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What Is Lando Resorts? Timeshare Help Resource

A Brief History, Its Affiliated Institutions And Where They Are Located

Lando Resorts Corporation (LRC) was founded in 1996. It is the engine behind forty three different affiliated resort locations across the continental USA, and continues to operate today. 

Behind the glossy, fun in the sun filled images of one of LRC’s affiliated companies Vacation Village Resorts are one star reviews, lawsuits, and deeply dissatisfied consumer experiences. Some of the units are available for purchase for as low as $1, so desperate are many owners to find a way out of their timeshare commitment. 

So, what is going on with LRC, and why are so many property owners dissatisfied? Here you will find a brief history of the company, a list of associated resorts, and a window into some of the consumer experiences within this conglomerate company.

History Of Lando Resorts Corporation: The Institution Behind Vacation Village Resorts

Founded in 1996 Lando Resorts Corporation has spread its reach across the country. Despite its widespread colonial-like presence, you will not find much about the company itself by doing a basic Google search. This is because LRC owns the banner company Vacation Village Resorts, so to find out any information about the formation of LRC it is best to begin with its public presence: Vacation Village Resort.

Lando Resorts Rebranded

In 2003 Lando Resorts acquired Vacation Village Resorts, and they are now essentially the same entity. Vacation Village Resorts was founded by James Lambert in 1975, and in the mid nineties transferred the ownership of the company to employee ownership. At this time the company established itself as one of the leaders in timeshare resorts using typical timeshare sales tactics such as free lunches, entertainment, and other baited lures to rope in potential property owners, Vacation Village Resorts is riddled with lawsuits against the entity as well as, to say the least, poor to terrible reviews from owners trying to get out. 

Despite its reputation, LRC encompasses over forty three resorts from Williamsburg Virginia, to Ramona California, and nearly every state in between. Let’s take a look at some of the timeshare owner experiences with LRC.

Timeshare Buyers Beware: Consumer Reports On Affiliated Lando Resorts 

There is a wide chasm between the alluring glossy images of families seeming to enjoy themselves on vacation, the vision that LRC holds for itself as an opportunity for affordable vacations. On the other side of this dichotomy stands in stark contrast terrible consumer reports accompanied by many lawsuits against the company. 

On January 27th, 2021 the Better Business Bureau posted this timeshare owners experience: 

Lando resorts runs out time to perform

“We are extremely dissatisfied with the misleading sales practices of Vacation Village Resorts timeshare and wish to be released from contract. We, (**** & ****** ********) experienced this situation. On May 10th, 2010 we were invited to attend a seminar the next day in exchange for a free lunch and 2 tickets to a show at Arabian Knights. During the lunch the benefits of owning a Timeshare were discussed and if we bought the same time we would only have to pay a fraction of the market value. They offered 3 locations and we decided on Vacation Village at Parkway in Orlando. We agreed to buy a 1/2 share which gave us access to a 1 bedroom for a week every other year. We were also given extra weeks to use during the years that we don’t have access. The meeting lasted almost 4 hours but was scheduled for 90 minutes. We made a deposit and when we got home paid the balance, a total of $9990.00. During the next 3 years we experienced problems in making reservations to match the dates of our vacation. On Oct.7, 2013 we finally got to Vacation Village at Parkway and were invited to breakfast to discuss our problems. The explanation was because we only had a 1/2 share it was advised to pay the difference and change to the points system where we would have a bedroom yearly value 74000 points. Again we paid $10,995.00 and I thought our problems were solved. Very soon afterward we were informed that all reservations had to be made through RCI and this will cost $129.00 per reservation.We tried making reservations but never got dates to match our time off from work. They would help to get it rented but it never happened. After we changed to points the value would increase. Every year any points not used would be added to the bank, but we realized that the points expired after 3 years. We were offered to increase our points by mail to 94,000 in order to have the advantage of better reservations, but we declined. During this time the taxes and maintenance fees have increased. I went to the office in 2017 to discuss selling it back as we were told in 2010, but we were told that they never promised that. I haven’t used it in 4 years and want to get out asap..” (1)

Many owners posted on Consumer Affairs and reviewed their experience with Vacation Village Resorts with a ‘one star’, only because there was not an option for zero or negative stars (2). 

There are several resources available for timeshare owners of LRC properties that provide support for individuals looking to get out of their timeshare and/or file class action lawsuits against this company. Further, most court records are available to the public so that you can see the outcome of some of these lawsuits. If you are struggling with the burden of regret about your timeshare with this company, it may be well worth seeking out fellow victims for support and companionship.

A List of Lando Resorts: Names & Locations

Vacation Village Resorts & Affiliates

  1. Aquamarine Villas – Oceanside, CA
  2. Berkshire Mountain Lodge – Pittsfield, MA
  3. Canada House Beach Club – Pompano Beach, FL
  4. Caribbean Beach Club – Fort Myers Beach, FL
  5. Casa de la Playa – La Jolla, CA
  6. Club Sevilla – Kissimmee, FL
  7. Club Tahoe Resort – Lake Tahoe (Incline Village), NV
  8. Eagle Trace at Killy Court – Massanutten, VA
  9. Eagle Trace at Massanutten – Massanutten, VA
  10. Enchanted Isle Resort – Hollywood, FL
  11. Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  12. Grand Lake Resort – Kissimmee, FL
  13. Hollywood Beach Tower – Hollywood, FL
  14. Laguna Shores – Laguna Beach, CA
  15. Laguna Surf – Laguna Beach, CA
  16. Lighthouse Cove Resort – Pompano Beach, FL
  17. Lifetime of Vacations Resort at Grand Lake Resort – Kissimmee, FL
  18. Massanutten Mountainside Villas – Massanutten, VA
  19. Massanutten’s Shenandoah Villas – Massanutten, VA
  20. Mizner Place at Weston Town Center – Weston, FL
  21. Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas – Palm Beach Shores, FL
  22. Palm Springs Tennis Club – Palm Springs, CA
  23. Patriots Inn – Williamsburg, VA
  24. Presidential Resort at Chancellorsville – Spotsylvania, VA
  25. Regal Vistas at Massanutten – Massanutten, VA
  26. San Diego Country Estates – Ramona, CA
  27. Schooner Landing Resort – Newport, OR
  28. Silver Seas Beach Resort – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  29. Surfsider Resort – Pompano Beach, FL
  30. The Berkley, Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
  31. The Berkley, Orlando – Kissimmee, FL
  32. The Cliffs at Peace Canyon – Las Vegas, NV
  33. The Colonies at Williamsburg – Williamsburg, VA
  34. The Grandview at Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV
  35. The Lodge at Kingsbury Crossing – Stateline, NV
  36. The Summit at Massanutten – Massanutten, VA
  37. Vacation Village at Bonaventure – Weston, FL
  38. Vacation Village at Parkway – Orlando, FL
  39. Vacation Village at Weston – Weston, FL
  40. Vacation Village at Williamsburg – Williamsburg, VA
  41. Vacation Village in the Berkshires – Hancock, MA
  42. Villas at Fortune Place – Kissimmee, FL
  43. Woodstone at Massanutten – Massanutten, VA

Whether you already own a timeshare with LRC, or are interested in purchasing one, please proceed with caution. Always be careful to read any timeshare contract thoroughly before signing. If you have been roped into ownership with LRC, there are resources and support available as you attempt to off load your property.

It may be worth looking into some noteworthy lawsuits against LRC, for example, Lopez VS Lando Resort Corporation. It will likely be difficult as a single individual to go up against such a large institution as LRC, so perhaps if you are looking at taking legal action, a class action lawsuit will be the most effective. 

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