RCI Timeshare Complaints, Positive and Negative Experiences

Reviews on RCI timeshare ownershipThere are a number of sites on the web that RCI members use to voice their complaints about past experiences they have had with RCI. A majority of these issues have to do with the inability to trade weeks once they are deposited. The inability to exchange weeks for vacations at other resorts is exactly the same problem that the class action lawsuit, Murillo vs. RCI (which is currently in the discovery process) is focused upon – the idea that RCI is withholding weeks for sales to non-members or for use by executives as perks.

Another point of distress amongst RCI members is that the resorts they are staying in are not as they are advertised. For example, a couple returning to the same resort in Mexico yearly has noticed their accommodations have been falling by the wayside – the first few years they made trips consisted of stays in oceanfront rooms with balconies, whereas over the past few years they have been pushed to the back rooms of the hotel into spaces with antiquated furniture and electronics such as kitchen appliances, televisions and bathroom fixtures. It seems, again, that RCI is giving preferential treatment to non-members willing to pay top dollar for gold crown resorts and suites.

Personally, my major complaint with RCI is the way that they conduct business using their deceitfully underhanded, high-pressure sales tactics. Their main goal is to prey on the weakness of people and convince them, no matter what their financial situation, that a timeshare is a valuable investment. They are no better than corporate bullies, hustling and ready to say whatever you want to hear in order to get your signature on the dotted line. I do not care how many people comment that “it’s your own fault to give in and buy something you did not really want”, there is certainly some truth to that, but the real truth is that people are trusting by nature, and do not want to believe that there is someone out there trying to reel them in for a scam.

People need to be aware about the truth about timeshares, and I encourage you to post your experiences with RCI below, positive and negative, to help inform consumers as to whether or not RCI timeshare is a good investment.

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  1. RCI Sodwana Bay SUCKS! What a waste of my leave, my petrol and my Flexiclub points! Score 0/10! The resort is very neglected. Do not be caught travelling far and being unhappy with the quality your points gave you! The chalet is old, not been maintained and generally just not a nice place to stay. I am not looking forward to the comments after my wife has done a round in the bathroom…….

  2. My husband and I were scheduled through RCI to stay at Glades View Condominiums in Gatlinburg, TN, from Oct 3, 2020, to Oct. 10, 2020. Shortly after, Vacasa called and said we would be moved to Baskins Creek 107 in Gatlinburg, which was an “upgrade.” Then about a week before our scheduled stay, Vacasa called again and said we were moved to Restful Retreat in Sevierville, TN. It was also said to be an “upgrade.” We would like to recommend that RCI not use Vacasa again for your members, as we were very disappointed and felt it was not an upgrade. We found it to be dirty (dust on many things, obvious dirt in a ceiling fan and light with a paper towel hanging, a bathroom rug had lots of stuff on it which needed to be swept or shaken, many cobwebs), only three chairs on the balcony, 3 place mats (they said it would sleep up to six and there were four of us), limited kitchen utensils glassware, the iron did not heat, etc. We called the customer service number but got no satisfaction. There was no on-site person to talk with. We just felt RCI should know and not schedule people for this company (Vacasa). All of our previous RCI vacations were very nice, updated and clean places. This was very disappointing.

  3. I have a great concern. My husband and I who are over 80 years old are concerned about traveling because of COVID so we have asked our son to use the timeshare booked for October in California for us. Rci will not allow us to add his name as our guest without paying for a guest certificate. This seems very unfair. We have been members for over 30 years and I believe this is extremely insensitive.

    1. We are over the age of 65 and live in Texas. We were about to lose points just before the COVID-19 hit us in April of this year. We paid the exchange fees for 2(two) trip to avoid the loss of our points good until June of 2020. We have not been able to travel due to lock-downs and Resorts not being open. RCI has taken away our points and refuse to refund the fees of two vacations we could not take due to COVID-19.RCI has RIPPED US OFF on POINTS and over $400 in exchange fees that we did not use.

