Getting Value Out of Your (Possibly Unwanted) Timeshare

There are many people out there that have succumb to the high pressure sales tactics and fuzzy math used by timeshare salespeople. If you are too late to take advantage of the timeshare rescission period (a period after a timeshare sale is complete during which the purchaser has the ability to “return” the timeshare usually lasting 10 days – read Timeshare Rescission, Can I Return My Timeshare?), and are really interested in making your timeshare an asset, here are a few important things to keep in mind.
How To Get the Most Out of Your Timeshare:

  1. Use it! During your timeshare presentation, all of the magical calculations you saw were based on the fact that you would be utilizing your timeshare every year. Not using timeshare is the worst mistake that an owner can make – if there is no possible way you can use your timeshare vacation you should rent the week out or gift it to friends/family. Return on investment with regards to timeshare comes through use; timeshares are hard to sell and are rarely sold for profit.
  2. If you wish to spend your timeshare week in another resort besides your home resort, put in your exchange request in as early as you possibly can. Timeshare presentations are often misleading when it comes to the type and strength of a particular resort’s trading power, and usually the only real way to trade is to beat everyone else to it. Be sure to do adequate research before traveling to another resort to be sure that it is adequate for your needs; 2 years in advance is optimal when dealing with RCI exchanges.
  3. Think of it as a vacation paid in advance without all the hassles of searching for a place to stay, making reservations, paying a deposit, lengthy check-in, and without the worry of having to pay a large sum of money all at once. Timeshare ownership allows you to pay for your vacation in monthly increments and plan ahead.
  4. Timeshare resorts are more of a home-away-from-home than a typical hotel or motel. They provide amenities such as kitchens, washer/dryers, and are more spacious than other vacation destinations. Timeshares really are a luxury vacation property when compared to the services and amenities that hotels/motels provide for travelers.
  5. Make use of bonus weeks or points offered to you by your timeshare company to get the most out of you hard-earned money. Whether it is a weekend stay at a local timeshare resort, or using some a bonus week to put up out of town friends – use your timeshare ownership to its fullest potential.
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