Grandview Las Vegas – Is It Worth It?

If you attend a timeshare presentation at the Grandview at Las Vegas resort, and decide to purchase a timeshare, your price will be different depending on what stage of the sales pitch you ultimately gave in. If you decided to buy while you were still with the initial salesperson, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10-$30,000, depending on the size of the room, years you have the right to use (whether it is every year, every other, every third, etc.), and depending on your negotiation skills. If you held out until you were passed off to another, upper-level salesperson, you can probably get a timeshare for $5-$10,000, again depending on the room size and if you have the right to use the timeshare each year. And finally, if you are able to hold out until the last person, the one who is supposed to give you your show tickets/check and send you on your merry way, you may be able to get out of there with a timeshare for under $7,000. Is it worth it?

  • First, let me make the point that timeshare is only good if you plan to take vacations. Vacation ownership does nothing for people that do not plan to take trips.
  • Second, if you want to purchase a timeshare, and are convinced it is something you will actually use and get enjoyment out of, buy on the resale market. Buying directly from the developers at a timeshare presentation is not a good way to get a good deal on vacation ownership. The final price the salesperson gives you, before they actually allow you to leave, is still going to be much higher than you would be able to buy that same timeshare for on the resale market.
  • Third, it is never a good idea to purchase timeshare and use financing to pay for it; which is another reason why the timeshare resale market is appealing to so many. Making payments on a timeshare means you are going to end up paying high interest rates, and prolonging the amount of time before you are actually “in the black” with your vacations.

Below are some calculations to give you a better idea of how long it will take for you to see some return on your investment depending on how much you initially paid for your timeshare, also taking into consideration maintenance fees and RCI annual dues. This are calculations for RCI weeks members, points are not taken into account. Basically these numbers compare what you would spend on the room outside of RCI vs. owning the timeshare week through RCI, and how long it would take you to “pay off” the timeshare, i.e. point at which all you are spending each year is the maintenance fees and RCI membership costs.

Calculations for the Grandview at Las Vegas timeshare, for a 2 bedroom unit with right to use every year, using the current value for a night at the Grandview $300 for the entire two bedroom suite per night, as posted on TripAdvisor. A stay is defined at 7 days and 6 nights. Estimates do not include interest payments made on principal balance.

Purchased for $25,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$25,000 = 13.9 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

13.9 years of maintenance fees +RCI Membership = $8187.10

In between 15-19 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $20,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$20,000 = 11.1 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

11.1 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $6537.90

In between 14-16 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $15,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$15,000 = 8.3 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

8.3 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $4888.70

In between 10-12 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $10,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$10,000 = 5.6 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

5.6 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $3298.40

In between 6-8 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $5,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$5,000 = 2.8 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

2.8 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $1649.20

In between 2-4 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $1,000 – Maintenance fees $500 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year =

$1000 = 0.5 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $1800/week

0.5 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $294.50

During your first year you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Calculations for the Grandview at Las Vegas timeshare, for a 1 bedroom unit with right to use every year, using the current value for a night at the Grandview $150 for the one bedroom suite per night, as posted on TripAdvisor. A stay is defined at 7 days and 6 nights. Estimates do not include interest payments made on principal balance.

Purchased for $25,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$25,000 = 27.8 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week
27.8 years of maintenance fees +RCI Membership = $10,814.20

In between 35-40 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $20,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$20,000 = 22.2 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week

22.2 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $8635.80

In between 28-32 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $15,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$15,000 = 16.7 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week

16.7 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $6496.30

In between 20-24 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $10,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$10,000 = 11.1 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week

11.1 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $4317.09

In between 14-16 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $5,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year –

$5,000 = 5.5 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week

5.5 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $2139.50

In between 6-8 years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

Purchased for $1,000 – Maintenance fees $300 a year – RCI Membership $89 a year =

$1000 = 1.1 years of 1 week vacations at the Grandview Las Vegas @ $900/week

1.1 years of maintenance fees + RCI Membership = $427.90

During your first one to two years you will be “in the black” and only paying for maintenance fees/RCI membership costs for your vacation.

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  1. I’m interested in an annual floating week unit (non RCI) with low maintenance fees at the Grandview if someone is looking to give one away.

    1. I was left mine in a will and do. not use it. I would happily give it away since I didn’t pay anything for it. Please let me know if you want it. Mine is a specific week in the year though.


  2. Anyone who wants to get rid of your Grandview at Las Vegas deeded property, please contact me. I will take it off your hands. And if anyone knows of these condos being sold for a $1 on Ebay, please provide the link. I am only interested in Grandview at Las Vegas timeshares.