    2. Our situation is almost similar to that of Yolanda, but we are 78/79 years old, our bi-ennial odd week is on Grand Bahama and we live in British Columbia, Canada.
      The US border has now been closed (by the former US President, initially by tweet) for 11 months, and so we cannot exchange into Washington State resorts as we have done often. There are hardly any RCI affiliated resorts left in British Columbia; has the orgnaization imploded already?
      We also cannot go to “our” resort on Grand Bahama via the Fort Lauderdale ferry (like 95% of the visitors to that island do), and we cannot even fly there through Toronto, as all flights have recently been cancelled by an international government agreement. YET RCI ignores the fact that there is a pandemic.
      The Force Majeure clause in RCI’s handbook (please read it, I found a Clause 25.0 on page 400 in the 2008 Directory) is very clear: An epidemic is a “Force Majeure event” and it ought to be recognized as such by RCI. Now in my mind, a pandenic is a worldwide epidemic, and is by definition a Force Majeure event, a.k.a. as an Act of God. That RCI continues to ignore this, makes them (and not my wife and me) break the Terms and Conditions of RCI Weeks Subscribing Membership.
      The problem is of course that even if one declines to renew RCI membership, one still needs to deal with the Resort itself. Our contract with that resort on Grand Bahama has a one-sided Force Majeure clause. That there is no clause by which the Member can “claim” or “invoke” Force Majeure, is a major flaw in the Agreement, which ought to be challenged as grossly UNFAIR.

        1. We decided not to renew our RCI membership. They say that we can at any future time renew, but it is now almost July and the US border is not open. In fact, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the highways are closed for non-essential travel.
          The Resort’s latest e-mail response of 27 May 2021 was: “Please be advised that we are unable to take over your bi-weekly rental agreement as we do not have a buyback program at this time. Please be reminded that you could use your week at anyone of our fascinating destinations worldwide.”
          Now I ask you all, how can they say that “you could our week at anyone of our fascinating destinations worldwide”, after we had told them that we had cancelled with RCI.
          This fascinates me to no end! Is this Bahamian balderdash?

  4. RCI and policies, together with their customer service sucks. I have 59 points that are scheduled to expire 06.30.20. Just cancelled an April vacation due to the world wide epidemic of coronavirus. The $179 did not go back to my credit card, but rather a credit on my account – I am unable to book a room as everyone is STAY AT HOME orders. RCI refuses to refund my money and or extend the June 30, 2020 deadline. I was not afforded 3 months of my travel window because of the epidemic and RCI does nothing to assist their customers. THEY SUCK !!! THEY ARE A RIP OFF, DECEITFUL AND A SCAM ! DO NOT EVER BUY. I am a 25 year member and they have done NOTHING for me. No wonder their are numerous lawsuits against them.

    1. We are over the age of 65 and live in Texas. We were about to lose points just before the COVID-19 hit us in April of this year. We paid the exchange fees for 2(two) trip to avoid the loss of our points good until June of 2020. We have not been able to travel due to lock-downs and Resorts not being open. RCI has taken away our points and refuse to refund the fees of two vacations we could not take due to COVID-19.RCI has RIPPED US OFF on POINTS and over $400 in exchange fees that we did not use. Lets file a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!!!

      1. Yes let’s file a class action lawsuit! Let’s find an attorney that will do it in a contingency basis.

  5. Has anyone from Canada been able to get out of RCI without high legal costs? What is the best way to end the money drain?

  6. I am baldev .i was Holiday in malta.i buy timeshare .i have still two day to cancel it .
    I am Not Hood in english some one can help me to right a cancelation Note . Plesse help me

  7. RCI is now a joke!! Been dealing with them for 25+ years when they were “the only game in town.” Since taken over by Wyndham(sp?), they have gotten worse! Constantly updating/upgrading a website that never works to begin with. When they cannot answer a question the consumer is asked to switch browsers and try again. If the problems persist, then the user is asked to contact web support! Why do I have to do all of this when clearly, their website is not working properly?! Rude employees to boot!! So done with RCI!!

  8. We got sucked into a Bahia Principe club where they share w/ RCI. We paid $10,000 for this plus a year fee to both Bahia Principe and RCI. I have been looking on RCI for 2 years and anything that is available in Florida (where I live) is CRAP. When I called they said I could put in an open search for 2018, but because I have 3 separate deposits of 10 trading power, now I have to pay to combine and they expire at the beginning of 2018 (the combo weeks) so basically I cannot use my weeks for ANYTHING DECENT and am left with CRAP. Oh and btw, the Bahia Principe member rates are so high that once I buy airfare I could’ve gotten off of Expedia the same exact trip. When we took our one free trip, worth about $2800 we experienced the same as other members. A crappy room, with a crappy view. I stayed on them for days until we were moved. It’s a sham!!! How do I become part of this lawsuit?

