Westgate Timeshare Orlando – Can I Stop Paying

Hi, firstly I’d like to say thanks to anyone who replies to me.

Florida Westgate TimeshareMe and my partner go to Orlando every year for the last 6 years, we were talked into going to an opening at a new hotel Westgate. We were then showed around and sweetened up by this lady explaining how good hotel was. We told her that we vacation for 2 weeks every year, and she started going on about this timeshare how good it be for us.

Now, 6 months later, we can’t afford it as my hours have been cut at work. I’m trying to talk my partner into just walking away and let whatever happen happen. The timeshare we have is an all season one week. My partner is worried of the consequences if we stopped paying; she is worried that we wouldn’t be able to holiday in Florida again if we stopped paying. I think she is worried about getting arrested or jailed. I’ve tried to explain that they can’t arrest us or stop us entering America, and decided to put this post up to see if get any answers and to prove how silly she is thinking these silly things.

Thanks so much if I get any help!

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  1. candace mabry m says:

    The do almost put a gun in your face, they put a pen trying to force me to buy a timeshare and got mad because I didn’t want to and the girl was driving that golf cart so fast on the tour because she was mad that I did not want to buy that I almost fell off of it. Tourist be ware, when you see them coming go the other way. The breakfast wasn’t all of that neither, cheap PAPER PLATE PRODUCTS.The next time we go to Florida we will have our tikets with us. I did not need a discount from your stupid time share presentation, I had money with me for my vacation. Something about them is just not right, they are weird, you can feel it in the atmosphere. My first time at Disney I had a terrible headache. If that is how you make a living God is not pleased with that. You pressure people and its not honest gain

  2. Brad says:

    We to got suckered in by this company. We had to pay the down payment in 3 payments which was ok. We were also told that the taxes and maintenance fees are part of the monthly payment. They are wanting almost $800 for these fees on top of the monthly. We cannot afford that so is not paying still the best option.

    • george vazquez says:

      iam owner of westgate in FL i stop paying about 5 or 6 yrs ago my credit is ok they just sent a letter saying we are going to foreclose so call us to work it out ,i will not call them i want them to foreclose it .it will be maybe another 6 yrs for them to do it,

  3. Denise says:

    I am having a hardtime with Wyndham and their timeshare tactics. I am retired and paying to much money for something I do not use often. Anyone else with this problem.

    • Shawnte says:

      Yes I am having issues with Westgate as well. I’ve asked many times if they were able to do a deed in Leu of sale or what other programs do they have available for someone that can no longer afford a timeshare and they seem to not have any answers. I’ve tried everything that I could to try to reason with them and they just won’t budge. I’ve read online articles and sought out legal advice all of which states the timeshare company should be willing to work with you but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  4. William says:

    Me and my wife got suckerd as well..we tried to cancel. They won’t let us.then thretn us a third party will come after us.. And say they can only work with payment.. Its horrible say n we soghn contract.. Wtf..we are just going to stop paying them..they screw my life up..to anyone Dont get this. It is a trap..

    • Vanessa says:

      My husband and I got sucked in as well. We went to Florida last April 2016 and signed bunch of papers and gave a partial down payment towards the 13,000 it would cost us. We were suppose to send the rest within 2 weeks. We only send one more payment and then couldn’t afford the 2nd payment.
      To sum up my story.
      We never finished paying the down payment of 1,500 they asked us to pay. Before we “mortgage” payments kicked in of 300 a month.
      You can pretty much say we are not technically owners yet.
      But… we are worried of what’s going to happen next??
      They’ve called a few times, but we haven’t spoken to anyone. We just stop paying.
      We had a feeling it was just a scam.
      We lost 1,200 we gave . But we don’t care. We just don’t want to lose more.

  5. JW says:

    We live in the Caribbean we we visited Orlando last year and after they promised us the discounted tickets, we went on the tour and signed a timeshare mortgage contract paying a $300 US deposit. When we returned home we realized we couldn’t afford it and didn’t make any more downpayments. Even though I told them that I did not want to make any payments from my credit card, they deducted the first one two weeks ago and the next one is scheduled for next month. We really cannot afford to pay and feel so helpless here as we don’t know anyone overseas or have money for attorneys overseas. Can someone please please please advise us if there is anything here in the Caribbean we can do to get out of this timeshare. I tried calling their contact center and it was no help at all.