    1. We have weeks and points. Weeks at Grandview and we would love e b e rid of this Grandview. Will wait to here from you. Cindy

    2. Hi David I am looking to get rid of my 1bd room timeshare at grandview as I never get to use it please contact me.

    3. I wanna sell mine. I have it for almost a year. Monthly mortgage is $182 and yearly maintenance fees is $227. Its 10years for $10,000..

  3. After reading most of the comments I can see that the only people complaining are the ones not utilizing what they purchased. If some of you were at a the zoo passing through to only look and certainly don’t intend to buy any animals, then why would you end up with a zebra? Is it because the zookeeper insisted that you needed one, couldn’t have you said NO? People were persuaded and convinced; Yes, I believe that the only comments out their that supported their timeshare are the only people that used it. Before you complain you should at least try to make something of it, use it, share it , trade it, rent it, trade your shares for RV rental, Cruises, use the discounts that are attached to it/airline tickets/car rentals/etc.. and so on. You need to read all of the packaged information, there’s a lot more it comes with. Be wise with your share and make it worth it, regardless its YOURS. If you do, your next comment will totally be the opposite of what is posted. God Bless You All!!

  4. I went to grand view timeshare seminar. I wanted to save money on vacations. I was told that it would cost 29k plus fees.
    I was then taken by bus to be given a free timeshare trip to South Africa . I do
    Like trips but this was crazy. We were taken to slum hood and told this is how timeshare started and poor people always share things
    In a slum, and we were told to sleep in the slums. I was shocked at the timeshare standards. I was given crackers and ginger ale and
    Paid for this but wanted a refund to return to USA. Timeshare is for poor people and I am middle class.

  5. I have traveled all over the world using my grandview timeshare and yes it’s worth it. first let me say i was 24 when i bought my timeshare for 6k. now after doing my research i realized “I PAID TO MUCH” people you can buy these timeshare for a couple of hundred dollars on EBAY yes that’s right EBAY. I called some company to buy my timeshare back from me I had a 1bed room every three year and i paid 6k. i went on ebay after my timeshare was sold and bought a 2bdr every other year for 210$ PAID IN FULL. so to answer your questions is it worth it HELL YES you will save a lot of money but only if you buy it off ebay.

  6. Soo…Bought one of those three days/two nights pkgs for 99 bux for that Grandview timeshare thing. To begin,was that pkg worth it? NO. By the time I paid stuff,extra to keep pkg,yr almost ended. Paid tax & Luxor/timeshare fee. Wasnt worth the 99 bux. I wudda paid the same of less w/o it. The timeshare tour was a pain,three hours,walking everywer,and thr techniques to get you to buy. They started at 36K/6K down & monthly payments for 60 mos,plus taxes,plus maintenance fees,plus other stuff! They went down to 8900,cause,I kept saying no. I asked others,prices wer all over the frigging place. NOT WORTH IT!! If you want a good timeshare,do your homework! You can get one at a reasonable price w/o thr crap. Lotsa resale timeshares available. People selling them. Again. Dont waste your time,money & aggrevation doing this. THR ARE NO FREEBIES!! YOU DONT GET A DEAL DOING THIS!!

  7. I just purchased at Grandview. How do I keep track of what I have other than the one deeded week every other year? I was told I receive one free week every year and one deeded week. Is there a way to log into a website and verify what I have as well as the availability of saving weeks? How does it work?

    1. If you “just purchased” (i.e., a few days ago or less) at the Grandview from the developer, the first thing to do is RESCIND the purchase. Somewhere in your packet should be instructions how. Remember, these things go for free on E-Bay.

    2. I hope you didnt pay thr full price! If you bought a timeshare & you still have questions,you didnt inform yourself about everything b/f buying. If you paid more than 6-9 grand(one bdrm) or 12-15 grand(two bdrm),you got screwed. Sorry,but,its the truth.

  8. Help us all the TIMESHARE INDUSTRY is on a down slide because the DEVELOPERS keep control of the HOAS not the members of the HOA. That is why the BOARD OF HOAS are stacked with there own insiders which gives them total control of of fees and profits for managing the resort. NOW this is a crime and we must disclose this to all of our fellow owners who bought in good faith.

