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Timeshare Class Action Lawsuits

We recently received the following comment from one of our users:

My story exactly mirrors many of the other innocent people on this website. I see all the talk about wishing and wanting to do a class action lawsuit but no action. My suggestion is to use social media to our greatest advantage. If everyone starts to make mini videos and start posting them on YOUTUBE, Facebook, etc… they will start to go viral and demand the attention we need to file this suit and win. We should also start mailing in letters to our local news station to prompt media attention. All it takes is a few strong will people to bring light to this situation through the right source. Social media, news, YouTube videos from the thousands of Westgate owners taken advantage of. Then and only then will we all start to make some real progress and retrieve our money back. Let’s take a STAND!!

We realize there may be some frustration among timeshare owners who believe they were taken advantage of. Many of you may wish to join a class action lawsuit against a particular resort, but don’t know where to start. While you might feel better by expressing your thoughts and spreading the word on social media, the only way to truly receive retribution in your situation is to file a class action suit. Below we will outline the basics of class action lawsuits and how you might be able to get involved if you feel so inclined.

What It Is

A class action is a lawsuit in which many plaintiffs who have suffered the same or similar injury class action lawsuitsue one responsible party. This is the best option when there are too many potential plaintiffs to include everyone in a standard personal injury lawsuit. One or a few plaintiffs act as representatives for the entire group (lead plaintiffs), working closely with the attorneys on the case. The other potential plaintiffs are usually only contacted so that they can choose whether or not they wish to opt out or to be instructed on how to receive their share of a damages reward.

If a defendant settles the case or loses the trial, everyone who was victimized by the defendant’s fraudulent tactics is given a percentage of the damages or, if it is too difficult to identify and contact all of the “victims,” a fund is made available to provide damages to anyone who can demonstrate they were harmed by the defendant’s actions.

How To File

Due to the complex nature of a class action suit, the best way to go about filing is to hire an experienced class action attorney. If you or someone else with little to no legal experience tries to file a class action suit without an attorney, you will likely become overwhelmed by the process. If you really want to win your case, it is wise to consider hiring an attorney. While there is no specific number of people required to file a class action suit, there are generally around 30 people who believe they have suffered similar injuries in order for the suit to be practical and cost-effective.

It is also worthwhile to note that the lead plaintiff is not responsible for paying the attorney(s) fees or legal expenses. Class action attorneys take cases on contingent fee agreements and take their fees and pay expenses when they win or settle the case. Also be aware that a judge must approve a class action suit and certify the class before it progresses. The judge must confirm that the case meets the requirements of a class action suit and then must formally certify it as a class action lawsuit before it can move forward.

How To Join

In most class action cases, you don’t have to do anything to join a suit. The attorneys will typically try to find everyone who they believe may have been affected by the defendant’s actions and notify them via mail that they’re part of the lawsuit. Members of the class can then choose to opt out if they want to file a separate lawsuit. If you think you have been overlooked in a class action, however, the best thing to do is to check the legal notices in your local newspaper or search online for information regarding the suit. You should be able to find the names of attorneys associated with the suit and request to be added to the class.

First Steps

So, the first thing to do would be to search and see if you can find a similar class action suit that already exists against your resort. If so, you may be able to join that suit. If not, you might consider starting your own. Identify a few people who are willing to be the lead plaintiffs in the case to approach an attorney to file a suit on behalf of your class. Your attorney will be able to answer any further questions in more detail as the procedure proceeds. If you have luck in filing a class action suit against your timeshare resort, please let us know and we will keep the RCIVIP community in the loop.

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  1. hi,there is a class action lawsuit filed in Illinois in Aug 2019.


    the attorney is Howard Prossnitz. I talked to him a couple days ago and he said it was dismissed b/c the judge said IL did not have jurisdiction. He said he’s contacting another member of the group in Delaware to see if they could do it. You can still contact Howard, that way he has your information on file and when the case move forward again, you can join.

  2. We would love to join a class action suit. We have been through too many overviews and it honestly took too long for us to realize what was going on. We were handling everything well until the last meeting we attended. Now we have more points than we need and all of the payments and maintenance fees that go with it. We are getting older, are both retired and don’t like wasting our money. Please know that we will join any suit that prevents other folks from going through what we have gone through.

