Westgate Cancelled my Presentation

I got kicked out before it started during the free food. I was drinking a White Claw, which does have alcohol. I was not drunk and only had the 1 and over half of it was still left. They said if they sold me any real estate while I was inebriated they would lose their license. Wow, they usually are more than happy to give u all the free drinks you want.

I want to know if they can charge me for my free room now?? Has this happened to anyone else??



Lando Resort – High-Interest Rate

My name is Camila, with my mom, we bought on 2015 the "plan" with Orlando resorts.

Today, my husband saw my account info, and its impossible to believe that weve been paying 17.9% of interest, just 2000 dollars of the 12000 dollars are in the loan.. Im so,frustrated because i dont know what to do, I want to take legal steps against them but I don't know where and how. My husband is a citizen here in USA, and he is trying to help me with the legal information.

By your own experience what can we do?




Please help!

In 2016 my husband and I agreed to listen to a sales pitch from Wyndham resort in Panama City Beach. We said no over and over but they wore us down. We stayed there for at least 7 to 8 hours. They made promises and told us lots of lies. I paid 17,500.00 for 84,000 points which they said would give us at least 1 week of vacation. (The did give us bonus points that could be used the first two years)

The next summer I tried to use points but they kept saying everything was unvailable. I... Read the rest of this entry »