or passes. They advertised it as being able to use weekend getaways as reasoning for putting me on the contract, my mom fell into the trap and at that point I was so tired I just signed it. I realize now they won’t give a damn it was falsely advertised and I want to get my name off of it. They said I wasn’t the primary owner but I’m guessing they’re going to come up with some story about how I’m a coowner and oops they’re sales rep shouldn’t have said that! How do I get out of the contract if my mom wants to stay on it? It’s only been open for about 3 months

  14. Jim says:

    I stopped making payments, they sent me letters saying it would cost like $1500 or something crazy to process my returning the deed in lieu of foreclosure. I just signed it, sent it back with no $. All clear, account closed. I did get a tax form, but it was not one that is a forgiveness of debt. (I might get that one next year).

  15. Natalia Aponte says:

    During vacations last year we were also dragged into this TS scam. My parents and I are co-owners, we have paid about $2000 already and we don’t want to pay anymore. We called Westgate and they told us to resell it because they wouldn’t take it back. I don’t know anyone in their right mind would purchase this online (they recommended us to post it on ebay and craigslist) so that idea is out. My parents are seriously thinking about stopping the payments the only thing that’s stopping them its that they don’t want to ruin our credit score. If anyone has information about how badly it (or if it even does)will affect our credit scores please let us know.

  16. Raymond says:

    I too was shammed into purchasing a timeshare with Westgate in Orlando. However I never finished paying the downpayment but I signed The Warranty Deed and Lien on Real Property paperwork. If I don’t finish paying the downpayment…can I still be held liable? I have paid about $500 toward the $1400 downpayment but unable to finish paying right now. I have decided I really don’t need this at this time. Anything they can do if we don’t finish paying the deposit? Some one tell please.

  17. Karen says:

    We just finished up our mess and are therefore spending a week at westgate that costs us $1400 but we are at peace because we did not make a purchase regardless of how tempting it was. Thank you Jesus for strong will power!!!!

  18. MalibuMike says:

    Yes, We Are Suing Westgate

    March 31, 2014, Las Vegas Nevada, 9am in Federal Court,
    Fuoroli v. Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC

    Yes, we are suing Westgate on March 31, 2014, for breach
    of contract. You are all invited to attend.

    The original date was Feb. 10,2014, but Westgate filed an emergency motion and got it delayed until March 31, 2014. Now, it is going to happen:

    See one of the
    many complaints listed below and the whole entire case brief
    posted on this thread on a different page. See you at the trial:

    Presently before the court is plaintiffs’, Michael C. Fuoroli and Tiffany S. Fuoroli, motion for partial summary judgment. (Doc. # 62). Defendants Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC and Central Florida Investments, Inc. have filed an opposition (doc. # 66). Plaintiffs filed a reply. (Doc. # 68). In denying a partial summary judgment motion this court held that “[t]he facts of this contractual dispute are highly disputed.” (Doc. # 59). That is still true. On August 30, 2009, plaintiffs entered into a contract with defendant Westgate for the purchase of a timeshare condominium at Planet Hollywood located on the Las Vegas strip. (Doc. # 62, Ex. 1). The plaintiffs contend that one of the primary motivations for their purchase was to ensure a vacation destination during the New Year. As explained by the plaintiffs: “The right for the Fuorolis to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, with a view of the events taking place on the Strip, on the highest four bedroom…

    • Kimberlin says:


      I am a Westgate Planet Hollywood owner, as well. I purchased the unit back in August 2009 during its so-called pre-construction phased. Since this has been a nightmare, I tried to cancel during the the 5 day window without success. Needless to say, I’m trying to get rid of this timeshare that I’ve never used. The purchase of has haunted me in the worse of ways.

      Please let me know who things go or can some form of class action suit be filed. I’m in IL, if I had the means, I would definitely came to the hearing. Can anyone provide any information as to how I may rid this nightmare?


      • Luanne Doll says:

        I put down a large downpayment on a timeshare at Planet Hollywood only to have blackouts when we wanted to vacation, not have the number of weeks promised (with many more blatant lies) and have never used it. I made two more payments and have since stop paying this delinquent, dishonest and shameless company one more cent. Please know that I am interested in any kind of lawsuit as well.

    • Michael Hebert says:

      I too was duped by Westgate. We purchased a TS in 2007. The big seller was the assured us that we had a “fixed” week during “Daytona Bike Week” in Orlando. Several years later, Daytona Bike week dates moved, and Westgate refused to honor their promise of the Daytona Week. The property’s value was significantly diminished due to this.

      We now owe $6k and have dumped loads of money on this scam. We are contemplating stopping paying on it,but are fearful of how it will affect our credit.

    • I would like to join this lawsuit due to the bait and switch tactics that were used on my wife and I to sell us our time share. It has been worthless.

  19. Efren says:

    You can cancel it, but all these people like to play dumb!!! I am still in Vegas, before I leave I will go to Westgate Resorts and infront of the salesman and everyone there working for WG, I will tell all those people that are about to buy a timeshare to check the reviews!! I bet they will change their minds!!! Can’t wait to do that!!!!!!!!

  20. safiya says:

    Hi every one,

    I am new here does anyone know how i can cancel my timeshare from Grandsview Las Vegas. I went on a vacation in April 2012 and was lued into a presentation that i was told would last only 3 hours. I got interested and now i can’t affort to pay the mortage due to lack of work. Again does any one knows if this attorney Mitchell Reed Sussman has helped anyone to cancel their timeshare.
    Please all i need help badly. Waiting.

    • RS says:

      do not hire an attorney.you can get it done on your own.i have succeeded in doing so by sending a letter threatening them with a lawsuit.do not pay them anything on your loan.

  21. Heath says:

    I am regretting our purchase of a timeshare with Westgate. The more comments I read on here the more nauseous I get. It’s been about three weeks ago since me and my wife bought into the BS at Westgate in the Smokey Mountains. Started to regret it a few days later but tried to ignore it and not think about it. I wish I had looked into how to get out of it then instead of waiting till now. Not Shure what to do our first pmt hasn’t come out yet. Any ideas what to do. I think we should all post on our facebook pages and let everyone know what a bunch of Crooks they are. Think they might b willing to take it back with full refund if we advertised the right to resend laws to everyone on our social media and make it go viral.

    • gene says:

      Heath, I too felt the same way and waited too long. Right now I’m using Finn Law Group who “claim” they can help. I’m on a payment plan for their retainer and they seem to be performing work for me. I look at it as the same as paying my fees for a year to try to get out. The calls have stopped from both Westgate and the Collection agency since I called these guys. I’ll keep you posted IF this works.

    • Mike says:

      Westgate Planet Hollywood lawsuit.
      Jury trial.
      9 am, 2/10/2014, Nevada federal court.

    • gene says:

      So far, no more calls from WG or their collection goons. Paperwork filed. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Caro says:

        Hi Gene, I’m about to stop making payments to Westgate too but not sure what will happen once we stop paying. Could you share How much did the lawyer charged you and if the process affected your credit? I am tired of wastng my money, so far we had payed $7,00 and owe $7,00 more IF we pay upfront, and NEVER been able to use any resort because they never have the resorts we want available. The worst mistake of our lives!!
        I would really appreciate your help Gene, thank you.

        • gene says:

          I paid $4k and the calls stopped and I’m nearly done. It’s a lot, but I was paying $375 a month so this was like paying another year( in my mind). It has NOT shown up on my credit.

          • AraKai says:

            Followed this thread. Appreciate the information folks are sharing. I am debating between Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates, and Finn Law Firm … I reside in CA and might roll with Cali attorney. Both have good ratings on avvo, and seem to be knowing what they are doing. Like yourself, the retainer is basically close to another paid for the timeshare (mine is with the Hilton) – exactly how I am thinking about this. A little apprehensive about the credit score, but again, they told me that once things are settled, this should go away.


  22. Mark says:

    Does Westgate go to collections in a Timeshare? My wife and I sign timeshare for a property at Plant Hollywood. The next day we try to cancel it. But they (Westgate) stated we could not because it was a resale. And in the state of Nevada there is no grace period for a resale. We did not made a down payment because Bill Me Later made the down payment for us. Almost a year has gone up, and we still have not made any payments to them. We believe the transaction is a fraud because we are required to pay Westgate and not Hilton. Even though the property is now owned to Hilton. We have asked several times though letters from an agency representing us to submit paperwork allowing Westgate to collect payments in behalf of Hilton. But Westgate refuses to provide such documents. So if we do not pay, what will be Westgate next step? The agency indicated Westgate hardly goes into collections. But I do not know if this it true.

  23. scott says:

    I purchased a timeshare like a fool with westgate lakes orlando in September after what seemed like interinity and mentally drained I signed. when my wife and I got home from florida I decided to look at the contract more carefully and said to myself what the hell was I thinking. I immediately contacted the lady who closed us and said I should of never made the mistake of signing for a timeshare and wondered if there was anything she could do to get us out of it. she said she will see what she could do but you know how that goes. I come to find out I was a few days past the 10 day grace period to cancel the contract that they said nothing about at anytime but why would they when this would give people more time to look at the contract more carefully and have time to back out. so when I had no help from her I contacted another lady at westgate to see what I could do and she said we cant do anything to help and you should just try applying for another loan to get a cheaper interest,this all after they had stated to us they would buy it back from us but apparently that’s a lie. I’ve only made 1 payment and put like $550.00 down. anyones opinion would be appreciated on whether I should get a lawyer or just ride it out? I know about the credit thing but really not too worried about that as much as I am throwing all that money away to them. I paid $7000.00 total for my timeshare and $715.00 every other year for maintenance fees which didn’t even know there was maintenance fees until closing. what a fool I was,i’m usually smarter than this to fall for something so stupid. any information or help on what to do is appreciated. thank you.

    • Janet says:

      The same thing happened to us back in April 2013, and we, too, were a few days outside the rescission period. Like fools, paid $3,778 of our hard earned money which we could sure use at the moment. We called, emailed, wrote letters all to no avail. I sent mail certified requiring a card be returned to me to us as proof they received my mail. The entire packet was returned to me unopened. I asked about how long we had to cancel twice at the presentation and they DID not answer it. However the regulatory body which sets out what Timeshares can and cannot do, says they do not have to advise orally as long as it is in writing on the contract we signed, so they are protected.