  3. From this post, I see there are many people like ourselves that have been given The runaround from the Wyndham ovation program. We have a case open with the Arizona Attorney Generals office. Does anyone know the next step to move this into a class action lawsuit? Ovation people via email say you need to talk to their supervisors but you call, and they say supervisors have no phones. Complete fraud.

  4. We purchased our timeshare from Wyndham in Mexico 2009. They grossly misrepresented the contract we signed by changing the package we purchased without our knowledge. We were given a book of numerous properties we could visit not just the all inclusive resorts Wyndham owns exclusively. We NEVER would have purchased this timeshare if we knew we could only book our vacation at their all inclusive resorts. We have tried numerous times to have a conversation with the membership employees at Wyndham both in La Romana, DR and by phone. Their explanation is there is nothing we can do and that our membership package changed. I am definitey in favor of a class action lawsuit.

    1. I am also (with my wife) the embarrassed owners of 2 POS / worthless and very expensive MAJOR errors in judgment.Wyndham and Orange Lake. I am using TimeShare Exit Team (going on 11 months) and want my $$$ back AND compensatory damages for grief and financial distress. Seeking like-minded people to participate in a serious lawsuit against these thieves. Is there any way we can collaborate? I have posted my contact info below.

      TY, Bill

  5. My maintenance fees contain 41% of my bill for bad debt fees of others. What about when they re sell the properties do the customers ever get compensated back?

  6. My wife and I would be glad to join a class action suit against Club Wyndham to recoup some of the fortune they have ripped from us. I could write a book on just the last 2 years of false promises and sly contract changes that were made and I was not aware of what they did to me. But they removed the clauses we needed to sell back part of a split contract. The salesman even told me how to file bankruptcy and still keep the newest part of the split contract. We want out, even if it does mean bankruptcy !!

    1. We want to get out also from this false advertising made by club Wyndham. They ripping us off!!. The money we should be saving for our wedding all goes to this! Let me know how

      1. I would be interested in joining a class action regarding a purchase from Wyndham 10/2018. It was a fraudulent sales presentation. Scammed in TN, reside in Ohio. Filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

  7. I would like to join in on any class action lawsuit that can be filed against Wyndhan to recoup the monies i wasted on this POS timeashare that they ripped me off on.

    1. Hi Steven,
      I am also (with my wife) the embarrassed owners of 2 POS / worthless and very expensive MAJOR errors in judgment.Wyndham and Orange Lake. I am using TimeShare Exit Team (going on 10 months) and want my $$$ back AND compensatory damages for grief and financial distress. Seeking like-minded people to participate in a serious lawsuit against these thieves. Is there any way we can collaborate? I will try posting my contact info.

      TY, Bill

  8. My Wyndham Timeshare was done in Arizona so I had filed A complaint with the Attorney General of Arizona.
    They are still working with me rebuttal letters going on between Wyndham me and the ATG Arizona. In my
    rebuttal of 10/07/2018 to the ATG of Arizona ” I am ready to sign a criminal complaint against Wyndham as it was fraud, deceptive, unethical practices as well as incarceration which could be considered (Kidnapping)

    Complaint to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions DOJ attaching some 30 plus documents done on 10/05/2018.

    Complaint FTC Reference #99035786 on 08/18/2018 no reply !

    Complaint filed United States Attorney District of Arizona filed 10/10/2018 stating I am ready to sign criminal complaint charges against Wyndham! (CITIZEN’S COMPLAINT)

    I still need to find an Attorney that has CHUTZPAH (brass, nerve, back bone, boldness) to take on a Class
    Action Suite against Wyndham. Even just a suite by myself. This would bring an Attorney around 1000 to 2000
    new clients.

    As of today 10/13/2018 I am waiting for this other Attorney to get back to me he makes Number 5. I get the impression the size of the suite is to great for one attorney. Every thing they need to know is documented on line.

    I don’t give up ! They need to pay for what they are doing!

    1. I also have filed a complaint with the AZ Attorney General. I have been trying to exit my timeshare with Wyndham here in AZ, using their Ovation program for over 6 months. They keep coming up with excuses with why it’s not a clean title. We have been faxed and emailed copies of all title documents obtained via a trip to Mohave County Recorders office and have utilized the services of a Title Researcher who has confirmed a clean title. Calling Ovation and Ovation Title Services is a constant finger pointing of who is doing what. I would gladly join a class action lawsuit. This is an obvious scam to get more money by prolonging the process so you keep paying quarterly fees.