  9. I’m being asked to purchase a timeshare from another owner but they will not tell me anything but my cleaning fee is $700 every year and the cost of the timeshare. Can anyone give me any information to help me out.

  10. 30+ years and the last 10 or so RCI gets worse and worse Glad I found out about the class action law suit

    The inability to exchange weeks for vacations at other resorts is exactly the same problem that the class action lawsuit, Murillo vs. RCI (which is currently in the discovery process) is focused upon – the idea that RCI is withholding weeks for sales to non-members or for use by executives as perks.

  11. RCI is a huge scam.. buy on hotels.com and save yourself some $. I was lucky enough to grind the salesman down to $3,600 for the membership but with the annual fee of $800 they still stuck it to me pretty hard. He originally wanted 15k, booking fee’s are $229. if you compare RCI to any of the online site it’s actually cheaper to buy online.

  12. We own a timeshare unit in California and often trade the week with RCI. I pay over $1500 in fees and taxes on the unit. Recently we booked two units through RCI to use for a vacation with our son and grandchildren. When his plans changed, we were told the over $400 in fees would be lost and that our points would returned with a 20% reduction as a penalty for canceling the week. This represents over $700 in actual dollars lost for canceling a reservation over 2 1/2 months prior to the scheduled vacation. I know of no other hotel, resort or organization with penalties that severe. It seems that the GREAT DEALS offered by RCI are for them only and the customer pay dearly.

  13. I, like some people here had a great visit, wife and I put down some money for a timeshare and we were declined by the bank. They won’t give us our money back, It is looking more and more like legal action is going to be needed

  14. By law you have five days to cancel in writing to the Developer. The info is in your Timeshare contract. Make sure you reference the contract # AND you desire to exercise your right to cancel within 5 calendar days under State Law. Send it certified mail with a sign on delivery with return receipt clause. We did it, and it was the best decision I’ve made since deciding to go to college.

    1. Hi. I would like to cancel my time share. Today is the 5th day. Do I just sign and send it certified? The agent didn’t sign is that going to be a problem? Please help me asp…. thanks

      1. Yesenia,

        I hope you did follow the rescission instructions and signed your letter and sent it certified by now. If you did, it is likely the timeshare salespeople will try to call you to get you to reconsider. DO NOT CALL THEM OR ANSWER THEIR CALLS! Let the process play out, though they do have a month and a half or so to close out the account and refund you any money. You also might want to give your credit card company and/or bank a heads up that this is going on (if applicable) so they can block payments as well.

    2. I have not paid anything yet, though I signed up and agreed to pay a week after. They wont let me go. The pressure was very high. Until I was able to do research. They are putting pressure so the customers cant research. After 3 business days I am able to let them know via text that I am not proceeding. Am I still liable of anything since I haven’t paid any? Can they sue me using the signed agreement? Please help. Thanks!

  15. Jeff help me out a lot and saved me over 1200.00 dollars. He was very professional and extremely polite. He took care of everything and found what I needed along with answering all my questions. He is a valuable employee for RCI!!!

  16. We have been members of RCI for more than 10 years, and have been mostly pleased with services provided. Recently, RCI was dumped by The Morritts Properties in Grand Cayman, and Interval “bought” their way in to replace them. As owners of a time share at Morritts, we were not even asked, and note a vote taken, before RCI was dumped. We are now forced to deal with Interval, which hasn’t nearly the inventory that RCI had, and there is no exchange program between Interval and RCI. Additionaly, After losing our ability to bank our week with RCI we are now forced to use the previously banked week with RCI, and have a left over credit of 9 that is great except that there is no way to increase your credit points to get the vacation we want.

  17. Purchased a vacation timeshare after an exhausting day of touring and sales pitch in July 2015. Purchased 1 week of unit at Canada House in Florida. Appeared to be a good value for our family vacations based on Trading Points for unit. We had no desire to stay at this unit as it is too small for our family. Again, purchased this timeshare for trading points only.