      I have contacted the Florida Attorney General, Gov. Rick Scott, the BBB, and others as well. They are high pressure liars. I am a diabetic and we were held hostage from 11 am until 5:30 pm. Free breakfast when we arrived, no food or drink or bathroom break the whole afternoon. I do not think I was thinking clearly or not at all.

      I contacted two lawyers who advised me to stop payment. If timeshares are such a hot seller in Orlando, there should be no problem whatsoever in selling what we don’t want to someone else and to refund our money. Now I know their devious ways and they lie and steal from hard working people. We will never use or stay at the timeshare and will not pay another cent. They told us they would call us within two days of our arrival home in Canada. They didn’t. When we called them, could not get to talk to anyone, answering machine with mail box full. Convenient. Well now they are calling me but I can be mute as well. I will not waste one more minute of my time or resources with those thieves. We stopped payment.

      • gene says:

        You are not a US Citizen? I wouldn’t worry about it then. keep your money.

        • Kate says:

          Gene, we bought Westgate Lakes and it was way back in 1992. We are now old and cant travel as much. I don’t want to pay the maintenance anymore and just want to give it away. We live in the UK. What can I do. They wont do a ‘Deed Back’ Will they chase us to the UK???

          • Paul says:

            Kate, They cannot touch you in the UK, just cancel the DD with them and forget them, you’ll get post and some phone calls just ignore them, Stephen in the UK. We were all missold by Westgate, just a complete scam

      • sly says:

        We are Canadian as well, have been in for 9 months, they wont give us a voluntary deed back form, we are considering to stop payment but are concerned about our credit?? Does anyone have information regarding the laws from one country to another?

        • Leah says:

          I would really like to know this as well. My husband and I owe for a shell vacations club that is worth nothing and we are thinking of just not paying. We arecanadian citizens and our loan/home property is in the united states. Will the foreclosure affect our credit here?

      • Jeannette says:

        I owned westgate. I bought this on June 27,2014. A few days after called the closing officer and the sales rep to cancel. They gave me the run around. And did not wanted to provide me with the address to send the rescission letter. I found the address on a forum. On July 07,2014 the closing officer call me to tell me that I only had 5 days to cancel. On July 8 I send the letter as a express mail via usps. The rescinding department left me a voice mail saying that I was too late I only had 10 days. I called back the department and a rep. Told me that the information that I needed was on the contract. Which we went over it and I only have the warranty in dee signed only by me. I does not stay how many days I have to cancel or the address to send the rescission letter. I called headquarters and Ms. Gayle Anderson told me that she would call me on Friday, July 18 2014. What should I do.

        • FREEDOM says:


          WG is notorious for giving people the run around. The recession period is 10 days in Florida. July 8 is the 11th day. Regardless, I would not give WG anymore money. Worst case scenary you may not get a refund b/c its the 11th day. I recommend not paying, do not speak to WG unless they offer you a Warranty Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. When you talk to them, they assume there’s hope in keeping you in the strong hold. They will send threating letters (from WG and their inhouse collection agencies), and call you A LOT. They are just threating, nothing will ever be on your credit report.

          Good Luck.

  24. Natasha Pink says:

    Timeshares can be good for big families who are used to travel regularly to a same location and fully understand how timeshares work, but definitely not for people who enjoy traveling spontaneously and without restrictions.

  25. Donnell says:

    My husband and I brought a WG timeshare in Las Vegas 8/2013. After a through review of the property and our contract we decided to cancel. We had been mislead by the sales person. The next day we signed a letter and took it to the WG office. My husband was retained for almost two hours while I waited in the car. They attempted to sell him another property which we didn’t want. They did not inform us that there was a form that needed to be completed and mailed within 5 days after you signed the contract. Fortunately, I found the form. We signed and FedEx it to the FL office the next day. We returned the package they gave to us and my husband also threatened to contact an attorney. Within 2 weeks we received a letter and our refund. You received a booklet that has documentatin that tells you NOT TO SIGN ANY CONTRACT UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS. The booklet is given to you AFTER you SIGN THE CONTRACT AND NOT BEFORE.

    • Mike says:

      I need your help!
      1. What form did you sign within 5 days of purchase? I thought we have to write our own cancellation letter?
      2. Is the booklet you referred to The Yellow Book/ the public offering statement? I don’t remember reading anything in the book about signing only after reading the booklet? We also were given the booklet in the bag after signing.
      3. Is your purchase Flamingo Bay in 2013? We purchased Planet Hollywood Towers. I wonder this is the same yellow book for all Westgate resorts?

      • Stephanie says:

        You can write your own letter, the rescission request simply has to be submitted in writing within the 5 day rescission period. If they claim that there is a specific form and ONLY that form can be used, they are lying. Some states do require a separate form to be provided to you to make it easier for you to understand and exercise your legal rights. Not all contracts will contain those forms though. I t depends on the state in which you purchased and the inventory that you purchased.

        Regarding the booklet that she referred to, some states do require that booklet to be provided during the presentation, prior to signing anything. Others do not. Again, this is specific to the inventory you purchased and state you signed the contract in.

        Please note that if you purchased Planet Hollywood Towers, you may or may not have a right to rescind. Westgate is currently selling this inventory resale, on behalf of an existing owner, and not disclosing it during the presentation. If you were denied your right to cancel, definitely contact me at [redacted] because I have some additional information for you.

        FYI…I worked in the legal compliance department for a major timeshare developer for 16 years and have extensive knowledge of the legalities within the industry.

        • Tee says:

          Stephanie we call need your expertise to free ourselves of this nightmare!!!

        • Justin says:

          Hello, Stephanie my name is Justin [Redacted] and I purchased a timeshare on vacation in tenn. Westgate smokey mountain resort. Me and my wife are very hard working people and visit tenn every year. We where told by our salesman many lies. some of them where Westgate would buy back our timeshare for every cent we had paid toward our unit if we decided we did not want it. He also stated that please contact him and he would buy it right away it was such a unheard of deal. We were there for 5 hours total for their 1 hour tour. I have a sworn affidavit on all the lies he told us. At the time we trusted that westgates sales representives were telling us the truth so we signed our contract based on the trust that what was told to us was the truth.I have contacted westgate at multiple times with no result in terminating our contract. We purchased on 11/12/2013 and contacted them on 12/02/2014. I have filed a complaint with BBB and the Attorney General of tenn and other agencies trying to get a mutual release of contract. Do you know any one else that we might contact to maybe help us put some heat on this westgate company as I am going to stop at nothing to get this situation resolved. Any information you could give us would be confident to us and would help us out tremedously. Thanks and my email address is [Redacted]. We have a new baby boy on the way and I will stop at nothing to get this contract cancelled due to misrepresentation to induce us to sign westgates contract. Can you please help us

          • Amy says:

            My husband and I also bought from smokey mountain westgate resort in December 2013. We were told several times they would buy it back if we changed our minds. When I called a few months later stating we had changed our minds and wanted to sell it back I was laughed at. We have been paying for it because we didn’t know what else to do but now we are going to have to stop because we just can’t afford it. Researching trying to find a way out of it.

          • R says:

            Amy: As others here will tell you, JUST STOP PAYING THEM. Do not answer the phone or letters from them. Change your phone number if you have to. Save the cash for buying a car if you think you will take a credit hit. Check your credit report at annualcreditreport.com (link through the ftc.gov web site) to see if Wastegate even reported the debt. You can also send “Cease and desist” letter to collectors, I think. Tell them you think it’s a ripoff, you can’t get what you paid for, and the crooks won’t get another cent of your money. Demand a deed in lieu of forclosure. Eventually, they will comply.

      • Donnell says:

        I believe it was a thick bonded book with a pink cover. The form is located inside the book. We were purchasing Flamingo Bay in Las Vegas. The disclaimer is is red – DO NOT SIGN UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS BOOK…

        We too wrote our own letter and delivered it to Westgate. It appears that wasn’t good enough. Me being a “legal beagle” I read thru the material and discovered the form. As previously stated we over nighted the form Thurs evening and dropped off their package early Friday morning before heading to the airport. We were threatened if we didn’t return their material, etc., a specific amount would be deducted from our refund.

        • Todd says:

          I put a downpayment of a few thousand. Why? I will never know. My gut screamed “sleep on it overnight”. A philosophy I always lived by. Why I abandoned this is beyond me. Goes to the skill/pressure tactics of the salesman. Embarrasing to say the least. But because it was not an exorbitant sum, I let it go. Within a day or two (allowing of rate 2 days lost returning home to Australia) I looked at it more closely and realised it was not for us. Nothing in the material provided mentioned any grace period. I read and re-read 5 times. I discovered the statutory grace period, the last days were on the weekend (I arrived home on Saturday). I sent a letter first thing on the Monday stating we were never given a grace period in our documents, and that we wished to rescind. WG view is effectively that a letter should have been postmarked not he weekend (do USPS work on weekends?). Anyway I tried to argue that as they had not complied with the legislation the 5 days do not count until they do. Guess I have to kiss goodby to my $3k…

          • FREEDOM says:


            USPS works six days a week. Sunday is the only off. There is a ten day recession period. Stand firm with WG. They want u to back down. Regardless, do not give them any more money. If they choose not to rescind the contract and refund your money, refuse to send more money. They will send threatening letters, just ignore them.

          • Todd says:

            Hi Freedom,

            In Nevada it is 5 days, but as I said the final 2 days were on the weekend. I argued that the weekend doesn’t count and that the decision period doesn’t start until I am aware of suck. I haven’t paid any money other than the row payment. Nor will I.

            Just shitty that I fell for it and the smug response letters really pisse off. I wish I were in the states to fight for my few thousand. Just too cost prohibitive… If anyone wants to take up the fight for me, I’ll give them half of what’s recovered!

  26. Mark says:

    After reading comments on this page and several others I, as of today, sent a certified letter to Westgate informing them that I will no longer be making my past due M&T payments or any in the future. I told them to send me the DILF paperwork and will deed it back to them. It is completely paid for and all I want is them to take it back. Like most others on here I was sold a pack of lies when I purchased it. If I run into financial trouble they will buy it back, M&T will never increase, I bought a floating week and could use it whenever I want. You name it they lied about it. I have never attempted to use it due to work schedule and not being able to afford to take a vacation on top of paying for this stupid thing as well as being difficult to book dates as far as a year in advance. A few years before I paid it off I was several months behind on payments as well as several years behind on M&T due to having financial problems. I recently pulled my credit and NOTHING has EVER been reported on this. To me this screams SCAM. They seem to use intimidation to get you to pay and unfortunately I fell for it for a long time and gave in to their threats. NO MORE. I am done paying into their scam. I will keep posting updates as to how this goes as I have just started this process. I would love to see as many people as possible who were taken advantage of by these lying bloodsucking bastards get out of this worthless scam and will update on here how it works out for me.


