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Vacation Village in the Berkshires Exchange Experience

vacation-village-berkshiresWhen we bought they talked us into buying in March, which was red and cheaper then the month we wanted (which was August – also red). We paid close to 20,000 dollars. The salesman promised us that every year we will be able to exchange for August the month we actually wanted.

It was ok for a couple of years. Now they downgraded the weeks timeshare and no longer can give us a week in August, which the salesman knew was the only month we could go.

Now they are threatening to ruin our credit rating if we try to walk away and not pay the maintenance anymore. They are also willing to rent us a week in the month that we are asking to exchange for, and they want us to pay for the week and the maintenance.

How can they rent us a week, but tell us nothing is available for owners? When talking to the people who are there when we go there, none of the people we spoke to are owners or intend to be owners. They are there because it is free. Sounds like that is the reason there is no availability…

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  1. i always was able to convert my weeks to points now i am told that i cannot do that without spending over $3500 to buy a POINTS membership i already own a membership which cost over $10000 why do i have to spend for something that i was told i would get for buying a points ownership in another facility which i did

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