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RCI Sales Calls Experience

We recently received the following submission from one of our users:

“I am not a member yet but my girlfriend and I have discussed purchasing so we can vacation more as well as better. I have gotten several calls from several vacation timeshares and I regret that I cannot talk before 4:30 p.m. as I am very busy at work and would have to keep interrupting the person calling in the sales department, so my response to the caller is I need you to call after 4:30 p.m. Eastern time and most understand and reply they will try back later.

sales callsHowever the RCI salesperson that reached out to me today never responded to my comment, simply hung up and I guess moved on. I feel that this was inacceptable as well as disrespectful. I was courteous and genuine in answering the phone and without my job cannot afford to vacation and would think that the salesperson would understand this and if they truly care about my vacation needs (as they say) would understand that I was respecting their time and efforts to assist me. I would like the same respect and to not be hung up on and treated as a number that was computer generated for a call and then disregarded as the same as if I was an inconvenience.

I welcome a reply as I feel that this should be a general teaching of salespeople of what not to do since it may mess up a future sale, even if that salesperson doesn’t profit from the sale the company is ultimately going to suffer.”

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