    • Emma says:

      Hi Mark

      I bought a timeshare in 1997 and have always paid maintenance on time – this year I cant afford it – my husband and I split up 5 years ago and I have been paying on my own

      I cant afford it anymore – I want to deed back to them

      can you tell me what threatening letters etc …..you have had?

  27. Deryl says:

    people understand this, the way to fight Westgate LLC is to challenge the Loan they claimed they gave you, they took your promissory note, and deposited it just like cash. they never loaned there own assets, therefore there was no value received as the note states.
    simple GAAP accounting can show this…if there was value received, where is the receipt…
    when you got to an advance finance entity or a title loan company, they give you a cash loan (value received) in exchange for your promise to pay back with interest. and you get a receipt.
    Westgage claims they loaned you the purchase price of the unit, o-k fine..wheres my receipt to show that i received such value, simple GAAP accounting will show that is not the case…there book -keeping entry will show that they deposited your note into an demand deposite account. your note is fraud because no value was received.

    • Cee says:

      Deryl, How would you suggest we approach Westgate in this manner. I too was scammed by Westgate. I explained to them that my husband’s health had declined and healthcare cost and time devoted to weekly treatments has exhausted our family finances. The letter was sent with an attached letter from the unit he receives his treatments from.

      Well Westgate replied by mail stating to send two months bank statements and asked for specific documents from my husbands doctor. Then, they will send a workout packet to us. I was going to send the info, but time got away from me. So, when I got back to the issue I thought, “bank statements?” this doesn’t sound right, they didn’t ask for “bank statements” when we were hoodwinked into buying a timeshare.

      So anyway, I would be interested in how to challenge them with this.

  28. Veronica says:

    I wanted to let everyone know that NOT PAYING works!!

    I even submitted a complaint through the BBB and noted the other complaints that were EXACTLY THE SAME AS MINE to show that this was NOT a one time incident.

    My problem: I ran into money issues and could barely pay for gas to work. I had JUST gotten the timeshare and had only made one payment towards the mortgage.

    Solution: Mailed a certified letter explaining situation. I was only told they could not help. Filed a complaint with BBB with EXACT SAME WORDING AS LETTER and was given a Warranty Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure. They only asked for a $200 processing fee which I will be paying as soon as they tell me where and who to mail it to. Since I have all this in WRITING because I requested that they ONLY contact me via EMAIL they cannot back out of this deal and start demanding more money. In my response to them I said that I expected this NOT to show up on my credit report as it is a Deed IN LIEU OF Foreclosure, not an actual foreclosure.

    Not to worry people. Just be as aggressive with them at getting rid of it as they were at selling it to you and it WILL WORK!

    • Cee says:

      Hi Veronica,

      Is it possible that you can post the letter you sent? My husband and I have paid five years into this timeshare and never used it. Due to his health, needing a transplant and all we had to reprioritize our finances. I sent Westgate a letter with a letter from the unit he goes to for treatment. They asked for proof of his illness and bank statements. Did they ask you for bank statements? I thought that was odd because we did provide bank statements to get the timeshare.

      Thanks in advance,


  29. Shirley says:

    And now the collection agency is phoning us. Really? Did this happen to anyone else? If so, were you able to get a deed in lieu of?

    • Janet says:

      I have filed complaints with several Central Florida agencies because I did not discover the Florida 10 day cooling off period until I arrived home and was outside the 10 day rescission period to cancel. The BBB contacted Westgate who say we WERE notified of this as it is written on the Purchase and Sale Contract which we signed. We asked the sales agents and notary public, what is the worst case scenario if we sign these documents and then change our minds. Not once was the right to cancel mentioned. Their answer was, we have not had that question before while they continued with their sales pitch about the advantages of being an owner in a 5 star vacation condo.

      The body which regulates what Florida Timeshares can and cannot do, says there has been no violation of Florida law as the law does not state that a buyer must be advised orally, it only stipulates that the 10 day cancellation clause must be written in “conspicuous” type (which my dictionary defines as attracting attention through being unusual or remarkable). Written in upper case on page 15 of the legal documents hardly fits the description of “conspicuous”.

      The Westgate Corporate Office called me April 15 and said, we signed the contract and this rescission clause is written just above our signatures, so because we signed the contract is admission we were made aware of the recission clause. Westgate said we were bound by the contract, we cannot cancel, and they will not make our contract null and void as I requested. They said it was no different than if we had signed a contract for furniture or other. Can you imagine? Comparing buying a condo to buying furniture, a car or similar.

      Florida law protects timeshare shysters but Florida laws need to change to protect one of their most valuable resources, tourists such as ourselves who bring much revenue to the Tourism industry in Florida. There are rules, but there are also exceptions to the rules has been my experience throughout life.

      This whole Westgate experience has left a very bitter taste in my mouth….yes, I should have walked out the minute I got there OR stayed there all night to read the 30 page legal documents.

      In the page of the legal documents with the Do you understand where the NP check yes or no for you, as she asks the questions, , a separate numbered statement should read: Do you understand that you cannot cancel 10 calendar days from the date of signing this contract. Yes. No

      Florida Law needs to be changed. Hoodwinked

      • Stephanie says:

        The Florida timeshare statute 721.01 has a specific definition of ambiguous type. Do NOT give up, file a response back to those agencies. They expect you to give up after their initial response. Remember, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

    • doc ott says:

      If you REALLY want to get rid of them contact “a lady justice” (Pelligrino Law), give them $2k and let them do the work. I got out of my million point Wyndham deed and now use all the thousands I SAVED to book on REDWEEK.
      As for as the “credit hit” simply contact the attorneys again and/or go to:
      Most creditors, when they encounter a credit blemish from a timeshare, will usually ignore it. I’ve had two of them do this for me.

      • doc ott says:

        Oh, yeah. You will get phone calls and mail from many other companies but you will have to ignore them … for about a year.
        You can always just change your phone number to make it easier.

      • joanna says:

        Thank you for your advice…I just got off the phone with Brittany from Pelligrino Law and she is going to take care of everything for $2K and she said that I might be entitled to a refund as well…I will post later to let you know how it goes…it will take from 4 to 12 months she told me. I had a free consultation and she gave me lots of advice. Let me know if anyone wants her phone number…or you can look it up online like I did…her office is based in Largo, Florida. Thanks once again for all your advice, I feel that a whol weight has been lifted off me.

        • LIZ LAWSON says:


        • marijalina says:

          any update? were the lawyers able to help you?

    • Janet says:

      I filed complaints with several agencies in Florida re Westgate including the BBB which someone already said will do nothing and close the case. You are right, BBB contacted Westgate and Westgate told them they did everything legally and we signed the contract and by our signing WERE made aware of the 10 day Florida cooling off period as this was written in conspicuous type on the same page (which was page 15 by the way of the legal documents)as our signatures and Florida law does not require they have to advise orally. My contention is a sale is made when an actual monetary exchange takes place which was when credit card payment was made which was at 2:58 pm and there were no papers or notification to us of the recission period at the time credit card payment was made. The signing of the legal documents was done about 5 pm.

      This is my response from the BBB “Business Name: Central Florida Investments, Inc.

      We have received your most recent correspondence in the above-mentioned complaint case.

      You have indicated that you are NOT satisfied with the business’ response in the matter.

      However, in the judgment of BBB, the business has made a good-faith effort to resolve the matter. Although, we realize that you may still feel the matter is not resolved, we have closed the case.”

      It is still a mystery to me what “good-faith effort” was made by Westgate, other than I received a call from Westgate that told me I was bound by the contract and they still tried to convince me a timeshare was a good thing and why did I change my mind.

      I wish I had run as fast as I could away from that place! I have stopped payment.

      • Patricia says:

        Hi Janet:

        How long did you have this timeshare for? I am on the verge of doing the same thing, stop paying. The only thing that concerns me is if this is reported to the credit bureau. I don’t feel they should reort it because when it bought it was not reported.

        • Janet says:

          We purchased it April 13, 2013 and paid the down payment only which was nearly $4,000. I have spoken with two attorneys and both told me to stop payment which I have done. Someone posted that if one explains to the Credit Bureau that a timeshare is the reason your credit is ruined, it may not affect one. I have no idea.

          • Stephanie says:

            Westgate only reports on your credit when a foreclosure lawsuit is settled with a judgement. A DILF does not have these same ramifications.

        • Lorraine says:

          Hi gang

          My parents had two at westgate,they owned both and I was lucky (not)enough to have had them passed on to me.I have had them for 3 years now,paid the first year and only used one of the two weeks.

          I knew then It wasn’t for me and tried to sell them..yeah right!!!! So I stopped paying two years ago.I never replied to the calls or mailing or emails from them.Today I got a cert letter but wouldn’t sign for it.Has anyone else gotton one of these if so could you tell me what it was about.I don’t want to give them a dime more..Thanks

      • big al says:

        beware of westgate got my 2013 assessment and they have a bad debt fee of 100.00 on it and never had a bad debt with them. owned my week since 1997 and paid cash for it now that I lost my high paying job in aug 2011 and had open heart surgery in dec. 2012 I sent them a letter telling them I was giving them my week back to resell and let someone else have it. don’t want anything in return just give it away and they turned it over to internatonal collection agency for the 2013 maintenance fees. I’m not using it so what is the maintenance for?? lost my 2011 week as for my health and didn’t go to florida for that week so pissed away 600. for a week I didn’t use.

        • big al says:

          everybody check your itemized statement they send you and look for this fee for bad debt maybe we can start a class action suit for them charging this fee. I think they are doing that for their sales people making bad judgment on sales and covering the loss through the owners. sales people are selling to folks that cant really afford it and getting their commission and this is how they recoup the loses.

        • Kate says:

          I bought in 1992. Now they wont take it back. As I live in the UK what should I do. Will I be stopped at the gate when I want to return to the USA. Could it come to that??

