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Best Timeshares To Purchase In 2021

The timeshare market is evolving and changing rapidly. Once upon a time individuals would purchase one block of time a year at a single destination. But with the points system being offered by larger conglomerates, it is possible to vacation at several different locations around the world at different times each year.

Given how the timeshare landscape is changing, if you are considering purchasing a timeshare vacation in 2021, then it is worthwhile considering larger companies that offer the points system, and that are not going under (in some cases literally) with significantly less vacation travel. 

If you are looking for more flexibility within your vacation time to either experience new locations or to vacation at different times of the year then you will want to consider a larger timeshare company. 

The Points System Versus Traditional Timeshare Model

For many individuals when they think of timeshare vacations they consider the generation of timeshares where a single property was purchased and the owner was able to use that property for a section of time each year with little flexibility. 

The points system offered by large international companies allows for timeshare purchases to be made and deeded as investment, but still the flexibility to move around geographically as well as choose the time of year you would like to vacation. According to Investopedia here is how the points system works:

“Traditionally, timeshare use was limited to a specific location and time of year. However, many timeshare providers now allow for more flexibility and offer plans that let owners use their allotted timeshare days (or points) to vacation when and where they want, as long as the destination is part of the providers portfolio.” (1)

Assuming that the points system is the ‘better’ more progressive way of engaging the timeshare industry here are the top choices for 2021:

Top 6 Best Timeshares Of 2021

Points Flexibility- Marriott Vacation Club

  • Marriott Vacation Club: Overall the Marriott seems to have the most flexibility with their points system, with destinations the world over. Their amenities are very general and will appeal to both families, couples, and individuals unattached. Their points system gives the owner the opportunity to book vacations anywhere at any time, which is a great advantage as well as the opportunity to pass the points between family members.

Quantity Of Destinations And More Economical- Wyndham Destinations

  • Wyndham Destinations: With 4300 affiliated destinations Wyndham  has the most far reaching destinations of any timeshare conglomerate. this will give you access to more international reach if that is your style. The buy into the Wyndham is also in general less expensive and may be great for first time buyers.

Traditional Homestead- Hyatt Residence Club

  • Hyatt Residence Club: If you are looking for a higher end timeshare, the Hyatt offers a very homey type of feel, with most units coming with full kitchens and plenty of amenities to have a very private vacation. You are also able to interchange times and destinations based on a points system. This option is probably better suited to a more mature audience looking for a quiet vacation. 

Family Fun- Disney Vacation Club

  • Disney Vacation Club: Clearly, this one is for the kids! Your real estate purchase is represented by vacation points that can be used anytime of the year at any Disney resort. This is definitely a resort for the family with young children, but are still looking for both ownership rights and flexibility.

Points System Interchangeability- Ritz-Carlton

  • Ritz-Carlton Destination Club: Heralded as the ‘best’ points system of 2021, this high end vacation destination is home to only five resorts (Including St. Thomas Virgin Island, Aspen, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Vail). Once you buy in you also have access to all Marriott locations around the world and can use your timeshare points to vacation at  Marriott resorts.

Traditional & Points System- Diamond Resorts

  • Diamond Resorts: Diamond Resorts offers both traditional timeshare ownership as well as the points system. If you are not necessarily a land dweller, Diamond Resorts also allows you to use your points on Cruise ship vacations, so if the sea calls to you this may be the best timeshare program for you.

Luxury & Exclusivity- Four Seasons

  • Four Seasons: Luxurious is the name of the game, while this timeshare offers less quantity and flexibility, it will give you exclusivity. Four Seasons prides itself on quality, and you are able to interchange your points from different Four Seasons destinations. If luxury, exclusivity, and quality appeal to you the Four Seasons may be a great option for both traditional timeshare buy-in opportunities, or for points real estate.

The Timeshare Industry Is Changing Rapidly: Find The Most Appropriate Affiliate-ship For Your Needs…. Just Make Sure You Can Trust The Conglomerate

Although large corporate resort destinations may not be all that appealing to certain individuals, if you are interested in purchasing a timeshare, unfortunately, this may be the only safe option. Smaller timeshares struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic era, and many did not make it. 

If participating in the points system of mega resort companies does not appeal to you, perhaps the timeshare industry is not for you. Whatever your ultimate vacation goals may be, remember that when it comes to timeshares choose a company you can trust for the long haul. 

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