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RCI Cancellation Policy Experience

We received the following submission from one of our users regarding their experience with RCI:RCI cancellation policy

“I am very disappointed with their program. I was really looking forward to a vacation I booked in March 2016 for December 2016 but had an emergency with my son and he was hospitalized. So of course we have to cancel our vacation. We could not re-book, receive any of our money back or get some kind of RCI credit for future use. It really is sad that they would just take $500 plus dollars for something our family could not use after all because of a serious accident.

-Very disappointed member”

Anyone else have a similar experience with RCI or other timeshare exchange programs? What do you believe these companies should do in the event of a cancellation? Tell us about it!

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  1. One of my first orders of business was to dump RCI by not renewing. They tripled the extension fees and then have the gall to take points or weeks that you paid a lot for with maintenance fees. Their exchange fees and other fees are ridiculous too. Plus, check if you wAnt to exchange. Many times they are not available but if you want to pay cash of 1000 to 1800 for the week, that is no problem.
    After RCI, I just stopped paying maintenance fees. Yes, you do get threats but as the other strings in this site point out, the sure fire way to dump these timeshares is to stop paying them. Let them know go to collections, make it hard for them. Check the state laws on timeshares. Go to NOLO and you will find out many states have non judicial, anti deficiency laws.

    Remember, you paid for maintenance and 800 a week plus to maintain a property is insane. In essence, you were lied to and misrepresented on that alone. No one can tell me it costs that much to maintain a property.

    The whole thing is flawed. Just pull the plug and save your hard earned money to go on a better vacation, get reasonable accommodations on sites like Airbnb. If they want to sue, let them. The money you saved from maintenance can be a nice defence fund and don’t forget to counter sue for fraud, misrepresentation. I’ve learned that once they know you are not going to listen to their fear tactics and threats, they do back off. Don’t be the weak zebra in the herd ready to be devoured by these folks. Remember, they rent out your unit for a lot more and still want to get maintenance money from you. Plus they bill other owners bad debt expense,

    You don’t need exit systems. All they do is tell you to stop paying but charge you 3 to 6 thousand for something you can do on your own.

    Timeshare companies are losing cases in court. Just research and you will know this is the case.

    Just ignore the fear and threats. Do your own research by reading the state laws on timeshares. That way, you can make a good decision without being clouded by emotion. The truth is in the state laws, not the fear discussions that are out there on various timeshare websites.

  2. I have gone through the same thing and afraid that it will effect my credit score. I refuse to pay them any money and or want any thing to do with them. The company and the sales people are very aware on how to sale the timeshare. I am a hard working person just trying to make it. I feel that they lied, and robbed me of $1000.00 plus 3 payments of $175.00. I contacted them and explain to them how I felt and all the lady said was I am sorry that you feel that way. Please help me get out of this mess I put myself in.

  3. I am very disappointed with RCI and the Americano Resort in Daytona. We were booked to be there on Sept 16th. Hurricane Irma hit the weekend before. We could not reach the Americano to speak with them but their voicemail said that they were open as of the 13th and would be accepting owners. RCI confirmed that they would be open. We got a voicemail from RCI late afternoon on Friday (15th) saying the resort was closed and that we would get our points, and payment back but would need to re-book by the end of October. Spent more than 5 hours between Wyndhan and RCI on phone that week. We could use our points again but because the were expiring at the end of the year we would have to take the vacation before the end of year. It’s the end of Sept with only 3 months left. We had a hard time even finding the booking we made for Daytona. My vacation time is now gone for the rest of the year. I had a replacement at work so I couldn’t just show up and work last week. They made us pay an additional $109 to carry the points over to 2018. I was told several times that they would not waive the fee. We had someone go by the Americano a few days after our check in date. The place was boarded up and workmen were trowing carpeting in the large dumpsters. They had no intention of opening by the 13th but waited until 5 days after the hurricane to inform RCI. Their voicemail now says they will be closed until the end of October. RCI was not responsible for the hurricane but they should have waived the fee. If we gotten prior notice we could have seen if there were other resorts open that could take us. We were lucky we didn’t have flight reservations or had a long drive that caused us to leave on Friday. That would have been an even bigger expense. RCI should be ashamed of themselves for not waiving the fee and notifying us so late.

  4. RCI and SilverLake disappointment me several times and booked me into hotels instead of the timeshare property. The last hotel they book me in was a real dump. I complained about it and all I got was more disappointments and told to pay my deed and the maintenance taxes. I refused to keep paying after they continuously only offered me the opportunity to only pay for the abilities to use the property and not stay on the property. I will never trust nor do timeshare again. They will destroy you and triple all fees if you go to collections after one month of delinquency.

    1. If the state your timeshare is in is a non judicial, anti deficiency state, they can make the late charges, etc a million bucks and all they are going to get is their timeshare back. The court is reasonable. If you really want to get their goat, write them and tell them that you dispute any debt or amount claimed and they are free to file in court and you will be happy to respond. With the money you are saving paying them fees, set it aside for legal if you want. Remember to counter sue. Two can play that’s game.

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