Grandview Las Vegas Resort Review

The Grandview at Las Vegas is not an exclusive owners’ only resort, and they offer very reasonable rates for single and multi-night stays to all travelers via sites such as Travelocity. The only difference between these two types of traveler is the type of timeshare presentation they will be invited to attend during their stay. The current owners will be encouraged to attend a presentation regarding upgrades, while non-owners will be tempted with Las Vegas show tickets and extra spending cash to attend an informational session about Grandview ownership. To all non-owners, please read my previous posts 7 Tips to Avoid Timeshare Scams, What to Know Before Buying Timeshare, and What is Timeshare Ownership before attending a timeshare presentation and always remember – you are NEVER obligated to buy.

The Grandview itself is still undergoing a transformation and the developers are adding additional towers to the complex. As you can imagine, this can be rather noisy, but they do make every attempt to avoid work during early morning and night time hours. Another problem with noise at the Grandview has to do with the paper-thin walls and loud plumbing. There are clearly posted signs discouraging tenants from using their jacuzzi tub between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am, and when you do decide to run the tub you will understand why these restrictions are in place. If you are a light sleeper you will want to bring along a fan to provide you with some white noise because you will most likely be able to hear the travelers next to you if they are showering, running the sink, or moving the clunky kitchen chairs across the floor.

Despite some expected noise issues, the resort is aesthetically pleasing and very functional. Each unit has an A and B side which are identical, and depending on how you rent/own, you will have both sides or share with another traveler. Each unit is tastefully decorated with Pier One-esque details and the floor plan is very spacious for a one bedroom with a sleeper sofa. The jacuzzi tub is right in the master suite, along with a large TV and king-sized bed. All the linens are provided, including towels if you choose to head to one of the pools.

Each side of the suite also has its own kitchen and washer/dryer combo. The kitchen comes with all utensils, pots, pans, and a dishwasher for easy cleanup. If you are planning to prepare larger meals I would suggest bringing along zip top bags or containers to keep things fresh. This feature of the unit gives you the ability to save big bucks on dining out every night, even if you only eat breakfast in your suite you will easily save $75-$100 per couple for a week. The washer/dryer in the suite also means that you have the ability to pack lighter and/or make sure everything is clean before you return home.

The Grandview Las Vegas resort is located about 4 miles from McCarran International Airport and about 7 miles south of the Las Vegas strip. The location of the resort, in my opinion, makes having a car a necessity. The best and easiest way to obtain a rental if staying at this resort is to pick the car up at the airport, they have shuttles that will take you to each rental agency. If you choose not to rent a car you have a couple of options: there is a shuttle that will take you to the strip that runs every half hour and departs from the South Point Casino across the street from the Grandview, there are tons of taxis – expect to spend at least $20 one way to the strip, and there are buses that ride up and down the strip – a one way ride to and from any point is $2, they do not run all night though so plan wisely. If you have a car, a drive to the strip will take about 15 minutes (it is a good idea to take the freeway to Tropicana Ave instead of heading north on Las Vegas Blvd.) and if you are riding a bus/trolley you can expect the trip to take about an hour because of all the stops. Also of note, the Grandview offers a grocery shuttle at noon every day on a first-come, first-served basis, and only one person per room is able to ride.

As I mentioned previously, the Grandview Las Vegas is not located directly on the strip, but it is located directly next to the South Point Casino. At the South Point you will find an arcade, 16 screen movie theater, bowling, bingo, and a spa facility. The dining at the South Point is exceptional and they have quite a few different restaurants and a buffet to choose from. The late nighters should definitely check out the Coronado Cafe’s graveyard specials starting at $1.95, the Garden Buffet is a great deal too no matter what time of the day you have the munchies. South Point also offers various shows and live entertainment so it is a good idea to check in over there when you arrive and see if there is anything going on that you may want to see during your stay.

Overall the Grandview is a great resort, if you do not mind being a few miles removed from the strip and potentially dealing with some noise issues. The rooms are very clean, warm, spacious, and the staff is competent and knowledgeable. The resort also offers a lot of little touches such as DVD players, free DVD rentals at the front desk, in-room safes, maid service, a computer room with internet access (WiFi is not available within the rooms of the resort), and BBQ areas. I would not recommend this resort to honeymooners or a group of college kids just because of its distance from the strip, but it is great for families and couples looking to experience Las Vegas.

Best wishes and happy travels!

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