Westgate Timeshare Orlando – Can I Stop Paying

Hi, firstly I’d like to say thanks to anyone who replies to me.

Florida Westgate TimeshareMe and my partner go to Orlando every year for the last 6 years, we were talked into going to an opening at a new hotel Westgate. We were then showed around and sweetened up by this lady explaining how good hotel was. We told her that we vacation for 2 weeks every year, and she started going on about this timeshare how good it be for us.

Now, 6 months later, we can’t afford it as my hours have been cut at work. I’m trying to talk my partner into just walking away and let whatever happen happen. The timeshare we have is an all season one week. My partner is worried of the consequences if we stopped paying; she is worried that we wouldn’t be able to holiday in Florida again if we stopped paying. I think she is worried about getting arrested or jailed. I’ve tried to explain that they can’t arrest us or stop us entering America, and decided to put this post up to see if get any answers and to prove how silly she is thinking these silly things.

Thanks so much if I get any help!

Point to Point to Westcoast Timeshare to Crelogix

My husband and I joined Point to Point Timeshare in Vancouver BC, which changed to Westcoast Timeshare. We were asked if we owned a home to begin with we said no, but we did have a motor home (jokingly). The guy said good enough and signed us up on that. We were financed by Travelers acceptance which changed to Crelogix when they changed to Westcoast.

Since then they merged with Vacation Internationale and went Bankrupt, we thought our payments were then going to Vacation Internationale, but they weren’t. I canceled the payments, and they changed the total to a different total to get the money out of my bank 4 times I phoned them to ask if we could make smaller payments to them until we can afford to pay in full, they said No.

Crelogix TimeshareWhen we first signed they asked for a list of people we knew who might like a timeshare, and now they are harrasing the people on that list and talking about us not paying our bills, my husband is worried that they are going to start calling his work.
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