Ways to Exchange Timeshare

1. Direct Exchange

The most basic, and cost-effective, way of exchanging timeshare is owner to owner. This requires finding another timeshare owner willing to exchange their week for yours.  Once an agreement has been made between both parties, you would each notify the resort and obtain a guest pass for the party staying in the timeshare during your scheduled week.  The best ways to find parties interested in direct timeshare exchanges is by using websites like Craigslist, Timex and Timeshare Forums, or using your own personal social networks.

2. Exchange Through the Resort

Some resorts offer an exchange program within their particular group of resorts.  There are a number of smaller, independent resorts that take part in this type of program, although it is not always advertised.  Many timeshare management companies will offer this benefit as part of there management services in order to avoid a high turnover rate within their resort.  The fees associated with this type of exchange are usually minimal because you are staying within a select group of accommodations, and tend to cost less than a timeshare exchange company’s fees.

3. Timeshare Exchange Company

Timeshare exchange companies allow you to “bank” your week with them, and in exchange you get to choose from their inventory of weeks that other timeshare owners have banked.  You also have the opportunity to use points within this system, being able to stay at certain locations based on the amount of points you own.  Also, outside resorts will bank there unsold timeshare weeks with exchange companies to increase their inventory. Your week and room size will determine your trading power with the exchange company. The most popular exchange companies are II (Interval International, RCI (Resort Condominiums International), Marriott and Disney.

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  1. I owne a time share(deaded) in Gatlinburg,Tenn and I would like to exchange my week for a week in Pamana city florida what do I need to do? Tree Top Resort Gatlinburg, Tenn is my location

  2. Owner to owner deals might be the best way to exchange your timeshares but I think it's too hassle for the owners especially if they are on a busy schedule. Try hiring some timeshare exchange companies and you don't have to worry anymore about the deal.

  3. Getting an exchange is a good idea, but when you need to opt out it can be kind of tough sometimes. I've asked around at the timeshare consumer group, but I can't decide whether or not to exchange or arrange some kind of title transfer. Does an exchange allow me to defer payments or is it just a transfer of time?

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