    Thanks for your time and thank you in advance.

    • Morgan says:

      Tell your credit card company that you no longer authorize payments. If necessary, change credit cards. I hope that helps!

    • Sam says:

      If you have credit card company stop payments the Developer will go after you civilly. It can ruin your credit and force you into foreclosure. If you have questions call me (number redacted).

      • Lauren says:

        This guy ^ is an idiot. They won’t do shit to you but threaten you and use scare tactics. Just stop paying it. Once it goes into foreclosure just get a credit professional to get it removed. Easy as that.

    • Cindy says:

      Change your bank account to stop them from getting money out automatically. My husband and I got suckered in Orlando in 2016. We have made our monthly payments and even paid the maintenance fee in 2016. We have not made the maintenance fee this year. We heard about a law firm that we are considering and it seems to have a guaranteed satisfaction rate for getting timeshares cancelled. No clue yet what their fees are.

  6. Fabi says:

    If I stop making payments for my time share will I have problems with the IRS.

  7. Paula Stabos says:

    I became an elite member after I specified that I was not working. They did my forms and asked me to sign the papers without me reading them properly. I feel betrayed with there tactics as I when to what they offered was non existent. A class action is required so we can all get our money back.

  8. Rita says:

    i am the co owner of time share me and spouse broke up but its my card attached will this also appear my on my credit report once i remove my card. as i want out all the way!!

  9. Katie says:

    We were basically “forced” into buying a timeshare at Westgate just this August 2016. It appears that we were told a lot of lies, pushed around and manipulated. after reviewing multiple negative comments that are all about the same, I want out. I know it’s impossible to cancel or sell. And many companies that offer the relief are often times fraudulent themselves. So, I just want to stop the payments by simply cancelling my credit card. My main concern is my credit. How is it affected for US citizens? Also will they try to prosecute me or repossess my home as a dept repayment? I will appreciate any input.

    • James says:

      This is the best place for real advice. The advice that seems to be prevalent is STOP PAYING NOW. Don’t pay those thieving bastards a single penny more. The very worst case you will suffer is a small hit on your credit rating if you live in the same country but I suspect that may not even happen. Have confidence. Stop paying today. Ignore all correspondence.

      • Janice Gascoyne says:

        Hi James I can’t pay the $999 they want for 2017 – I live in England and wondered what would happen if I just don’t pay? Will it prevent me travelling to the US ever again if I want to? Can they send debt collectors after me when I’m in the U.K.? I’m a bit worried what will happen. And do I write to tell them I can’t pay anymore? Thanks

        • I worked for Westgate in both fields (selling the timeshare to owners) and (Fixing and managing defaulted accounts)

          The Dayline department (Sales for timeshare) is indeed an aggressive sales team and some of the best in the world but no one holds a gun to anyone to force them to buy this. so when owners say they were “forced” into buying their timeshare to me is extremely irresponsible to say in my opinion.

          Anyways as for canceling, they clearly put in writing you have 10 days to send in a written cancelation to cancel out your deed before it is finalized and notarized. However no one reads the papers they sign again extremely irresponsible and then act confused when they fall into a real estate defaulted status. After the 10 days the contract is solidified so if you stop paying your account will fall into a defaulted status which has to be notified in the state of Florida because the deed is notarized in court.

          Once the account falls into defaulted status the owner is then approached with a hardship assistance program. if owner denies, the account is moved to third party. Any consequences that come up at that point are between you and the third party not Westgate. Any money you originally invested into the account and your equity is completely lost once its moved to third party.

          Thank you and I hope you guys learn how to use your product better so you can enjoy your vacation ownership more! theirs so many uses with this product its incredible.

          • Antonio says:

            Learn how to use the product? You have people telling you that you will make money and that money will be apply towards your account when you purchase vacations or sell vacations, but they neglect to tell you that the money you accumulate, you can only a little bit at a time.

