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Gold Crown Resorts – High Pressure Sales, Low Value

Gold Crown ResortsA number of years ago my wife and I were invited to a sales meeting for Gold Crown Resorts. By the end of the meeting we felt it could be a good plan to have for the coming years and put down a down payment. The same evening after “winding down” from the intensive sales pitch, we realized that the plan really was not suited for us and our family and in the morning notified the agent that we had decided to withdraw and requested a refund.

We were told that this was impossible but they would send someone to us to see what could be worked out. We informed the agent that arrived that we wanted our money back. To this he answered, “Then we will take you to court!”

Not being familiar with the law, we thought we had no choice and managed to reduce our deal to a less expensive one. A short time later, we tried to reach the company but they were GONE and their rented office space EMPTY. It would be to the credit to the entire industry if the Time Share companies would take some responsibility regarding the people they allow to market their products.

Gold Crown headquarters has replied to my experience simply with, “not our problem”. To this day we have not used it because it is ALWAYS possible to find better deals on the web. Money down the drain!!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear your story! This is why most states have a mandatory rescission period (cooling off period), where you can change your mind and cancel your timeshare purchase if you do it within a few days. Of course the sales people don’t want you to know about that, but purposely lying about it should be illegal.

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