    1. Hello David and hello to all timeshare owners for Las Vegas Grandview, i’m a owner of a timeshare that i bought from las vegas grandview last year in september and i had no idea what im getting into, they made me sign telling me lyes that if cant afford it i just stop pmts and would not affect my credit, i ad no idea that this works like a mortgage, they pressured me untill i had to sign, they dont let you go until you sign, so i want to get out from it because i cannot afford it, im a single mother with a 2 month old baby, i dont want to mess out my credit because i took care for it for years, i need to make a case and sue them but i need 5 or more people that have the same scenario, so the case will be stronger. Somebody must stop this people of taking advantage of people like us. Please, anybody that is trying to get out from a timeshar efrom Grandview Las Vegas please contact me. If we can get enough people my lawyer can make a case.

      1. Hi my name is EMIL ! I aso Iike to returned back my timeshare at Grandview Las Vegas but I know it’s gonna be a rough road to get out of the obligation of paying my mortgage and if there is a way that I can do It I am interested to any Way I can get out of it as long as it will not cost me a lot of money That it’s like I just have to Give it away ! My number is 7185783408!

      2. I recently bought one two and was pressured into it I can’t afford it and have lost my job Have you sued them or know how I can get out

      3. Were you successful? If so, how do you did it? I want to get rid of a full paid one bedroom. My ex-husband and I never used it. And yes we were pushed into buy in it. The HOA fees are up to date. I just need to get this out of my hands so I can completely be done with the ex. I appreciate any feedback.

      4. I need to get rid of my timeshare at the Grandview we never used it and never will do not know why I got sucked into this. If you know of a way please help me out. Appreciate it

        1. We have had our Grandview Timeshare for 10 years and usually exchange through RCI. I have never personally stayed at the Grandview. The RCI annual fee is worth it. We have exchanged to several resorts in Panama City, Destin and Pompano (Fort Lauderdale) Florida and Williamsburg, and Virgina Beach, VA. Exchange fees range from $139-299 per stay. If you stay in Vacation Village resorts the fee is only $139.00 I

      5. I would like to contact Jaimie. My late husband left me this time share he purchased it paying the full amount in 2009 used it once in 2010 and died in 2012 I paid the maintence fees till last year then tried to use it and I was told I had to pay RCI $304. Then I found out I can use it once every 3 years I sent a letter to the manager of owner services but no reply, help!

      6. Hi Mariana,
        I my name is TAM. I have the same problem . Just bought it a month ago and can’t cancel it. [redacted] is my number

    2. I was also pressured into buying a timeshare. After I realize my idiotic mistake, I tried to cancel but I was told there was no way I could cancel. Before I had purchase it, I ask two people if I could cancel and of course they lied and said I could anytime I wanted to. Now I’m stuck, and definitely not willing to pay. But I’ve worked so hard on getting my credit up, I don’t want to jeopardize it.

  9. timeshare resale is the only way to stop these corporate rip offs The nevada real estate division is so weak that they hide if you call or try to meet with them .Lets take it to the govener!!!!!!! We must win!!!!!!

  10. If you have recently purchased timeshare, like we did in Oct./2012……read ALL of the documents ASAP, you will find amongst them a revocation form, which you must complete and send to them within 5 days……by Nevada Real Estate Commission law…it’s law that you have 5 days to DECLINE the proposed offer, although you have signed everything. BUT you must do what is stated on the form, word for word,nothing more,nothing less. Your letter must be postmarked within the 5 day window…otherwise you’ve bought a timeshare. In our
    transaction,while signing all of the documents, the revocation form was conveniently slipped into the bottom of the pile and not explained to us like all the other forms were. If you follow this procedure, relax your money will be on it’s way. In my case I had to return all of the
    Grandview/RCI forms/literature to the person who gave them to us.Within 6 weeks I had both my credit card & cash deposits,deposited and/or returned to our satisfaction……Joe/ON,Canada…………………………………..25DEC12

    1. Joe,
      why did you cancel your timeshare purchase? I am looking at buying one but have found that the resale market is much less. thanks ALLAN/Ottawa

      1. There are a lot less expensive ways to buy in. You can buy points or weeks. I have 3 weeks, which I prefer as our annual maintenance fees are less than $250 a for each week we own. Plus weeks now have trading power, so we can trade for longer periods of time. If you want timeshare for much less, but trade in anywhere, look at Windjammer at Ocean Shores in Washington State, not to stay there but to get into the RCI weeks. I’ve had it for 18 years and have stayed in great condos all over the US and the World.

    2. Joe, Thank you for the info.. I hope that with me getting my cancellation form postmarked in the 5 day period I will have saved myself some grief… I left messages and hope to chat with someone soon.. I was irritated when I spent the whole day there..I lost a whole day of vacation with those high pressured sales people. I should have walked away when I had the chance. I have been skeptical for a week now just wish that I acted sooner in the week.

