Timeshare Presentations – Worth The Time?

Yet another story from a reader that was misinformed during a timeshare presentation and is now stuck with a devalued timeshare they are unable to use. When will this nonsense end?!

Value of TimesharesWe were misled during our presentation to purchase timeshare. He sold us both points and weeks making it sound like a more attractive deal. We have only been able to take one full week using RCI because of confusion of process and customer service giving false information. We have lost money by maintenance and paying to roll over points in order to use in the future.

We have owned for 5 years and have had fewer vacations due to cost of RCI purchases and the fees involved. So much for the line we could take 2-3 vacations per year. Greedy people!

I have tried to give weeks to retired family members who could travel anytime but they couldn’t even find a beach condo in winter months. The catalog looks great of 1000’s of destinations. They would save alot of money if they printed the places in the middle of no where that were available in the worse possible months!

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