        • Jeannette says:

          Hello my name is also jeannette I owned westgate. I bought this on June 27,2014. A few days after called the closing officer and the sales rep to cancel. They gave me the run around. And did not wanted to provide me with the address to send the rescission letter. I found the address on a forum. On July 07,2014 the closing officer call me to tell me that I only had 5 days to cancel. On July 8 I send the letter as a express mail via usps. The rescinding department left me a voice mail saying that I was too late I only had 10 days. I called back the department and a rep. Told me that the information that I needed was on the contract. Which we went over it and I only have the warranty in dee signed only by me. I does not stay how many days I have to cancel or the address to send the rescission letter. I called headquarters and Ms. Gayle Anderson told me that she would call me on Friday, July 18 2014. What should I do.

  30. jen says:

    stopped paying in Oct of last year….sent them a cease and desist letter and i haven’t received any calls since….not sure what will happen…Ive filed complaints with many places….hopefully will see an end sometime….i will not send another penny to them…. wish i would of stopped sooner…

    • joanna says:

      any chance of seeing the cease and desist letter you sent them? [email redacted] I have stopped paying for about 2 months but inundated with phone calls…most I ignore, but it is hard. They have sent me a hardship form to fill out as i am earning much less than before. They say you cannot get a deed in lieu of foreclosure and have been threatening sending it to collection….I am very interested in what you sent them to keep them so quiet.

      • Veronica says:

        I got a Deef In Lieu of Foreclosure. Just keep on then and DO NOT speak to anyone via the phone! Their verbal word is NOTHING.

      • Stephanie says:

        Be careful what type of documentation that you send with your financial hardship package. If Westgate is not HIPAA compliant, they cannot request these documents. This type of documentation is protected under HIPAA regarding your privacy, along with any type of medical documentation.

    • Nelly says:

      Did you go through asking for deed in lieu of foreclosure first, wrote a letter informing them of your inability to pay etc before you stopped paying? I am in a very bad spot financially and has just stopped the automatic payment on my CC.I was advised by them to write them a letter telling them why I cannot pay up and they need to see evidence of the reasons along with three months worth of my bank statement. Do I really need to supply that? A cease and desist letter sounds good. Do I need a lawyer for that?

      • doc ott says:

        Usually, YES you will need a lawyer like Pelligino Law because many of the timeshare companies will continue to LIE. To get it legally straight you will find the legal fee well spent. They do everything.
        But, most of all, STOP PAYING. They can’t do a thing but threaten you.

        • joanna says:

          Westgate sent me the hardship form and I collected all my bills and payslip from work and faxed everything as per their request. Saturday I received a letter from INternational Collection Agency saying that if I don’t notify them within 30 days, that they will obtain a copy of a judgement against me. They told me not to contact Westgate, but, I am still dealing with Westgate…any suggestions as what I should do and can they really obtain a copy of a judgement against me and what does that mean? Who are Pelligino Law? Really appreciate everyone’s comments as it makes me feel that I am not alone in this matter.

      • Stephanie says:

        Be careful what type of documentation that you send with your financial hardship package. If Westgate is not HIPAA compliant, they cannot request these documents. This type of documentation is protected under HIPAA regarding your privacy, along with any type of medical documentation.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Jen.

      I live in the Uk and own a Westgate timeshare (unfortunately)and for the first time I am not paying the maintenance. My brother and I own the timeshare together and the mortgage was paid off about 10 years ago and that was probably the last time we used it. Just can’t afford to get out to the States, as much as we love Florida. Been reading all the comments and makes you feel so much more confident about not paying these thieving b……ds. Like you wished we had just refused to pay when we received the ‘debt collection agency’ the last few years for not paying the maintenance! Instead they made you feel they would just keep coming after you and loading it with more interest! I had so many arguments with Westgate, telling them we don’t want it and to take it back, but they seem to ignore the comments! I hope to god a law comes in that they have to take them back without all this hassle. Good luck all. Amanda

      • Stephanie says:

        Are you a US citizen with a SSN? If not, they have no way of pursuing you to ruin your credit unless you provided them with your English National Security Number. However, they have NOT been known to provide international credit reporting in the past.

        • Emma says:

          Hi Stephanie – like Amanda I live in the UK my ex-husband and I bought in 1997 – my ex has long jumped shipped and I have been paying the maintenance – I cant afford it – I don’t use it but what can they do ?

          • Stephanie says:

            Nothing, they cannot report anything negative. Only you can decide to stop paying, once you do, they will try collection tactics and then they will eventually take the timeshare back. As an international buyer, you have an advantage because they cannot access your credit history.

        • Louli says:

          Sthephanie, we live in the Soth America and own a 1/2 Westgate timeshare we’ve been paying for almost a year, and the mortgage is for 9 years more. Just can’t afford to get out to the States. We have to tell them that we are not paying these lies thieves or we just stop paying, the Dead of Foreclousure has any cost for us?. We should ask for a Dead ofForclousure?. They could charge us the costs of the collection companies?.
          Thank you in advance.

      • Julie says:

        Just read your post.
        I ‘ve owned 2 weeks since 1992 bought with my first husband and then changed into my new partners details in 1997. I have not hardly used and will definitely not be able to use in the next 2 years. I phoned Westgate and said I’m no longer financially able to holiday in America due to struggling bills and could I sign it over to them. I said I was not in a position to pay the maintenance in 2014 and they suggested I start paying a it each week now. I said I wanted them to take it off my hands they said they would charge fees for late payment and refer to debt collecting agency.
        What is your advice please I just now want to get rid of it and not get bad credit

      • Kate says:

        I to am in your situation here in UK. Bought in 1992. Now no longer want it for various reasons. Its paid for but the annual maintenance is no longer viable for me. Today they phoned and so we reluctantly paid this year but now need to do what ever it takes to get out of it for the future. How was the out come of yours. Are they still coming after you??

  31. Shirley says:

    We stopped paying Westgate as well. But today we received a letter from International Collection Agency LLC out of Florida. We live in Canada. I would like to know what this letter “really” means. Can they come after us here?

    • susan says:

      I wont worry about that, I live in the state and stopped paying. if they want it back or you don’t want it back just sign the docs they will send to you in the mail. do no pay anything to sign any document if you want to give it up. they are all thieves.

      • Shirley says:

        Thank you Susan. I would be happy to sign the documents…..just have to get them to send them. They are just awful.

      • joanna says:

        Susan, What documents did they send in the mail to you? So far I quit paying for 2 months and they sent me a hardship form to fill out….they said that there is no Deed in lieu of foreclosure. I also live in Florida and very worried that they might be able to put a lien on my house…

        • Stephanie says:

          They can’t put a lien against your house.

          • Toniette says:

            Hi Stephanie if we signed everything but our Warranty Deed can we get out of this Contract. They forgot to have us sign our Warranty Deed now they Harassing us about signing it and sending it back. We been ing paying on it for 2 months, but we still have not signed the Deed. And we Really don’t want it anymore what should we do? It’s in Orlando Florida

    • rudy says:

      hi shirley,
      i’m from canada also and we have the same story.
      westgate time share scam..not worth investment.
      what we did is we stop paying after 2 months and cancel all the credit card so they won’t collect money…..
      the hard one is collection agency will not stop bothering,torture, scares , sue you , they will send a letter from lawyer and etc. i almost
      have an heart attack..and from my reserch i found out that they are just bluffing..what i did is after a long fight with this collection agency and learn how to make fun of them and tell them do your best shot sir and i’m ready to go to see in the court of justice in canada, hello!!! they stop calling me…
      this will going to have a cross border issue, they will spend money to come here and attend the court trial…they didnt show up , instead westgate send me a letter of forclosure and find a lawyer to sign it, pay the 400$ administration fees(?) and that’s how it’s end up my missery.
      i don’t how this people eats with that scam earning..

      • Shirley says:

        Thank you Rudy for taking the time to reply. My husband and myself both read this msg and it has helped us. Like you, we are very frustrated and angry with Westgate. I wish I could tell everyone to stay the hell away from them. We will send them one and only one letter to notify them they will not get another penny from us so they call and send letter all they want. I am glad your misery with them is over.
        Thanks again

      • Janet says:

        Our wonderful Florida vacation this year ended on a tragic note. We bought a timeshare at Westgate also and biggest mistake ever made. We love Florida and have vacationed there in the past, but went to a timeshare presentation at Westgate not intending to buy but unfortunately did. Westgate did not tell us about the 10 day cooling off period in which to cancel although I asked the question more than once. After getting home to Canada and reading legal documents, there it is in writing and I nearly had a heart attack as it was past the 10 days. Westgate was to contact us within 2 days of arriving home in the event I had any questions. I researched Florida law re cooling off period which says a timeshare seller must make the buyer aware of this option at the time of the signing of the initial contract which did not happen. Surprise, surprise, now, no response from them to answer my phone calls, emails, fax, etc., etc. it is now past the rescission period, but I am a Canadian who will not be taken advantage of. These shysters should be put in crowbar hotel. I see we aren’t the only ones they have scammed. I have filed complaints with the Governor, BBB. And District Attorney’s office. The timeshare presentation was at 11:30 am and we were still there at 5 pm …..and the papers were tucked away in a velcroed pouch that it took two hands to open. Disgusted tourist

        • Shirley says:

          It just keeps happening to more and more people all the time and nothing is done about these crooks. Makes my blood boil. I can not stand it. Stand your ground. Do not pay them any money. That is what we are doing anyway. Scam artists. I hope we succeed as I hope you and everyone else does as well.

        • jen says:

          that sounds all too familier….we too have filed with those places…and more
          hopefully you have stopped paying them any more money!!

        • geeta h says:

          this is the exact thing that happen to us, even the velcro pouch,,,, i am very disgust also.

  32. Veronica says:

    When my husband and I bought our timeshare on our honeymoon at the beginning of February 2013 we were assured that if we ran into financial problems that they would take it back. I paid the first month’s mortgate but now it’s either buy a car to get to work or pay this mortgate. I really didn’t even have the $200 at signing but they talked me into it. I’m in the process of talking to them about it but I’m only in the beginning stages. I fully intend to take actions against Westgate if they do not give me a Deed Back, Mutual Release Agreement, or Deed in Leiu of Foreclosure. I have found that there are others who were told at time of signing that if they ran into financial issues that Westgate would take it back and they did not. I think if enough of us stood up and said that we were told the same thing, EVEN IF THEY DON’T CURRENTLY HAVE FINANCIAL ISSUES, we would really have a case. Just in the 2 hours I was there for my sales pitch there were about 15 sales that were announced. I can only imagine they were were all told the same thing.

