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16 Year RCI Member Shares Their Experience

RCI Timeshare ExperiencesI have been an RCI member for around 16 years. My experiences have been mixed. Recently, I added another RCI unit and was given a 1 year membership. When RCI mixed up the paperwork, they created a new RCI account. I called and RCI then closed the new account and merged it with my new account. They then took away my 1 year. Three separate RCI reps over the course of a month told me they would straighten my account out and add the year to my existing membership.

Yesterday, the 4th rep told me that they were all wrong, my year was lost and that was RCI’s final answer. I have also had a bad experience in the past when I deposited a week in Aruba and was assured that I would “have absolutely no problem” getting a specific week and location that I wanted. Needless to say, that was a lie and I lost my week and ended up not getting the vacation that I wanted.

On the other hand, I have booked vacations in Disney, a week in Aruba for a friend and extra days in Aruba with my points in the past 2 years.

Bottom line from my perspective: Good opportunities for vacations, especially if you are flexible, but lousy and deceitful customer service.

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  1. This is what you do call RCI back and ask for a supervisor Have all your facts straight and be ready to politely agrue your point, if he/she doesn’t agree then ask for the next supervisor. Push this up the ladder as high as you can. Wyndham is the new owner of RCI ask for their representative. Don’t treaten but point out how long you have been a member and how much you enjoy RCI and feel this was just a mistake. Contact the company you bought the other week from get their help.

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