    Dissatisfied with the company for the following reasons: (1) Unable to deposit exchange week until annual maintenance fees paid for unit purchased. (2) Unable to pay maintenance fees until amount assessed in October. (3) Paid fees and began search for vacation to enjoy spring break in April 2015. (4) Spent hours and hours trying to understand website and trading options. The website is not user friendly. Read all the information provided. Completed tutorials. Spoke with consultants one the phone and had online chats for assistance. (5) Unable to locate accommodations for the location desired – units available were too small or undesirable. (6) Expanded search nationwide – still no units available as requested.

    The program is advertised as having thousands of units (options) worldwide. However, this is a huge overstatement. After spending hours and hours searching, we were unable to confirm accommodations as needed (date, size and location).

    Request release from membership ASAP.

  18. My wife and I were invited down to Atlantic City by Santa Fe Resorts for a timeshare presentation! We went down with an open mind as to what they had to offer! After buying into their time share we realized that all they were offering were complete Lies! We were told that we were entitled to 12 vacation weeks at $350.00 a week through this time share offer only to find out later we were only entitled to one week and the rest were considered “Bonus Weeks” Ok fine!Bonus Weeks-timeshare weeks whatever they wanted to call them was fine as long as we get them, right?!? Wrong!!!!! After booking my one timeshare week I then tried to cash in on one of my other 11 “Bonus Weeks” Living in NYS I wanted something close that I could take my kids during the summer months without traveling very far! They had NOTHING AVAILABLE during the summer months in the whole state of New York…..UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!
    Not loosing hope I said well what do you have that is relatively close to my house!
    So we found this spot two hours away in Pa! Not what I was thinking but, I was open and willing to try something new! Ready to book she comes with an $850.00 tab! I was like WHAT?????
    I was told my weeks were $350.00 and she says only when they are available last minute and on standby cancellations which never happens! Complete Lies! I call Sante Fe back in AC and they connect me to like 3 different people and apparently the one person who can help is off today!!! Yeah Right!!!! This place has been nothing but a nightmare so far and I already paid over $2000 and haven’t takem one vacation yet!
    Why are these timeshare companies legally able to take advantage like this! I want out!!!! I already contacted a Timeshare Redemption Lawyer in the hopes of not loosing any more money! RCI and Sante Fe should be held accountable!!!!!

  19. I am usually very happy with the way RCI works but in my past vacations I was left very disappointed. I always get invited to the timeshare presentations and I always deny since I hate being pressured and plus they always end up wasting a bunch of time. During my last vacations I was obligated to pay a deposit I have never paid before that deposit it was about 60 dollars. I was obviously very pissed off i always stay in the same chain of hotels and never pay such deposit. The next morning an RCI representative calls my room and says that the deposit I was charged was a mistake and I would get my money back they wanted to invite me and my family to breakfast and to talk about some benefits that I am not taking advantage off. I repeatedly asked if there was going to be a presentation and they would always answer that no, no presentation was going to take place so I agreed. The breakfast was delicious and it was a very pleasant hour before all hell broke loose and a presentation started that took away so much time from a very precious day of vacations. I would have held my tongue if at least my money had been refunded but that was clearly just another lie because no money was refunded. And the only way I was to get my money back was if it was used as a bond to purchase a packet of recreational activities they had prepared even then I obviously had to pay the difference.There is absolutely no communication between the hotel and RCI. And I can’t believe that the Hotel would permit that they lie to their clients and do nothing about it.

  20. My parents had an RCI timeshare and these guys lied to them about everything imaginable. First of all after you pay them, you can never get ahold of them again. NO PHONE CALLS, NO EMAIL. Its like they dont exsist. They stole there time and there money. It was an absolute nightmare situation for them! I felt so bad for them and so mad that they were being taken advantage of. So luckily I found Aronson Law Group and they were wonderful. They fixes all my parents problems in a timely manner. If you are having the same nightmarish experience like they were, I highly recommend you check out Aaronsonlawgroup.com and get yourself out of the nightmare!

  21. Do not trust RCI! When I wanted to reserve a room for a week two months ahead, I asked them if I can reserve it but pay when I get there. They said “absolutely, you will only be charged when you show up”. They said they needed my card information to make the reservation, and took the money out of my account right away, on a Sunday. When I called on Monday to ask them for my money back, they said they reversed the transaction and that I should see the refund in my account at midnight that day. It was not there Monday night, or Tuesday night. I still do not have my money back, and they keep lying to me, and saying that they put the money back in my account. RCI is the biggest liar, they will say anything to get your money, and then it will take weeks to get it back.