  9. I haven been lied to and scammed by Wyndham Vacation Resorts and have been fighting with them since April 2018.1) I sent them a letter OPT out by email and regular mail = Filed a complaint with the FTC, BBB, Department of Justice, Attorney General state purchase was made, Attorney General state I live in, FBI (fraud), United States Attorney General. You should stop payments NOW! I have contacted a number of Attorney’s but haven’t found the right one yet. As of today I am waiting a reply from one to let me know if he will take my case 09/27/2018. So I have Wyndham Destinations, Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Club Wyndham, Wyndham, Wyndham World Wide, RCI. They use unfair, deceptive and fraudulent practices.

  10. I want to join the lawsuit, also. I am hoping someone has contacted an attorney on all of this to file a class action suit against Wyndham. I also was lied to and highly pressured into buying even though I own another timeshare. I’m embarrassed that I let them play on my emotions with my husband recently passing. Stupid me, they say don’t make big decisions the first year. I blew it!!

  11. My wife and I would also like to be apart of a class action case against Wyndham. $6700 down the drain. They are criminals. Please let’s try put a stop to this.

  12. We were given a wedding gift to the Outter Banks Beach club. We were told all we had to do was to pay (at that time 200+ dollars) maintenance fees. Which we did. After years of paying and using the vacation week, we got older and no longer needed it. Only to find out that we were locked into this membership. We contacted the resort because they advertised that we could turn in the week. Nope, they didn’t even want to talk to us. After continued payments on maintenance fees (while not using the week for years) we are now finding out that this membership has no end. We have to pay for years and if we die they will come after our children for this debt. Really!! This was a gift. When has accepting a gift been a life sentence. Outter banks stopped sending us the yearly maintenance bill, and just sent it to a collection agency. After chasing them down, we finally realized that they won’t work with us, not even sending us the bill which would give us a chance to pay it. Nope they just send the bill to the collection agency which tacks on another $200.00 to the now maintenance fee of $700 a year. Yes they went from $200+ dollars (10 years ago) to over $700.00 now. We’re looking for anyone that wants to partner with us on a class action law suit. We are also looking for a class action lawyer to review our case.

  13. We too want in. We have been Wyndham owners for 14 years. They were called Fairfield Resorts back then. Initially we were thrilled with our ownership. We did more travelling than before and we found it easy to book a reservation or to do an exchange. We loved being able to travel with family and friends. In the last several years, however, I have definitely seen a pattern when we attend. The pattern has been the same at each meeting, ending with additional purchases and less ability to book a reservation. Recently I was told there was no availability on the Wyndham website. I looked at the same resort for the same dates on the RCI website and they had availability. It is interesting to me that RCI is owned by Wyndham and there are extra fees to do an exchange. At this point I could probably run an owner update meeting because the same process happens each time. The end result is that if you want to make any changes, you will have to buy another set of points.

  14. I want in . Last 2 years I made reservations they told me they did not have my room . Once after I arrived in Florida (wanted to move me 10 miles from the beach) and then again this year 3 days before we were due to arrive.(again wanted to move me 10 miles off the beach) they kept saying *we didn’t cancel your reservation we just changed it” . REALLY ? Bought my timeshare back in 2002 still pay maintenance fees . Have paid for my fee for the last two years and they have not honored my reservations. Gave me my points back BUT SO WHAT ?

  15. My wife and I would also like to join this class action against Wyndham. Our most recent experience with them is in regards to the Ovation program. We have been trying to get out of ownership since October of 2107. In February they sent the paper work but ti was wrong. They said to destroy it and they would replace it with the correct paper work. We did not receive anything from them, even after multiple calls, until we received an assessment for $2300.00 This was dated in May of 2018, several months after we started the Ovation process. Now they are saying that they are not going to continue to process the Ovation paper work until we pay the $2300.00. They have lied and mislead us from the beginning of this process. Crooks!

