RCI Cancellation Policy Experience

We received the following submission from one of our users regarding their experience with RCI:RCI cancellation policy

“I am very disappointed with their program. I was really looking forward to a vacation I booked in March 2016 for December 2016 but had an emergency with my son and he was hospitalized. So of course we have to cancel our vacation. We could not re-book, receive any of our money back or get some kind of RCI credit for future use. It really is sad that they would just take $500 plus dollars for something our family could not use after all because of a serious accident.

-Very disappointed member”

Anyone else have a similar experience with RCI or other timeshare exchange programs? What do you believe these companies should do in the event of a cancellation? Tell us about it!

One Response to “RCI Cancellation Policy Experience”

  1. Orjanette Bryant says:

    RCI and SilverLake disappointment me several times and booked me into hotels instead of the timeshare property. The last hotel they book me in was a real dump. I complained about it and all I got was more disappointments and told to pay my deed and the maintenance taxes. I refused to keep paying after they continuously only offered me the opportunity to only pay for the abilities to use the property and not stay on the property. I will never trust nor do timeshare again. They will destroy you and triple all fees if you go to collections after one month of delinquency.

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