    • Jeannette says:

      I have gotten MANY emails about how to get rid of the timeshare- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Be ready to put up with many phone calls and see my older comments concerning sending cert letters. DON”T FEEL BAD. As a matter of fact there is a tv show debuting concerning the owner and his “largest home in America” being built!!!! They call is Versailles- look it up!!! These people are opportunists and will rip you off. stop paying immediately and tough it out…. It did not show on my credit, stop paying for this man’s palace!!!!

      • jen says:

        yes stop paying

        • Patricia says:

          I have a timeshare also and I am tired of them as well…my main concern was that it would go on my credit report. It would be a damn shame if they did report it to a credit bureau considering they gave you a loan under the table to begin with. With the money I am paying monthly I can do something better with it then pay Westgate. This was one of the worst decisions I ever made.

      • Heather says:

        Jeanette, which address did you send your correspondence to? The corporate headquarters in Orlando? Thanks!

  33. jim says:

    i too live in the uk and have not paid my maintenance fees this year.i own at westgate orlando and have paid up my morgage years ago.can anyone tell me what they can do to me here in the uk. i dont care if they forclose or about bad credit ratings,i just want to know what else they can do.
    thanks jim

    • James says:

      Hi Jim,

      As your in the UK they really can’t do anything. It won’t affect your credit rating as you don’t live in the US and their credit ratings system will not find you so it won’t affect you and they won’t be able to action it against your UK rating as it was in another country. They can’t file any form of petition against you or for that matter send you any court letter or such against you as its too small an amount and would be too expensive for them to try anything useful. So your pretty much safe. In fact the only thing they can probably do is beg you for the money..and they know where that will get them…:-) hence thats why they won’t be contacting you again.

      • Shirley says:

        Today we got a letter from International Collection Agency LLC out of Orlando, Florida. I looked into it and they are legit. Just not sure how far this Collection Agency will take this. I have read where others get a “deed in lieu of” and then we get a Collections Agency? We paid them over half of the money so we don’t owe a ton but they are liars. They push you to make a decision and then don’t honour what they say. I am so frustrated.

      • jim says:

        thank you james for your reply,you have cheered me up no end.it is a bit of a worry when they keep phoning me.but i just hang up now.i will post now and again to let others know how things turn out.best of luck everyone
        jim in uk

        • Emma says:

          Hi JIm

          Is there any update ?

          I live in the UK too and am just about to not pay 2014 fees but as I am a single mum I am not relishing the backlash

        • Kate says:

          Hi Jim, please let me know how you ended up with them. Did they get to you in the UK. It scares me that they may do this.

    • patricia says:

      Hi Jim
      I live in Germany and after reading all these comments I have the courage now to stop paying Maintenance & taxes. Recently I got a letter saying: if your accout is not satisfied in full within 60 days of the date of this letter, your account may be placed with an outside collection agency.
      I am scared to death and I always paid because of fear. I bought this TS on 1997 and did not use it in the las 12 years appr. I tried to put it to sale twice and paid for it without any success. I cannot do this to my son and let him live with this burden after my death … Year after year just did not try to think of this and always paid to avoid getting problems with them. So what now? I am really fed up, and can´t do this anymore. What do you think ? 60 days are almost over, and sell it living so far away is almost impossible. Thanks in advance for your answer. Regards, patricia

      • Veronica says:


        From my research in this, your son is NOT required to take anything you own after your death. He can refuse to accept it. At least that it my understanding of US law, not sure how that works in Germany but I can only assume it would be similar.

        • patricia says:

          Hi, many thanks that´s a relief ! a piece of good news at least. Now I am trying to find out if they can follow me in germany, cutting my credit and credibility regarding businesses in gral. This is a real nightmare. Two months are over so . … this time I am not going to pay. Let´s see what happens.

          • rodrigo says:

            Hi Patricia. I am from Chile. Thank you for sharing your experience. We are in a similar situation from 1994. I would like to know what happens with your case, when you have news. (Sorry, I dont speak english)

  34. Deb says:

    I have been given the opportunity to aquire a 2BR Villa with a loft for the maintenance fees only and to use every other year. I was going to do it but after reading this blog…..I’m scared to death. I thought it would be good for our family to use since it is so close to orlando for the grandkids. It is located in Ocoee Florida. Why can’t I get info on that particular resort? Sooooo it would be a mistake to do this?????? Help me. I looked at the top 10 timeshare companies and they don’t seem to be this bad. What do I do????? I’m afraid of extra fees above and beyond the maintenance fees….What are they?

    • Claudius says:

      Don’t EVER buy a timeshare, and especially not one from Westgate. Period.

    • Terri says:

      Do not do it. They increase the maintenance fees frequently. There are a lot of hidden fees associated with Westgate usage. Please do not buy a timeshare. Staying in a 5-star resort hotel for all of your vacations would be cheaper over a lifetime than buying into a timeshare scam (yes, it is a scam).

    • James says:

      Deb as others have said avoid it at all costs. My wife, daughter and I just returned from Orlando and ended up buying a westgate timeshare. Thankfully we got back and cancelled immediately and got our money back even though they told us we wouldn’t and the whole lot of lies they told us and phone calls to keep us interested past a 10 day rescind period. But the fees will mount, it’s around $800 every other year, plus you will have to pay interval international(II) every year which is around $80 yearly. These costs will rise yearly as will the maintenance. thats $960 to use every 2 years. The interval internal sceme that allows you to swap your villa will cost another $200 approx each time and their apparent great deals you might be able to get are almost impossible to get. You can easily get a week somewhere for $1000, and not be stuck to the Westgate or II. As an example we live in the UK. We checked the II book for any hotels in London as that would be the place most visitors come to. Their were NO hotels in London with II…and the nearest hotels were in the middle of nowhere you’d want to be. So it’s basically a bunch of useless hotels in the middle of nowhere if you swap with II. So stay away.

  35. judy says:

    we stop pay our timeshares few months ago,we owe them only 1600 but we had enough,they raise tax and they said is not going to happen plus they show us new suit but at the end we got junk ,this is what they call 5 star ,we use only once and everything was wrong,we from canada .I don’t understand how law is on their side,what kind the law is this that you legally can rob people ..Westgate should return all money to people who they lied.

  36. Christina says:

    What do you do if you don’t have the money to do the deed in lieu of foreclosure?

    • Stephanie says:

      I didn’t pay a cent. They told me it would be $250. I told them that I wasn’t giving them another dime of my money. I haven’t heard another thing from them and its been close to a year now. I think my threats to involve an attorney may have also helped.

      • doc ott says:

        There are a lot of people out there with a lot of answers.
        The best one is “stop paying.” And don’t respond to anything. They can’t do a thing.
        I had over a million points with WYNDHAM and calculated that I was simply paying TOO MUCH. Period.
        I contacted aladyjustice.com (Pelligrino Law) , gave them $2k and within a few months Wyndham offered me a DIL (Deed in Lieu of forclosure). I signed it and never paid another dime. THey went away. I ultimately saved thousands. Let the attorney do it.

  37. Linda says:

    Class Action will be good. I will also participate. Anyone understand how to go about it? I am quite ignorant. I could look into it in April unless someone else can do it sooner.

    • Angela says:

      I just found out my timeshare went in foreclosure. Has anyone experienced this with them? I dont want to pay them any more money, but im afraid for my credit.

      • johnny says:

        My timeshare with WG was paid my maintance and taxes kept going up I ask if I could make payments on them, they said no they needed the full amount I said I am willing to pay but I can’t pay the full amount. So I stop paying they foreclosed and now its on my credit that’s not right. Count me in on any action we need to take.

        • doc ott says:

          so what if “it’s on (your) credit?” They hit mine too but I contacted my attorney who had it expunged,as it were. Also, when applying for credit and a timeshare shows up the creditor will usually understand and just ignore it.

    • Tee says:

      Has anyone stepped up for a class action lawsuit!

  38. Jeannette E. says:

    HELLO, People talks and cry and comment. STOP!! I’m too a WG owner and my TS has been paid off and like you all, I’m sick Im tire of the fees etc.
    The fact is WE are not doing anything about it. We should get an attorney and START A COLLECTIVE COMPLAINT MAKE AND SUE THIS PEOPLE AND PRESS CHARGES AGAINST WG.

    • Pat Shumard says:

      I agree hundred percent. Please let me know if you and others do that. I would like to be included.

      • joyce says:

        COUNT US IN ALSO! it is absolutely crazy the way these WG people treat you when you go to the
        go to view the cabins. You are not given any time to think about what is best for
        your situation. “You must decide now, it’s a one time offer & you make this decision
        before you walk out the meeting”. These were the words told to us, no time to look at your own personal affairs. My gut feeling says walk out now but I let them talk me into signing the papers @ that very moment. After leaving the closing I looked for the contract papers so I
        could review them but they could not be found. At the “breakfast” the next morning
        I ask where the contract was & was told there is a “secret” compartment we put them
        in. WHY? Did they not want us to see them until we started home? My husband & I
        want out & need help to do it. We hve stopped making payments & now getting daily
        phone calls. Yes, we will be happy to sign a COLLECTIVE COMPLAINT & SUE THESE
        PEOPLE. Any help is appreciated.

        • Lexy says:

          I got a deed back form from WG, filled it in and emailed it back and no response! when I called to follow up they told me I can NOT deed back! I explained that my husband and I have seperated but they said we still have to pay. We will probably just stop paying. any advice?

          • Robert Arnold says:

            I also own a very expensive unit and to would not only like out but a portiont of my money back for only using my TS once. If ther is any hint of a class action suit i would definetly be in and do whatever i could to help out!

          • Veronica says:

            Never email any documents. Print and send via certified mail.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Jeannette and all that are reading these comments!

      I have a WG in Orlando and I have written to the ‘owners Relationship’ manager in Ocoee to offer them ‘power of Attorney’ to have the property back as we can no longer afford the ridicoulous maintenance fees. Also I have contacted ‘cancelouttimeshare’.com as they offer no win no fee to claim against ‘mis sold’ timeshare and if granted by the court you can recieve between £3-15k less 40% fees, which are only taken if you win! Has anyone else had any dealings, or is this some kind of scam?!