    1. I would like to join a class action lawsuit against Wyndham against their aggressive sales tactics, false advertisement, and and continued attempts to get me more and more into debt. We’ve used our points about 3 times and each time was an utter disappointment as they made my fiance and I attend their “Welcome Meeting” I which they attempted each and every time to swindle me into buy more and more points. Lucky for me the past few time I had my better half with me who would not allow us to fall into the scheme even further. These timeshare scheme aught to be illegal anywhere I the world. I want out with this scam. Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit out there for me with regard to the pressured sales tactic and shadiness of their presentation to lure innocent people into their scheme.

  16. My husband and I would. We were grossly misinformed about so much. They also signed us up for PayPal credit to pay our down payment while telling us it was through them, then all the sudden we get a bill from PayPal credit too.

  17. I thought I was the only one stupid enough to spend half the price of a condo for this glorious Wyndham Timeshare with added amenities, bonuses and ability to travel worldwide cheaply. I was led to believe that I could travel Internationally for pennies on the dollar and stay in 4 and 5-star resorts. I was actually told that I could basically live like a queen weeks on end and save thousands over what it would cost me outside of the Wyndham program. I’ve had all the problems mentioned above. Most everything said was a total lie. The salesman was very flirty and charming and said I was too classy to not live the Wyndham lifestyle. I kept repeating that I was not going to buy but extra incentives were offered repeatedly and in the end, it sounded that it was far better than purchasing a condo in the Caribbean and renting it out, which was my original goal. Every time I’ve tried to book, I’m told that the resort is full and that I should have called earlier. Earlier than 8 months? I could be renting an apartment for the price of the dues alone. I curse the day I got hustled into attending a presentation. Unfortunately, I bought one of the premiere memberships at a price I’m too ashamed to share here. I blame myself for being taken in by some very slick psychopaths.

    1. We were fooled too. Kept telling us we could transfer our points anywhere and only pay a nominal transfer fee. Lies.

    2. I want in against Wyndham. I was pressured into upgrading, they lied to me on numerous things and the owner care people don’t help either. They say they’ll do an investigation but end up closing the case because of no proof. Well I have proof.


  18. Hi all. Wyndham needs to be taken to the cleaners, as well as, exposed for the crooks they are. I have tho owners here who are willing to be lead plantifs in a whyndham/rci lawsuit. How many owners can we get to participate in a class-action suit?

    1. I would be more than will to join with the Wyndham class action suit. They scammed me and my family and now we are barley making it each month.

      1. wow , I am in process of trying to rescind… no where on my documents does it specific a DATE.. I have started the process 2/19 and have only received 2 emails from my case manager …lol…I have been reading so many complaints regarding false promises, hard selling, cross selling.. multiple employees ganging up to close then deal… it was awful.. my experience took place feb.2018 in vegas…

    2. Agree, we would be happy to join a suit. They are playing games with our membership status now, trying to downgrade us after we’ve been at the gold level for more than 8 years. And they cancelled our stay unilaterally at a Florida resort later this month, claiming hurricane damage. They refuse to provide us with similar accommodations even though we had the place booked for more than 10 months now. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    3. Hi, I would join.
      I have nothing but problems, and now they claim I did not pay a assessment fee in 2012. I never received a bill of that and I paid my maintenance fee in full beginning of every year.
      Now they sent it to collections and it seems they try to take the timeshare away from me.

    4. Yes we would like to be part of a class action lawsuit against worldmark by Wyndham. Please let us know how we can take part in it.



    5. I’m in for a class action lawsuit against Wyndham. I’m very serious. These people are ruthless and need to be stopped. Please include me. Not sure if I can post my email address but friend me on Facebook. Profile is Beatriz Hurtado and Bea Hurtado.

    6. I’ve been taken as well. I never agreed to a $7000 Paypal down payment credit account. Once I got home from my vacation, I was rudely surprised with a bill. I called Paypal immediately to dispute the charge and was told that I had approved the account, approved a credit check only! I called and complained to Wyndham and was told that the 3 day recession had passed. Well of course it passed, I was on vacation for 8 days! I had agreed to adding points, all was supposed to be on a Wyndham account, not Paypal due in 6 months or interest will be assessed. It took over three weeks after I returned home to hear back from Wyndham. Of course it was too late to do anything about it but bite the bullet and pay… Wyndham ruined the Worldmark Timeshare corporation!

