Are Timeshare Owners Happy?
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Are Timeshare Owners Happy?

Unhappy timeshare owners seem to be the most vocal, but this does not necessarily mean that all timeshare owners are unhappy. Statistically speaking 85% of timeshare owners are happy with their vacation situation.(1) Public opinion of timeshares seems to be largely negative, but this is probably because unhappy timeshare owners write a lot more about…

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How To End A Timeshare Presentation – 2020 Edition

Imagine you’re walking along the cushy carpet of a hotel on your vacation, thinking about enjoying a delicious dinner. But before you make the transition from hotel ballroom to revolving door, you accidentally make eye contact with a timeshare salesperson. He’s like a shark in the water, and his eyes light up as he shoves…

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Are Timeshare Resales Worth it?

So you’re thinking about buying (or selling) a timeshare resale. Perhaps you’ve been daydreaming about annual vacations (guaranteed!) to exotic places that are already booked on the calendar, year after year. Maybe you’ve seen a glossy advertisement at a travel agent’s office (are travel agents still a thing?) and can practically taste that sweet Pina…

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Club Wyndham

I don’t have enough time left on this earth to document all the bad experiences we have had with Club Wyndham. We have owned timeshares since 1992 and are pretty familiar with the process. We enjoyed our experiences with other resorts as well as Interval International for exchanges. Four years ago we joined Club Wyndham….

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Timeshare Resale Scams – T.F.T.I.

Tales from the Inside We’ve talked about timeshares and the many reasons not to get involved with them. We’ve covered the sleazy tactics many salespeople use to reel you in during the presentation. We’ve even discussed the most common myths of the Timeshare industry. It’s no secret I am not a big fan of Timeshares…