  10. Monica says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments.And there is no mention of SMP is there and advice on how to get out of a timeshare with this company. We bought in 2009 we paid the down payment but never made another payment,in the past year they reported on my credit for three thousand dollars we had that removed. With end the last two weeks pinnacle hit my credit for over eight thousand and now is threating foreclosure. We have never stayed there. Someone please help.

    • karen says:

      I to was stupid enough to buy a westgate share thing we stopped paying it over 12 months ago now an get hounded big time changed the phone number the lot,they told us becouse were from England they carnt come after us there now sending debt agency letters but look like there coming from same address as westgate office now what im really worried about is my daughter is taking me an my husband to America in sept an just been looking on line an some are saying they can put a stop to your visa do you no if this is right as im out my mind with worry we just couldn’t afford as husband went into credit fix basically it left us broke im really getting worried now

      • James says:

        It’s all lies. Stop paying and enjoy your life.

        • Contact the company (800)651-7606 that’s the number for the department (Westgate Corporate Owner Solutions) they will help you out of your timeshare where you get the money you owed waived and the negative ramifications of your account removed, they can help you.

          • Melissa says:

            Thank you for the number. I have been looking for this. We are members of smokey mt westgate but not allowed to use until 2019. that’s fine. we were told we could stay within our membership and use the water park for free because we are members. we tried to book a hotel through them and no one knew what they were doing. so I booked with another company. complained a lot because we are paying over $30,000. then we go to water park. they try to charge us to use it. OH heck no. I complained again. there were four of us and we repeatedly asked about the water park being free even if we stayed off the resort (since we can’t stay until 2019 because of the fire) they told all of us over and over we could, no additional charge. Just feel lied to. We want out. We were excited but now just upset. They have been taking monthly payments out for few months but we never got paper work that said we had ten days. I got a sealed envelope. We opened it and the ‘deed’ is blank the disk is blank, we were told it was a CD about our membership. ALL LIES. I wanted to believe them. I wanted to enjoy this. I can afford this and was looking forward to traveling to Italy with my husband but way too many lies, WE just want out. I will buy me a cabin in the mountains for the rip off amount they are charging me for one week I can’t even use for two years.

  11. John F says:

    We too got suckered into buying at Westgate’s PHT in 2008 – after looking at legal firms who want £1,000’s + a settlement with Westgate and no guarantee of success, it seems the best option is to just walk away and wait for them to foreclose. Legal firms claim they can pursue you here in the uk, bailiffs etc like a normal debt – but I have never heard of this happening, anyone have experience of this?

    • James says:

      I’ve not read about a single instance of this happening. I think the tactics they employ to sucker you into buying a timeshares keep them from wasting money on debt collection.

  12. tom wiggins says:

    It took about 4 years for westgate and the collection agencies to stop bothering me. they were very persistent for the first couple years with calls and letters. It’s been about a year since any contact and I don’t hear from them anymore. They threatened to ruin my credit but nothing was ever done to my credit and I still have a very high credit rating. I’m so glad I just walked away and I recommend that others have the courage to do the same. Timeshares are bad and should be illegal. the maintenance fees seem to be where they get there money. I think that now since so many seem to be walking away that the timeshare people can’t afford to do anything about all the people that have walked away.

    • Denise says:

      I haven’t been able to use mine because it has been booked 9 months out every time. They have rooms but not “rooms for owners”. I’m not paying them anymore for their scam. Just going to stop paying and see what happens.

      • constance says:

        Hi Denise,

        I’m in the same boat as you. I am about to stop paying mine too. I have been trying to get out of this crap for months. I never get a call back or replies to my email. Good luck to you and I hope you let people know the outcome of your decision.

      • constance says:

        also we never received any deed paperwork in the mail or our official contract.

        • Melissa says:

          we haven’t either. If we walked away now we would be out about $10K already. I can’t afford to lose that much money on this scam. I vote class action too.