  22. My husband and I have had 2 timeshares with RCI since the late 1987. For the first 10 years we had a marvelous experience. Great people who assisted us with reservations and questions,clean, lovely accommodations and again personnel who made our stay even better. The website became more complicate to navigate, the reservation service was outsourced to India, Great Britain etc. and although accommodating, the person on the other end of the phone was often very difficult to understand and had little knowledge of the areas or of the timeshares themselves. Our timeshare that was taken over by Wyndom was shabbier and shabbier despite rising fees. Gold Crown selections are slimmer
    and the picts. in the catalogue aren’t even close to what the resorts look like. One of our favorite resorts in the northwoods of Wisconsin is shown with a high rise front with palm trees….it’s in a pine forest on a beautiful lake. We’ve sold our timeshare in Newport and if we keep our Sedona timeshare we will shift to VRI. Shame on you RCI and wyndom.

  23. I have had nothing but bad luck with RCI a vacation travel exchange company. I would not recommend this company to my enemies. If you are considering buying a time share make sure they are not affiliated with RCI. Marriott has a great program.

  24. Me and my husband use the RCI points when we went to the Philippines, we booked at Holiday Sunrise Hotel in Tagaytay, it has been a horrible experience when we came and see the room, it smells musty, and when i looked at the bathroom the scrapes on the tile is so disgusting that i statted to cry, the location is out of nowhere, we had a hard time finding the place ,no signage( the hotel said the typoon destroy it, bt never had a chance to replaced it) i thought i could have a wonderful vacation, it turns out to be a nightmare, i asked if they have a better room, cuz when i take a shower, the water heater is not working, it is like its so hot, when u lower it , it will be cold, nothing in the middle, somi took my shower in cold water in the middle of the night, just to make myself clean from a long travel to find the hotel, we arrived in the hotel at 10:30pm, cuz we cannot find it, the water running on my head like needles, becuz i got a bad headache, when they transfer us to another room, i did’nt know that they put bathroom freshner inside the aircondionting, that gave me a headache during the night till morning, i asked my husband to find the smell , he found it inside the airconditoning, and asked him to throw it out, they want to cover the musty smell by putting like an cheap urinal blocks, so disgusting, instead of doing a 7 days vacation , we cut it for 4 days, its not worth it, its a good thing we found a country club near the hotel, we went there often to eat from breakfast to dinner, and the hotel when we looked it up in the internet, it shows like its really beautiful and u can see the taal lake from the hotel, bt it turn out the lake is on the other side far away from the hotel, it is so misleading, that i will not trust it again. Bt in fairness, the hotel staff are nice and apologetic , its not thier fault, its the RcI group of Whyndam fault. Its a good thing my husband only get a trial period for a year, we will never never be fooled again.

  25. ok i’m confused by this “article” and your biggest complaint w/RCI. “Personally, my major complaint with RCI is the way that they conduct business using their deceitfully underhanded, high-pressure sales tactics.” how did RCI pressure you? unless RCI sells timeshares (i am not aware that they do) then it seems you do not understand what you purchased? RCI is ONLY a timeshare exchange company. You do not purchase your timeshare thru RCI. I am unhappy w/RCI as it is very, very hard to exchange for a decent resort BUT your issue seems to be w/company that “pressured” you into the timeshare. honestly all of it is frustrating BUT ppl complaining when they have no clue what they purchased, that is just as frustrating. making your voice heard when unhappy w/a company is something we all should do but it’s not fair to the company when it’s not true.

    1. Doesn’t RCI sell points? They want us to convert our timeshare into points and take all control (for depositing the weeks) away from us. Thus if the points don’t pan out and you can’t get weeks, even though the timeshare was originally bought from someone else, I believe I would be disappointed in RCI.

      I want to know what 50,000 points really can buy. The salesperson seems to act like we can go to Hawaii for a week (which would be cool if we can trade Vegas for Hawaii)

  26. Just returned from, Hot Springs Village, in Lava Hot Springs Idaho. This was our first disappointment
    since purchasing our time-share. Never, never, never, book seniors in this resort. There is a water park in the back
    of the condos and a floating river across the parking lot. If you were young and had a family, it would be great
    they wouldn’t care that it is 40 years old and never been updated. We were one of four senior couples
    Booked in the resort for the week of Aug. 8th. All but one left before our week was up, the fourth couple
    couldn’t leave as they had flown in and rented a car. If you don’t do the water park or float there is
    Nothing for a senior to do. I have pictures to show how bad it was, in case you are interested. If
    It weren’t for the weeds there would be not landscaping, the deck was down to bare wood, no air conditioning
    Except swamp coolers that were so loud you couldn’t carry on a conversation. Be aware not for seniors.