  11. We bought a 2 Bedroom lockout at pre-construction and have had a great time using our “Points” vacation time – mostly in Hawaii. We have had two destination weddings in Hawaii, where we provided condos for our family (6 couples) for both of these weddings. Try paying resort or hotel lodging for 6 couples for a week. We are not sorry we bought. We did go back for an “owners update” where they tried to sell us another week, and that salesperson was high pressure. You just have to listen and make up your own mind. Remember, you have several days right to cancel, if you change your mind or find something that does not match what you were told. We like staying at the Grandview when at Vegas, but prefer something tropical, and we can always trade – as the Grandview has high trading value.

  12. Hi,I wont tell u my story because is the same as the others a horrible experience, anyways we did buy a timeshare at Grand View in Las Vegas but after we read the contract and we realized that it wasn’t what they told us we decided to cancell,we read that we had 5 days to revoke and give up the property so we went to the office and we cancell and we signed the revocation form and the lady told us that they will refund our deposit but it will take about seven days,is been 15 days and yet we haven’t recieve our money back.What should we do?We cancell two days after we signed the contract.we try to contact them but the peolpe we spoke on that day they’re never available and they send us to a cancelletaion office but is nobody there only the answer machine.

    1. Did you keep proof that you cancelled? I cancelled too, they stalled a while and they did give the full refund. As long as you kept some proof you should be fine. Also if you paid by credit card, you can contest the charge with the credit card company, too. I was set to do that, but then they sent me a refund check. I don’t know why they didn’t just credit that card, but hey I got extra rewards points on my card.

  13. I stayed at the Excalibur hotel for a vacation in July 2011. Throughout the Excalibur and Luxor, the Grandview Marketing people were setup in multiple locations looking for gullible tourists. They offered me a 3 day free stay in the Excalibur, Luxor, or Golden Nugget within a year if I filled out paperwork, came back within a year, took a tour (2 to 3 hours) of their timeshare deal, and held a credit card on file.

    HOWEVER, THEY SAID NOTHING OF CHARGING $124 TO YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!! So when they put my card on file it automatically swiped $124 from my account. THEN I REALIZED IT WAS A SCAM!!!

    I went back to cancel my transaction and it took 1 WEEK to get my money back. THANK GOD I GOT THE MONEY BACK.

    I’m not sure how this is LEGAL, and this company has been lucky so far they haven’t scammed people who would take physical action on them.

    I feel sorry for the hundreds of other people I saw getting SCAMMED into this deal and another deal of SEEING A $150 SHOW FOR ONLY $50.

    Remember this is Vegas, they say good luck to you right before they take your money.

    For GOD sakes, stay away from these people and don’t get fooled.

    1. I live in LA, last week we went to Vegas, and stayed in Luxor. The same experience happened to me. I did go to Grandview presentation for 5 hours. We said no for the timeshare because it was not worth it.
      When we got back to LA, we got our creditcard statement coming in. We DID NOT UNDERSTAND HOW CAN THEY CHARGED $200! We never swiped my credid card there. Help me how to get my money back…

    2. This same behavior occurred for us this month. We arrived, and they said we didn’t make enough money to even present to us and sent us on our way.

      As if to insult us more, they then charged our credit card $50. Seriously?!?!

      Of course we’re disputing this charge, wtf Grandview. What type of business scam is this company running?

    3. You had 30 days to cancel your comeback tour. It even says so on your receipt. And you’re totally misquoting the show pricing as well. People didn’t just get a show – they also got food, gaming, and exhibit tickets.

  14. My wife and I along with my two sisters and brother in law bought a 2 bedroom and they gave us 5 weeks. This was in 2008, since then we have been back to Vegas 3 times and have stayed at other locations that we traded with. It only cost us 192.00 exchange rate. That is for a total of 8 days. We did not stay there in Vegas 8 days but only 3 and we went to California since it was close by and then came back for 2 days.Try staying at a hotel for 8 days and see how much it cost. We live in Texas and love going to Vegas so we bought in between 5 people for a total of 2,600.00 per person and we get 5 weeks. Since we own in Vegas it is easy to trade with any place in the world because people always want to go to Vegas. Try buying in a place that nobody on the other side of the world knows about and then try and trade……wont happen. We also spent 8.5 hrs there at the Grandview when we bought in. We were staying at the Golden Nugget, we complained to the Golden Nugget about how long it took. We told them that a whole day was wasted all because the people at the front door of the Golden Nugget representing the Grandview told us it would only bee 3 hrs. We raised hell and the Nugget had the Grandview Manager give us each 300.00 game play credit table or slot. 2 Show tickets of our choice each, golden nugget Buffet each. That is over 2,000.00 dollars worth of stuff. Not counting our original gifts for attending the Grandview. Thing is people, dont be be scared to be an a$$hole when it comes to people trying to sell you something. You are always in control of everything. Dont worry about hurting their feelings because they dont care about you anyway. You make them work for you and if they try to do you wrong and you are in Vegas…REMEMBER..they want you to come back so they will do what it takes to make you happy if you let them know you are pissed and you will never come back and stay at their place again. But you got to play the game. By the way make sure you complain to the Hotel that had the Grandview people sign you up. Dont be scared to look like an A$$…cause a scene if if you really want a lot of stuff, remember they wasted very valuble vacation time that cant be replaced. Stick to your guns …trust me…lolol works every time.

