Checklist – Before You Leave For Vacation

Traveling can be stressful, but with a little planning and preparation your trip can be as hassle free as possible, allowing you to spend more quality time with friends and family. It is important to make sure your home is being taken care of while you vacation, and you will inevitably be more relaxed knowing everything is ok at home. By following this simple checklist you can be sure that everything in your house will be in order prior to your departure, and upon your arrival home.

Prior to departure:

  1. Arrange to have lawn mowed and plants watered.
  2. Arrange to have someone check the house periodically – be sure to leave contact numbers with this person.
  3. Arrange to have trash taken out.
  4. Arrange for pet care.
  5. Call police and notify them of your travel plans.
  6. Call your resort or hotel and make sure your stay is confirmed.
  7. Disconnect garage door openers.
  8. Leave emergency contact info with at least one other person besides your house sitter.
  9. Set up lamp timers.
  10. Shut off ice maker/water dispenser.
  11. Place hold on mail and newspaper delivery -or have house sitter take care of them.
  12. Inform neighbors you will be leaving and the duration of your vacation.
  13. Turn down hot water heater.
  14. Adjust furnace thermostat.
  15. Disconnect water supplying washing machine.
  16. Unplug computers, kitchen appliances, lights not being used and other electronics.
  17. Verify insurance coverage – health, auto and homeowners; especially health and auto if traveling outside of US.
  18. Make photocopies of important documents to bring along, including:
    1. Airline tickets
    2. Auto rental confirmation
    3. Personal auto insurance ID number
    4. Driver’s licence
    5. Exchange information or hotel/motel reservation confirmation
    6. Medical insurance forms
    7. Passports and Visas
    8. Reservations for other accommodations, events and attractions
    9. Rx and eyeglass info

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