Tips for Booking RCI Escapes

Phan Thiet, Vietnam TimeshareOne way to get the most out of your timeshare is to take advantage of the many special offers your time share exchange company makes available to owners. A great way to get the most for your money is to utilize your exchange group’s available last-minute trip deals. The downside to these deals is that travel can not usually be booked more than a month or two in advance, but the upside is that you will stay in gold star resorts, in amazing locations, for a fraction of the regular cost. Interested in making your timeshare work for you? See the checklist below for more information on booking RCI Escapes.

Tips for Booking RCI Escapes and II Getaways:

  1. Be alert for RCI specials. They make sure that these are not easy to find. The can be found in a card attached to a cover on an Endless Vacation periodical, or sent via email to owners registered with their website. Make sure you are registered with their website, and check their site frequently for “web only” deals.
  2. Be involved in internet forums and frequent websites (like this one) that regularly update timeshare owners to deals/specials.
  3. Learn which weeks available for travel are high demand or low demand and plan getaways accordingly. While holiday weeks usually have high demand, weeks following holidays are frequently in low demand. For example, in Florida, the first three weeks in January are generally in low demand, as are the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday weeks are high demand.
  4. Plan ahead as far as permitted. RCI sometimes will allow one full year in advance for booking of Escapes at deep discounts. When the price is high, wait until it drops, unless the week is within two months or so. If you are too late, use an Instant Escape.
  5. Be persistent – phone frequently, establishing rapport with the RCI operators.  It also helps to have a variety of location options and dates. If a resort knows they are going to have a difficult time filling up the rooms during a particular time frame, they will offer discounted rates to owners.
  6. If one plans to schedule more than two RCI Escapes in one year, join RCI Plus and receive a discount on Escapes and one free Guest Certificate.
  7. If you do not enjoy the thrill of the chase for the values you seek, you will not be successful. Happy hunting!
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