  15. Beware: the bonus weeks certificate, see the reverse side, limited to months that children are in school, also Canada only includes Ontario. Only place you can book anytime in the year was MEXICO. Just look at the places listed on the reverse that you can book, and the time frames for these…… will shock you to see this. The salesman won’t point this out. They will most likely tell you to use the 2 or 4 weeks you get per year, trade in your week at Grandview for the points and apply the points toward your travel.. Travel to where. Europe was limited to Spain and Portugal and it was for the winter months………

  16. I dont get you people. I bought my timeshare at the Grandview. I and my wife and four daughters have been to, Hong kong, Ireland, Canada, Figi, Hawaii, all over the United States and have had the best time of our lives. My savings alone have reached over $60,000 on those trips already and i’ve stayed in some of the niceist places ever. I would recommend this to any of my friends or family. However you must travel. If you buy and sit at home and dont go anywhere, well thats your loss. For everyone of your complaints, I have met as many Happy Owners.

    1. Scott, can you please name the hotels you stayed in those countries and how you got the exchanges in details? I really want to book my future vacations in those locations. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks. FYI: please try to counter other people’s opinion with the details how you get those benefits and savings or your comments can’t be creditable.

    2. I think the common element here are the complaints regarding the high pressure marketing tactics to get you to sign the deal. The lady who coaxed us to do it on the strip even said to halve our income on paper, otherwise they would never let us go, and probably want our first born child. I thought she was joking….but the sales guys at Grandview were pretty much like that. I was told they get 300 couples through the door each day for their “presentation”. Work out a rough value on the tickets they ‘give’ you, the wages they must pay their staff to present to 300 people….and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out these people are charging a lot of money for what they were offering. Heck, we were even offerred a free limousine anywhere we wanted to go if we signed up at $40k. We were told the maintenance fee was around $750 pa, plus a fee of $89 for each and every booking made. If we made 4 seperate week long vacations, this would have cost almost $360 in fees alone + $750 maintenance…we’re up to ~$1200. Admitedly still cheaper than 4 weeks accomodation, but you also need to factor in the 40K it cost you, repayments etc. A 40K investment say at 10% would yield almost 4K pa in interest. Admittedly these calculations are simplistic, but my point is… can get more for your money !

      1. I’d like to get 10% return, where can I go? Anyway you are right. Timeshare is a good idea, we have 3 weeks. I paid $900 for the first week, $750 for the second and $500 for the last. My annual maintenance fees are $215 a year per unit – so $645. In addition I can use Last Call anytime and get extra weeks “limited as to time and location”. I just look thru last call list a pick something. In Vegas we have stayed at the Grandview, Hilton Vacation Clubs, WorldMark, and more, plus Florida coast, Texas coast, CA, DC, WA OR all over. So buy in cheap to an inexpensive facility and more importantly one with low maintenance fees! Also Grandview says you can use your points for trips, air, cruises, etc. You can only use 1/2 your points for this and one round trip air eats up most of the points!

        1. We’re considering purchasing some timeshares ourselves and I was wondering were you bought with such low maintenance fees? I was thinking LV was the cheapest we could get but apparently not. How many points do you have? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Yes I would be glad to tell you but I don’t want to put my email or phone number on here. So how can I tell you? Must be a way. Any ideas?

          2. Hey I can tell you – better yet I can show you. Here is the Washington State beach condo complex. It’s not a resort, just a smaller place, not on the water, but it’s a Washington State beach so it’s Always in demand. Here is the site to many for sale, all with low maintenance fees. Go to the bottom call Charlie and ask him about the units. I don’t get a cut but tell him Mike Petra told you to check it out. I get brownie points. LOL Anybody want a great trading unit or 2? Check these out.