      Thanks for reading


    • Veronica says:

      I am practically a brand new owner but I’ve already run into financial issues and was told at time of sale that if we did they would take it back no problem. Collections calling now after not paying April mortgage and claiming they don’t do that. Finding that others are being told this as well. In the process of taking care of this but if others need my signature on a petition claiming that Westgate promises to take the property back then I’m game.

      • susan says:

        if you want to give up I advise you that this is the time because you haven’t put in that much into it. just sign the paper work and sent it to them. do not pay any extra money to sign paper work. you will be find once you give that piece of crap….not worthy at all in this difficult time

    • Tee says:

      We need to start a social media page because people are from
      All over the world. We should also try to contact 20/20 or that investigative show on ABC!!!!

      • Efren says:

        I am with you!!! Same experience as everyone else, my wife and I gave a down payment for a timeshare with WG in Las Vegas on March 13 2014, and when we got back to the hotel we read all these reviews about WG. We thought we were screwed but we found the document stating we can cancel before the 5th calendar day after we signed the contract. Next day we went back to their offices and let them know we wanted to cancel. The manager told us once we sign the contract we cant cancel it. I said BS!!! The contract states we have 5 days after we signed the contract. She insisted, she told us not in this case because supposedly the property was a foreclosure, and we told her THE CONTRACT NEVER STATES THE PROPERTY WAS A FORECLOSURE PROPERTY!! Then she said she couldn’t do anything because the had already sent our paperwork to the main corporation in Florida. Next day we called Florida, they told us they didn’t received anything, that the person that has to send the cancelation order is the notary, which this hold time she was there also acting like she couldn’t do anything from her behave. All these people should be behind bars!!!

  39. Mrs.Tee says:

    Trying to get rid of my West Gate timeshare that we brought in 2011. We still owe mortgage payments and just got hit with our yearly dues… I need help fast

    • Jeannette Wright says:

      All I can say at ths point is sorry I haven’t been able to answer all of the emails as there have been many… To put this simply be prepared and patient. It took me 6 months of phone calls (I stopped answering them) and then finally after two certified letters to Westgate they called and left me a message saying they wanted to discuss my options. Of course they wanted for me to “work with them” and I said I could not and would not. Then I told them either take it as a forclosure or a deed in liue of forclosure I didn’t care!! Then they said the second option would be better for all of us ( meaning them- they pay far less this way and it goes much quicker). PUSH FOR THE DEED IN LIEU of FORCLOSURE!!! Stand your ground. It did NOT show up on my credit report even 6 months later…. They’ll try to get you to pay $500 but I said no- so $250 and it is done!! Document every call and get the names- then ask for a supervisor…. Start calling them if you have to until they listen. I stoped paying immediately and took my account off of the auto draft too. If you want out stand your ground!!

      • Sonia says:

        Did you just stop paying your payment and did you get a lawyer?

        • Jeannette Wright says:

          I just stopped paying… no lawyer was needed. I consuted one and they told me to stop paying and do what I wrote above…

          • Sonia says:

            Can you send me a copy of your certified letter as to what you said. I really need to get out of mine. Thank you for any help you can provide.


          • Angela says:

            Id be interested in your certified letter too. SO i havent paid in 5 months, it didnt show up on your credit?

          • Anita says:

            Can Westgate ever put a lien on property or your home?

          • joanna says:

            Did you have to fill out a hardship form? They are telling me that they dont do a Deed in lieu of foreclosure. Also, did you ignore alot of their phone calls?

      • abbi says:

        hi jeannette wright,pls i also bought a time share from westgate,can you direct me on how to do the deed in lieu of forclosure that you discussed where it will not show on my credit

      • Arlene callan says:

        Hi jeanette,
        I am very interested in your story about westgate. My husband and I got sucked into purchasing a westgate timeshare in Florida in October 2012, the deal they gave us was to pay a deposit of 2000 dolars, since paying the deposit we have paid 3 monthly instalment of 277 dolars, we are due to pay 7000 dolars next week so we get the remaining monthyly instalments at interest free credit, reading your story has given me the confidence not to pay the 7000 and cancel the standing order with my credit card company, any further advice you can give me would be much appreciated I have been so worried, we live in Scotland in the UK, the westgate customer service is shocking I have spent a fortune trying to get to speak to people and get nowhere, do you think I have a case to claim back the 3000 dolars they got out of me?

        Arlene callan

      • Fabiola says:

        Jeannette, I feel with my hands tied, I really dont want to mess my credit because we are looking for a better house to buy for my family. I got my WG last year and i had paid more than 5k, i want to get rid of it, if you can help me with the letters that you send them

      • susan says:

        nice job!!! I just didn’t pay a dime for any foreclosure….I almost did but thank God I didn’t. stand your ground is a way to go…..

      • Cee says:

        Hi Jeanette,

        I recently stopped paying my Westgate Mortgage. I got a new credit card number and decided not to update them. Here I am for five years (was hoodwinked in 2008) struggling to make ends meet, can’t afford house or car repairs because I have been faithful in paying “them” not to mention can’t afford to even get back to Orlando Florida.

        I explained to them that my husband’s health had declined and healthcare cost and time devoted to weekly treatments has exhausted our family finances. The letter was sent with an attached letter from the unit he receives his treatments via fax.

        Well Westgate replied by mail stating to send two months bank statements and asked for specific documents from my husbands doctor. Then, they will send a workout packet to us. I was going to send the info, but time got away from me. So, when I got back to the issue I thought, “bank statements?” this doesn’t sound right, they didn’t ask for “bank statements” when we were hoodwinked into buying a timeshare.

        Honestly, I just want to be done with Westgate. My husband is in need of transplant and may not live long enough to receive one. Given his condition, we don’t even have life insurance on him. How do you suggest I approach Westgate. I am also behind in M&T fees , I guess four years worth since you pay every other year.

        Should I wait a certain number of months to send a certified letter or should I send it right away? Also can I get a copy of the certified letter you sent?

        Thanks Again,


      • Jon says:

        I am in the same situation and would be very interested in your help with the letter and who you sent it to. Thanks so much!

  40. rachel mcgahan says:

    hi i have a new contract with westgate after the first one was wrong so they cancelled my old one, i havent signed the new one yet but i am being chaced for money does this mean i can get out of it as it is not signed 6 mths on !

    • Stephanie says:

      Your rescission period is still open, send them a written request to cancel. As soon as they sent you the new contract to sign, it reopened your rescission period.

  41. paul says:

    Hi guys I am flabbergasted at some of the comments and the time of year has come that I need to pay my yerly $800.00. I live in the UK and fell in the trap and paid cash for week 33 in Westgate Vacation Villas. Since then my circumastances have changed considerably and I reall dont know what to do. i dont have any cash as divorced and my health is failing. What can I do guys. The deeds sit here and I have not got the kind of cash anymore than meant I can visit America. I am so frustrated. Anyone with a clue of what I can do? I would appreciate some advice

  42. Patsy Tackett says:

    We bought a timeshare in 08…and a bunch of lies…we have never gotten to stay when we want too…and the last time we stayed our clothes were stolen from the cabin we were in..this was in Smoky mts. Westgate…I hate westgate and I advise everyone to NEVER buy from any timeshare….Westgate lies, and will never apologize when your things are stolen…I beleive it was staff that stole our things…I HATE WESTGATE…

    • Jeannette Wright says:

      I just closed out the westgate I owned via Deed in Lieu of Forclosure…. I only paid $250 for the transaction and I am done!!! It took several months of phone calls and me frankly telling them via ceret. letters that I was done…. yes this is true. If you want more info please respond and I’ll pass it on 🙂

      • patsy tackett says:

        Hi Jeannette, I am very interested in how you got rid of Westgate…they are disgusting…and I really detest them…Please reply to pjat@bellsouth.net
        thanks in advance..

        • Candice says:

          Jeannette I am also interested as well. Last month we decided to stop paying, we just can’t take it anymore! I don’t want to post our whole story but I have “flushed” money away to 2 companies to sell it, tried to combine it with my father in law’s it is a mess. Please give us some insight.

        • Gene says:

          Patsy, did you ever reveive the information from jeanette wright? I really would like to have it. Westgate has really pissed me off.

          • Patsy says:

            Yes Gene, I got the information from Jeanette, however, she was getting rid of her timeshare due to a hardship… I called them and was told I had to pay..I had no hardship and they would not even speak to me about giving it back…So I didn’t want to ruin my credit so I am still paying…Sure wish I had not gotten into this mess …It is like flushing your money down the toilet..

      • Christine says:

        Jeannette — please send more info to me as well… I’m currently battling with them over a Vacation Villa 2 bedroom in Orlando. Divorce is the reason I need to get rid of it. 🙁 Thank you!!

        • Jeannette says:

          Christine drop me an email the above address on my comment below Candice

          • tara says:

            I read your posts on a forum and I was wondering if you can give me some advice. My fiance and I were scammed into buying a timeshare 5 days ago at Planet Hollywood. We were told we have a recission period for time shares, but we did not realize foreclosures do not have this option. Once we got home we saw all the paperwork we were never shown by the wolves at WG put into our package after purchase. We were never shown a form that we cannot cancel, we did not initial or sign it either like it requires. Our names are typed in by a computer. We signed the second page of that document but there is no info on it about no revocation option. We have paid $1000 deposit which I am disputing with my credit card company and I have blocked the rest of the deposit and further payments. If there is no deposit how do I have ownership. We were told we have unlimted use because thats from the original deed but calling them today we were told we have only 1 week!

            p.s We are from Canada, how will this impact our credit do you know? We have no idea who to contact for help.

            Happy Holidays,
            Tara Azimi

          • Stephanie says:


            Please look at your documents to be sure you purchased directly from Westgate. At Planet Hollywood, Westgate was selling other owners inventory to a new owner without the new owners knowledge. Basically everyone thought they were buying directly from Westgate. Due to this, Westgate claims it is a resale transaction and you are not entitled to a rescission period.

      • Brandi says:

        Hi Jeannette! My name is Brandi and
        I am very interested to know what steps you took
        To get rid of your timeshare.
        Please respond.
        I am so frustrated with the calls, letters and lies!
        Thank you in advance,

        • Jeannette says:

          Brandi email me ok… see above…

          • Amanda says:

            Hi Jeannette.