  27. I made a reservation to stay at Foxborough Resorts on 8-11-2014
    When we arrived it looked like a hotel and we realized the resort was in the back of the hotel.They had a hand written sign leading to the so called resort We stayed there four days and no one came to bring us towels or called to see if we needed any thing. I called the front desk to get more paper towels and they never brought me any. House keeping never came to clean our room or check to see if we needed anything. I will never recommend anybody to stay at this resort.I was very disappointed because I always thought this organization had better standards than that. The linen was very cheap and there were no pictures on the wall. The bathroom was very tiny. Coffee maker did not work. Pots and pans were old and burned up.This place is not the image that Wyndham worldwide should have as a representative of its resorts. I will never say there again.I should not have to pay for this and loose points at the same time.

  28. My complaint is about the first line of offense….sales folks and their managers. When the call was received with the invitation it was impressed on me that there was no sales involved. This was an informative meeting only. Of course, they lied. After all the show about the “changes” RCI was making, and that the timeshare I owned was worthless, and I said it didn’t matter I wasn’t getting in any deeper. That I used my timeshare and that is all that matters. Wrong, he says, then the sales pitch started I just sat there listening, then said no thanks not interested. The bigger question from him was “Why”? Because I don’t believe anything you’re saying? Then the Manager, young female I assumed was from the deep south with the “twang” she had in her voice comes in the picture. After all the sales guy was gonna be fired if he didn’t call in the next line of offense. She starts up on the wonderful plan and even has this amazing circumstance where a foreclosure “just” came to her attention and for a mere $7700 it could be mine. I asked her why I was told on the phone there were NO sales to be done in this informative meeting. She asked me how many times I had been told that there were no sales pitches. Who Cares???? The fact of the matter is they get you there under false pretext. She muttered something about me being stupid so I got up and left. And, honestly? I figured there was going to be an attempt at selling me something, but I did ask. If they had told me “yes” I would have declined the invite. I did get a decent meal, though.

    1. Here’s my observation / complaint: We’re a timeshare owner with RCI since 2007. I am happy with it, and have been taking 3 vacations annually since. BUT, at some RCI Timeshare resorts, we have to deal with a sales agent first even before we can check-in (even when we’re shown as RCI Timeshare owners on their visitor’s list). Now really, how many Timeshare does a person needs?

      Last year, I have been having a bad cough that just wouldn’t go away. It morphed into a low-grade fever en route to the resort. Boy was I looking forward to be checked into our room and rest. On the check-in list at the Front Desk, we were noted to be booked through RCI, and were assigned an Agent who directed into the Sales Room. I was fatigued both from the trip and the fever and wasn’t in the best of mood. I just plain told them that we’re already a Timeshare owner and buying into another program is just not going to happen; I was having a fever and am tired from the trip and wanted to just be shown to my room.

      Four days later when I was feeling better, I did sought out the Sales Agent and apologized for my behavior. I know that’s how they’re make a living. But realistically speaking, how many timeshare does anyone who already owned one, needs? It’s such a waste of everyone’s time.

      If I learned anything from being a Timeshare owner, it’s these: I learned not to accept anything “free”, or participate in any vacation presentation by the resort or their affiliates that are designed “to enhance our vacation experience”. This is because no business can afford anything “free” and stays in business for long; secondly, my vacation is my vacation, I don’t want it to be interferred with.

      Other than that, I do get a lot of enjoyment out of my Timeshare.

  29. I informed RCI I was no longer interested in being a member. I gave ample notice so that any weeks banked could be used by them. I quite simply did not like how they treated me when I tried to make an exchange. Anyway, they threatened to take me to court for breach of contract. I said “go ahead” and they backed down. I haven’t heard from them since. So stick to your guns if you want out and they try to get heavy!

    1. Sandra: Please keep us posted. As you might have seen from past postings, I personally have no issue (at this point) with RCI, but a lot of dissatisfied members may find your experience helpful. I sincerely wish that a satisfactory relief is possible for all is possible.