  17. Hi everyone,

    I’ve read your postings – positive and negative.
    I purchased what I believed was a week at Grandview – annualyl and my fees would be trianial
    It turns out that its for a room every three years plus 16,000 points
    Its past the recission time by 4 weeks and I’m not sure that there is value in the deal now.
    I admit to being overwhelmed and 7 hours into it we purchased.
    We purchased a 5000 deeded week – which was the balance of someone’s default – that had bought a 16,000 option and went into default – it appears now that this is not so true.
    Any way –
    We were told we could book anywhere within the three years – using our extra week.
    It turns out the extra week is mainly in the US and not Australia as promised.
    I’m still keen to own timeshare – but I only want what was promised.
    Can I rescind now if its been four weeks.
    Will they list me with bad credit – if I cancel my cards and refuse to pay?
    Can anyone please let me know what I can do?

    1. yikes….I feel for you. We almost got involve and we were from Australia too. Our biggest concern was yours as well, and our reason for declining the offer was if things went sour…how would we resolve it from Australia, with time zone differences, and being told ‘licenced’ real estate, believed it would be difficult and/or expensive to resolve any issues. I do hope you resolve your issues though. Would love to hear how you go.

  18. We purchased a time share 6 years ago. First it was a specific week and then the next time we went the following year we changed to the point system. You definitely have to bargain and we got 2 bonus weeks a year extra. I sell those bonus weeks to friends when we go up at $500 plus the gifting fee. You definitely have to travel to get the full extent of this and it is great! Every time we go there they try and up our points but we like what we have and tell them no but I enjoy the free lunch and tickets that they give. The place is great and if you like to travel then i recommend to get points and not weeks and make sure your property is deeded or else you can lose everything if they demolish the building or contract is up. Enjoy Vegas it is a wild place.


    Do you still find that the Grandview is still a good idea?

    We bought April 18th, 2011…1 bedroom 40,000 points wk 7 with 2 extra weeks..

    We thought it was a GREAT idea for us…as I work for the airlines and get free domestic airfare a highly discounted international airfare…

    -My concerns were using the 2 extra weeks…

    -Using our 40,000 points towards trading to other locations, such as Hawaii…

    -Gifting the extra weeks to our parents…

    Please provide any helpful info on how to best utilize our purchase!


    1. Call RCI and talk over your options. If the person you get on the phone isn’t helpful, just keep calling back till you get someone who is. There are some great reps, and others who only seem to know a set script. 🙂

  20. If you are going to deposit your week with rci to exchange for another resort, hold on. They got caught selling weeks members deposited to the general public!

    1. Unless something new has just developed, the lawsuit you are referring to was settled over 1 year ago. I have exchanged my weeks from the Grandview into RCI for the last 2 years with no problems.
      It wasn’t a question of the weeks being sold to the general public, it was a case that some of the more sort after resorts that were banked by members were not going into the exchange pool but were being sold off under the “Extra vacation” offers in RCI. There was many other things that were attached to the lawsuit and a direct improvement since the lawsuit has been the TPU system that RCI has introduced. This gives you points for weeks you bank and then you can look for exchanges that fall within your points total. You can get more than 1 exchange under the new program or you can amalgamate point from different years or resorts to get vacations in a more sort after resort.

  21. My wife and I just went through the timeshare presentation today (March 10, 2011). We were offered two free show tickets (Lion King) and $50 in gambling credit at the Mandalay Bay. In retrospect, we probably could have asked for more or better freebies.

    Our meetup time was 12:30 at the Excalibur. We left there at 12:45, and arrived at the Grandview at 1:00. They let us go at around 3:00. We were back at the Excalibur at 3:40. So it was just about 3 hours, counting travel time. We didn’t ask many questions during the presentation and had a good “excuse” for not buying.

    We did not purchase, but had a decent experience. We were consistent in saying “No”. The property was very nice, and I think the timeshare system can work for many people. It just wasn’t for us.

    They did start off at the $40-42k price. They price kept going down, eventually hitting $5k at the last person we spoke with. If you want to buy, definitely wait until the third person. They will move you to a separate area where you meet this person.

    On the way back to the hotel, we talked with another couple who said they were there for about five hours. I don’t know why they were held hostage for so much longer. They said that it got really weird when they talked to the third person, and they got really upset at that point and asked to leave. I’m guessing this is where the hard-sell starts, so stick to your guns if you don’t want to buy.

    Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience. Just decide before you go if you want to buy or not. You’ll probably get a better deal on E.bay or another reseller.

