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The following experience was shared via a reader of our website, and is an account of both their stay at the Luxor hotel and their timeshare presentation at the Grandview Las Vegas

Our experience was a total joke. This must be the most unprofessional bunch of Dorsal Fins we have ever met.

Here is my letter/email to the Luxor informing them that Grand View is totally running them down when they are using this location to promote their product.

Still waiting to hear if the Luxor took any action. We did make a joke of it and laughed in their face all the way through the presentation.

If you have the pleasure of meeting the Plastic Fantastic Antoinette from RCI remind her what a b**** she is as I did. That was totally worth the 4 hours of the most disorganised tour ever – this was September 2011.

Enjoy the email below:

Good afternoon.

I wish to advise you that we recently stayed at the Luxor Las Vegas in Room 29138 in: 23 August out 30 August 2011. We had a really enjoyable stay and can’t thank your staff enough as they truly made our stay comfortable and fun.

On the first day we arrived at the Luxor Las Vegas we were approached by people promoting the Grand View Property out of the Luxor.

My husband and I thought you may be interested to find out that this company is not doing your property any justice at all.

The Grand View staff, based at the Luxor were very nice and were giving away free tickets to shows etc. We were asked to contribute US$100.00 and in return (providing we attended the time share appointment the next day) we could receive $200 worth of points either food beverage or gambling and tickets to two shows.

On 24th August we met the staff at the Grand View tour area at the Luxor Lobby. There were quite a few people attending the “so called” visit to Grand View on the LV Strip. We were shuttled by bus to a property approximately ½ hour drive from the Luxor (we did not get the name of the property although the Cliffs ring a bell).

There would have been approximately 20 people with us and we were left in the waiting room of this property for well over an hour and had no contact with any staff/representative from Grand View for this period of time. Eventually there were various representatives approaching the couples and taking them to a meeting room where coffee and lunch was finally provided.

We did say to the representative (Billy) that we were not interested in any time share information and we were purely there for the show tickets and the $200 vouchers. Billy was very professional and explained he had to show us the model regardless so approximately 3 hours later the presentation was coming to an end and Billy informed us that he had to call his boss over to talk to us.

We were then approached by Antoinette (sorry never got a last name). She was very pushy and we explained to her that we were not in a position to purchase at this time. She then asked where we were staying and we proudly announced the Luxor. She turned around and scowled raising her top lip saying “The Luxor, that property is only a 2 star and proceeded to run the Luxor down.

I must say I was quite taken back by her attitude, as being involved in sales myself the first rule you learn is not to bag the opposition. She then proceeded to belittle her salesperson Billy saying that he must be past it, given that we did not agree to purchase a property at the Grand View. I could not hold back as the entire marketing of the Grand View seemed to be a sham. We never even got to view the property and the expectation of Antoinette for us to sign a legal document without even knowing if the property actually existed seemed ludicrous. After telling Antoinette several times that we were not interested she eventually seemed to get it that we were not proceeding with a sale.

For the Grand View to operate out of the Luxor and then trash your name to tourists seems very unfair, and we thought you would be interested in feedback about this company and the very tacky manner of Antoinette, supposedly on of their top sales people.

I look forward to hearing from you and trust you will take the necessary action to ensure this person Antoinette is dealt with accordingly.

We will continue to promote the Luxor to our friends and family as we were very happy with the property and the staff.

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