            Been reading all these replies, and we want to get rid of our Westgate timeshare. I own one in Orlando and like you say can’t afford the $800 maintenance, as also can’t afford to go out to the States! We own the deeds, as it was paid off years ago. Can also do Deed in lieu, as want out of it to. Appreciate your help.

        • Stephanie says:

          Hi all, I too was able to get out of my contract. I feel sick when I think of all the money I wasted, but I’m glad it’s over. I stopped paying my monthly payment. They called me for over three months before I spoke with them. When I did, I told them I had no intention of paying another dime to their scam. The calls went on for another 4 to 5 months. The last calls they made told me they would accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure, but that I would have to pay a $250 processing fee. Once again, I told them they weren’t getting any more from me. I signed the D.i.l.o.f. And haven’t heard from them since…that was about three months ago. I also haven’t seen anything on my credit report. My advice is to stop paying immediately and tell them that you’re not paying anything else. Let them offer you the d.i.l.o.f. And sign it as quickly as possible. I hope this helps.

          • anissa thomas says:

            we asked for the deed in lieu but were told we caouldnt have it. instead thaey said they would sell it for us but we had to give them power of attorney so they could show it and sell it….whatever….. we didnt pay anything, we just signed the power of attorney papers and had them notorized, thats been probably 6 months ago. We havent heard anything. It hasnt gone on our credit. You would thing they would call or mail us or something but then I remember who we are dealing with….crooks

          • judy says:

            thanks stephanie for writing that,we stop pay them,they ripp us ,we not going to give them not even cent ,everything what they said was big fat lie

          • Jim says:

            I got the letter for DiLoF, they said it would cost $1500 processing fee, or discounted if I respond within 7 days of the letter. I was told that it shouldn’t cost a dime. Did yours go through without costing you a dime ?

      • Tiffany says:

        I am curious as to how you got out of Westgate timeshare.

      • Linda says:

        Dear Jeannette, I would love to get more info on how you did the Deed in Lieu of Forclosure with Westgate. This would be the best holidays present anyone could give me!

      • Joyce Cantrell says:

        We just bought @ Westgate gatlinburg & since have had things arrise that we need to get out of this contract. In your statement you said to contact you for info on how to get out of this in leiu of foreclosure. Please let us know what to do as we no longer want/need/ nor can afford this timeshare. thank you so much for your help

        • Curlysue says:

          You have a 10 day recission period! Look in your packet that you were given. I’m sure all the information is hidden and you will have to look for it, but it should be there. You have to send certified letters to Westgate stating that you want rescend your contract. IT MUST BE POSTMARKED BEFORE THE 10 DAY PERIOD IS UP!!

      • yvette says:

        Please send me information on that deed in leiu of foreclosure
        Email (redacted)

      • Mrs.Tee says:

        Need help to get out of my timeshare

      • Joanna says:

        Hi Jeannette,
        I am sure by now that you have had many emails regarding your foreclosure. Please would you let me know how you went about doing this without ruining your credit history….I currently own a westgate in orlando and still owe about $7000 on it and want to get out. Thank you in advance,


      • Sonia says:

        Please send me more information on how to get them to speak with you.

      • Larry says:

        Jeannette I am tired of Westgate. I still owe around $4500 and can no longer afford to pay. Please explain how you got rid of your timeshare!

      • Paul Stephen says:

        Hi Jeanette,

        I’m from the UK, I’ve also experienced the crap service of WG having purchased a timeshare in 2008. I also took out a mortgage as well, which I’ve stopped paying and the annual fee of $800 which I’ve not paid.
        Can I get sight of any letters which I need to send or the WDIL form.
        Outside of the UK I do not think that they have a chance of touching the credit bureau’s etc as different countries have different laws?

        Let me know when or if you fancy coming to the UK and we’ll look after you

        Kind Regards

        Paul and Lesley Stephen

      • Anita says:

        Hi Jeannette; I would like any info on how you began this and what you wrote in letters. I can deal with the harrasment I know they will give if we stop paying, I’m just not willing to do it if they can put a lien on our home. I’ve heard both, they can and they can’t. Appreciate any help !
        Thanks !

      • Anita says:

        For all the hundreds of comments I’ve read, on one says if they own a home or property and if Westgate ever put a lien on their property. PLEASE, someone let me know this. I am willing to go through the calls and harrassment, even being put on credit report, but not losing my home or have a lien and maybe have to pay it someday if I want to sell home. We live in Georgia, timeshare is in Tennessee.

        • Stephanie says:

          They can’t put a lien on your home and they do not report on your credit until they get a foreclosure judgment. You can avoid that by accepting a DILF.

      • Rovert Branche says:

        Hi Jeannette could you please provide me with some more detailed information. Thus far I have cancelled my credit card placed a block on Westgate and have disabled the automatic payment feature. So please if you have any information procedure wise to end this contract.

        Rovert Branche

      • Wendy says:

        Ok I have about a year left to pay and have never used. We owe 3k plus in fee. I want out. We can’t afford this and making payment is all we can do. Love to do the in lieu of forclosure. What info did you put in the cert. letter?

        • Cee says:

          Wendy, as I have been doing research many previous owners just stop paying and cease contact with the timeshare. Letters and phone calls from you gives them the impression that you will give them more money. If you pay off your loan lieu of foreclosure option goes out the window. it usually takes close to a year of non-payment and no communication from the owner to get lieu of foreclosure. keep doing your research, i forget which forum i got this info from.

          Good Luck

      • Anita says:

        Jeanette, I am about to stop paying again, did this once but gave in and caught.What did you write in your initial cert. letter? thanks for your help.

      • Michele Wilder says:

        I am very interested in learning how you got rid of your timeshare. I currently own one with my brother and sister-n-law and we stopped paying two months ago. Avoiding phone calls is no fun but I answered today and the guy told me that after tomorrow it will go to a third party collection. Please please advise what we need to do.
        Michele Wilder

    • Pat Shumard says:

      Our account with Westgate has been paid off for years. All of a sudden Westgate’s Collections Department says we owe them nearly $10,000. We even have documentation from Westgate stating our account was paid off. We are not going to let them get away with ripping us off.

      • Jeannette says:

        You have to stay strong and be ready to put up with a lot of calls and keep sending them cert letters asking for a deed in lieu of forclosure… It took me 8 months, but I am DONE!! It did not show on my credit either( all three ). This company is in $$ trouble already, save yourself. If you do have to go through forclsoure, it is not the same as a HOME forclosure. Don’t allow them to take another dime….. GOOD Luck!!

        • Marcell says:


          I did a deed in lieu of forclosure in summer of 2012, paid Westgate their required fee of$450 and thought I was done with them forever. Today I received a Form 1099A, Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property for balance of outstanding property, meaning I’m being hit with taxes on the the unpaid principal. I intend to contact a Florida attorney on Monday.

          • Gene says:

            Marcel, honestly I’d take that hit. Even though we can afford it, it’s a nightmare trying to book a date. Just nothing seems to align with them.

          • Atchang Alcoseba says:

            The same thing happened to me. Signed the deed in lieu of foreclosure and then received 1099-A in the mail. I was in the same boat with you initially when i thought i was gonna take a hit in my taxes. I was wrong. Thank God, I dont have to file that 1099a form. I already did my taxes and talked to a turbo tax specialist about it. I was relieved that i dont have to file that form!

          • Alex says:

            Did you guys just stop paying or did they contacted you? Our payment isn’t due until the end of the year.

    • Rick Rod says:

      Was your timeshare with Planet Hollywood towers if so did they try to offer you Power of Atorney first.

  43. Ed says:

    I purchased a re sale unit in Westgate villas in 99 with my first wife. We used it a few times but needed to sell it. Could not sell it . Stopped the maint fees for 2yrs and was able to transfer the ownership to a cousin for the amount of fees owed. They live in New York and was happy to get it just as much as i was to get rid of it. Its one less headache to deal with

  44. David Davies says:

    anyone who has a 2 or 4 bedroom at westgate planet hollywood i would take it off your hands

  45. Mike says:

    First, let me say that when it comes to timeshare, the message is not buyer beware, but the message is DON’T DO IT. I to, am a Westgate timeshare owner. I own a planet hollywood towers unit. Second, my unit is fully paid off and I am suing Westgate for breach of contract. Third, I would advise people never to go to a time-share presentation, never buy a timeshare. If you have bought a timeshare and find that you are not using it, then by all means get rid of it. In my case I was not given what I contracted for and that is the heart of my case. Most people do not make sure all the t’s and i’s were dotted and crossed, and end up suffering at the hands of these Timeshare deveopers, or companies. There is a big difference between what the sales staff offers you and what the contracting branch writes in the contract. Most people never get what they are offered, and suffer as a result. Although legal, that doesn’t make it right. I’m not sure I would use foreclosure as a means to get rid of a timeshare, but owning something that you didn’t bargain for and being lied to and taken advantage of, puts people in a corner they should never have to be in. Legal fees are beyond exorbitant, what they charge in an hour I don’t make in a week, and I am not exaggerating. In any case what people sign up for can’t be challenged legally, again that doesn’t make it right. So, I can see many people’s only recourse as being foreclosure, especially if it is not what you were offered and turns out to be far less than you wanted. Again, the message is not buyer beware, as regards to timeshare, the message is DON’T DO IT.

    • Anissa says:

      Ours is Planet Hollywood also, I feel the same as you. It seems everyone on this blog does. My question is, with this many people that dont even know each other sharing the same story, why cant we do something about this?

    • Pat says:

      My husband and I are also Westgate owners. We have thought about suing Westgate. We did not get what the salesperson promised. I would love to know how your lawsuit goes.

    • Linda says:

      Hey Mike, I’d love to join your cause. I own a unit at Westgate Town Center. In 2010 I was refused the use of a certain week which was in my contract. I even had a higher up manager review my complaint and he insisted that I could not use it since “the rules had changed.” Only after our vacation did I find out that I did have a right to use that week. I cost me about $1000 to stay somewhere else.

      • Mike says:

        Hey Linda,

        at present the court is considering our motion for summary judgment. If they rule in our favor
        Westgate will have been found in breach of contract. The judgment should be made sometime
        by early Dec. when it is I will let you know the result, and talk further with you regarding your
        situation and your options.

        • Linda says:

          Please do contact me, Mike. May you have success at court which will be a service to us all.