  22. we bought a 2 bedroom units for around 28,000 two years ago. It was our first time to see and learn about timeshare. The salesperson was talking to our two year old daughter the entire time while we were there. She makes my daughter so happy and we bought the timeshare within one hour. It was a great experience. no hard selling at all. Great and friendly service. our unit comes with 4 bonus weeks every years. The two bedroom units can be deposite as Two ( 1 bedroom unit) and exchange for two vacations with Rci each year.

    I think timeshare is a great. Rci is great. We went on about 6 weeks of vacations each year. Total cost is about $1700, (600 maintainence fee, 89 rci fee. 179 exchange fee, and 200 exchange fee for each of the bonus weeks, so that little less than 300 dollars per week). you do the math, where can you get a nice resort vacation for under 300 a week. that is less than 50 a night..

    our two grandview exchange weeks have great trading power, the bonus weeks will need to book your vacation within a 45 day time frame.( but you can still get a great selections of nice resort and fun places to go, such as ocean front resort and even houseboat on st,Johns river and many 5 starts resorts near disney world)

    if you are new to timeshare, I hope this help. Just go for it! vacation memories and family time are priceless.

    I don’t know if there are any different on where you buy your timeshare, the developer or the after market. after market time share might cost less but it may not come with any bouus weeks. if you can find one that works for you, just go for it.. Good luck.

  23. Well, people. Timeshare is a business like any other. We live in a capitalist society so if you don’t like this capitalist mentality you really should hope for socialism.
    First let me just tell you, I HAVE NOT bought any timeshare YET… Because I wanted to take time to research the idea and the prices.
    Here is how I see it: If you plan to take vacations every year, and you will be spending your own money to stay at any 5 star hotel, you absolutely, positively MUST own a time share. Here is why: Instead paying, say $1500 every year for a week vacation at a 5 star resort, why not buy something that you have somewhat of an option to resell?
    People who complain in this post have no business minds. I am sorry if this sound too harsh. The idea is not to commit yourself because of pressure. It is to understand the concept and weigh the pros and cons.
    The thing is, that $1500 that you plan to spend on every year will be long gone after you spend it.
    My advice:
    If you have at least the downpayment and it will not hurt your budget, consider it.
    If you can afford to pay extra $500 every month without hurting your budget, consider timeshare.
    If you will never travel because you can’t afford to, forget about it….


    Timeshares is a legit business operation and it is highly regulated and controlled. But the price you will buy you share at depends on the sales person you encountered and your negotiation skills.
    It is a capitalist society here, these people are monster in the business, start thinking like one.

    1. When was the last time you find Bellagio, Wynn or Hotels in Chicago and New York take time sharing? I don’t think you understand what capitalism is. Plesae read Adam Smith and Milton Friedman. You are confused with capitalism and free market. People’s complains here are misrepresentation, ethical issues and business practice, not the value of the timesharing program. In fact, may people don’t know anything about timesharing before going to the presentation. My wife and I went to the presenation two days ago. 90% of what our sales (Eric Eldor) told us were lies, including LV is building a high speed train between Calif and LV. Another Int’l airport is being bulit in LV. LV has more tourists than NYC. (I am from NYC) He even told me Bellagio and Paris uses the RCI points. I called those two hotels right away and those two don’t use RCI. The sales was embarassed and got upset. He didn’t know that I used to sell cars and now a financial planner. I know the selling techniques and maths. I stayed for 3.5 hours in total. Ended up didn’t use the cheap ($40) Lion King tickets from them. But it’s a good opportunity to “learn” their selling techniques. Some of the sales people are weak and don’t know how to close. At least Eric is weak and pitched to use like a textbook. Anyway, if people don’t want to get stuck with a program staying in cheap places and eating pig foods, don’t buy the timesharing. Think about you won’t get a stay in NYC with your ownership and points.

      1. Cheap places and pig foods? Now who does not know what they’re talking about? There are some very beautiful, high-end, timeshares out there. Grandview is very nice, but there are a couple in Vegas that are better appointed. There are some AMAZING timeshare resorts elsewhere in the country.
        NONE of them offer food, so if anyone is eating “pig foods” it is what they purchased outside of the resort.

    2. Business mind means what you get v.s. what you pay.
      35000 for buying a 1/52 of a two bedroom condo in LV?
      that translates the two bedroom condo 1.8 million dollars. in reality i don’t think that two bedroom unit worth 200K.

  24. I purchaed a timeshare at the Grandview through ebay. The timeshare was a for week 46 (not on the point system which would equal 80,000 points). Does anyone know how to turn this week into points?? Also, does anyone know how much it would cost?? Thanks!!