    7. My husband and I would love to join, we were kept there 5 hours without being able to speak alone. We were told it was an investment and would gain value. We were stupid, my husband retires soon and we can’t afford it

  19. Anyone know of a class action suit against Ocean Canyon Properties aka Mountain Lakes Resort aka Mountain Lakes RV Park? My parents were high pressured into this timeshare many years ago. My dad died and my mom cannot afford the annual “maintenance” payments. My dad used the place once and my mom never used it. He was 88 when he died last year and my mom is 83. She will never use the timeshare and no one in the family wants it.

  20. Let’s do this people. Class action lawsuit against Wyndham. These bastards are scamming people everyday and getting richer everyday. Wyndham is being sued in so many ways that the CEOs are resigning and have been selling their stocks for several years now. The recent lawsuit against Wyndham by a former employee was won by the former employee. Case alleged how Wyndham uses sales tactics that are all lies-main point.

        1. Sign us up as well! I was extremely sick the day we were conned into a Wyndham timeshare. What was supposed to be a 90 minute presentation turned into 4 hours. We felt trapped; and when I tried to talk to my husband, the main sales guy started screaming at me. I regret every second of that day.

          1. We went to a presentation in Lahaina Hawaii. in 2015. We had just got married and we really wanted to return there regularly. Turns out we were lied to throughout to ‘presentation’. We were told it was an ‘investment’ and we could sell it after a couple of years no problem. There were nothing available in Maui where we wanted but were told there was this new development at Royal Seacliffe on the other island, but we could swap any time we wanted blah, blah, blah. We haven’t been able to use our timeshare as we are told everything is booked. If I go to a private broker I could get booking no problem. Looks like these ‘brokers’ book everything in advance blocking us owners out. I would LOVE to be part of a class action lawsuit against these thieving bastards.

      1. I want in, want and need to do something to stop the fraud. Shortly after a stay and very high pressure sales pitch in Tennesse I was contacted by travel wizards to help me sell unused weeks. I did so.e research and thought they were legitimate Ironically

    1. My son claims there’s a class action suit against Wyndham being filed by Abrams Law in Olympia, WA and he wants to join it. He said that firm claims there are thousands involved in this suit yet I find no mention of it on the net. Has anyone heard anything about an Abrams class action suit against these crooks?

  21. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hilton Head, SC. The resort we stayed at required that we attend a 90 minute session. Knowing that we already own a timeshare, we went in knowing that we did NOT want to buy. The timeshare we own was bought out by Diamond Resorts and the maintenance fees are now astronomical. Well, Palmara knows that. They told us they could transfer our timeshare from where we own in the Outer Banks in just a matter of months, and that their maintenance fees at Palmera are much lower. We didnt’ have to buy a new timeshare; it would simply be transferred as soon as the process for the deed transfer was completed; this was August 2017 and the transfer should be completed by the end of November no later than December. Well, my husband called all week this week after getting off from work and found the ugly truth. The deed has not been transferred, nor is it in the process of being transferred. Our timeshare in the Outer Banks is in the hands of a “third party” to be sold; it could take years before the transfer could take place. It was all a scam to get us to buy their timeshare under false pretenses. We are near retirement. We NEVER would have bought another timeshare, and certainly would not want an additional nearly $200 payment per month and additional maintenance fees. We are extremely upset. We were lied to and know there must be others out there who were also led to believe the same thing. What these sales people are doing is WRONG. It is deceitful, dishonest, and misrepresentation of a sale. Companies like this should be held accountable for their false misrepresentations.

    1. Hello , we were at the Hilton head SC in December of 2017 and was told the exact same thing and now after 45 days finding the similar experience what happened with you , please feel free to contact me to discuss further action . I am from Canada.

  22. I have the same horror stories as every other owner has stated. I am waiting for all of us to join a class action lawsuit and shut Wyndham down. I recently attended a presentation from a timeshare exit company who had all of my information and shared with me that owners can’t book because the units are being sold to broker and/travel agencies. The company is selling their timeshares as investment, pressuring us to upgrade, and making us think we have a valued property which in fact owners are selling their Wyndham timeshares on the internet for a penny. Someone needs to step in and shut Wyndham down. This is the 2008 mortgage crisis all over again. Consumers don’t understand what they are buying and the the important disclosures in all of the paperwork.

    Class action lawsuit please!!!!

