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How To End A Timeshare Presentation – 2020 Edition

Imagine you’re walking along the cushy carpet of a hotel on your vacation, thinking about enjoying a delicious dinner. But before you make the transition from hotel ballroom to revolving door, you accidentally make eye contact with a timeshare salesperson.

He’s like a shark in the water, and his eyes light up as he shoves his card in your trembling hand. He makes his pitch. And it’s good. You know he’s trying to lure you into his presentation with the promise of those sweet, free gifts. 

Your stomach growls audibly, but these free timeshare gifts are quite enticing, and include points that can be redeemed for hotel stays, free food (who can argue with that? Everyone’s got to eat, right?), tickets to local attractions and more.

escape timeshare presentation and keep free gift

This guy is relentless, and the free gifts sound amazing. So you agree to go to the timeshare sales presentation. What could be the harm in that, right? You want those complimentary points. And your stomach wants that free lobster dinner from the glistening waters you can see from your oceanview room. 

So you agree to go with the idea of sneaking out of the timeshare presentation…and keeping the free gifts.

If you’ve ever wondered how to escape a timeshare presentation and keep the freebies, read on. This is how it’s done.

How to Escape a Timeshare Presentation and Keep the Free Gift

Timeshare presentations get a bad reputation because some of the timeshare sales people use gruelling, high pressure sales tactics to close the deal. And most people who attend these timeshare presentations are very uncomfortable saying “no.” 

Especially when the presenters will continue to pressure you after you say, “no”. They’ll promise you the moon to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Sometimes these sneaky sales people will even call the presentation something else entirely, such as, “gift opportunity,” “special value promotion”, or “free discovery tour.”

escape timeshare presentation and keep free gift

And that’s where this advice will come in handy. Here’s a few options to help you leave a timeshare presentation with your free gift in hand.

Bring a Friend 

If you are one of those people who cannot say, “no,” this tip is for you.

The key is ditching the sales pitch while still keeping your free gift is to bring someone else with you. 

The saying, “there’s safety in numbers” is true! You’ll feel supported if you bring a friend with you. And if you get swept away in the “too good to be true” hype, your friend will be there to bring you back down to earth and say, “not interested” for you. Be firm. 

Plan Your Exit in Advance

Before you agree to attend the presentation, find out how long it will last so you can see if it’s worth it. Most timeshare presentations go on for an hour to several hours or longer. And find out if the prizes are legitimate. 

My parents once attended a timeshare presentation because they were promised a recliner. In the end, they got a lousy beach chair that fell apart on the way home! 

You also want to plan your exit in advance. One might assume that sharing your financial situation would be enough to get the presenters to back off, but Stress Reduction expert Melissa Heisler of ItsMyLifeInc.com explains that when you say you can’t afford it, they’ll only respond with more numbers. 

This is her exit strategy:

“Find a “no” that they can not rebuke…I finally said that my mother was ill and I could not commit to any long range plans right now. A lie, I know. But one they could not counter.”


Don’t give out your real phone number and email address. Make something up if you have to. Tell them you don’t own a credit card or that you’re out of work. If all else fails, simply leave. They can’t force you to stay.

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