fixed week vs floating week timeshare

Fixed Weeks vs. Floating Weeks

Resorts offer fixed week and floating week timeshares and it is important to know the differences to decide which program best fits your needs.

Owning a fixed week simply means that you have the right to occupy (or have available for trade or rent) the same week every year. Most timeshare companies offering fixed week ownership will also offer bonus weeks and discounted rates for additional travel. Some resorts that assign fixed weeks will allow you to trade your dedicated week for another.

Fixed weeks are best for those that are able and willing to plan vacations at the same resort location during the same time of year, every year. Fixed week owners are guaranteed the unit and week they want every year, which is especially important when climate is a factor. A fixed program also allows travelers to make arrangements well in advance of planned vacations.

Floating week ownership, also called flex week, means that even though you may be deeded a specific week or unit number you do not have any given right to that week or unit. Floating week ownership requires you to contact the resort and put in a request for a week within a specified range of weeks available. The range of weeks available for floating week programs is set by the resort and is most often a three to four month span following the seasons, remaining the same from year to year.

Floating week programs work best for those that have concerns with work or schedule conflicts preventing them from vacationing the same week every year. Floating weeks allow for additional planning options and more flexibility to travel away from your home resort if desired, but be aware that resort availability is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Floating weeks are also more fitting for those with the intent to use their timeshare strictly for exchange.

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