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Club Wyndham

I don’t have enough time left on this earth to document all the bad experiences we have had with Club Wyndham.

We have owned timeshares since 1992 and are pretty familiar with the process. We enjoyed our experiences with other resorts as well as Interval International for exchanges. Four years ago we joined Club Wyndham. They throw around numbers and hundreds of thousand points to take you “anywhere in the World”. But, try to make an exchange and they are really not worth much unless you “upgrade”. Then the contract is written as a separate contract, not associated or combined with the original. Points were awarded separately, not enough to get any exchanges we needed, Salesperson who claimed to be a “Preachers Kid, wanted to be our new best friend, gave us his personal cell number and said he would take us out for breakfast the next day, but he vanished from the face of the earth. Phone number was bogas and never showed up for breakfast. Our first clue that Wyndham is NOT reputable, and it was just the beginning of the worst plan, the worst or non existent customer service and the biggest scam in Vacation ownership.

After my husband passed away, I was on my 1st trip with family. I was emphatic that I did not want to attend a “presentation”. I was told to “just fill out our survey” and we would get discount tickets for local sites, restaurants etc. At my meeting to fill out my quick 12 question survey, I was told that a new credit card was available that would give me better rewards. I agreed to get the new card and just had to stop down to sign the forms. When I went down, I was told that my last representative had to go out of town. (I was told earlier on a phone message from him that he had to take his baby to the hospital). Obviously all lies. I was handed off to someone else. I said is this when they bring out the big guns? She said, and I quote “I am the big gun”. She knew my situation, recently widowed, but proceeded to tell me I needed to upgrade my contract to “save on Maintenance charges”. Explained that they keep increasing each year and I would be responsible for them for the rest of my life and then my children would be responsible “in perpetuity”. I told her I would walk away, (I knew about Ovation), she said my good credit would be ruined. The light went on at that moment. The credit card application was a good way to access my credit records.

I was so upset I started the Ovation process, I walked away from a $22,000 investment, lost over 250,000 points. They also cancelled my RCI membership as well and 115,000 points were lost. Maybe this is the Master plan, take a lot of money, make life a living hell for members, then take it all back to sell to another unsuspecting victim.

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