What Happens To My Timeshare After I Die?

Personal Property Timeshares and Probate

What happens to your timeshare after you die depends on which type of timeshare you have. Timeshares fall into two categories: Real Property Timeshare Interests and Personal Property Timeshares. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.  

Personal Property Timeshare, also called “Right to Use,” is when you purchase a membership (interest) in a timeshare company. You can use this membership to stay at any of the timeshare properties around the world, usually for one to two weeks at a... Read the rest of this entry »


Like everyone else, we (my husband and I) were fooled and lied to, forced in buying Westgate Timeshare.

We have one child currently in college and another one going to college soon. We couldn’t afford to pay our monthly dues any longer and now We are afraid that when it’s time to apply for Parents Plus Loan for our kids we would not get approved due to Westgate/Pinnacle will report to credit bureau. Is that really the case?

Please advise. Any suggestions?

- Eva


Class Action Lawsuits Against Timeshare Companies

Does The Deceived Consumer Ever Win?

A class action lawsuit against a timeshare company.

Synonymous with timeshare sales is consumer deception: The timeshare industry is changing rapidly with the advent of two recent public litigation proceedings that ended positively for consumers. Many timeshare companies are huge conglomerate multi-million dollar institutions that rely on false promises to get individuals to buy into vacation time as a lifelong commitment.

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