          • Mike says:

            Judge still has not issued a decision. Should be no later than Jan 2013, should be this month in Dec. but still no news. Will keep all updated when it comes.

          • Patsy says:

            Mike have they made a decision yet? This Feb. when I am writing this..very interested to know what they decided..we all need to do a class action suite, however I am not sure what it entails.

        • Lina Espinosa says:

          please contact me im an owner @ Westgate resorts lake in Orlando, lots of money paid and never really used it… i still dont understand how is that they get away with what they pormised people…

      • Gene says:

        Linda I have had the same exact issue with WTC. They always say that week is a holiday or “yeah it changed from when you originally purchased” or “your upgrade changed the original terms”. I’m trying to get out quickly. Let me know how it works.

        • Linda says:

          Gene, I sent a certified letter in November. In it I clearly stated examples of Westgate not meeting it’s contract and the “spirit” of the contract. Due to this “breach of contract” I explained that I will not pay any more dues/taxes why it is in their best interest to accept a Deed in Liu of Forclosure: prevent bad press, prevent more financial loss. They called in December with an offer: pay$1200-1500. I refused. My attorney advised 1. call or write after each delinquent notice to refer to my first letter 2. be polite and document who I spoke to 3.If they sue, just tell the judge of the Breach of Contract and ask for a refund of the purchase price on top of the Deed in Liu of Foreclosure!
          I’ll keep you all informed.

          • joanna says:

            Did you have to go through a collection agency as well? They are asking for a hardship form to be filled out with information on my salary, bank account, bills etc….not sure what to do, even though I have taken a hit on my income…are you able to share that breach of contract letter you sent them. they promised me that I could get up to 6 cabins on a cruise in exchange for my week at Westgate…I cant even get one cabin without paying more….Joanna

    • tara says:

      Mike, we were not promised what we signed for! We bought 5 days ago and found out we can’t cancel it bec we purchased a foreclosure. We were told we would have unlimited use. Our paperwork indicates 1 week…among other lies. We’ve paid a $1000 deposit and I’m putting a stop to all the other payments that will be coming through. I don’t know who to contact all the way from Canada. Any advice?

      • Mike says:

        Best Advice: Get a lawyer immediately. Everything else you have done is RIGHT SPOT ON. LET the credit card company fight with them. O’h, be sure to notify “the wolves” in writing immediately, send it certified and notarize it.

      • Jason says:

        Hi Tara my name is Jason and I am from Manitoba. I just got back from Vegas yesterday and bought into the westgate resorts deal at the planet Hollywood towers(foreclosure) which I see is non existent . Can I speak to you about this?

        • Amy says:

          Hi I am wondering if anyone from Canada knows if they can even affect our credit? If so what do we have to do to get out of our timeshare…. we have been paying $200 a month for almost 3 years for our planet hollywood timeshare and still owe over $9000. I could have sworn we were told it would be paid off in 5 years obviously this is not going to happen.

    • Stephanie says:

      They can be challenged legally!!! You need an attorney that is well versed in timeshare law, not simply a real estate attorney. Only 10% of the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act applies to timeshare and each state has their own timeshare laws. Most timeshare attorneys charge a base fee and do not charge hourly because the process is lengthy and the timeshare Developers like to draw it out so that the consumer runs out of money or the attorney simply loses interest.

  46. Lily says:

    My husband and I bought a ts in orlando Fl on nov 2011 while we were on out honeymoon
    and after 2 months we are regretting our purchase. We want out but where do we start? do we just stop making payments or do we talk to them first?

  47. SUSAN says:

    we bought ours in 2003 and 2004 then change it to points with the english site but now just want to stop paying maintance would be willing to give it back to both but have been caught so many times by companys who are not legal but sound convinceing. Now we are hoping to retire but this stops us in case we fininsh up in a court and loose our house. how does people get round this problem.,

  48. Matthew says:

    Just to let you know, I stopped paying on my timeshare and now have a foreclosure on my credit. It is the same kind of foreclosure as if my house had been foreclosed on. My wife and I are trying to buy a house and we got denied because of this.

    Caveat emptor.

    • IWonderIF says:

      Something doesnt sound right – Do you have any other credit issues- how is it being reported – You can see my post above in regards to the same deal on my report. The only posted the KD to Experian – At its lowest point my score bottomed out at 630 – but then again I had perfect credit until then and this is the only think on my report thats a negative… This was in 08. I have had a home for 10 year prior – we have then sold that house and just purchased a new one about a year and a half ago with out any issues –

      • Eduardo says:

        I have a question for you> I paid in full, after years trying everything like everybody else I decide it is no way out so I accepted loose my 20K but I do not want to keep paying “taxes and Maintenance” QWuestio what happenned if I stop paying? how is the process

        • Karen says:

          I believe it is considered a foreclosure, just like when you don’t pay taxes on your home if paid in full you can still lose it. You might want to call the westgate finance company


        • Stephanie says:

          The property owners association can foreclose on it. This is separate from the loan and Developer.

    • S.Joy says:

      Was your timeshare with Westgate?

  49. JPK says:

    I am in the UK, bought my Westgate in 05 and have paid it off in full. I actually wrote to them about 20 days after purchase to cancel but they said the time limit was 10 days.

    Anyway, I simply want rid and was thinking of not paying my maintenance fees any more. What would be the consequences for me in the UK?

    • Debbie says:

      Thus far, Westgate has no locations worthwhile that I would be interested in staying. But, I’m interested in discussing taking over your responsiblity for yearly maintenance fees if you’re interested in getting rid of your timeshare that’s located in a place that I can use. I currently own one that is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, but would prefer another location and wish I could get someone to take over it as well. If you’re interested in further discussion, email me djg7@cdc.gov to discuss further.

    • Suzette says:

      Where is your timeshare located? I am interested in getting it from you.

    • alan says:

      Hi JPK
      Did you ever find away of getting rid of your Westgate timeshare we own and live in the UK and cannot keep up with the maintenance payments anymore.

      • JPK says:

        In Nov 2011 I completed the ‘Voluntary Deed Back’ that Westgate sent me out and returned this. As my timeshare was bi-annual I was up to date with fees.
        I heard nothing from Westgate until 2012 when they sent a bill for 2012 maintenance fees. I emailed saying I had deeded back the timeshare and wouldn’t be paying anything further.
        Then they sent a debt-collection letter.
        I emailed again and eventually someone responded saying that if I wanted to deed back I would have to pay outstanding 2012 maintenance fees ($700) plus a charge of $1,250. So around $2,000 to give it back!
        I responded saying that they should take my letter as official notice that I shall not be paying any furtehr amounts to Westgate and their charges were unreasonable and unfair.
        There hasn’t been contact for 1 month or so.

        • Patsy Tackett says:

          I wish I could deed mine back..They are getting really bad, If you keep your week from year to year they are now charging 140.00 to book your week. There is nowhere in my contract that says you will be charged such a fee..And maintance is over 600.00 this year. Please tell me how you got a deed back contract to give it back, I have tried to give mine back and they tell me there is no way out of the contract..I don’t want to ruin my credit but I HATE WESTGATE..

        • Kev says:

          Hi JPK
          Can you email me the detail of what you did. Im about to start the same process (redacted)



          • Paul Stephen says:

            Hi Kev,

            My name is Paul, also from the UK and unfortunately a WG owner as well. I still have a small mortgage on the property from 2008. I’ve stopped payments but what can they do to us in the UK?

            Did you sort yours out?



    • Paul Stephen says:

      HI JPK,

      My name is Paul, also from the UK and unfortunately a WG owner as well. I still have a small mortgage on the property from 2008. I’ve stopped payments but what can they do to us in the UK?

      Did you sort yours out?



      • Jim says:

        If you send them the deed in leiu of foreclosure, (without any processing fee), it is much cheaper for them to accept that and drop the issue, than to proceed with a foreclosure. They sent me the DiLF and a letter telling me to pay $1500 if I wanted to return the DiLF. Ha, No friggin way. It doesn’t cost anything for them to accept the DiLF, but it sure would cost a lost more than that to foreclose. Still waiting for the outcome.

        • abbi says:

          Pls jim,how to you get the deed in lieu forclosure,will really appreciate it.thank you

          • Jim says:

            Well they just sent it to me after so many months of non-payment. And they said If I wanted to sign it and send it back with $1500 that would take care of everything. Well I sent it back but No money. They will have to either accept it or foreclose. It would be very stupid for them to spend $ on a foreclosure when they have the DiLF in their hands.

        • joanna says:

          Jim, did you have to deal with a collection agency? They are telling me that they do not do a DILF…I have to fill out a hardship form and send it to them with all my details….

      • gary says:

        I am in an almost identical situation to yourself. And I’m desperate to get rid of my timeshare.
        Please let me know how you started the process. I didn’t want to just stop paying the mortgage but don’t see how to move forward.

        Many thanks in advance.

        • Paul Stephen says:

          Hi Gary,

          I’ve stopped paying the mortgage as well mate. A friend of mine is a Solicitor and says they can’t touch me. What is the mortgage paid against as we have no real asset. Not paid now for 3 months on any monies to Westgate, I’ll let you know if I hear anything



          • Gary Allen says:

            Thanks! Think I may have to just follow suit.
            email is [redacted]
            Grsteful if you could pass on any extra details if you get them.
            Buyers remorse? Hell yes!

          • Paola says:

            Any update with your case? Have you heard from them?

        • RSG says:

          Just to let you know i have been through every emotion that everyone else has felt on here. I too, went through a bad divorce, in which the judge awarded the property to her. I was ever so thankful, but in the end Westgate doesn’t honor the quit claim deed. So i qiit paying about 4 years ago, still receive letters, and mail, i don’t respond, they sent it to collections about 2 years ago. I did not respond. I received a letter stating it has been reported to the credit agency, I did not respond. I have not seen any change. I’m not paying one red cent. Personally dont care what they do, or how they do it. You can’t take blood from a turnip. I will take my chances. I personally want to foreclose to get rid of it, because as i see it, that may be the only way. For some reason, even then, i figure i will be haunted with this the rest of my life. Hopefully, there will be a day when national/state laws govern or disallow these scams. Who knows!

  50. smith says:

    I have heard that they have many fake callers to say they are from Legal, credit bureaus, etc- to try and get people to pay. My attorney told me to ignore all calls and let them do all their dirty work and threats- I am following that advice. But you may want to ask your own attorney.

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