  30. Unhappy Time Share victims share your story with your families and friends so others don’t end up screwed. I never bought into a timeshare – in my mind if it was such a great deal then why don’t they let you take home the paperwork and the offering to think about – and after you have thought about it allow you to come back and buy into it if you so desire. Why the high pressure on the spot sales? That should be a red flag for anyone. I refuse to work with Car Salesmen that use the same tactic. I will walk off the lot if they start that high pressure sales crap! People should walk out of those seminars once the pressure starts!

    1. ding ding ding…high pressure sales and no time to consider your purchase. They put you in a spot to make quick decisions. NEVER A GOOD IDEA! If they are reputable they would allow you a cool off period to consider your purchase and make a better informed choice weather or not you want to follow through with your purchase.

      Ive been able to use my timeshare and not get screwed too bad but in the end I will get screwed. I just found out the RCI is only a 7 year contract. So all my RCI points will be worthless once that expires. I have about 2.2 million points left to use in 2 years. Aint gonna happen. No one explained that the RCI contract/membership expires before the Timeshare membership.

  31. Don’t know how XuXan cann say that with stright face (working for RCI or not). Most of our points vacations are all inclusive and we usually do not have option to drop it. Most times all inclusive more than whole same package thru Expedia for same location, accomodation and time. Always more availabitly thru everyone else too.

    1. Xuxan here — “Straight face” here;: I set my my RCI search criteria on “NOT to include all-inclusive”. I actually got a questionnaire asking me why I don’t want ‘All-Inclusive’ resorts. Well, the reason is: I travel because I want to explore. The “all-inclusive” is not worth the money because it tied me down to having ALL my meals in the resort, otherwise it’s not worth it. My is purely a “nickle-and-dimes” decision. I can’t afford to pay for 3-square meals just to pay again for meals while I’m outside the resort. So in this sense, not beating up RCI has nothing to do with whether you’re their employee. I watch my bottom-line. To me, having a place to stay while on vacation is, first and foremost, about security. I care less if you’re a fan of RCI. But I like to think that RCI have some idea who they allow to be added on as their service provider. So, UnhappyRCI, when you booked an “All Inclusive” vacation, what was it that YOU wanted out of thus trip. My “straight face”nhas nothing to do with anything.

      1. We all know that you work for RCI your opinion doesn’t count. If I want to go on vacation I can find a hotel room on special in most places for less than owning a piece of nothing – did I say owning? With RCI you really own nothing but a bill! And the fact that I can find hotels on special does not tie me to one location or to the headache of finding someone to trade with me or somewhere that has availability and will take my points! Time shares are a ripoff – and people should realize that!

        1. No doubt they work for RCI. And yes, a time share purchases are a ripoff…I made the mistake of buying one in MEXICO. I have found ways to best use it and get my money out of it the best way possible. I WONT buy into another timeshare or renew my existing. Nor will I buy additional RCI points. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!
          I have used the RCI points in HAwaii on 3 occasions and rented condos with no AI fee. Both times I rented 2 two bedroom condos. 280,000 RCI points eacha and a $150 booking fee. I am trying to use all my points up doing this. Once those points are gone my timeshare is cancled according to my contract. I still have 3.5M points so I have a few years left i think.

  32. In order to get the best out of your RCI account you have to know how to use it (it isn’t hard to learn how). RCI is the biggest timeshare exchange company so its much more likely that you will find what you want if you go through RCI rather than going through some other exchange company. If you are unhappy with the fees charged you have to think to yourself how else would RCI stay in business? They don’t get any money from the timeshare sale or from maintenance fees (that is all through your resort).

    There are plenty of ways to maximize what you get from your membership. Close date confirmations (2-45 days out) are discounted heavily so that’s one way to get more out of the week you deposited. Also if you combine deposits rather than extend you can keep your deposits going for quite some time (if you combine it makes the new deposit last 2 years from the date of combine). You really just need to spend some time either 1 on the website or 2 speaking with a guide and asking questions.

    Me and most of the people I know who are RCI members are happy with our memebership and we can find what we want the majority of the time.

    1. Pray tell how many people you know who are RCI members and give a few names so that we can verify the authenticity of your “recommendation”.

      Please do not count me as one of your list of people you know who are RCI members.

      I have a list of people who have stopped being RCI members. Not many but more than 200.

