Timeshare Resale Tips: What You Need to Know

Are you considering dipping your toes into the timeshare resale market and want to know how to do it the right way? Perhaps you have a timeshare and want to sell it. Or you might be thinking about buying a timeshare resale for your next family vacation. Either way, you need to consider these helpful resale tips.

Some timeshare resale listings use terms that are confusing and downright unclear.

These helpful timeshare tips from the pros will clear things up to help you... Read the rest of this entry »

How To End A Timeshare Presentation – 2020 Edition

Imagine you’re walking along the cushy carpet of a hotel on your vacation, thinking about enjoying a delicious dinner. But before you make the transition from hotel ballroom to revolving door, you accidentally make eye contact with a timeshare salesperson.

He’s like a shark in the water, and his eyes light up as he shoves his card in your trembling hand. He makes his pitch. And it’s good. You know he’s trying to lure you into his presentation with the promise of those sweet, free gifts. 

Personal Property Timeshares and Probate

What happens to your timeshare after you die depends on which type of timeshare you have. Timeshares fall into two categories: Real Property Timeshare Interests and Personal Property Timeshares. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.  

Personal Property Timeshare, also called “Right to Use,” is when you purchase a membership (interest) in a timeshare company. You can use this membership to stay at any of the timeshare properties around the world, usually for one to two weeks at a... Read the rest of this entry »