    • tom wiggins says:

      It’s Tom again: I talked to another timeshare owner who is trying to get out of their timeshare and remembered my post here. Just to update … it’s now June 2016 and that makes 2 1/2 years with no contact at all. They will threaten you for a while, but after that nothing. I still think they have way too many non-payers since the economy fell off in 2008.

      • Roxie says:

        Hi Tom,

        We are seriously considering walking away from our TS with Westgate. We are not so concerned with our credit rating since we are Canadian and the banks and creditors here tend to look at your payment history as a whole and these types of “blemishes” don’t seem to bother us much if you can offer a valid argument. That being said, I have checked and Westgate is not listed as a creditor on our credit reports. My question is (and I don’t know if you can answer this), can we be denied entry into the U.S. for this?

        • Seiton says:

          I have the same concern. I can’t pay anymore because I need the money for other things more important. I’m not from USA and I would like to know if stop paying will bring consequences (Like I can’t get in to USA, or something like that).

          • James says:

            Would you be denied entry to the US if you stopped paying for your car finance? No, of course not. But for the good of empowerment could you kindly give it a go and find out? 🙂

      • Karen says:

        Did you go to Florida as we are goin in sept an worried we will not be able to get in stupid I no but daughter has payed a lot of money for us to go on holiday

        • Seiton says:

          Wow. Please let us know what happen when you go to Florida this Sept. I have the same concern because I just go to USA for vacations. And I’m going to stop paying Westgate now.

        • Rc says:

          Did you have any problems getting into the USA after not paying your timeshare. Were you able to get an ESTA ok and get through border control. I am in the same position want to visit but don’t know if I will be stopped from visiting. I am in the UK

      • Janice Gascoyne says:

        Hi Tom I can’t pay the $999 they want for 2017 maintenance fees. I wondered if you have heard any more from Westgate? In 15 years I’ve only stayed there twice and I just can’t travel now through ill health, age and lack of funds.

        • tom wiggins says:

          Still to this day I have not heard from Westgate again. They have moved on just as I did. Wow, almost a thousand dollars now! I’m happy I have those thousands in my pocket since I stopped paying.

  13. Malibu Mike says:

    Feb. 10, 2014, Las Vegas Nevada, 9am in Federal Court,
    Fuoroli v. Westgate Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, LLC

    Plaintiffs allege that Westgate made the following misrepresentations in the timeshare sales negotiations: the property would be a pet friendly environment (doc. # 1 at ¶ 21), when in fact it is not (id. at ¶ 22); daily maid service would be included (id. at ¶ 19), when the purchase included only weekly cleaning (id. at ¶ 20); the timeshare would book a fixed unit during New Year’s Eve each year (id. at ¶ 23), when in reality the plaintiffs were purchasing neither a fixed unit nor the right to reserve any unit on New Year’s Eve (id. at ¶ 25). Plaintiffs also contend that Westgate made false and misleading statements with regard to all of the following: the cancellation period for timeshares under Nevada law (id. at ¶ 35); the financing package used to purchase the timeshare (id. at ¶¶ 36–44); and, the completion date of the hotel (id. at ¶ 47).

    From these facts, plaintiffs have alleged seven claims for relief. Ultimately, plaintiffs contend that “the contract drafted and presented by Defendants was materially different than the terms upon which Plaintiffs and Defendants had agreed during the sales presentation, [and] there was no meeting of the minds as to the terms of the purchase contract signed by Plaintiff[s] and, therefore, no contract was formed….” (Id. at ¶ 26)

  14. Karen Lewis says:

    We have also been conned into buying a Westgate timeshare. Can any one tell me what happens when you stop paying? We have stopped paying ours. We are getting the phone calls from a collections agency and the letters, I have now changed our phone number, unfortunately we continue to receive the letters.
    Does anyone know if this will affect our Uk credit rating because me and my husband have excellent credit scores.

    • Geenie says:

      After some deliberation we decided to stop paying. We weren’t with Westgate but a similar time-share in Florida. We were sent several ‘final’ reminders and warnings of foreclosure all of which went in the bin. As far as I can gather this will have no affect at all on our UK credit rating, it certainly hasn’t so far and it’s been about 8 months. Best decision I ever made….still lost a chunk of money that I REALLY wish I hadn’t but a very expensive lesson has been learned!!!

