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RCI Experience: Harassing Phone Calls

We recently received the following submission from one of our users:

“My wife and I have a club membership at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. When we first signed up for our membership we were also given access to RCI plus a single vacation week with them for a deep discount price, which we used in the first year of our membership.

RCI phone callsSince then we began to have unwanted problems with RCI such as badgering telephone calls, sometimes every few hours. Our Mexican resort changed its vacation club affiliation to Interval last year, and because we are club members we now get to use Interval as part of our membership.

Unfortunately, ever since last year RCI has become extremely aggressive in trying to contact us and trying to sell us vacations through them. We have repeatedly told their sales reps and their management to quit calling us, as our resort has gone to Interval, and RCI will refrain from calling for a week or two and then start with their harassing phone calls again.

Today they have now called here five times and it is only 5:45 PM here. What, we can’t tell them NO for an answer, or that our resort is no longer with RCI either? I have warned them several times already that we would call the police and report them for phone harassment if they kept calling us, and they have ignored my warning repeatedly too.

We haven’t been an RCI member since 2015 so how can we get them to quit harassing us?”

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  1. It is ridiculous!!! I get sometime 3 or 4 call a day From them on my work phone. I’m ready for legal action.

  2. OMG….. this is the worst! I have asked them over 50 times to please remove my phone number. They hang up on you, turn on music during the call, and they have not removed my number.

  3. RCI is the worst, my brother talked me into going to Myrtle Beach with he and his wife on an RCI trip and now they call me every day. I have asked to be removed from their list and I have blocked the numbers, but they spoof different local numbers every time and the calls continue day after day. I plan to try the cease and desist letter to see if that works, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

  4. My husband and I receive several phone calls per day from RCI and their affiliates. I just wrote a cease and decease letter requesting all communication to stop. Hopefully this will help.

  5. They have been phone harassing me for over 10 years regarding my mother’s timeshares which we no longer own, and she has been dead for 8 of those years. I can’t believe that any of this industry is even legal. They are so very dishonest and abusive.

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