RCI/Bahia Principe Experience

We received the following submission from one of our users about their experience with RCI:

RCI“Well I have just hung up the phone with another lovely RCI ‘expert’. There have been transactions going through my credit card for a cruise that I apparently agreed to and did not. A representative called and asked if I was interested. I said I could not commit without discussing with my husband. OH WELL, not a problem if I put a small down payment on the trip they would hold for 10 that is ten days and if not wanted would be refunded. 2 that is two days later I said no we do not want – of course the high pressure but I was adamant – no thank you. Here I am 3 months later still arguing with them that I did not agree to this and they continue to say I did and put transactions through my credit card. I have had to dispute the transactions through my credit card and get them to pull the credit transaction back. Now I have told them to not EVER process another transaction from them again. This is a disgusting way of doing business and borders on theft………….DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE REPRESENTATIVES THEY JUST WANT THAT SALE.”

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Timeshare Cruises

Take a Timeshare Cruise VacationMany timeshare owners are unaware that they may be able to use their timeshare to exchange for a cruise vacation, or that their vacation ownership may entitle them to a discounted rate for cruises. In order to compete with many of the discount vacation websites that are popping up, timeshare exchange companies and vacation club memberships such as RCI, Hilton Grand Vacation Club and Interval International have started offering cruise vacations as perks for membership.

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Booking Cruises Through RCI

Booking cruises through RCI timeshare exchange

Ever thought of trading your timeshare week for a cruise, or using your RCI points toward a week long adventure at sea? As many of you may already know, RCI owners are able to book cruises through RCI timeshare exchange by applying unused points, borrowing points from a future year, or banking and trading a weeks time share. RCI will generally use the option for cruise vacations as a selling point for their program, but are they really a good deal? This article will explore the ways to book a cruise through RCI, and look at whether or not trading your timeshare for a cruise is worth it.
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