      • Karen Lewis says:

        Thank you Geenie for your response. Yes it is approx. 8 months since we stopped paying and no affect to our credit rating yet… Hopefully there never will be and this timeshare nightmare will go away.

        • Melissa Feldman says:

          I purchased a Westgate timeshare in Orlando back in 2005. I finally stopped paying in 2011, after I went to purchase a house and was told I had no equity built up on my credit report, nor were timeshare purchase/payments anywhere to be seen on the report. It is now 2014, and I am only receiving notices in the mail from Westgate, giving me a chance to let them foreclose (for a “processing” fee that increases each letter, I’m in the thousands now. They have tried calling, but I don’t answer. I haven’t received anything from attorneys, and nothing has hit my credit report.

    • george vazquez says:

      hi i stop paying westgate a long time ago now they sent a letter saying they are going to foreclose and to call them so we can work out something oct 17/20017 ,it hasnt hurt my credit i got loan,car,motorcyles,my score 700 then down 690 because getting my house worked on,i own 3,000.maybe more now ,i wouldnt pay them any thing

      • Christina says:

        So what happened ? Did they foreclose on you ? I got a call today they want us to sign and send a paper back we wouldn’t be responsible for it no more sounds to good

  15. Kevin says:

    Find out fee for transfer? In paperwork or call resort. 2009 the transfer fee was $150.

    • Del says:

      Kevin I hv noticed your questions regarding transfer fee cost and maintenance fees. I hv two deeded timeshares, Westgate Palace and monarch grand vacations-Las Vegas

  16. Amanda says:


    I to own a timeshare in Westgate Orlando and want to get rid of it. We own the deeds on it and have always paid the maintenance, but just can’t afford the $800, for someting we don’t use. I got landed with it from my divorce and own it with my brother and we just go round in circles trying to think how to get shot of something we got conned into!! I also live in the UK.

    How can we get rid of it?????

    Thanks, Amanda.

    • Seiton says:

      Hi. What happend? Did you go again to US? I live outside US and I’m going to stop paying it too. But I’m concern that I have some problems to get in USA again for this.

  17. Birch says:

    As per the previous queries, my husband and I have also recently bought. We have tried to cancel but have been told it isn’t possible. If I cancel my credit card and stop payments will it impact my UK credit rating?

  18. Jane says:

    We also brought a time share this August in west gate. We tried to cancel it the next day but were told we would not be able to do that. Instead they exchanged it for a cheaper one.
    What I wanted to know is that if I live in the uk what would happen???
    Will I still get debt collection letters and phone calls?
    Thanks for any advise

    • GEENIE says:

      This is almost exactly what happened to us. We paid a deposit in Florida and have been paying around £80 per month for the past 2 years for a measly 3000 points per year!! (which is actually useless) Our US mortgage includes something like a 20% annual interest rate. I still can’t believe we got suckered into it but I now want to know what will happen if I just stop paying. I have a good credit rating and do not want to end up getting hounded etc by debt collectors. I would be really grateful for any advice.

  19. bill says:

    just walk away and make no payments. if you are a us citizen, the worst they can do is threaten you, harass you and damage your us credit. and eventually, they will give up and offer you a deed in lieu f foreclosure, although it may take up to four or five years

    • jane says:

      we also brought a time shre in FL in August at Westgate. we tried to cancel it the next day but were told we could not do that and instead they exchanged it for a cheaper one.
      What i wanted to know is what would happen as i live in the uk?
      will i still get debt collection letters and phone calls?
      Will it also effect my credit history in UK?
      thaking anyone who answers in advance

      • Marie says:

        Research the 10 day return law. We purchased a timeshare also and were unaware of that law. Send the timeshare company a notice you wish to cancel the contract. Good luck!!

        • george vazquez says:

          i try to cancel and the said it was to late i had 3 days to sent a letter so i paid cash 10,000 used it 2 times then stop paying taxes maint,5 yrs latter they are telling me {we are going to foreclose i said its about time,

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