    1. I own a 2 bedroom lockout at Grandview (fixed week 18) 2 years ago they tried to get me to switch to Points, they wanted $8,000. I have since heard that people are being asked for $4,000 to switch but I don’t know whether that is for a 1 or 2 bedroom. If you are saying that you would be worth 80,000 points, then you have a 2 bedroom.

  25. My husband and I went to Vegas the first time in 2006….I thought it was a great idea to go see some timeshare and in return get free tickets. The presentation was longer than what we had planned….but we did end up buying a 1 bedroom at the Grandvie, for under 15000US and we took the payment option of finiancing with 0% and getting 2 bonus weeks.In the last 4 years my husband and I and our three young boys have been to Florida 3x, back to Las Vegas 2X, Nashville 1x, and Virginia 1x…..all using our timeshare…we simply deposited out week and exhanged them through RCI. The condos that we have gone to at the above mentioned locations, have been all top of line condos….which would of cost us a fortune but didn’t, just the exchange fee. It doesn’t matter that our timeshare at the Grandview is only 1 bedroom….when we exchange we can still get any amount of bedrooms that we need which is great. Another great experience with the purchase of Grandview was we have been become friends with the actual sales person that sold it to us. Everytime we go to Vegas he picks us up from the airport…I could go on….we have met a long time friend! Reading the above comments about others experiences is strange….my husband and I have never once regretted the purchase at Grandview….we all absolutely 110% so happy we did!!!

  26. people. really. you can buy this junk on ebay for a dollar. the fastest growing part of the timeshare industry is “deed transfer” biz. this is where you pay $3-7,000 for someone to take your worthless timeshare from you. don’t buy timeshare! oh.. there is no way any CPA thinks timeshare is a good investment.

    1. Chuck…Nobody ever said Timeshares were bought as an investment. Not to confuse anyone, you can, as you said buy a timeshare on ebay for $1, you also pay the closing costs and usually the maintenance fees for that year (unless it has been used that year) so the total could end up around $1,000.
      Yes there are sharks out there looking for up front fee’s to sell your Timeshare, that is, in most cases a scam to take your money. I would never pay an up front fee to anyone.
      You use the words “junk” and “worthless” in describing timeshares but I can tell you that the vast majority of people love their timeshares and the vacation options and possibilities it has given them over the years.
      What has happened with the glut of timeshares on the market is due to the ongoing financial problems that people have and when you’re struggling to pay a mortgage, on a house, a $600 dollar timeshare maitenance fee is a luxury people are looking to offload. Unfortunately the Sharks, as they usually do, have jumped in and heaped more misery on people who are already struggling in the first place.

  27. Unfortunately I fell into this trap like the rest of us, my five days had passed and I called to cancel and asked what I should do to go about doing this. I was told to fax the cancellation form with signatures and mail the package that was given to my fiance and I back to El Dorado and I would get my deposit back within 14 business days and that would be it. I was quite relieved.

    Two days after that I got this email from one of the representatives at El Dorado:

    Please be advised that the above referenced Contract is currently in
    default. As a result of this status, your file was forwarded to my
    department for personal review and evaluation. It has always been the
    philosophy of the Developer to take care of its owners and thus, you are
    receiving this email.

    First and foremost, I want to inform you that in the event you remain in
    default of the Contract, legal enforcement proceedings may be commenced
    against you. Additionally, please be aware that possessing a record of a
    default could negatively impact your ability to obtain credit in the future.
    These consequences are extremely serious and ones the Developer would prefer
    to avoid.

    I have completely reviewed your file. You have many options, short of
    default, available to you. It is difficult to properly assess your
    situation without your input.

    To avoid the negative consequences explained above, I respectfully request
    that you contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your ownership
    options. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.


    I was quite confused by this email. I was told that once I send in the cancellation form and mail the package back to El Dorado I would no longer have attachments to them. Can someone please advise me on what to do. I would really appreciate it.

  28. I just stayed at the Grandview in Las Vegas with a friend that owned a deeded week. If you are looking to purchase a timeshare and do not want to pay the extremely high prices or be in a high pressured sale environment for several hours, I found a timeshare resale broker only two blocks away from the Grandview property. The company’s name is Timeshare Angels, Inc. and the broker (Bill) has be wonderful in finding exactly what I want in a timeshare. The resale prices are also cheap!! I highly recomend speaking to a timeshare resale office if you are intrested in purchasing a timeshare. It will not be a waste of your time!!

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