      1. OW: Missed hearing from you! How are you?

        Timeshare has been around since mid-1960. It was started by a French company, The Société des Grands Travaux de Marseille between 1964-1968 at SuperDevoluy, their ski resort based in the French Alps. (There are other versions over who “discovered” this business model and the claim of being the pioneer.) It’s a worldwide business, and I am sure there are a few timeshare owners around. Are there disatisfied timeshare owners? Yes! Are there satisfied owners? Also, yes! You counted over 200 disatisfied owners (your words!). For the many thousands of units sold over a span of 50 years, that’s all the unhappy owners in your column. Wow, OW, that’s quite an endorsement!

        1. The timeshare that I signed up with locally has just been cut back by half. So – it is not only RCI -level that is losing ground. The local link is also in trouble.

          It’s OK, I have reconciled myself that I was screwed and have learnt to live with that.

          I am glad I don’t have to meet my maker and tell him that I lied and got people into all kind of mess.

          1. The first level of drop off was the owners not depositing into RCI for whatever reasons; then RCI runs out of properties to exchange – that’s where most of these chats are all about.

            Sadly, with the falling demand for the use under those strict guidelines – even for local owners, some of these have also given up servicing their annual fees and this leads to properties not being maintained and the spiral continues.

            All these are outside the control of the dedicated owners – and eventually these dedicated owners begin to shift over and stop paying their annual fees too.

            Sigh… – what a beautiful plan but for the plan to work, there were too many variables and all these depends on all parties doing their bit. But the music does stop ,,,

        2. Sure it is an endorsement 200 friends out of 200 friends. The local timeshare I paid into just cut back half its properties because they were falling apart fro, lack of maintenance. Why? The whole scheme doesn’t have a sure fire success plan like we thought it had – 20 years ago. Most people are finding out that they can get better deals going through hotel websites. Even hotels are finding out, traditional advertisement doesn’t pull any more. And having an International Chain name like Holiday Inn is’t worth the 10% gross on revenues they are charging. Maybe the internet is dooming a lot of businesses models – and as the world becomes more transparent, margins get thinner and there is less room for entities like RCI.


          Well , honestly, it is our crusade to put people like you out of your misery.

    2. Jake,
      Went and stayed in Cancun at the Sunset Marina & Yatch Club in May. Market Price for the Suite we stayed in (at Booking.com): $2,240 (7days). RCI booking fee to us: $200.

      Will be in Cancun again in June at the Hotel Casa Maya. Market Price for the Suite we will be staying in: $1,340 (7days).
      RCI booking fee to us: $200.

      Combined resorts’ savings through RCI for these 2 vacations alone: $3,180.

      Yep, I’m with you there; feeling pretty happy!

      (But let’s keep that between us.)

      1. You forgot about the mandatory all inclusive fees that RCI makes you pay which would have been an ADDITIONAL $2400 so actually Booking.com would have saved you almost $400.

        1. QueenSheeba – XUXAN works for RCI. He sometimes changes his name – can’t trust anything he says!

        2. The “All Inclusive” are true ONLY if you book with resorts that has such a requirement. This is true of many of the Dominican Republic resorts. But RCI DOES NOT make anyone choose to stay in these resorts.

    3. I live in Canada. Hooked up with RCI thru Ocean in Dominican. As I self contract, it is hard to book days off to far ahead. I was recommended points as they were supposed to be flexible (no time share). for the last 5 years, we have just been going where RCI has openings – usually with poor locations or times (nothing for more than 7 days usually and only 3 -4 days often – even in low seasons without a years notice or more! And even then crap. Every time you cannot find something at a location you would like to go, there are many availabilities on the others(booking.com, Expedia etc) for those same times. The prices for room and all inclusive are usually well below what RCI wants for all inclusive fees alone which you have to take when offered. I could never drink, eat, or throw away $200 – $1200 food and drinks a day. I have tried to sell my points, but only options all turn out to be ripoff, nobody serious wants them – especially when they read forums like this. I paid $30,000 USD and have not even received what would be bank interest worth of value of it yet. Every time I book a vacation now I pay exchange fees, to get anything thru RCI. Partner exchanges are a joke as you only get about 30% of the value for your points and then only to 20,0000 points.
      Other than try to use up my points the best I can, I will never have anymore to do with RCI and tell everyone I can to stay away from them.

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