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Basic Timeshare Questions to Ask

Are you having trouble deciding whether or not you are interested in purchasing a timeshare? It can be an overwhelming process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with timeshares to begin with. The following list is a basic set of questions to ask yourself if you are in the very beginning phase of considering a timeshare. Your answers to these questions will help you hone in on exactly what you want and need and, hopefully, help you determine if purchasing a timeshare is the right option for you.

basic timeshare questions

1. Do you prefer cold or warm climates for your vacations?

2. Where do you want your home resort to be?

3. Do you want to visit your home resort at least half the time, or do you want to trade more than half the time?

4. What are some other destinations you would be willing to trade for?

5. How many people do you usually travel with?

6. Will you be traveling with children?

7. Will you be traveling with pets?

8. Can you travel any time or are you locked into a set schedule?

9. Are you able to be flexible? Can you make firm plans at least 1 year in advance?

10. Can you vacation for a full week at a time?

11. What level of accommodations do you prefer on a scale of 1 to 5 stars?

12. How much can you afford to spend upfront, without financing?

13. How much can you afford to spend every year for maintenance fees that will usually be due right after Christmas, and increase each year?

14. Are you a detail-oriented planner?

15. Do you understand that once you buy a timeshare, it may be very difficult to sell or give away, and that you are responsible for all fees until you do?

If you do in fact decide to purchase a timeshare, see this list of more detailed questions to ask yourself as you move forward in the process. Good luck!

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