  23. Every time. Every freakin’ time we go for an ‘update’ we are asked if we got something in the mail or email about this or that-blah-blah-blah.
    They look at our points and what we own and act so surprised and ask why they had us buy like this! Ya, know like we are idiots. THEN they want us to buy MORE! We can’t afford what we have bc we bought to have a better chance of selling later when we can’t travel anymore.
    Well…… I’d like out NOW!! I’m so over Bluegreen and everything about them and Interval. Hate this BS!!

  24. Seems like the lawyers who will sue are few and far between. I saw this article, I am not sure what to do. We were told so many things in our so-called “owners update meeting” and we were really in a high pressure sales presentation for many hours. It ruined our vacation and now we are stuck with something we cannot afford.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your timeshare experience. A few years ago I got smart and got out of my timeshare. If you want my advocacy I would be delighted to hear from anyone who owns one of these things.


      1. We have a timeshare at Island Links in Hilton Head, SC that we don’t need anymore. How did you exit your timeshare? I.e. what exit company delivers what it promises?

  25. Very interested. I did not pay as much as some of you folks. But my initial purchase and monthly fee were sold to me as an investment into easy vacation planning etc for the future. Not the hours of phone calls that I have made to first get slotted for a vacation week, or the hours wasted to get a fee refunded that they acknowledged as a mistake on there end. Please let me know if you all are pursuing. Alot of emotional and psychological stress has been created from Wyndham not providing reasonable service. This is not what I was promised. Don’t even get me started on the website….

  26. My husband and I have been Wyndham Timeshare Owners since 1990. Honestly, until April of this year, 2017, we have been satisfied with our $135,000 expenditure with Wyndham. However, since the new website was implemented in May of this year we are becoming increasingly aware of the massive shift that has been made at Wyndham. Timeshare owners have lost many of the benefits promised when their contracts were signed, the availability of units has plummeted at all resorts, and some resorts have no availability at all. Wyndham owners continue to receive emails offering them rental units at discounts at resorts where there are no units available for booking. It appears that Wyndham will continue to remove availability and place more units into rental properties. We would like to pursue a class action suit against Wyndham for making our investment and the $500+ monthly fee we pay of no value. Jean and Ken Cannon

    1. My experience exactly- obviously Wyndham has decided on a new phase after having received the cash for purchases, they are now in the milking phase- take properties for rental or sales pitch enticements or, in some cases, simply terminate agreements with non-Wyndham properties. Only a lawsuit will rectify but I can’t find one online to join.

      1. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”…right? We became aware of the Wyndham scam too late, but not as late as most thank God. I am currently researching how to file a Class Action against Wyndham. I do not want their vulture legal teams to have any of my particulars….but we should probably all gang up on them in court. They prey on people that just want to vacation….that $100 and a free breakfast cost me thousands and almost my marriage….I never thought I would want to sue anyone but this is getting ridiculous. Does anyone know if it matters what state it is started in? For example living in New York but the Time share is Deeded to a property in Kansas? (Just an example).

        1. I am so with you on a class action. I cannot understand why there has not been one already against these theives. I just spent 8 months trying to get out of a contract and they still say I own over $2000 in maintenance fees for this 8 months the property was in rescission. My bank says it is fraud. There’s got to be a lawyer somewhere willing to fight these guys! Where’s our government??


        2. Very interested. I did not pay as much as some of you folks. But my initial purchase and monthly fee were sild to me as an investment into easy vacation planning etc. Not the hours of phone calls that I have made to first get slotted for a timeshare and then attempt to get a fee refunded that they acknowledged. Please lwt me know if you all are continuing. Alot of emotional and psychological stress has been created. This is not what I was promised. The website….

      1. Any updates??!! We really want to get back into RCI and without Xanadu. Ours is paid off and we can’t use it. We want answers!!

    2. We have had a similar experience. We have been gold members for about 8 years now, having bought the necessary points at the time based on sales pitches from Wyndham. Last May 2017, we booked a vacation for the end of March 2018, and were just told three weeks ago that our FL vacation was being cancelled due to damage from the hurricanes last September. In the same call, we were also told that we are not gold members, but are silver. Wyndham is trying to unilaterally downgrade us to silver, even after we’ve been gold for years, and claiming that we were never supposed to be gold members. We have a card that says gold member on it, but of course they claim the card was erroneously given to us. It’s absolutely ridiculous. We would be happy to join a lawsuit against Wyndham.

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